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Tia; Greetings and felicitations.
Skip; Greetings Tia, how are you doing?
Tia; Quite well, now Iím here to cover a few topics, one being this current debacle of an impeachment. The thing is he has been impeached though it is up to the Senate to complete the process by convicting him of the two impeachable offences of lying under oath and tampering with evidence and witnesses. Both of those he is guilty of up to the guilt. Whether or not he is convicted and sentenced is something that is very debatable. In my honest opinion I feel that he should be removed from office however I donít think itís going to happen because they need two thirds majority to do that and the republicans on their own donít have it and the democrats arenít going to do the right, moral, honourable thing. What theyíre going to do is go with popular opinion as will some republicans regardless of what evidence there is and thatís wrong. The reason he has such high popular opinions rating is not his job performance but what has been said about him in the press. Itís sad and depressing to watch a planet basically not care. It is an issue I feel very strongly about as I try to live by my own set of moral rules and deal with moral problems that do give me pause to think and contemplate on the meaning of life and a planetís well being.
   The next topic is the market and itís interesting gyrations and oscillations on a worldwide scale. It was a good day in the United States but the market has been oscillating wildly on a worldwide scale to a point that if you took all the markets in the world and averaged them out the market would be down to a point of recession on a world wide scale. There are serious problems forming in the former Soviet Union and the Asian Flu has finally struck the Americas in both North and South. It is primarily in South America where the Brazilian currency has been devalued. As was stated in the past, when the Russian rubble was devalued it was only a temporary fix. Now the Russian market has stabilised somewhat but it still loses up to five percent on some days and will gradually recover on others so in essence the Russian market is stagnant which is a good thing. It is what you want. The only problems are the food and fuel shortages. The primary heating source appears to be vodka but I donít think that is anything new. Moving through Europe, Frankfurt appears to be stabilised though the Euro is causing some jitters though at the moment it is still just electronic currency. Bouncing along over the countryside and France also appears to be stabilised after some roller coaster rides but again there is concern over the stability of the EU and there is general discontentment with the way that it is working. When it becomes a real currency as opposed to an o electronic currency that may change. The main concern is that it is at a higher exchange rate than the French franc and the Duestchmark but as other countries use it more it will  get dragged down by other countries that have a lower return rate on their currencies. Italy, Spain and Portugal are some prime examples. Any questions?
Skip; What is the possibility of there being a world currency some day?
Tia; Eventually yes, I do see that possibility but it all hinges on one currency at the  moment. If that works than there might be an American currency with the Americaís combining their currencies. That will open the possibility for a merging of your planets currencies and that will open up the ability to then trade with colonies opened up on other planets and moons in your solar system. Now on that note I have to let the next person on.

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