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  • Age- 28
  • Occupation- Data Process Analyst and Astral Traveler
  • Home Planet- Durondedunn
  • Hobbies- Being a Mother, Hunting, Flower Arranging and Running
Tia is a five foot two humanoid with pointed ears, cat like eyes, strawberry blonde hair and an athletic build that includes three extra vertebrae in her back which makes her very flexible. Her home planet has a matriarchal society descended from felines that developed space faring capabilities even though many generations of clan warfare had kept them at about our 20th century standard. Significant unification within their infrastructure brought them to their current level of technology and progress. Durondedunn exists in the third dimension as do we but through a nearly fatal accident of fate, Tia found herself on sixth dimension with the residents of Hades Base and this has subsequently led to a radical change in her outlook on the meaning of life.

She has three wonderful cubs named Minerva, Diana and Athena. She loves teaching them to hunt in the traditional ways she was raised by, which on her planet have special religious significance. Often they can be found hunting big game in a virtual reality simulator in which they use only their hands to bring down game. Once in a while they head up to the base's mountain to hunt rabbits in a more natural setting but refrain from killing them until the cubs get older in maturity and can understand the symbolic nature of life and death.
Tia's two main psychic skills are astral projection and psycho-kinesis. Recently she worked with the base's other children to develop various teaching programs that are now used to advance out of body skills within a classroom setting. Her other claim to fame is the patience she shows by being Ring Mistress for our weekly channeling sessions. She does an excellent job as the coordinator who arranges the guest speakers in a format that helps blend learning with lively discussions on just about everything under the sun.


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