Letter From Editors
For November of 2017

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Coalescing the Revelations- Part One

    As we approach the five year anniversary of releasing podcasts of our past channeling sessions, we would like to look back in a retrospective on the people, places, and purposes of the two higher dimensional groups of individuals that helped make this happen on both Hades Base and Sirius. We’ll take it in two parts to give each their due so November’s editorial will focus on Hades Base and we’ll end the year with a look at where it all started, Sirius. To mention either is to bring up just some of the organizations at the heart of it all, Ashtar Command, the Galactic Federation and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. The true scope of the beings and worlds involved have a great deal to do with us as their history is our prehistory with interactions extending up to the present ensuring we continue evolving without any outside influence that would be detrimental to our growth. What we’ll try to do over the next two months is share as complete a picture as space allows of the inhabitants in the galaxy who feel a connection to us and do care about the path our planet takes into the future. Our focus turns first to the base and the dedicated personnel working around the clock on our behalf. Understanding that beings from higher dimensions can be perceived as all-knowing and above it all, they choose in these sessions to show that they are much like us with regular lives led in pursuit of their evolution as well. 

The People

   To describe the individuals who gave up so much of their time to make these channeling sessions come together is like talking about family on both dimensions since our third dimensional guests also played a major role. From the top down everything begins with Sananda who we know as Jesus Christ. Ascended as tenth dimensional from then, he is still a guiding presence and shared his wisdom in two channeling sessions. Next are Ashtar and Korton who direct Ashtar Command and the communications for Ashtar Command respectively. They maintain the overall direction in how the base operates and have spoken a number of times each from the very beginning of our sessions. Both were honored guest speakers as were other individuals who shared their invaluable knowledge we do not have the space here to include. Ensuring the base runs smoothly is the base commander Omal, who is seventh dimensional as opposed to Ashtar and Korton who are eighth. Omal provides the bulk of the teaching moments in the sessions being an expert in pretty much everything and has watched over our planet since long before Atlantis and Lemuria were colonized. Making up the sixth dimensional part of the speakers on the base each session were the sisters Kiri and Karra. Karra is the elder of the two and is also a former healer but is now the Ambassador from Sirius to Hades Base. She covers all topics related to healing. Her younger sister Kiri is an engineer on the base and also a coercer, any questions regarding coercion are her specialty. Lastly was the third dimensional contingent of our speakers and ring mistress Tia who came to the base through an interconnecting series of occurrences which brought her to be in the ideal position as the channeling sessions got underway.

The Place

   Suffice to say that Hades Base is five miles below the surface of Mars in the sixth dimension with unlimited ability to expand the base to any size due to some fifth dimensional technology. The mechanics of how they make that happen is beyond our science but think of Mary Poppin's handbag, the principles are the same. Within that space, housing and the various departments are spread among the three main features, Dolphin Lake, Wookie Mountain and the docking terminal for the spacecraft. We know from recent channelings that it is one of the more spacious and well-equipped bases where someone could be stationed. Housing around the docking terminal is mostly taken up by the pilots known as the “Blue Guys” and we learned they are not actually a part of Ashtar Command but work in conjunction with them to achieve shared goals. Wookie Mountain has housing for those who enjoy a mountain atmosphere and where the engineers of the base live. How George Lucas knew about Wookies and their skills would be a good question to ask him but he has everything right except that they are higher dimensional, telepathic and love snowboarding. Dolphin Lake is where the bulk of housing and offices are located. A beautiful beach fronts an expanse of water with a very tall waterfall at the far end. Normally on most days, you would see Alana and some of the base personnel working with the pods of dolphins who volunteer to help in improving inter-species communication. The various departments on the base include the healing and engineering sectors where Karra used to work and Kiri still does. Data collection is in another section where Tia would be found supervising her crew on the night shift before presenting Omal with the results of what happened on Earth with her recommendations the next day. Lastly would be the administration section where Omal and Korton, when he is on the base, have their offices.

The Purpose

   Beyond the central purpose of assisting humanity in a non-intervention capacity reach its next evolutionary step, the members of the base who channeled in the podcasts provide a look at higher dimensional life with all of the little details that go into base operations. What started as a series of teaching sessions with some humor and racy banter thrown in between myself and some of our friends who came to learn on a firsthand basis expanded to include setting up a series of conferences between the non-earth races consisting of, to paraphrase President Tanaka of Sirius, “all extraterrestrial life forms within the galactic sector that has interaction in one capacity or another with your planet.” Though the conferences did not come off before the channeling sessions ended, they haven’t been canceled and just wait for renewed interest.  Throughout it all, beings who have already moved beyond wars, crime, and prejudice wished to help us do the same through lessons and laughter. The channeling sessions posted throughout the last five years and in the years to come are timeless and will always have the power to transfer the higher dimensional experience vicariously to anyone wanting to know what it is like to make that transition. Think of it as akin to a college atmosphere or at least it is the correlation that immediately comes to mind when trying to describe the education process that takes place. Hearing the podcasts in order from 2013 to the present while following along in the transcripts offers a unique opportunity to graduate and move on to the next set of lessons. One day hopefully we will be able to thank them in person for the help they have provided.

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra