Monka; Greetings and welcome. Thank you for this opportunity to be able talk to you this evening. As time on your scale is limited and on mine it is infinite, I will be brief and to the point. Communication is an interesting subject to cover and as one communicator to the other, it is important as the esteemed gentleman before me has discussed, it is important to weigh each answer and question carefully. To hurry into matters without first thinking through what the questions are can lead to problems. The mediums you use are also subject to error. In doing so it is important to understand that these processes aren't something that are going to take a short period of time, they are going to be long and the communication mediums are going to improve. We are currently working on ways to expedite and speed up the process. The technological equipment that you are using will change and the processes will speed up. With this speeding up it is necessary to be aware that it is not going to be a fast process. The faster these pieces of technology progress, will have very little bearing on the fact that these discussions are a long term deal. The individuals will come and go but it is important to remember that nothing is worth hurrying for. Hurrying does not achieve a goal, hurrying means that you have more time to repeat those lessons. And as the technological equipment advances, it will mean it will become more difficult if things are hurried. So, it is important to remember the basic communication ground rules; Think things through. Answer the question. Answer the question correctly. Ask a question. Ask a question correctly. Think on an answer. Formulate an answer. Take your time. Thank you.

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