Treebeard; Greetings and hello. I am hearing of a new voice?
Laura; I was here a couple of weeks ago but just now getting my voice back.
Treebeard; Ahh, that is being of good. OK, where are we of talking? Oh yes, of devas and answers to questions. After much contemplation, a explanation in connection of being, devas and awareness of spirituality and focusness of being in two places at same time. From contemplation and interaction with the tree life forms being on your area of habitation, dwelling on this I have concluded that first necessary being for me to be short and to the point which will be difficult as the answer is long so I give abbreviated answer and open option of being of questions. Now to address first part being question of trees leaving deva for second part of answer. First part being that the awareness ability of little young sprouting trees is of unimportance so pulling them and harming them is no more important them plucking hair from oneís head. But as awareness grows and size grows, it is necessary to be more in tune with their awareness of their time perception. Time perception as with deva can be over long time where a person standing by a tree for a moment is no wore noticeable than a molecule in front of face of you. But house being built next to of great tree is noticeable when house is of great age itself. So a house that is of ten cycles of your planet is no more noticeable than a speck of dust in the sun. For a moment and a blink it is alone anymore. But a house of great age is noticeable as a person standing before you and talking for great time in your measurement. For example being of one twentyforth of your day. So a tree being of awareness depends on length of time. However, if harm befalls the tree at the hand of a physical moving being such as mammal, then tree take notice and being aware, learn that those cause harm and therefore becomes as you would be saying of ďblack at heartĒ towards that species. However, tree also understand that sometimes being of necessary for removal of limbs that cause pain, problem or damage or infested with parasitic lifeforms that it is unable to control of itself. So therefore to compare a trees awareness of your species or any species is to compare it to a mote of dust floating in the sunlight for a moment. So therefore being of great age, you have to be doing of good for a tree to be noticing you. Most species of trees in your general local are too young to be conscious of the environment and the happenings around them. They are no more conscious than a mayfly that is alive for one rotation of your planet being of one day. So it is hard for a tree to comprehend unless it is of great age. Now awareness starts to fix solidly after about a hundred cycles around your star, tree starts to become more in tune but still of a juvenile level. As the tree becomes of a greater age to about 300 cycles around your solar disk then awareness firmly fixed so therefore being of total consciousness and aware. Greater the age, greater the wisdom different species being of different levels of awareness. Ones of great time being of more deeply aware and more open to awareness of surroundings. First part of answer. Answer one question from each before proceeding onto second answer concerning deva and interaction thereof.
Russ; You once mentioned the trees on the tops of the mountains behind my house on the ski slopes being of great age. A great age would be over the 300 year old growth cycle you mentioned?
Treebeard; That is being of correct. Next person speaking question please.
Laura; Does age of trees matter so much when humans like to hug and talk to trees?
Treebeard; More feeling of emotion for brief moment of warmth and happiness as feline rubbing against you.
Laura; But trees like?
Treebeard; Yes.
Skip; Now most of the trees here were clear cut at the turn of the century for mining needs, so these are mostly young trees?
Treebeard; I believe there are a few here and there that are parent trees and varieties that are too small to be of a useful nature. So there are little pockets as you would have saying of trees of great age that are memory trees. I will cover memory trees in a moment to explain with deva and interaction with deva. Very important.


