Omal; Greetings and felicitations. Greetings Russ, greetings Skip, greetings young lady.
Russ; Omal, this is Laura.
Omal; Laura, it is an honour to be able to make your acquaintance. I am the base commander. My primary function is to keep control over disorderly bunch of reprobates. I believe if they were assembled on your planet they would be tried, convicted and sentenced for insubordination, delinquent behaviour, juvenile characteristics and misappropriation of time…(said while laughing). Anyway, all jokes aside, I’m here to answer questions. Tonight’s format is an informal format that we have been going to as opposed to our normal format where I go over the points that everybody has made, correct any erroneous statements and in doing so I also say what may and may not be put on your internet when this is transcribed by our resident delinquent scribe. OK, as it an informal session I will throw the hat into the ring and open to questions. You can ask me any question you wish, if I do not know the answer I will retrieve the answer at a pace which is satisfactory for you.
R; Question on the conference.
Omal; Yes?
R; Currently I am in phase two of tracking down channels for the conference from the….
Omal; Zeta Reticulli, yes I have got a full report.
R; Nothing yet on that front.
Omal; Well as I said, this is something that takes time.
Skip; Who are they?
R; The Zeta Reticulli are also known as the Greys.
Laura; They are a race with a single consciousness and no emotions.
Omal; Yes, also responsible for numerous abductions.
R; They seem to be a bit shy.
Omal; Would you not be shy if you were being accused of what they are doing?
R; I’d want to set the record straight. Supposedly there are two races of the species and one side is against the other side that is doing the abductions. Being of one race consciousness I’m not sure how that works but I look forward to their participation.
Laura; I thought that the abductions had stopped?
Omal; They have decreased…dramatically. Thanks very much to the efforts of numerous groups. They still happen but we are one group that is working very diligently on this problem. There is a second group that I can freely mention and they do pay a price for their more aggressive stance on their attempt to stop the abductions. Unfortunately many do not reach great age in doing what they do.
R; So in the meantime we work on them and the Reptoids?
Omal; Yes, we have to pursue this. It is necessary to at least start the process, as I have said and said numerous times, we are not in any great hurry but the speed is in your linear thought processes on the perception of time.
R; Now Tia was mentioning something that started a train of thought. On the Asian flu and the various economic problems of Japan’s stock market as being a limiting time factor. We’ve seen how Brazil is now going through a similar economic problem and the spread will probably reach us last but it is this something that we should work into a timeframe to beat?
Omal; I do not know at this time. It all depends on how virulent the Asian flu becomes when it hits. If it has already burnt itself out and it is no longer a major threat or if it reintensifies is something that is debatable at this point. It is something that we are waiting very patiently for Tia’s latest facts and figures. Now I must be of.
Live long, prosper and……I’ll be back.

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