Base Commander of Hades Base

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  • Age- Unknown
  • Occupation- Base Commander
  • Home Planet- Victim of a Super Nova
  • Hobbies- Work

   As the base commander, Omal is one of the busiest people on the base with many personnel under him to help keep things running smoothly. The key to his success he says is in having an open door policy and a staff that relays his communications. He is always making time to help others when necessary and leading by example. In channeling sessions it's a privilege to have him for the main speaker since he answers questions on a multitude of topics. His specialties are manifestation and psycho-kinesis and he knows more than he can tell since the few things he can't answer are questions relating to the future of a person or items of a technical nature. He strongly feels that we must find our own way into the next century without the direct interference of Ashtar Command or the lessons we must learn will not be our own. Much as Star Trek has their prime directive, so to must Hades Base work within the confines of allowing us to make our own mistakes, painful as that may be.

   Because his duties are so time consuming, he will have less chance to answer questions than some of the other speakers, though this will not keep him from using his experience to give answers to questions that he feels others can benefit from. For a person who can relate to his experiences of watching the Aurora Borealis on Earth some 90,000 years ago, he seems to have aged like a good bottle of wine. It is this wisdom gained through many years of watching vast changes here on Earth that gives him the patience to deal with the here and now. As he puts it, ''living as long as I has, it helps to have a good sense of humor.''

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