Letter From The Editors
For October of 2019

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   Letís get personal, or at least let me get personal about whatís itís like filling in as a scribe for Ashtar Command. That was the title provided during the channeling sessions making up the Hades Base News so itís what seems the most appropriate. The News started out as a way to get what had been shared privately through our small group in the sessions out to where the public would be able to benefit from the teachings. With the upcoming new learning annex in the form of a website called The Hades Base Center For Ascension, what used to be a simple presentation of a conversation with higher dimensional entities has become a dynamic showcase of their knowledge. It is still on schedule for a reveal before yearís end but we wished to take this time to flesh out what the site will contain and the development phase that's taken place to get to this point. Weíll also go over the incredible timing that brought together a team of dozens over several dimensions and mostly, Iíd like to pass on the experience Iíve had in working with Karra and everyone else throughout Ashtar Command and Sirius who have helped in this new siteís creation. Finally, we'd like to give a big shout out to Mark Crocker who supplied his voice during those times when his body was being borrowed to create the recordings of the channeling sessions. Without his help, there wouldn't be the wealth of information making up either site and the ascension process would be just that much tougher with two fewer sources of information.

   First off and most important is that the subjects in the Center For Ascension are arranged in the order they were posted in the News. Each tape was randomly selected from the hundreds available and that order has turned out to be arranged in a placement that appears planned where some sessions proceed others in the timeline but work well when heard in the order presented. Second, after going through the sessions multiple times, Karra and I came up with sixty subjects discussed over six years of channeling sessions divided among six main courses. For those looking for a more directed goal when visiting, the site will have the option of ďThe PathĒ, a sequential set of steps in the form of channelings and editorials that will be quicker than going through each topic in turn. This is for those looking for a better understanding of the higher dimensional experience from the point of view of those already there. One goal of the teaching could lead to a hands-on knowledge of working with others in a responsible sharing of energy to achieve a shared purpose. Another might be self-healing through intention. Achieving those goals could be an important jump in consciousness and that jump might lead eventually to ascension. The initial lessons will include energy work followed by a knowledge of personal shielding and grounding, important life skills that pave the way for more advanced energy work near the end.

   The concept for the Center has been building for years. Its initial design was so long in coming due to the requirement of the right individual to create the artwork the site sorely needed. That artwork came through the help of Kendall FalkenstrŲm who was able to connect with Tia to paint the images of those who present each lesson and even worked with some of the speakers themselves. What came from that collaboration is twenty portraits and a landscape of the base as seen from the housing units overlooking Dolphin Lake. With the addition of the artwork, it was felt the Center also needed sound files for each of the hundreds of topics being channeled so the coding to make that happen had to be learned. The background for the site will be a departure from that used on the News signifying a change in format in how everything has been arranged to provide a relaxed learning environment. The lessons have been edited to focus on what is being presented, heavily in some cases such as when Bunny is channeling, and great care has been exercised to ensure the intended teachings come through without the miscellaneous banter that could sometimes intrude on what is a crucial point being discussed. On the higher dimensions, they have evolved past some of the filters we take for granted when speaking in mixed company and while humorous in the chats where it came up, it was irrelevant for the knowledge being shared. The end result will be a more interactive center of learning for the person visiting.

   The experience of creating the site while working closely in conjunction with Karra has been an internship like no other. I can get on with my life until itís time to work on the site and then we get down to business. She and I have always worked closely to create the editorials each month but this has taught me the meaning of teamwork taken to the next level. Those familiar with our podcast from August will remember that this whole meeting of minds between all the participants has been lifetimes in the making over several family trees. I get to see first-hand all the threads needed to be pulled together to achieve what Iím sure is something they had in mind all along. We look forward to soon revealing the finished website though we wish to point out that the Center For Ascension isnít the one and only source of information on the ascension process and we encourage a wide area of research over many different sources of information about the subject. We merely present a learning center for the Hades Base News we feel will assist those looking for help on their path to ascension by narrowing all the higher dimensional teaching presented over the years into a more organized format. The new website will be a culmination of multi-dimensional teamwork, an example of what may be required in an uncertain future for this planet when just such a synergy between individuals is needed. Novemberís editorial will address that future and working with higher dimensional beings while also achieving that same teamwork with our friends, family, and strangers. It is to be called "Escape Room Earth" where unity will be the strategy and ascension the goal or, as I have found out, just another day of on-the-job learning at Ashtar Command.
In love, light, and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra