Letter From The Editors
For May of 2017

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    This has been written for those who have the will to succeed where others fail to try. It’s also written for those fifty years ago this summer who came together in a celebration we now call the "Summer of Love" who tried and seemed to fail at changing their world. From those nascent roots of what was hoped would be a raising of consciousness across the social and political landscape came generations of children influenced by a culture born of free love, free thought and free expressionism. Now it is as if the hippies have gone high tech, higher consciousness and higher overall. The Internet has connected people across the world like a non-stop love in and those connections have included beings from other worlds and other dimensions. The teachings coming from the thousands of websites devoted to strengthening those connections to higher dimensional beings have created a groundswell of interest in things outside our planet as a result. Add to that the growing support for marijuana legalization and research into its benefits along with stronger strains emerging have had a profound effect that was also prevalent back then. Psychedelics in the 60's, just appearing outside of a lab for the first time, opened people's minds in ways never dreamed while today they still are finding their way into the mainstream.

    The 60's weren't totally about peace and love and then just as now, the government has taken a decidedly conservative tone with a new administration some have referred to at times as Nixonian. Already the drumbeats of war can be heard, the attorney general is taking a harder line on drugs and the Supreme Court is headed to the right. Around the country, protests have broken out and racial unrest has been a large part of the reason why for a number of them while intolerance for anyone with a different opinion is also on the rise. Someone in a coma for fifty years and just coming around to awareness after all this time may not be as surprised with the changes as one might expect. Despite all the negative similarities to the 60's that exist, so much good is being generated by the positive similarities that they far outweigh anything that could derail the momentum of this summer of enlightenment. Take for example hallucinogenics, while we do not endorse or encourage the experimentation of mind altering substances, the life altering effects of them can be a short cut to the one thing hard to experience but attainable without needing any aids, oneness.

    Anyone who has ever experimented with psychedelics of any kind has been given a glimpse of time at its rawest near the end of the trip where each instant is broken into a history of life choices laid out in a swirling mosaic. So much so in fact that you feel as if the decisions will never stop and you can’t wait to get back to a normal mode of thinking where it all gets slowed down to one thought at a time again. In a matter of seconds, over and over, one sees that the moment being experienced all comes down to an unending series of choices folding in on each other as you are witness to the complete interconnectedness of all things. Whether you choose to read or not read, turn left instead of right, reach for a drink or not reach for a drink, it doesn’t matter because it all leads to the place one already feels at the center of, source. Once free of the effects of whatever it was that got you to that place, all of the connectedness you have been a part of so briefly fades from memory and your world is once more your world, all that is left behind is a desire to get back to that place without the need of such substances. Facing eternity again and again is a scary prospect but one of the lessons to be learned from it is to always live a reality one should be proud to call their own. Just because the trip stops, it doesn’t mean the lessons from it stop as well but hopefully the lessons can be learned without the need of the trip in the first place.

    It is the same thing with past lives, just because we no longer live them, it doesn’t mean there are not lessons to be learned from a greater understanding of what made us the people we are. Everybody is a combination of previous lives and lessons that make up a latticework of interconnecting lifelines which weave together the tapestry of infinity we experience. Once there were castles and classes to maintain organization and protect the citizenry from outside forces. Now there are countries and the hard won security as the reward for our evolution from barbarity to modern civilization. It is computers and freedom of thought that will take that evolution to the next step of going from having national pride to an all-encompassing planetary pride. Go Team Earth. It was in the 60's when an explosion of light was ready to take place through mind expanding substances and ideas but the world wasn’t ready just yet. Instead it would have to wait nearly sixty years engendering an even larger explosion that could potentially start any day. One thing the "Summer of Love" didn't have were the higher dimensional teachers whose help can get us to the goal that was hoped for back then with our desire to make it so. Now the mass consciousness of the world is seeing a return to a spirit of the 60's but in an environment much more conducive to the growth of that consciousness. John Lennon said it best when he said, “let it be.” We here at the Hades Base News second that opinion but say instead, "let it grow."

In love and life as one.

Russ and Karra