Letter From The Editors
For September Of 2014

Front Page





    What lies ahead and how can we, as lightworkers influence what's to come or a better question would be, what is the purpose for which we have come into this reality to fulfill? To know what's to come needs a breakdown of that reality so let's start with the good.

    Across the globe we are seeing change happen on a daily rate with new energy sources and alternative ways to address climate change. Facebook, Twitter, Skype and a myriad of other connections link millions of lightworkers at once to alert each other to those changes. Sources of higher dimensional information is also being passed on as inspiration comes to those finding webpages that have made a difference in their lives with concepts that find their mark in a person's consciousness. One could see a pattern forming in all these disparate changes happening at the same time.

    The converse making up the bad is a list that would lead one to believe the human race does not have enough time to see those changes take place before we are wiped out as a species from a variety of scenarios. The daily news feeds lead off with the Ebola virus threatening a world-wide pandemic, with drought and unpredictable weather patterns due to an unabated chain of events caused by global warming to follow. Crisis hot spots erupt across the globe as those seeking change take advantage of governments in turmoil to enact those changes. In the short and long term outlooks facing the planet, it is not a bright picture for ourselves, our children and grandchildren for generations to come.

    How can these two total opposites tell us what is on the horizon and what we should do about it? First, both dichotomies are perfect for our growth as a race and as individuals and both offer incredible opportunities for those still unclear on their purpose going forward. To define how that is important for our future, a purpose is noble and grand, it defines a person and influences all their decisions in the fulfilling of that purpose. They manifest their reality where all they do is invested in living out that purpose to the fullest. A purpose isn't based on having something or collecting something, it is about doing something. Something that even if no else acknowledges, you can be proud of the effort put into achieving it. Purposes can change as consciousness growth takes place demanding purposes of a higher nature.

    The goal is individual and planetary ascension to our next evolutionary level with the help of the reality we create. The bad is crucial for the rejection by the racial consciousness of what the results would bring should they continue to a greater degree, pushing humanity to take a stand to ensure its continued existence. The good is crucial to remind us how far we have come and where we can extend our frontiers of belief. Both are perfect in the scope of the plan established by Sananda and the Council of Light. It also confirms that everything is in perfect harmony which can be witnessed if looked for to remind us that happiness is best found in the acceptance of the play, the stage and its players.

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra