Rejuvenation for the Soul and Static Electricity-

Channeled (04/19/1994)

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Archivist Notes: The channeling session from the members of Ashtar Command for the month of July is notable for the clarity of the sound achieved by our engineers. With lots of teachings and revelations ahead, let's get started. Getting everything off to a start is Tia and she gets a question asked by me from Carrie who had a curious dream. It seems Tia visited her as a cat to work with her on some stuff in her dreams but is unable to tell us what it was, only to Carrie. Her, Kiri and Kiri's baby Alex, had just come from the pool and were still dripping wet apparently. One part of the conversation that might be confusing is the discussion about a white buffalo. That was a spirit animal that traveled with a visiting Deva. It turns out it and the Deva were confused with Mark channeling someone not of this world r even dimension. Karra takes over from that point we begin talking about the healing of our friend Carrie as she gives us suggestions to pass on such as using sunscreen and drink more fluids. Something she wants to try is the crystal elixirs I used to make to change her energies from down here. That brings up the subject of her being able to see the bones and organs through the flesh in a kind of astral travel sort of means. My only problem learning that was my issues with spooky skeletons. One sad part of our discussion is a reminder that we can't visit the base in person, only in our astral bodies due to the germs carried by the human body. We end with advancing the idea of using reflexology as a painkilling option for self-healing. Our last and main speaker of this side is the head of communications for Ashtar Command, Korton. We start off right away discussing the ascension process and he uses the analogy of golf to explain how each life, like each game, is learning what you take into the next game. With humanity and its ascension, he reminds me that there is a higher dimensional Earth waiting for the human race to ascend. What about the Earth though? What he confirms is that the earth has a consciousness and may want to die one day or at least take a rest. He also confirms that the reason I'm not feeling like an old soul is that a transition is possibly coming and my spirit is excited. Admittedly at sixty-four I feel like someone more like thirty-four. Some neighbors have been blasting music earlier and so we end this side on the lesson I will learn by teaching them a lesson about disturbing the neighborhood.

Without missing a beat, Korton picks up right where he left off by reminding me that someday the neighbors and myself may interact again as good friends. Maybe not in this life but one or two after this one. Our next subject we cover is how the ascension path includes lessons we don't have to experience personally. We thus avoiding the possible trauma if we examine the lesson in our minds from all different ways. What we discussed after that needs little bit of explaining. I had picked up the book "We the Arcturians" for some research. Coincidentally or not, an acquaintance of both Mark and myself stopped by and it just so happened and he knew about the Arcturians. Korton confirms that the brain is a communication device that sends and receives which may explain the sudden timing. He next gives us a demonstration on static electricity and even a method of how to store it for when it's needed. The last thing we discuss is how our reality is always splitting off into new realities without our noticing. Kiri is up next and from her we get an update on the work she had been doing on the neural scanner that connected the brains of the pilots to the ships through their helmets. She needed brains of various sizes so I volunteered since I was already part of a flight crew, if only in astral form. In an effort to help me see auras, Kiri manages to get her aura to override Mark's and I was able to confirm that I was able to see the pink showing through. Meanwhile, Mark was waiting outside the channeling room with their and Tia's children and so she has to give up the seat to her niece Alana. What we hear as she settled herself into the channeling field is her speaking dolphin as she did in the last channeling session we posted. The subject we start with is our daughter Miranda who has been slipping into both of our minds and affecting our dreams. Turns out she's developing her mental skills and so it's something to be encouraged. It looks like she'll be a healer communicator one day just like her father. I had just learned Alana's girlfriend's name which wasn't actually her name but something easier to understand than her real Sirian name. I was looking forward to having a conversation and this helped a lot. We end there and Tia comes on to finish things off. There isn't much tape left but what we cover is that someone Mark and I worked with at a local ski resort. Tia was expressing her negative opinions about how he had upset Mark and thus Tia. I let her know my observations and that they would be coming to any channeling sessions. We end with a question on if her home planet has chanting. It turns out just the ladies do as part of the priestess class. A great session with most of it very understandable due to the clarity of the tape.
In love, light, and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra

TIA- Ring Mistress


1.)(0:00)- Tia and I remember when she upset one of the Wookies on the base and got herself thrown into a pool as a result. She also explains a trip she made in astral form to visit our friend Carrie in her dreams.
2.)(10:02)- Karra discusses Carrie's healing and suggests making my crystal elixirs again to assist in her healing. Seeing the bones and organs through the flesh is something she can do and I want to learn.
3.)(28:48)- Korton explains how the earth has a twin on a higher dimension for humanity once it ascends. He uses to analogy of golf to compare to life and how each game give the lessons to take to the next life.


1.)(0:00)- Korton confirms that we can learn the lessons needed to be learned for ascension in our minds without having to experience them personally. All minds are an important part of humanity's ascension.
2.)(15:32)- Kiri goes over the neural implants she's designing for the helmets the pilots use and I volunteer to help. She also manages to overwhelm Mark's aura with her own to help me see auras.
3.)(24:57)- Alana updates me on our daughter's mental gifts which see to be developing as a fast rate. Her and I compare notes and it turns out she had been slipping into both of our minds affecting our dreams.

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(Tia, our mistress of ceremonies, gets the night going)

Russ: hi Tia, how are you tonight?

(Tia says something in Durondedunn)

Tia: he's gotten very suited to astral travel you know. He laid back, closed his eyes and he was ready to go.

Russ: he has.

Tia: okay, ask me questions.

Russ: okay, why cat central? Cat central here.

Tia: exactly, you like cats, don't you?

Russ: so tell me now why it's cat central.

Tia: because you like cats.

Russ: that is the end result. It's the building up process I am asking about.

Tia: how many have you got at the moment?

Russ: five.

Tia: are you sure?

Russ: four and a half.

Tia: okay. So, how many did you start off with when you came here?

Russ: three.

Tia: no.

Russ: how many?

Tia: four. Marijuana.....

Russ: oh, yeah, right, right.......Ganja.

Tia: Calvin.

Russ: Hobbs.

Tia: his buddy Hobbs and......

Russ: scaredy-cat.

Tia: yeah, the scaredy-cat.

Russ: okay. Then, so we're making up for lost time or something?

Tia: I've got my ways and means, my reasons.

Russ: okay. Now, how do you do it?

Tia: I make the right sounds.

Russ: ahh.

Tia: they've got to have somewhere to go, you know.

Russ: well then why doesn't the black one come around more often except for two minutes?

Tia: well, he's only a little one and he's scared.

Russ: doesn't seem very scared to me. He's more indifferent than anything else. Kinda comes because he has to.

Tia: hmm, kind of.

Russ: ahh.

Tia: he usually gets beaten up sometimes.

Russ: if he he would stay around more often wouldn't get beaten up around here.

Tia: that's who we get beaten up by.

Russ: oh. Well i
t's a way to get bigger I guess. I mean, third dimension for cats is the same as third dimension for people.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: you sometimes get beaten up a lot before you get big.

Tia: yep.

Russ: unless you can talk your way out of it.

Tia: I can talk my way out of anything......nnyyahh.

Russ: I don't know about that.

Tia: yes?

Russ: well, let's see, what can't you talk your way out of?

Tia: that's better.

Russ: how about throwing Wookies into pools?

Tia: sorry?

Russ: if I have it right, something you did to piss off some Wookies at one time. You couldn't quite talk yourself out of it and had yourself get pants'ed in the meantime.

Tia: and debagged as well. They still got my bikini.

Russ: they still got your bikini? You couldn't talk your way out of that one I remember correctly.

Tia: I didn't have a chance to.

Russ: well there you go. Okay, that's a good example I think.

Tia: uh-huh.

Wes: that's the first one off the top of my head.

Tia: uh-huh. I'm going to do something about my T-shirt. Carry on.

Russ: oh, anyway, next question.

(Tia talks to the cats in Durondedunn)

Russ: I have a lot of questions about our mutual friend.

Tia: which mutual friend?

Russ: which mutual friend am I talking about Tia?

Tia: I can think of many.

Russ: think of one.

Tia: Kiri?

Russ: close.

Tia: Karra?

Russ: getting warmer.

Tia: Alana?

