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        Greetings in love and light as one.


   Welcome back to The Hades Base News, once a connecting point between members of Ashtar Command on the sixth dimension and higher and those of us here on third dimensional Earth. The channelings within represent nine years of channeling sessions with beings we came to know and love between 1992 and 2001. We apologize for the poor sound quality as we were using primitive recording devices without multiple microphones for many of the sessions.

Formally channeled by Mark Crocker and transcribed by Russ  Hatfield, they present an undiluted source of information about our planet's past, present and future with a inside look at how we interact with the many races of beings who share our galaxy with us. While there are no more sessions or news from the base, the archives still have much to teach going forward. If you are new to the site, please visit the reception hall to get caught up.  


Editor's notes: Anything posted on this site is available for sharing with anyone for use in this planet's path to ascension. All we ask is that nothing be edited from the original text and please include a link back to our homepage:


Please be advised: Some parts of the channelings on this website may not be suitable for all ages as they are of a suggestive or sexual nature. Parental guidance is up to the parents.



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Next month: Race Memory Recall.

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Latest podcast added to the current archives: "Korton Revisits Atlantis and Sirian Star Signs."
Channeling Session Date: 09/02/1997   

   Each of the podcasts posted on a monthly basis are special and it is hard to say one is better than another. This podcast for October is very special for several reasons with the first being that Korton replaced Omal as the main teacher and the second was that we get to learn about the astrological signs of Sirius. Similar to our own and based on times of the year, differences can be seen though not in a way that makes any difference. That the formation of ours is an evolution of theirs brings the differences into perspective.

   The session starts with almost an homage to last month's editorial as she brings up the importance of haves a set of goals to assist in a growth of consciousness. Equating the striving for growth to the opposite of that shows how it can only be that way for anyone on such a path. Part of that growth and a major theme of the podcast then goes back in time to a lifetime of mine in Atlantis when I was in possession of psychic skills of which only a shadow remains of what they were then. She puts the two time periods in contrast to reveal the lesson of having and having not needed to find balance. It is her opportunity now to introduce the guest of honor and censor of the content to be released to the web Korton, head of communications for Hades Base and Ashtar Command. Knowing well the history of our planet and communication
in general, he breaks it down to how it would begin and grow almost anywhere. In answer to a question on how the breakup of Atlantis influenced the parts of the world the survivors fled the destruction. He stands by as Karra joins the session and helps in the use by Korton of comparing the linguistic similarities between Atlantis then and Sirius now in how the had racial languages with a shared common language. we stay on topic as we also look at how the healing practices of Atlantis were dispersed across the globe to be used as was suited to the community. She ends the side using the example of the healing of one of our guests as how a healer can utilize the importance of the common experience of the healing to alter to a patient's consciousness up to a higher level.

   Barely stopping to draw a breath Karra continues with what she was making a point on side one of how the energy work we did on a 3rd dimensional guest was an example of how healings can be done naturally. She then gives the seat back to Tia who is called a bad name by one of our house cats before switching over to Leah where my curiosity about family life on her home planet of Sirius is satisfied. I learn of story told in parts by her family members during the festival of the springing fish. We also hear about a fish species nearly seven feet long called a climbing fish that managed to break Leah's fingers when she tried to complete an obscure rite of passage. That leads to discovering some of the star signs Sirians use. Time getting on, she makes way for her sister Bunny who gives us not only the plot of a new romantic hologram episode but the editing process and where it was hot on the base. She is as always the life of party and this conversation is no different but too short in my opinion. We have to get in Kiri before the tape ends so we now get to hear about the Sirian star signs of her and Karra. We end the tape reminiscing on how the channeling sessions have gotten to the structure for learning over time.

    This months editorial is called "The Pyramid Wide Web". It is a theory on how and what the Great Pyramid is. 

The sum of our knowledge is just a figment of our reality.