(By way of introduction, Treebeard is the base horticulturist. Being of very advanced years, he speaks from centuries of experience on the sixth dimension. His name comes from a channelling session where being unable to pronounce his name he picked up from my mind a character from Lord Of The Rings that he could relate to as he also shares a great love of trees and their well being. That brings up his speciality. The ability to slip under a persons shields and unobtrusively probe their mind for information. He does this only with love and understanding to assist in the communication process)
Treebeard; Greetings Young man, younger man and young lady. I see from your thought processes that two of you are not going by your right names. That makes three of us.
Laura; What is a true name?
Treebeard; The name that you were given at birth. You do not wish yours mentioned young lady. Russ, please explain what one of my gifts are.
Russ; One of Treebeard’s abilities is being able to probe under peoples shields and read their mind.
Treebeard; As my great, great, great, great, great, great grandniece, (Huna….or Bunny as she is called) who being with us tonight is also capable to do so. Although not as subtly or compassionately. I am the feather touch, she is the….interesting image, the anvil. But being of the same clan as you would say, then we understand and work as a team in learning for you. OK, questions you may be having?
Skip; Is this possible for third dimensional people to do?
Treebeard; Yes, it takes time and practice but not with finesse as subtly or as accurately. It is something that is done heavier if done in a way that is harsh on the person probed. Confusion, nausea are quite common on your dimensional existence as well as a feeling of revulsion.
Laura; If you consent to being probed then what can you be confused over?
Treebeard; Because to extract information you have approach precisely the thoughts that you are thinking. For example, you have numerous subconscious thoughts functioning at this time. If I was not skilled then I would get confused myself on your subconscious thoughts as well as your conscious transmissional thoughts and in doing so my confusion whilst looking for the correct waveform would confuse you. It is like plucking at various pieces of material while looking for one piece of material. You may grab the wrong one and have to put it back or glide over and touch many before achieving the correct piece of material. There are a myriad number of thought processes going on within each of you. Huna has the problem of youth as her disadvantage as she will look for a thought process but in doing so will watch, look and listen to others so it is less subtle and gentle. She gets distracted easily while searching.
Russ; Now we don’t often pay attention to our own thought processes and you mentioned them being waveforms, is that how they appear to you as you are observing them?
Treebeard; Yes.
R; Now how are you individualising each one?
Treebeard; It is simple. It is a process where I am looking for a piece of information and I know what I am looking for. The wave patterns that I am looking for will be similar though not identical to the waveform I have in my mind. Having found a waveform that comes close, I will match it and see how close it resembles. If there is more than one I will pick the one that resembles it the closest. I try for 99.999995% accuracy in matches.
R; Now to make it easier, do these thoughts have any kind of associated colour as with emotions matching the thoughts?
Treebeard; To a certain extent yes. I was trying come up with a satisfactory answer and it depends on the person’s auric signature and also what kind of thought process is going. For example, a question of emotional feeling is of reflection in the colour. The deeper the emotion, the deeper and more brighter the colour. For example, an emotion of passion will be a red colour. An emotional status also affects the colour. If the individual is in a, to use the phase an floating blah, then the individuals emotional response and colouring of the waveform thought process is also of the lighter shade.
Skip; I have a question, have you been able to read our minds this whole time then? I did not even feel it.
Treebeard; I have not probed harshly or deeply, just a gentle feathers touch of a probe to retrieve information to facilitate a more speedy…..I do dislike being fast and hasty but it was necessary for my understanding to fit into your speed of communication processes. To be eloquent for your understandings it is necessary for me to briefly see what communication levels and linguistic abilities you have so that I can communicate on a level with you as opposed to doing my normal thought processes which are long periods of silence punctuated by a long eloquent dissertation in my opinion. I am not hasty as a rule. This for me is being very, very, hasty. It was pointed out to me that it is necessary unfortunately to be hasty for you so that it is easier for you to learn in a way that facilitates your growth. Unfortunately I have difficulties using short words to explain long meanings so the pauses that I have are whilst I think of alternative ways of communicating that is abbreviated to facilitate the learning process. I believe one of my dissertations would take up one of your recording mediums that you are using at this time….(a ninety minute tape). That would be just one response to one of your questions being of equal length and dwelling on the question at my convenience and responding in a way that gives full understanding…you see?
R; Is this something that happens as you get closer to your next ascension in the sixth dimension?
Treebeard; Ahh, your question and thought process were slightly different. It is something that becomes more active with more age. Even for our race and species. With greater age comes greater patience and dwelling capabilities on questions and answers. It also occurs on your dimensional levels. We have a phrase…youth is wasted on the young.
Skip; We have the same phrase.
Treebeard; It’s not a matter of patience but accepting as is the thought process being something that comes with maturity, not in physical form but in mental capability. It is a mistake to think that all evolved species go through the same thought patterns as they develop. Each species is different in its thought processes. For example, up here in this room we have two different races present, the thought processes between the two are very different. I myself as a gardener have taken the long view of things. I have planted many different species of fauna that I will never see grow to fruition but I know that one day I will do so, not in this physical form. I have also planted and witnessed fauna grow rapidly and disappear and return with new generations of their offspring. OK, I am being asked to….the phrase would be finish up? Such a hasty phrase. Hasty……HMM, such a hasty word for something with such meaning.
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