Russ: getting colder.

Tia: Lyka?

Russ: way cold.

Tia: Luna?

Russ: frozen North Polel.

Tia: Mark?

Russ: way, way, way cold, wrong sex even.

Tia: ummm.....Carrie .

Russ: ahhh haa!! Well, I suppose Carrie would come into the picture at that point then. Right......

Tia: what do I have going on with her?

Russ: well, not so much I know what you have going on with her, that's obvious.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: but, the question is, what happened the night before last?

Tia: I thought I'd come down and say hi to her.

Russ: yeah, she really enjoyed the whole time. She felt she was talking to her best friend, in cat form, of course.

Tia: it was the only thing I could think that she would recognize.

Russ: black-and-white?

Tia: hmmm, that was her choice.

Russ: oh, that's her choice.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okay. Was the cat form her choice?

Tia: no.

Russ: that was your choice.

Tia: uh-huh. Something that she would recognize. She knows I am descended from cats.

Russ: oh yeah. She didn't recognize it until I mentioned it though.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: now, I was talking to her tonight and she and I both were wondering possibly if you could give her some clues as to what you said that might key in the conversations you two had. She can't remember a word of it.

Tia: only to her.

Russ: should I get her on the phone?

Tia: no, I don't know how to operate it.

Russ: I have speakerphone.

Tia: does it have pictures?

Russ: no, that's all right. We'll save that for the next time Carrie comes.

Tia: hmm, yes.

Russ: what is the attraction, let's say? I mean, obviously not sexual but on a more emotional level? Whether you can describe it to me or not, that's fine, I can understand.

Tia: we are alike.

Russ: she's doing really great.

Tia: uh-huh, yeah.

Russ: is there a way we can wipe it all out do you think?

Tia: you're asking the wrong person.

Russ: you're so close to her I wasn't sure if you might know or not.

Tia: if I did I wouldn't say.

Russ: I'll ask her.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: whether she'll tell me or not that's a whole new question.

Tia: yeah.
Russ: but, asking never hurts anybody, I've always found that out. It's the answers that usually get you into trouble.

(Russ starts laughing at that)

Tia: yes. Not me though, I'm very careful.

Russ: not you my dear and I don't ask you the questions that would get you into trouble anyway if I can help it......

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: due to the fact you that usually can't answer them even if you did know the answer.

Tia: yes. It's just the three of us here at the moment. We're waiting for Omal to arrive and Korton.

Russ: oh, so we'll get Kiri in right now then?

Tia: no, not yet.

Russ: I didn't think so.

Tia: no, she's still got her little Alex on her hip.

Russ: oh.

Tia: and we've come from the swimming pool.

Russ: does he go in the swimming pool with you?

Tia: yeah, he's waterproof.

Russ: all right.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: well good, we can keep talking shop talk here for a couple minutes.

Tia: yeah, I was trying out one of her newly designed bikinis.

Russ: were you now?

Tia: uh-huh, apart from the top doesn't fit really.

Russ: oh.

Tia: so I'm wearing a T-shirt which is absolutely sopping wet. White T-shirt showing everything. And the bottoms were a little bit tight and she keeps on trying to adjust them for me. Making them a little bit looser.

Russ: well, in the midst of that, maybe then you can answer me a question on what is a transistor?

Tia: you don't know?

Russ: I don't know.

Tia: look it up.

Russ: what do you mean? If it was that easy I would have just done it already. Does it say in there?

Tia: should do.

Russ: I'll look it up real quick. In the meantime, were they full-size buffalo?

Tia: yeah.

Russ: really? Resistors aren't the only electronic components with resistance. What the heck is a resistor?

Tia: something that resists.

Russ: anyway, I'll read that later. Okay, was it a fill sized buffalo?

Tia: yes.

Russ: how did it fit in this little room? Big boots I thought.

Tia: it kind of had its butt's sticking out.

Russ: I suppose it'd have to, wouldn't it? Now, was the buffalo a sentient creature?

Tia: it's an accessory.

Russ: accessory? A bit of a bulky accessory. It's like some woman carrying around a fifty pound purse.

Tia: considerably more.

