Letter From Editors
For October of 2017

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The Pyramid Wide Web

   Have you ever been to the Great Pyramid of Giza or wondered about its mysteries hoping someday we would find the answers as to who built it and why? So have I and therefore I have put together some clues with the help of Karra that go back tens of thousands of years to when it could have actually been built. We know after hearing Tia confirm in the podcast “Stargates and Cydonia” from July of 2015 that the Great Pyramid was one of two computers sharing a communication link with another on the surface of Mars and Omal said in the podcast posted last month called “A Healer’s Secret” that, while it may have been built by humans, it was from plans that were not of this Earth. Maybe the plans were only used once and all the pyramids to follow were possibly copies by later civilizations with no understanding of what the original was or did? We also know that there was a Great Pyramid on Sirius while it was still in the third dimension which stands there now after playing a major part in getting the people inside of it to the sixth. If the Great Pyramid on third dimensional Earth is an antenna, to what purpose would it have served on this world and whatever other planets where they may have been built? If it is also a computer, is it self-aware and what is the signal it would be receiving?

   First off, how does an antenna work? Antennas pick up frequencies and relay them back and forth across great distances. The antenna is normally connected to a receiver through a cable that has a protective covering. We know the protective covering of Tura limestone on the pyramid was removed to be re-purposed but all that would have been exposed is the wire or in this case the granite under that covering. The high concentration of quartz in the granite would be the key to making the receiver work because of the unique properties of quartz as demonstrated by early radios where its frequencies are detected by quartz crystals. The immense force of pressure applied by the weight pressing down on the granite might provide both a source of power and a steady frequency that would never change. It’s been theorized that a cap of gold once covered the top which if true would have amplified and directed what it received but not affected the basic signal. After so long in disuse it does look as it did when it was still functioning but we can picture how it may have looked when it was brand new. Gleaming white with its covering stones once more in place, the sarcophagus would be whole and a golden cap on top completing the picture. Let’s take a look at one possible scenario out of the available thousands that may have been the reason for its construction though this is only based on what has survived the ravages of time. The names used are what are currently in use but would have been completely different then.

   The initiates stand in front of the Great Pyramid completely stunned by what they see looming over them and about the upcoming ritual. They are led forward by the two attending priests into the entrance and down the mysteriously lit hallway to the ascending passage where the climb begins. Ascending up the passage to the Queen’s chamber, they enter and watch as the priests place a crystal of Atlantean origin in the niche still seen today to establish the connection. The priests would next lead them out of the Queen’s chamber and start up the Grand Gallery to the King’s chamber where the priests would arrange the initiates in front of the sarcophagus. Made whole and warmed from the opposite side, it is filled three quarters of the way up in a solution of water and salt at a specific gravity kept at skin-temperature. After assuring their comfort, the priests lower a lid over the top and assume a position of waiting for each initiation. Inside, the connection is established and the initiation begins once the sensory deprivation allows the necessary opening. The knowledge comes through to where the initiate is taught information possibly involving past lives, the history of the world, crucial guidance for the future or revelations about everything.

   To the world looking at the Great Pyramid in its current state, it would be hard to see that possibility now but that is just one way to answer some of the questions of its construction. Perhaps modern scientists, like the ancient Egyptians before them, are only guessing as best they can with the clues left by the builders to establish when it was built and for what purpose. What if it actually is just one part of larger computer complex that was still transmitting and could be used again to establish a two-way link through any pyramid built to particular dimensions and aligned along true north? Maybe such a pyramid would act like a laptop hooked up to a galactic Wi-Fi which may explain some of the effects pyramids have been shown to do? Certainly more study is needed to determine what else can be revealed through personal experimentation which may be a part of each person’s own initiation into the deeper secrets of pyramids. Any study though is a drawing upon the deeper recesses of the mind to make a personal connection happen to access lives where that information was available. The future is only history that hasn’t been written yet and the present is the paper where the words are flowing together one after the other. So it was then, so it can be now where the past, present and future are open books where your life is laid out to be discovered. A properly built and aligned pyramid may be your personal library where those books are ready for your perusal and new ones can be written.

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra.