Omal; Greetings and felicitations, I am back. I did not do my impersonation of the gentleman with the muscles.
Russ; It would have worked good.
Omal; Yes it would have…….
(kitten meows)
Omal; I do not answer questions from felines who interrupt. Ok, let us answer questions and deal with points of interest. Ok, first Treebeard, I think if we not asked him to keep the answer short you would still be talking on the first part of the answer. Let us answer questions as obviously Treebeard has worded things very well and there is nothing we need to go over. I would be giving a dissertation at this point but I am in too much of a high spirit to be focused enough to give a dissertation and we will give it next week. One thing I did notice is that Treebeard needs to work on his energy flow as it did get a little overpowering for you but he was gentle with his probes. Ok, let us answer questions on a general basis.
Russ; We have reports coming in from various websites and NASA about something called Comet Lee. It was apparently discovered recently from a gentleman called Professor Lee and it’s supposed to be coming into our close orbit sometime in August and lasting pretty much through early 2000. A lot of secrecy has been going on about it and the data of tracking it has been put under a military security seal…..
Omal; Ahhh, I see where you are going with this.
Russ; Also around this time is a planetary alignment coming along and apparently the comet might get caught in our gravitational pull and become another moon of ours or something worse.
Omal; I see very clearly where you are going with this. Setting up as another moon would be very detrimental as we have been tracking it for some time, you might have heard vague references to astronomical phenomenon over the past few channeling sessions. The other option is that the path will be close. Now close in astronomical terms is a million miles. I estimate it will be more in the neighborhood of two million miles which means you are going to be in for some spectacular sunsets and maybe some interesting meteor strikes. However the course due to gravitational fields is a little erratic and a deviation of one percent can throw the calculations off, as it passes closer to your sun and the magnetic discharges occur and the gravitational effects occurs, it wobbles in it’s path. Now it depends in which direction the wobble occurs when it gets closer to your planet will determine the outcome however, Comet Lee is not a new comet as was the previous one that was Hale-Bop. Hale-Bop had only made a few cycles past your planet, this one has made quite a few but not as many as Haley’s Comet or any of the more recent comets that have gone by. It has a more elliptical orbit of I should say approximately a million years so therefore it has made probably twenty or thirty orbits which means it is considerably smaller than it once was. However, depending on the convergent path depends on the effect it will have. As comets go this is a medium sized comet, it is nothing spectacular as was Hale-Bop which was approximately twenty five miles. This is more in the region of five miles. To give you an idea, Haley’s Comet is about two and a half miles. Those are medium sized comets. There are comets that are you no longer see because they have a cycle of four years so therefore comets are in varying sizes from a few hundred yards across to many miles across. The age suggests the size. The smaller the older. The more trips it has made around your sun. So Comet Lee could present an interesting problem depending on it’s wobble. Depending on how close it gets will determine the number meteor strikes that will follow. A meteor strike from a passing comet was responsible for the 1909 Tungusto blast. This is the kind of effect a piece can have however with the tracking that you have, you will have enough warning to be able to perceive the dangers and the fallout that may occur. However, there is nothing we can do about it and I would not worry about something you have no control over.
Russ; True.
Omal; Ok, let us proceed with more questions, something a little bit more cheerier would be nice.
Skip; Ok, I have a question about our technology advancing so fast that it doesn’t seem like anybody can actually keep up with it. Are we kinda pulling away from our spiritual beliefs with our technology and if we are, it sounds like the same thing the continent of Atlantis done way back when?
Omal; You have answered your own question to a certain extent. Yes you been moving forward in technology faster than you can keep up, with Atlantis, yes that was the root cause of their downfall however, the taking for granted and then the failure in that with the Atlantis incident that is something you will have to watch most carefully. If you become too blasé and too conceited that technology can fix everything, you will end up with the Atlantis incident again.
Russ; I don’t think we discussed the Atlantis incident before though.
Omal: It is a term we use up here to refer to Atlantis going down. They were quite capable of monitoring and tracking it but they got so reliant on their technology that when their technology failed them they did not realize the seriousness of the situation they were in. It is called the Atlantis incident or the Atlantis effect.
Russ; So they could have actually prevented their own destruction?
Omal; Yes, by moving locations.
Russ; So there was no way of stopping the event itself?
Omal; When you have that amount of magma rising there is nothing that you can do about it.
Russ; Concerning Atlantis, I’m interested in a report I read recently about a certain doctor who scuba diving in the Azores and while he got separated from his friends he came across a pyramid. He went inside and got a crystal that was inside and there have been some supposedly strange events surrounding it ever since.
Omal; All right, first of all he has not entered the main pyramid, secondly from what it sounds like, I am having a difficult time believing what I am hearing. Perhaps if you can print up the article you can bring it next week and I will answer more fully.
Russ; Alright.
Omal; If my recollection is correct, the Azores are islands that were off the coast of Atlantis. Now we are running short of time, I believe we have twenty minutes left?
Russ; Just about.
Omal; So I will depart and live long, prosper and…..I’ll be back.
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