Russ: well, yeah considerably more. But why were they in such a state of......

Tia: a bit concerned I think.

Russ: why?

Tia: I don't think they've come across aliens like Omal before.

Russ: have they ever come across an alien?

Tia: yeah. I'm going to hand over to Karra.

Russ: why? You're doing doing so good.

(Karra gets things on a different track)

Russ: ahhh, take away all my fun.

Karra: somebody's got to.

Russ: oh man.

Karra: they've gone into a side room.

(Russ starts laughing)

Russ: I love puppy love.

Karra: puppy love?

Russ: cat love, kitty love.

Karra: I don't follow.

Russ: oh. In school, when two kids fall in love, it's called puppy love.

Karra: ahhh.

Russ: so I guess you call it kitty love.

Karra: uh-huh, I suppose you would.

Russ: it's just fun to watch.

Karra: it started by accident I think. Yes, Tia was trying to adjust herself because her bikini bottom was very tight and Kiri continued trying to help her. It wasn't intentional that they were going to go off and make love.

Russ: well, I think it's beautiful.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: glad that they have that ability.

Karra: yes, it happens from time to time with those two.

Russ: yes it does.

Karra: Alana is around.

Russ: ahh, good.

Karra: she's giggling.

Russ: she just heard and got a little bit flushed, I'll bet.

Karra: yes.

Russ: yes.

Karra: hold on a second, I'll answer her question.

Russ: okay.

Karra: I was just filling her in on where her auntie Kiri and her auntie Tia went.

Russ: yeah, into heaven.

Karra: uh-huh. Okay, let us proceed with these questions.

Russ: okay my dear. Actually I'll ask one that I just asked Tia and whether you can answer it or not I don't know, we'll see. Well Tia said Carrie is into remission at this point.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: but the question I've got is, is it a shot now at full, take it away?

Karra: it is a possibility.

Russ: it is a possibility though?

Karra: there's always a possibility.

Russ: I wasn't sure before if there was one or not.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: excellent, glad to hear that and I can pass that along I believe?

Karra: hmmm.

Russ: for her morale.

Karra: yes, her morale.

Russ: thank you.

Karra: sorry, I'm listening to the ether up here as well.

Russ: okay, I think that will be good for her morale though.

Karra: uh-huh. But she is in remission but now that summer is coming.....

Russ: uh-huh.

Karra: tell her that on days when it isn't cloudy to put sun cream on her face and exposed parts of her skin.

Russ: what SPF factor?

Karra: twenty plus.

Russ: okay.

Karra: the higher the better.

Russ: I've got some thirty-one stuff here.

Karra: yes, that would be useful.

Russ: okay. That's a good idea, she needs that.

Karra: and also to eat carrots.

Russ: okay.

Karra: and spinach and to increase her fluid intake.

Russ: okay.

Karra: vitamin C, fluid and sometimes green tea fluid. And, you need to start making elixirs again, in quantity.

Russ: how come?

Karra: because when she comes over we want her to drink tourmaline and tea water.

Russ: that's no problem.

Karra: uh-huh, and amethyst or amethirst?

Russ: I'll whip her up a bunch of both.

Karra: why not a bunch of all?

Russ: that coral works pretty good but I still haven't figured out what's good for her yet.

Karra: talk with her.

Russ: that will work.

Karra: I just thought of a way that Tia could solve her problem.

Russ: what?

Karra: just pull her T-shirt down a little bit longer.

Russ: that would be a good idea.

Karra: uh-huh. Ahhh, I know what I can do.

Russ: what?

Karra: I'm wearing a sweatshirt.....

Russ: uh-huh.

Karra: and I have a T-shirt underneath because I have been to the gymnasium and it comes down and covers my gluteus maximus. Now on her, I'm sure it would come down to about here.

Russ: hmm, or her knees.

Karra: uh-huh. And it has in my language Sirian State University.

(Russ laughs)

Karra: it is a joke.

Russ: it would have to be.

Karra: yes, it was given to me by my little sister.

Russ: all right, cool.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: cool, I can't wait to see it. All right, now, this morning I want to go over a little bit about what we talk about this morning. And you were mentioning being able to see the skull and bones of the body through the flesh.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: now, my problem with it is when I look at this, there is an inbuilt, ingrained sense of horror. Kind of......

Karra: why?

Russ: well because all our lives for Halloween and stuff we'll put out skulls and bones and stuff to scare people with.........

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: and basically, skeletons and graveyards have in horror films they come to life.

Karra: it is just a bunch of calcium, I do not understand.

Russ: it's a tradition, no, there is a better word for it, superstition.

Karra: I still do not understand.

Russ: don't have those on Sirius, huh?

Karra: what is Halloween?

Russ: it's a time.......I'll have to come up and show you.

Karra: okay.

Russ: we'll work it out together up there.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: I mean because I can't describe it, I'll have to show it to you in pictures.

Karra: okay. I'd like to know the history behind it.

Russ: I got the whole nine yards on it.

Karra: okay.

Russ: we'll go all over it.

Karra: oh good.

Russ: okay. Also we're talking about the fact that the reason we can't come up physically is because of the germ factor.

Karra: but it is a good tease, isn't it?

Russ: it is a great tease. I love the tease and I love the way you make me happy by saying it's so don't stop. Because even though I know it's not true, I still get a laugh and a good chuckle out of it. I won't hope so much.

Karra: why did you tell Mark?

Russ: what?

Karra: why did you tell him that you have to wear suits up there and that I was only joking?

Russ: well because I mean I don't want him to get his hopes up either.

Karra: I think he is smart enough to realize that it would be nice but not practical.

Russ: well I like to share my revelations I get from you.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: sort of a fam kind of thing.

Karra: okay, let us get down to business.

Russ: all right. Now, we're talking about the work with the bowl and crystal and the tripod.

Karra: uh-huh, yes.

Russ: and about having to use somebody with PK can use that for healing. To position....

Karra: why?

Russ: right, why?

Karra: well, if you put it over a damaged area, shorten the legs. Let's say for the sample this arm is broken............

Russ: okay.

Karra: all right? Instead of using a splint and pressure, right?

Russ: uh-huh.

Karra: you just place it underneath. The electronical field is created to immobilize the arm and then by using PK you can push the bones back into place. Now the field generated by the tripod at the front and the sides, right?

Russ: right.

Karra: focusing on where the break actually is holds in place.

Russ: ohhhh.

Karra: by using the bowl and the crystal at the same frequencies accelerates the healing process.

Russ: I see.

Karra: instead of being many, many days, it is many hours. Four, five, nine hours.

Russ: I get it, I get it. Well no wonder, because that makes a lot more sense.

Karra: uh-huh. And the reason why you can't reproduce it down there is because of the certain rare earth elements that are organic in nature.

Russ: right. That makes it much more clearer and I have a much better picture in my mind of why that needs to be done. Good, okay. Now, tonsils blocking germs.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: now, is that because they're filters then, right?

Karra: yes.

Russ: kind of, but taking them out is not something that........

Karra: if they need to come out then they have to come out.

Russ: right. But is there any other filters built up after those?

Karra: yes, it takes time. It is best to have them removed when you're young.

Russ: all right. So in other words just take very good care of them and don't let them get in them in bad shape.

Karra: correct.

Russ: okay. Now, oh, seeing auras change.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: we were talking about that also and being able to read auras as they change or as they're going through. Okay, now can you be able to teach me how to do more aura reading up there?

Karra: yes, when you're up here.

Russ: okay.

Karra: we'll get a selection of individuals in various rooms.

Russ: okay. What is so funny?

Karra: I was just thinking that Tia's and Kiri's auras at the moment if they're still the room would be perfect for you look at.

Russ: good point, good point. Yeah, you're right. But that's essentially what I'm looking for.

Karra: passionate peach.

Russ: right. And that's what I'd like to see, is something that would be an aura that I can look at.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: okay.

Karra: beautiful auras.

Russ: I can imagine.

Karra: uh-huh. I suppose my aura's a little bit pink at the moment.

Russ: I bet it is. Are you in a hurry to change diapers or anything?

Karra: no, not at the moment.

Russ: oh great, okay.

