President of Sirius

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  • Occupation: President of Sirius.
  • Home Planet: Sirius 
  • Hobbies- Studies the technologies of construction material composites

    President Tanaka is and always will be considered one of our favorite speakers because of his special relationship with Mark and myself. While in this life, he is the father of both Kiri and Karra making him our father-in-law, he also was the father of Maxxus and Naxxus.  Brothers from third dimensional Sirius who were part of the colonists who came to Earth to and settled in Atlantis hoping to reach the 6th dimension in more favorable surroundings than found on Sirius. They were also Mark and myself in that former life. Souls travel in groups so once again we are all coming together to renew that goal unreached as yet.

    Kiri tells the story of how Tanaka have been pegged to be the president of Sirius at a time when they were looking for a president and he was the obvious choice. His bond mate at the time though was Kiri and Karra's mother who in an act of self-sacrifice, saved the spaceship she was an engineer on and though she lost her life, saved the lives of all the others on the ship. Later, after a period of mourning, he was approached again about the position and this time accepted. He found love again with a wonderful woman we affectionately call Gonzo though her real name is Lady Gronofsky. Each of the few times he made it to the base and spoke with our group was what could best described as family moments.

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