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        Greetings in love and light as one.


   Welcome to The Hades Base News, a connecting point between the higher dimensional members of Ashtar Command and those of us here on third dimensional Earth. The recordings within represent nine years of channeling sessions with beings we came to know and love between 1992 and 2001. Our purpose is to assist in the ascension of humanity by offering one more path among many for those seeking a growth of consciousness.

Formally channeled by Mark Crocker and currently transcribed by Russ Hatfield, they present an undiluted source of information about our planet's past, present and future with a inside look at how we interact with the many races of beings who share our galaxy with us. While there are no more sessions or news from the base, the archives still have much to teach going forward. If you are new to the site, please visit the reception hall to get caught up.  


Editor's notes: Anything posted on this site is available for sharing with anyone for use in this planet's path to ascension. All we ask is that nothing be edited from the original text and please include a link back to our homepage:


Please be advised: Some parts of the channelings on this website may not be suitable for all ages as they are of a suggestive or sexual nature. Parental guidance is up to the parents.



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Latest podcast added to the current archives: "From the Wars of Durondedunn to the Mountains of Sirius."
Channeling Session Date: 6/17/98   
   A new year is like a new romance with the heady excitement of entering the unknown. It is an apt analogy for 2019 when it seems like
the unknown is all about love, light, and wisdom in a battle with exactly the opposite. We try to do our part for the light here at the Hades Base News so this month we have a pair of past channeling sessions blended together where side one is about chaos and side two is about order. It was on side two that Karra began a discussion on making changes to our 3rd dimensional domicile which took up over half an hour of tape so instead we skipped to the end of her time speaking. The rest of the session is about the special blue flowers of Sirius courtesy of Bunny who talks about acquiring a plot of land with a bunch in a trade. To fill in the remaining time, we substituted a section from another channeling session where the only item of importance was Kiri discussing blue flowers as well and the broom closet she uses to store her trade goods, the laws of physics be damned. 

  That was just side two but it was on side one where it all began with Tia defining the Defcon system the base choose as a way to determine the status of our planet. Comparable to NORAD, Ashtar Command recognizes our society constantly evolves with the social and environmental changes that affect that evolution. Tia lays out each of the possibilities that make up the levels of the Defcon system and listening to it, this could be a channeling session held last week. The threats she lists are ones we see on an almost daily basis and are as relevant now as they were twenty years ago. Our troubles lead to her recalling the past troubles of her home planet of Durondedunn. They too had wars once and at first, they were over hair color before it became about land. They though were bad enough to wipe out most of the male population leaving a ratio of thirty to one. The planet was saved by becoming matriarchal which it is to this day so she can relate to how war is affecting us now. Needing to change speakers, we hear next from Karra who follows up on what Tia covered but puts her spin on it. We also discuss what may happen and what to do afterward should the world lose out to chaos prior to the tape running out for that side.

   Side two begins where the discussion about our house ended as Karra makes way for Tia to introduce our first guest speaker, the irrepressible Bunny. We learn from her that Bunster, which was a nickname we had been using was actually an insult in Sirian. After clearing the air we receive the happy announcement she was now the proud owner of ten acres of land in the mountains of Sirius with half of an acre covered with blue flowers. These were flowers which would have a trade value some day and her good luck was good news. Our next guest was her sister Leah who is on only long enough to talk about the efforts being made for her to have a baby with Lyka. With that session over we moved to the replacement section of another session where Kiri shares with us her good fortune at selling her crop of flowers for a great deal of wine. The best part is that we get to hear the details of Kiri's legendary broom closet. She maintains a storage space which uses the same principles the base uses to allow a greater mass to reside within a smaller mass. Much like the Doctor's Tardis or Mary Poppin's traveling bag, we get the details of how to defy what we would call normal space.  Kiri ends things with another one of her excellent dissertations on the morals of coercion.  

This month's editorial is called, "The Hades Base Center For Ascension." We introduce a new site to share the higher dimensional lessons of this site.      

Nothing matters until we make it matter.