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In Three Parts- #2

(To recap from last month's editorial, members of the Galactic Federation such as the Pleiadians, Arcturians, and Sirians have long histories of their races that recount their timelines which led them to be the enlightened beings they are so we at the Hades Base News would like to present the second part of the history of one of those races, the Sirians. Last month we entered in at a point in the development of Sirius where it was still a third dimensional planet with a technical level similar to our planet today except with colonies in space and the beginnings of demonstrable mental powers. An evil lord named Tonar had built a great state based on slavery and a mortuary shrine for when died. After his death, priestesses under his sway took over but were defeated by a tribe with great psychic powers. Remorseful for what they had done, the tribe died as one by their mind, all 144,000 of them. Their children, in their memory, laid a great stone for each to finally form a pyramid that when complete mysteriously gained self-awareness. A long time passed and the pyramid was covered in sand while the land became unbearable as the planet's sun entered into a new phase. They land became unlivable to where people had moved away but their minds had become powerful despite the holes which had formed in the atmosphere causing the people's skin to blister. An exodus to the sister planets began except for those who returned to the continent of the pyramid seeking knowledge and wisdom, especially one girl. She penetrated the pyramid with her mind and saw the 144,000 minds within as well as the secrets of the pyramid such as the location of the door. With her followers, she was able to get the entrance open but as she passed through the portal she vanished into nothing. We left off at that point and return now to take up part two of The Sirian Chronicles.) 

   And so it was that she who had disappeared, Sarra was her name, found herself to be a part of the pyramid and spent 392 years inside learning all it knew. During that time she discovered it was connected to the other pyramids on those sister worlds where they had been built. Time passed of which she was not aware and when she finally emerged she wondered where her followers had gone. She searched until she found them hiding from the radiation, surviving through the gardens they had created with their minds. Upon seeing her they thought she was a legend come to life because unlike them she was no longer burned by the radiation. At first she was feared for the possibility she was one of the Daughters of Tonar come to life so she let them look into her mind. It was there they saw her mental power and that what was to come was only the beginning. They could see that in her mind burned a light for each of the 144,000 martyrs that had given their lives so a new world could be born. She and her followers returned to the Great Pyramid as they now called it because it had great powers and was no longer a thing of rock and stone but a living, breathing entity. They excavated caverns to live within, growing food in the rich soil kept so by the pyramid, becoming healthier with each and every day. People heard about this phenomenon and came to live within until it became quite crowded. This wasn't a bad thing by any means because wars and riots had broken out all around and the people were scrabbling for food in a land that could no longer support them all. With their bodies covered in cuts, sores and rotting skin, those that could made their way into the Great Pyramid to join those already inside. After 144,000 people had passed through the entrance, the pyramid made the decision to close the door leaving those outside to fight and struggle among themselves as they tried to get inside while those within entered into a deep sleep.

   The Great Pyramid had become a computer of immense intelligence and while the world outside battered, chipped and attacked the rocks, they stayed sharp, crisp and clear. It was at that point the worst of all things happened, the world ripped itself to pieces as it went through the last phases of being a habitable planet. While the followers of Sarra slept on, the minds within the 144,000 stones of the pyramid pulled the land back together so it was no longer blighted by the terribly hot sun. Time passed beyond counting while the bodies of the sleepers became clean and pure like the race had once been. They awoke but remained inside fearing the wasteland they imagined the outside world to be. One day Sarra heard a voice calling her so she ventured forth to discover the source. As she walked she saw all around the garden the planet had become with trees she had only heard of in stories from her childhood. She saw flowers as she walked and animals running through the fields. She lived off the land, the trees and the rivers, never harming any beast that walked upon the land. In time she made the decision to wake all of her race but it was late in the day so she thought it would be best to sleep. It was while she slept that she heard a voice of old telling her what was to be done. It was a voice of atonement that had been asleep and entrapped within the minds of the martyrs that had become the pyramid. She didn't know upon waking if she had been asleep for days, weeks or months but she felt fresh and strong knowing she had the keys within her. She returned and woke her friends, the 144,000 walked the land once more. Each was a pure, shining light for each had learned in their sleep what abilities they should have and how to use them. All were blessed with up to three abilities though none had four or five yet as they were the beginnings of a new race. Research shows though that in this second arising there was still trouble within the race.

    As the 144,000 spread throughout the land, the women at first were unable to give birth where in all cases the children would never go to full term. This was both sad and unfortunate so they realized they had to clear the land and build cities according to the laws of nature. They also tried contacting the sister worlds with their minds for they were not quite sure of what had taken place and hoped for answers to their questions. It was the wise one, Sarra, who was the first to finally give birth to a son. He grew rapidly which was strange and, like his mother, spent a lot of time in the pyramid seeking knowledge. A big city grew up all around the Great Pyramid though none of the buildings could be as high as it for that was forbidden. One day when he was only ten years old, he climbed to the top which was also forbidden. It was during his climb down that his arm went through the capstone followed by the rest of his body. For a long time he slept inside while outside much searching followed for he was the only child. No matter where they looked nothing of him was found. Time passed and as he slept visitors from other worlds came and asked the people who they were, where they came from and were they ready. They did not know what the strangers meant but many answered they were ready for whatever was thrown at him. Then one evening a light shone from the top of the pyramid and down came the son of Sarra still in the body of a child. From that night strange things began to happen that brought the answers they were seeking nine months later. Many children were born after those nine months who learned the secrets of the pyramid as they matured which had been held back from them deliberately. They realized they were no longer on the third dimension and that Sirius had changed much more than just the land itself, the dimension they were on had changed as well. The 144,000 had become three tribes that had grown in great magnitude until they were now 144,000 times three and each had become strong in their minds. From the 144,000th of that number, the first one was born, a person whose mind fired all of the 144,000 connecting points.

   It marked a pronounced change in the evolution of the race for this was a person who could move rocks of great size with his mind or create gold out of thin air. He could see from one end of the planet to the other and cause pain or pleasure with his touch. He could make someone sick, stand, smile or even drop dead with his mind but he had severe problems beyond the imaginings of people. He took on the name Tonar the Corrupt thinking that as before, he could create a pure race to dominate the entire dimension. The people did not want this so he tried using his mind to make them do what he wanted. His mind spared everybody before his plans could reach fruition and he sunk within himself. His body faded over time but he had left a legacy in the form of a daughter that was called Sarra the Second. It was she after she had grown who healed many of the hurts that had happened. She had many children and from those children came the great houses of power and importance such as the House of Tanaka. Each house had the first of the new race with all five abilities though it was not constant for each person. The chronicles from the House Tanaka reveal that in the sixth millennia after Sarra the Second, the last male of the house was born. The head of this once powerful and mighty house was dying and if a son was not born soon it would be the end of the house. In his 900th year, after having previously fallen on deaf ears, his pleading for a new deed was granted for the right to have a lady as his heir. She had a son months after he had passed on who became powerful and strong as well as a daughter who was wise beyond her years. It was the daughter that sought knowledge so she made her way to the Great Pyramid having kept her body pure of all men. She went within asking for what she had been seeking when a voice said, "come up, come up." She found the hidden capstone door no one had been able to find and went inside. There she slept for a long time and when she awoke she was changed beyond belief. Her body was the same but her mind was powerful and she swore off men for the rest of her life. She took on the name Sarra the Third and when she died it was found that her mind had fired on all the numbers that were needed, 144,000. She had written many great works, and in her memory was established the librarians of the Great Pyramid of Knowledge and Wisdom. There have been 144,002 librarians since then, Kiri is that last librarian until the next.          

Part three, The House That Sarra Built, will be presented in next monthís editorial but if you would like to know ahead of time what happens or would like to read the exact wording in Kiriís own words from the July 2013 podcast, here is a direct link:


In love and light as one.

Russ and Karra