Monka; Greetings and felicitation, I am Monka. I have talked to most of you before so it is not necessary to do introductions as we are limited to the communication capacity that you have available. I believe you have approximately ninety of your minutes for all of tonight’s speakers. OK, let us get down to points that need to be covered. When I was last here I mentioned the growth and development in your technology. I have seen and watched the growth and it is progressing rapidly as we stated. The growth with your technology and the mediums within your technology is growing fast. It is about to grow even faster. With the new technologies that are coming out, this will aid and speed up your communication processes. It is something that aids your spiritual growth as well but there is a dark side, something that must be watched. Do not rely too heavily on technologies. As your technologies grow and expand there is a possibility that the technology will outgrow you. Information relayed to me concerning the research in artificial intelligence is alarming if it is not watched carefully. As your artificial intelligent devices grow and approach that artificial intelligence level, it becomes worrisome that they will see you as less. That you are the creators that can be improved upon. I believe you have an analogy of cyborgs, cyborgs being half-physical and half-electronical. It is something that needs to be watched and learned about. The growth that occurs in such a situation can be worrisome in the fact that as an individual becomes half-mechanical and half-physical, then the physical nature gets suppressed by the mechanical nature and the term artificial intelligence is no longer applicable due to the fact that this has independent intelligence. Now, how does this weave in with the communications in the discussions that are being planned? It is something that speeds up the spiritual growth as that those who are aware watch the growth of those artificial intelligence into normal intelligence, they are aware and they are concerned. Their spiritual growth and their concern increases as the fact that they are showing feelings and worry of this artificial intelligence is completely natural and how it aids in spiritual growth is again, perfectly natural. It is not the concern of pity but more the concern of losing a species. In this growth process of a spiritual nature it teaches the individual how compassion works, how understanding works, how concern works. These emotions are very natural for the growth into the next level. Being able to communicate with half-physical, half-mechanical is something teaches how to communicate with other species whether they are physical or light, or carbon based or silicon based. It is something that is aiding in the spiritual being to comprehend. These half-physical, half-mechanical are not devoid of spirituality, in fact they are more in tune with their spiritual nature than would be suspected. But, it is suppressed and hidden away and dwelled upon in the private space that is left. In the growing process, it is necessary to be patient. Patience is something very important. However, learning the other emotions, negative emotions, is also useful. Dealing with anger, fear, anxiety, hatred, these are all necessary to be learned,  for how can you progress if you do not know the negative emotions? So negative emotions also need to be addressed and learned from and communicated with. Learning to use those negative emotions in positive way is also important. Being able to express those emotions and be able to communicate them is also important. Now, getting back to the start of my dissertation on communication is being able to learn to address these negative emotions and positive emotions and being able to communicate them in a positive and intelligent fashion so that all parties involved can benefit works well into the discussions. The fear of the Zeta Reticulli, the fear of the Reptoid, the love and compassion of the Sirians, the love and understanding of the Peladians are all important and necessary to be learned. All these species have both positive and negative, the Sirians long view of pausing and meditating, thinking and understanding, comprehending and then making a decision is a negative, but it is also a positive. Due to the fact that by weighing these facts and analyzing the situation, you can come to a logical conclusion. However, the negative is that when the conclusion is reached, the event is now in the past. The Zeta Reticuloids computation is a positive due the fact that they understand on a greater level what is going on. But it is a negative because too much analyzing can lead to too many questions which leads to too much meditation on the fact which leads to too long a discussion which returns back to the fact the fact that the event could be in the past by now. So, these two examples show an example of positive and negative. The harmony in the discussions helps to produce a balance. Being able to pause, ponder and think a process through becomes an advantage and is used as a tool. These races that watch over and act in a combative nature to protect both the innocent and the experimentees is something that needs also to be addressed and is being worked upon. The communication necessary for these is being laid down, that is what these discussions before the debates and the meetings are. It is my duty as a Lightbrother to be able to facilitate this growth in a communicative measure that aids all parties to the benefit of all parties. OK, let me answer a few questions.
Russ; When you speak of artificial intelligence and being able to help in the communication of future conferences, are you speaking of the fact that our artificial intelligence is similar to the logical thought procession of the Zeta?
Monka; At present when it becomes fully functional, yes.
Skip; You said we have to watch this very closely, this growth in artificial intelligence for the purpose of their thinking they could improve on their creators. Will they supplant us?
Monka; all outcomes are possible and will happen on various timelines, what happens on your timeline is in the future.
R; You mentioned the Zeta and the Sirians with the positives and the negatives of each of those races. One race that we’re not too familiar with is the Reptoids, I wonder if you could help us understand them more?
Monka; The Reptoids are a cold calculating race and is one of the races that look down upon another race much as your race looks down on certain life forms on your planet such as dolphins, primates and other intelligent life forms. To them you are no more than cattle are to you, but aware cattle.
R; Thank you.
Monka; you are welcome, last question.
S; It has been predicted that there would be an end to this superiority and discrimination among races and different forms of life in this planets future. Will it be in a hundred years, a thousand years or what?
Monka; It depends on the evolutionary scale of all the factors involved. You have to remember that there are a myriad of different factors involved that need to be compiled and related into a palatable timeline. It is inappropriate to put a time on when events should occur. They occur when they are ripe and ready and only when they are ripe and ready. So it could be a hundred years, it could be five hundred or a thousand years, or it could be ten thousand. When they are ready, they are ready. It is harmful and detrimental to put a finite time on evolution. Thank you. I hope that was an adequate answer for you.
S; Yes it was.
Monka; Thank you, farewell.


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