Letter From The Editors

For November of 2023

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The school system youth everywhere go through has the affect of inhibiting psychic growth as we heard from Omal in this month's channeling session posted on the Hades Base News. Just as children are exploring the limits of their imagination and natural inclinations, they are thrust into a world of rules and schedules. The mind numbing learning by rote children are subjected to prepares them for a world of similar employment but stifles their creative possibilities. So where would be the school with the freedom to explore what talented young minds could do with the right training? Strangely enough, the fictional world of Harry Potter provides that answer with just such a school called Hogwarts. It's a place where the students are free to explore just how far their magical talents can be enhanced. While created through the mind of J.K. Rowling, it opens the world up to theories on its benefits to the wizarding world and the New Age community.

Understanding Hogwarts means understanding magic and how it intersects with psychic skills and higher dimensions. Like the students of Hogwarts, the five psychic skills used by those in the higher dimensions include healing, psychokinesis, manifestation, astral travel, and coercion. Everyone on the third dimension also has some latent skill in all of the above in greater or lesser amounts that usually go unrecognized. Not so in the world of Harry Potter. Each of those skills and abilities have their parallels in the classes taught at the school. While they are called magic and are employed using a wand and a triggering phrase either said out loud or thought, that's not entirely how it works as an additional visualization is also added to make the magic happen. If you were to simplify the above, it would come out the same way just without the wand and triggering phrase. Let's look at a few examples.

Taking the first psychic skill mentioned of healing, and saw in the movie, the half blood Prince, Luna Lovegood fixes Harry Potter's nose by pointing her wand at it and saying Episkey though in the book it was Nymphadora Tonks. One would think that a visualization of the nose after it's been fixed would be a part of the spell. Neville Longbottom showed us that magic needs a lot of training while Hermione Granger showed us some students were better at particular kinds of magic. In a similar way, certain psychic skills are easier than others and improve over time depending on the person. The next skill mentioned of psychokinesis has its companion spell in the feather being floated in charms class of Wingardium Leviosa. Not an easy spell to master for first year students apparently but a lot of wand wagging and correct pronunciation were essential factors to success. Far harder than healing, psychokinesis too needs a lot of training with a lot of frustration when trying to get successful results.

The psychic skill of manifestation was best represented by the beautiful spell of Expecto Patronum where a very physical thoughtform is created from a powerful emotional memory to generate the manifestation. The form it took and strength it generated was unique to each user. Manifesting something on the third dimension is more mental visualizations affecting reality than physical manifestations. The fourth psychic skill we brought up of astral travel has its parallel in the visions Harry had when seeing things through the eyes of the snake Nagini. One could say the out-of-body experiences of the Pensieve would also qualify. The last psychic skill of coercion was actually an unforgivable curse called the Cruciatus Curse whereby the user would use a bit of dark magic to inflict incredible pain so that the victim would give up their secrets. Similarly, the use of coercion is highly regulated by the laws of karma. Like a different language, the characterization of magic is just a psychic skill focused through a wand and given a magical name. For such a school to exist, it would have to be in a world of fiction.
In love, light and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra