Letter From The Editors
For May of 2019

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   How does one define a lightworker? That question has a myriad of answers, a great many to contemplate beyond a person who brings light to a dark place or someone following the light whose actions shine forth. What we'll try to do is expand a bit beyond those descriptions so letís look at the definition of the light being brought by those who wish to pursue that path. For our consideration we will take two main forms distinguished by their characteristics, light as in a spiritual light that lifts the consciousness higher and light as in something with weight. The majority of lightworkers focus on the first as spiritual learning helps both the person and those with whom the learning has been shared by the person after that. The second is more personal because it is weightlifting by the lightworker for those being crushed and canít lift the weight of the world themselves. You see, this dimension is dense energy wise so it is lightworkers who can take it on themselves to lift others into the light. A lightworker generally doesnít commit to such a path in a single life but through a series of lives where a person is naturally drawn to that path after trying everything else. Then, sometime in the time before this life even started, we reminded ourselves to answer the call when it came to take the next step on the ladder of ascension. Life after life of facing challenges and learning to deal with those lessons prepares one to grow outside of the standard belief systems and that call being answered is actually a constant reminder of why we are here, each of us existing as time travelers who can only go forward in time, unable to remember the previous lives until we finally ascend to the next dimension which is the ultimate goal of everyone, acknowledged or not. 

   For me, the call came in 1982 when walking past a bookstore I saw a notice of an upcoming class on the Kabbalah open to anyone. Having long before given up on organized religion, it sparked a memory of something forgotten I had never heard of yet. That class began a study of crystals, Atlantis and meditation which eventually led to a move to Sedona Arizona to take my learning to the next level. It was there that I met Omal and Korton through some channelings I was a part of and the rest is the present. In fact, the present has the possibility of becoming the age of the lightworker as no one can tell what may trigger a mass consciousness change. One possibility is that the trigger is a part of our genetic makeup which suggests that anything could be the key. With the world being connected as it is, we are here to witness and be a part of a growth of consciousness taking place globally. Each person doing their part on an individual level to spread the light from within through their actions and words but just suppose the opposite was true. What if humans have already caused irreversible global devastation from the changes done to the planet through many of the shortsighted advancements of technology? In the mass extinction of the human race that would follow, the survivors would inevitably become lightworkers out of necessity or see what remains of the human race die off as well. Were that to happen, the lessons of Atlantis would finally be learned but at such a cost no one living would ever want future generations to pay. Now could be the time to reverse the effects of humanity's lack of foresight but it will take a miracle.  

   So whatís next? With what's at stake, change on a range of crucial issues ahead is assured. Consciously, lightworkers influence all they meet and the exponential impact has made itself known in business, media, family life and politics. Socially and in social media, right-wing extremism is falling out of favor and is being replaced by the humanity of equality. Itís lightworker's unorganized, volunteer spirit to make the world a better place that means there are no rules to follow except upholding the light whenever possible. Realistically, lightworkers need to focus primarily on bringing the light up within themselves and then let it shine forth to others which can be challenging at times. What makes it easy is that besides no rules, there isnít a set course of study or belief. Like a blind person who knows when a fire breaks out nearby, lightworkers can sense the planetís future and have chosen this incarnation to learn from an incredible school of life to become a force for light. Lightworkers are part of an unacknowledged family called the Brotherhood of Light no matter the level of participation due to the lives leading up to this current learning experience. The Brotherhood of Light is a vast assemblage of worlds and races who have all chosen to be a part of a galactic community of light. On this planet alone are credible sources of training from thousands of websites devoted to the light. Innumerable areas of research are available to grow consciously and find the training that comes closest to a person's frequency of spirit. The Hades Base News and more specifically the Hades Base Center for Ascension when it comes online later this year are just two examples of where that training can be found but no single source of information has all the answers. One warning which should be mentioned is that consciousness growth can sometimes split a lightworkerís life in half.

    Often, a lightworker lives in two worlds, one where they maintain a job, pay rent or a mortgage, own a car, shop, go to school and another where they share thoughts and ideas separate from the first world due to conformity. Mixing the two can sometimes cause complications so one world may only be online and the two worlds rarely meet except in situations where acceptance of both worlds has been found. Then there is the perfect world, the one where both have always existed together and the world is a paradise beyond belief. In that world schools and universities would have classes in the various psychic skills available to anyone. From the increased educational possibilities, astral travelers could visit others around the world at will, healers could keep the population healed naturally without going immediately to drugs, meta-concerts could be arranged to modify the weather for perfect growing seasons, those with psychokinesis could help with construction projects while those with the power of manifestation would bring it all together. Telepathy would replace a lot of external speech while travel to the stars would be commonplace where we could even meet our galactic neighbors. Maybe it would be better to call it a future world if lightworkers have their way and we get that hoped for miracle. Perhaps it would have come together previously had not Atlantis been destroyed or the Library at Alexandria never burned to the ground or any other of a million different scenarios. This reality required the various incarnations to take place, the exact lessons to be learned, all those lives to be lost, saved, loved and hated to make one into the lightworker they have become. Tens of thousands of years may be at play in our evolution and so we face a planet needing our help more than ever. Then again, itís never too late because weíre always on time. On time at our birth, on time in our development, on time for the greatest technological revolution of the ages that makes it able for all of us to connect instantly. This is a celebration of light that could usher in that perfect world once enough lightworkers make the miracle happen.

In love, light, and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra