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For October of 2023

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Science-fiction aficionados are familiar with the concept of the shielding needed to protect spaceships when traveling interstellar distances. In a similar way, humans require mental shielding when going through the daily process of living. This analogy came about while finishing up a "Star Trek" episode before moving on to generating a transcript of this month's channeling session. So this is a companion editorial to the lessons provided by Korton to us back in 1992 and now posted on our website in this month's channeling session. The concept of mental shielding is not given enough credit for how it can actually improve a person's life. We now look to science fiction to help demonstrate the importance it provides.

The ships of the fictional universe of "Star Trek" operate several levels of shielding when traversing space to prevent even the smallest of particles from penetrating the ships exterior. The force fields generated by the deflector shields allow a ship at warp to deflect those objects. We hear of navigational shields in one episode that would seem to cut out solar radiation and dust particles. Beyond that are shields for defense  against energy and photon attacks as well as anything bigger that might interact with a moving ship. Later are episodes where we hear of things like Multiphasic shielding, Regenerative shielding, and Unimatrix shielding depending on the series. Ship composites also play a part in determining how strong the hull of a ship would keep the crew inside safe. In a similar way, the mental shielding available to the ordinary person has levels to handle any situation.

What do we mean when we use the term mental shielding? It is basically the strengthening and adding energy fields to the human aura through visualization which allows a person to block out the negative energies and influences surrounding everyone. A person's mental well-being is like the hull of a spacecraft which means it can be either weak or strong depending on the person. Light workers tend to already have that inner strength and so mental shielding helps maintain that strength when under pressure or attack. By that we mean coercive pressure that might be directed by people such as with salesmen and politicians. It may not directed at the person themselves but they can negate those influences with basic mental shielding. What the shielding discussed in the channeling session covers are major psychic attacks directed at a person by others either knowingly or unknowingly.

The shielding discussed by Korton in the channeling session is called stacked and static shielding. This would be similar to adding Multiphasic shielding to the regular shielding of a starship. Stacked shielding is simply adding one or more domes over a person's normal shields while the attack is felt until the feeling dissipates. That should be enough of a defense against a single assailant knowledgeable in penetrating shields. Multiple domes protect against a combined effort of a group of people in a meta-concert but we then have to discuss static shielding. That is where the outermost dome is given a covering on top of it of static as would be seen on a TV channel with no signal. Basic shielding practiced enough becomes automatic making the saving of a person's energy within those shields relatively easy. Taking it to the next level is where Korton takes us with this month's shielding dissertation.
In love, light and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra