Letter From The Editors

For May of 2024

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Something we do here at the Hades Base News is help prepare those looking for a resource to higher dimensional knowledge use that knowledge based on the channelings from the members of Ashtar Command to uplift themselves consciously. As such, we try to share our perceptions of where we are going as a race and explain the mentorship taking place to advance us to the next level of being. We know from the archives that in our galaxy there are many other planets in the third dimension like ours with populations going through much as we do here on this planet. Each one at various levels of development with the ultimate goal of advancing to the next dimension of vibrational existence. A population with the potential to make that jump gets more direct help from Ashtar Command but without them violating the prime directive of interfering with their development. The archives of channelings from those mentoring our little group of individuals are one such example of that help along with the many other groups like ours doing the same thing. Now take that and spread it across thousands of planets advancing consciously as well.

As would be expected, many of those civilizations never make it to the ultimate goal due to their self-destruction as their technology advanced beyond their ability to reign in their need for power or control. For a race to find unity and cooperation on a global level takes a concerted effort to start from scratch after reaching a point where it was that or nothing. From there it would begin with the youth and establishing from birth the importance of unity and the benefits of working together as a group for the purpose of enriching each other's lives. No society is perfect and a whole new cycle may begin again as old divisions bring up new disputes. What would be frustrating for anyone on this dimension to watch is a promising society on the verge of transitioning dimensionally lose that drive to advance and have to start all over. Dwellers on higher dimensions know the cycles well and are prepared to watch that society for as long as it takes. Ashtar Command are not helpless, they just can't help directly such as a mass landing or providing technical assistance.

So that brings it back to us. We are one such civilization who are going through those same cycles as we speak. In fact, this year in particular is being watched with great interest as the question of our country's consciousness will be decided by the end of the year. The command have done all they can and have to wait and see along with the rest of us. As always, we are a protected world with ships of the command patrolling our skies to ensure there is no interference with our development from other third dimensional races. This isn't a race and our development must take place as it will. They are looking, as should we, a hundred years from now and whether we can meet the challenges we have put in place for the advancement we rushed to reach without a second thought. That is all external to us as the lessons we need to learn on this planet take place in the now to be part of the knowledge we take forward into our next incarnation. Part of that knowledge includes the offered mentorship from a higher dimension to help us join them there.

Some would ask is this mentorship from a source whose guidance can be trusted? The answer would be an enthusiastic yes simply for who is in charge of Ashtar Command and who sets its agenda. That person is Sananda who we know as Jesus Christ. This is someone with only our best interests at heart and has as much desire to see our ascension as we are. To that end, we see the massive amount of information from our Galactic mentors besides just the archives of the Hades Base News. It's no coincidence that our technology has exploded in advancements over the last hundred years. It's those advancements that has enabled the world to be closer to thinking and acting from a global perspective. Climate change has humanity understanding that we share a common threat. It's part of our evolution as a race to find unity and work together to meet that challenge. If not that, it would just be something else. Helping us meet the challenge is the role of a mentor and the knowledge shared across so many platforms will be to the benefit of those taking advantage of that offer.

In love, light and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra