Letter From The Editors
For September of 2018

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   The channeling session we posted in last month’s edition of the Hades Base News was recorded around the same time the movie “The Matrix” was released which inspired Karra and me to have another viewing of one the better movies to come out to question the very nature of reality. As with any book, movie or song ever experienced, more can always be gained by looking at it from a fresh perspective the second, third or twentieth time. Such it was as we watched the familiar scenes going by while I kept notes of the running dialog in my head of the new insights being revealed. First off, “The Matrix” is one of many stories revolving around a central hero facing impossible odds to save the day due to his or her unique status. It is out of all of them the one movie that accurately reflects the many challenges facing those who desire to bring the unenlightened into the light. It all revolves around a choice, a choice between two pills of a different color, one red and one blue. With the choosing of the blue pill, all remains the same and everything is as it was before. A choice of the red pill brings a trip down the rabbit hole to a wonderland of answers. This editorial is for everyone who has that choice and wants to know as Morpheus would say, how far down the rabbit hole goes.

   Most everyone has their own version of Morpheus that led them to the path they are on where someone or something influenced them to begin their search for their own version of the truth. My Morpheus came in the form of a higher dimensional being by the name of Omal. Through him, I was led to my Trinity who also happened to be my twin soul Karra who was also in a higher dimension. It was she who found me in this life because true love is greater than death regardless of the dimension and two souls cannot be kept apart regardless of space and time. Omal for his part explained how all life in the universe was vast and varied with our species just one of many, not alone but part of a cosmic consciousness. It was Omal who taught me to not just believe I was capable of doing something but to know I was. It was he who opened my eyes to the knowledge that anything is possible in our imagination and that our imagination can have an effect on physical reality. Two ways he did that was by showing me how to blend my imagination and human energy to construct mental shielding or build meta-concerts where I could see the effects of my imagination on reality. With one I could feel the protection I had focused around me maintaining my energy levels and with the other, I could combine my energies with others to do such things as move candle flames. After that, all I wanted to do was increase even further the knowledge I had been given.

   That was on a personal level but I also learned things that I found in common with everyone such as the operator role on Morpheus’ ship the Nebuchadnezzar. In the movie, the operator worked from outside the matrix giving instructions, training on the fly and bringing the person back into the real world. A good analogy would be the guides each person has helping them through the labyrinth of life. Suggestions such as directions to take, tips on getting something done and reminding the person that no one is ever truly alone are masked in the background stream of thoughts. Also, there are rules to reality and a person’s belief system is unable to be released from the matrix without their full consent. What is the matrix? What isn’t the matrix? That is a better question and one Morpheus used to explain the world Neo had known before taking the red pill. In this analogy, it would be the world we know now where consumers are encouraged to compare and compete with everyone else to get to the goal of having the most of the best. Those taking on the matrix reject that goal and instead search for the truth of their reality through the illusions standing in their way such as the fear of death. A final, common analogy I came across was the role of the agents chasing after Morpheus. For them, an easy comparison would be any of the uncountable distractions taking the searcher away from a path of higher consciousness and back to one where the only search is for the latest and the greatest to watch, wear or share.

   There is a demarcation point somewhere after leaving earth’s atmosphere that separates a majority of the planet from a minority of everyone else who believes that not only are we not alone but there are multiple races of higher dimensional beings who share their wisdom through channelings and guidance for our race going forward over a myriad of web pages devoted to the subject. That is one of many options for those looking to escape the matrix of this analogy as was Neo in a movie that itself was an analogy of the perpetual search for the truth that is reality. Part of that truth could include the fact that this is but one of multiple lives that make up a line of existence towards a goal of bringing the rest of humanity out of that matrix. Another part of the truth could be that the power of the mind can be harnessed to self-heal and manifest life’s benefits to make that goal happen in the most enjoyable way possible. So, are we part of a computer program which imitates a reality fed to us through a set of external inputs or, are we part of a hundred-thousand-year plan where we take on a role in each life that advances that plan through our decisions? Then again, is it none of the above and we’ll be left guessing for now?


In love and light as one.

Russ and Karra