Ok, devas and interaction thereof in connection with tress. Devas as most are understanding go under many different forms and auspices. One being of forms of deities to locales being worshiped by people for things that they look after. Being example is tree gods and duties for trees. This is important due to looking at trees at this being of time. Trees and devas, their primary function is to look after trees as gardeners look after plants but, because of perception of time and explain briefly, time being a concept that devas not understanding. A moment A moment or one of your seconds maybe of such great a time you would perceive it as an eternity but a thousand years be but a second to deva. So time is of different concept, one moment one, one moment the other. Much being done in both instances but interaction of trees with devas is as protector tending to area by vibrations that would create feelings of great protection for area. Working in way that is for protection of trees. When big area threatened by as Skip being of mentioning clear cutting, devas congregate in areas and protect small areas so that memories of forest being of kept. Duties for devas then become negative and hostile in a way that makes area a place where bad things happen. Negative side being of trees pick up on this vibrational feeling and in self become negative and nasty aiding in the protecting of area. Sometimes devas use of different tactic of making area so beautiful that people come to sit and relish in trees and do not touch of trees because it is such a relaxing and soothing area. Both purposes being done by devas for reasons that benefit at the time. Over time, let us say a stand of trees that have a reputation for bad will become surrounded by younger trees that are lighter and fairer and the stand becomes old and dark and feeling of forebooding and not welcome but it does not expand out of old grove. In time old growth fade away into memory and is being gone and trees around remember why that spot became dark and black to protect and in doing so honor area. In the forests of Europe , there are stands that have meadows that no trees now being of growing that if dig down deep find roots of many great trees. That being example of memory forest. Memory forests are being of very key and important for health of forest overall as keepers of memory. But they being keeping of negative to themselves knowing that job is having been done for the greater good of forest around. On the other side, devas that are being of cheerful light and beauty work with trees in way to make area so adorable and admirous that it becomes spot of great light and joy and always have feeling of mystic. All that I have mentioned concerning trees are being done by devas to protect in one way or another. So devas being of guardians for particular groups such as being of mentioning trees. It is important for moment to say that trees and deva trees, that is devas that look after trees is very key to the issue of devas. To understanding of deva then necessary to understanding of tree. One being interchangeable with the other in understanding but not in physical form. After all, deva only be in physical form when deva wished so to be noticed. But deva of protecting of great trees will work whatever it perceiving of area of trees. So devas find necessary to use both to protect. Sometimes devas of different kinds, being example devas of fire, will work will work with devas of trees to help clear old and sick being of trees to facilitate maximum growth effect for trees overall. So devas playing of many parts for understanding and protection of trees. Also if human being in different state of consciousness can tap into the awareness of trees and the awareness and feel the hand of devas and trees. How to do so I will save for another time. Does this answer your question satisfactorily Russ?
Russ; Yes it does.
Treebeard; It is not as long as I would hope to give but as I stated, one of your recording devices would not be enough for an answer. Ok, let us discuss what you wish to ask as questions.
Russ; So understanding of trees will help give you an understanding of devas?
Treebeard; Yes and being of no. You have to understand both at same time to understand one.
Russ; So gaining an insight into the way the tree works helps you in starting the comprehension of beginning to feel the consciousness of the deva that helps the tree?
Treebeard; that is being closer to the truth.
Russ; Ok.
Skip; Iíve got a problematic question for you. We use trees for building, and products like paper so forth, are we destroying the devas and the trees for using these things as we do?
Treebeard; One thing being of devas cannot being destroyed and being of wood used is normally young wood that has not a affixed firmly a consciousness. So therefore growing trees to farm them to supply carpentry materials is no more harmful than what devas do to grow trees so that they may aid in growth of forest. So it is not negative.
Russ; Now two locations where I have seen examples of the good and bad trees are in Muir woods on the pacific coast. It is a stand of redwoods that has paths going through it and is protected. Itís a religious experience. The other example is the gnarled ones way up at 10,000 feet in the mountains above us. They look angry with the conditions they experience and people chopping them down to make ski runs. Itís almost as if you donít want to go into them.
Treebeard; That being example of both, Iím not familiar with both areas but if image being of projected then yes, examples being of such.
Skip; The trees on the coast Treebeard are between a 1,000 and 3,000 years old.
Treebeard; So they being of memory trees?
Skip; Very much so.
Treebeard; The trees on mountain being projected by Russ make trees in coastal grove look like babies.
Russ; Well how do devas work with trees like that?
Treebeard; They are watched over by devas that have been used and manipulated and forced to do other peoples doing so they become likewise.
Russ; So people can force devas to do something?
Treebeard; It depends on how you define force. Change an environment can be described as forced. Changing to negative can make deva become likewise. Changing to positive with good intent, deva become likewise. It is reflection of energy being transmitted that devas use. Forgiveness beg, English not being of my language.
Russ; No worries.
Skip Itís not a problem Treebeard.
Treebeard; Ok, good, Iíll be going now then.
Russ; Farewell.
Skip; Thank you Treebeard.
Treebeard; Farewell.
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