Letter From The Editors

For September of 2020

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   Itís a universal truth that sometimes universes split into infinite versions from the original and, when they do, shift happens. We were reminded of this fact in the podcast from last month where Omal confirmed this in his dissertation. It wasnít the first time heís brought up the subject and each time he does it leaves the mind just a little bit twisted working out the details of the concept. What appears to be an uninterrupted flow of life taking place around us is anything but. For example, everyone living on the planet experienced a split into a parallel universe last Fall. An infinite number of universes split at a single point where some happened with no pandemic taking place and others where it killed off half of the planetís population. We find ourselves somewhere closer to the first example and it would be a valid question to ask why now? One answer is because our lessons are not on one of those other universes while another answer is that the virus sweeping the globe is doing just that, sweeping away the complacency over the actions of others. That is one of the key tenets of ascension and hence is an important part of the journals. That split which has had a global effect is but one of an infinite number of splits that have taken place during a person's lifetime. Each split spawns an infinite number of universes with subtle changes in each spreading out larger and larger to where a reality many universes out would be completely unrecognizable to this one. Some splits are caused by our decisions and others by world events while still others for reasons unknown. What we'll do in this editorial is address how to tell if reality has possibly split and why having infinite versions of ourselves living in an infinite number of universes is a good thing.

   The quantum mechanics of parallel universes isnít an exact science but it is a collection of observable facts, the focus of many scientific studies, and a lot of higher dimensional confirmation we've gathered throughout the archives. To provide a mental aid, we must fall back on the plot of a movie released last summer called ďYesterdayĒ. In case this movie was missed, it revolves around an incident experienced by a down on his luck singer after a run-in with a bus while riding his bike home. Unnoticed by the world at large and even himself, everything froze and then reset to a new reality that seemed to have left him behind. His vast knowledge of the Beatles catalog of songs was reserved only to himself it appeared and he becomes a huge success as events unfold. We wonít spoil the ending except to say it is a happy one full of redemption. The depiction is accurate except that in this reality of ours no one is the wiser when realities split. They do leave clues though. When thinking back on some of the key points both good and bad that have altered the course of a life it may be remembered as a choice between different paths. Every possible scenario of that decision was spawned to play out a different path from that point on into eternity. Some clues arenít as subtle such as items that go missing and then reappear mysteriously at some later date as if they had been there all along. The reason that splits are so difficult to notice is that only the slightest changes would take place in a way where no questions are asked. Clues to look for would be a collection of friends that no longer stays in contact or family members who seem to be out of the picture. Others are completely obvious because they have a bigger effect on a global scale such as 9/11 and the Columbia disaster, events that have a major psychological impact. The question is, what has this got to do with the price of a latte, and how can knowing this better anyoneís life?

   Imagine an actor in a television series that never ends, merely changing out cast members with new ones as the script is updated. No matter what happened in the previous episode, there was always a fresh scene that the cast acts out their parts with perfection as they react to the lines that just come naturally. That partially explains life as we know it if we also include the infinite number of plays taking place in an infinite number of theaters with every script variation possible. Those familiar with the archives are also familiar with my history with psychedelics. Even though it was a long time ago, it was extensive with every experience a blurry confusion of images rushing by making little sense except one, the shifting of parallel universes very much on display, sometimes for hours on end. This is not an endorsement of such methods, hence it was a very long time ago but, those who have been there and seen that can possibly relate to what they experienced as well.  That may explain why it is increasingly being used in the treatment of depression to shock the system. I know from a personal viewpoint that it can have its benefits as well as some serious drawbacks such as the constant realization of the perfection of reality being too much to take in large doses and wanting the trip to end often fruitless. Instead, there are natural methods to achieve similar experiences such as meditation and music that anyone could find with a web search and practice. We will devote a future editorial to some of those options we have found helpful for those who want to use safer alternatives to expand the mind. Right now though there is a chance for those wanting to try an experiment in quantum mechanics to do so due to a well-timed presidential election. The experiment is to picture the future universe you want to inhabit where the presidential candidate of your choice wins the upcoming election in November. Now it's just a matter of making that your future a reality by picturing the details of that parallel universe as if it had already happened. Add your emotions that would be felt with the news of the victory to enhance the visualization and reinforce it whenever needed. Because of the lessons needed to be learned before changing dimensions, this isn't to say any outcome is guaranteed. It's all part of the ascension process and good practice for things of a smaller scale.   

     As this is the ascension journals, we devote this section to how those on higher dimensions work through similar lessons in living their lives. One of the advantages of having a lifespan of close to a thousand years is that it takes that long for Sirians to work through the many past lives they have available to them. Part of Tia's position on the base is being in charge of a crew who analyze the media and other sources to predict the different possibilities that affect our path to ascension. Each of those would involve a split and predicting the most likely one to happen helps them help us. Back down here, anyone thinking about changing their destinies should consider changing universes. Itís all part of the spontaneous impromptu nature of reality. Learning the power of the mind is key and acquiring that knowledge needs a combination of drive and determination to navigate around the distractions in the way of the goal. The goal in this case is the reality that splits off in the direction of the desired career path or election outcome letís say. This is where the power of positive thought comes in as the more details that can be added to make the desired universe a reality the better. A time frame can be set but it may be weeks, years, or even decades for all the right combination of factors to happen to be on the planned universe when it splits. It also works with small things where some desire happens from the focusing on that desire coming to pass. Many books have been written about the power of positive thinking while leaving the reason of why it happens a mystery. Every split though does have a reason and sometimes it is to shock the system much like the therapies above. The universe could have split in a whole new direction than the universe that was there a few minutes ago. The concept answers many questions and creates even more in the process. For example. if this universe we are on is as it should be compared to the infinite other ones possible, shouldn't it be embraced for the lessons being currently learned that take us to the next split? Looking back over the year so far, all of us seem to be sharing in another shift that happened when the ball dropped in Times Square announcing 2020 and the best advice we can give is to take this life and love it.  

In love, light, and wisdom,

Russ and Karra