Karra: I took care of it before I came. Besides, they were at the crèche today.

Russ: oh they were?

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: all right, good. It was kind of fun changing Michael.

Karra: oh, Alana's just left for a minute. Sorry, carry on, catty on.

Russ: okay. Herbology.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: okay, I want to start working on going some herbs back in the back garden.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: and can it be increased energy wise with crystal water?

Karra: hmm, that is an expensive way to do it.

Russ: well not really, is just distilled water is all.

Karra: yeah. Do you know how to make a still?

Russ: a still? Sure.

Karra: one way of distilling your water.

Russ: good point. Okay, that will cut down on the expense on the distillery.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: at that point, since it would be economically feasible.........

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: it's free essentially. Would that be then an energy increasing way of growing herbs?

Karra: it would be necessary to expand and to have a control group.

Russ: I see.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: okay. Now, working with the herbs then....

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: get some good herb books.....

Karra: yes.

Russ: and start boning up on my herb knowledge.

Karra: but what's the most important herb that you should have in your garden?

Russ: rosemary?

Karra: for?

Russ: remembrance. Oh, thanks for having me checklist the items.

Karra: you're welcome, somebody's got to. To err is to be human.

Russ: to be Sirian is to be divine. Okay my dear, now, I want to go over my last little bit of bone analysis here.....

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: since it does have a personal relevance to myself.....

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: I think it will help me in working with other people from now on.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: and that is, how can you cut through the pain to deal with with the natural healing or, should you depend on someone else?

Karra: that is a function of a coercer.

Russ: okay. So that's with dealing with somebody else then?

Karra: yes, you'd have some coercer like Kiri. When Kiri and myself work together on Carrie.......

Russ: uh-huh.

Karra: Kiri acts in the coercer capability using Mark's coercive capability to control the pain.......

Russ: hmm, okay.

Karra: and I get on with the healing.

Russ: now how do I do it?

Karra: you'd have a coercer at hand to help you.

Russ: okay.

Karra: healer coercer combination is very useful.

Russ: well it just scared me the fact that I couldn't get in contact with you, I couldn't get in contact with my own inner mind.

Karra: hmmm.

Russ: I mean the pain was just shutting out anything and everything.

Karra: yeah.

Russ: it was driving me crazy and I was like if I don't have a coercer I'm out of luck?

Karra: not necessarily, it is a matter of soothing yourself.

Russ: I need to work more on self-control and discipline. Okay, now, here's another way I want to research on doing it instead of that......

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: or along with that is painkilling reflexology. Is there such a thing on this planet?

Karra: yes.

Russ: there is?

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: so I can find books on such a thing?

Karra: yes.

Russ: okay. It's locked in my brain or I can find it?

Karra: you can find it but the key is in your brain.

Russ: okay, so what I need to do is track down what pressure points possibly there might be that might control the pain.

Karra: I don't know, I couldn't tell you. Not offhand anyway.

Russ: oh, you don't need it?

Karra: don't need half the time, do I?

Russ: that's true, you don't.

Karra: I think I need to be bringing this person on. No, it's not Omal, it's just Korton who's just arrived.

Russ: oh, so you're ring mistress?

Karra: I think so.

Russ: okay. Well I'm out of questions anyway.

Karra: Korton is talking to the technicians so we have some time to kill.

Russ: good. Okay, so without questions.....

(Karra gasps in surprise)

Karra: sorry.

Russ: it's all right, I like to see you laugh.

Karra: yes, two very flustered friends of mine have just walked in.

Russ: those auras are just glowing I'll bet.

Karra: uh-huh. I think they've had enough just to stop themselves from being know she's trying to get pregnant again?

Russ: yes, I heard that.

Karra: uh-huh. I think that would be good for her.

Russ: I do too.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: I really do. I think motherhood suits her, I think double motherhood would suit her even more.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: look what it did to you.

Karra: well, it's quite rare for Sirians to have twins.

Russ: I mean she's only had one. Was it your decision?

Karra: it's not known in our family so therefore it might have been, me really willing it for the egg to split the way that it did.

Russ: what would you say if you could look back on it now with the guiding factor?

Karra: I think desire.

Russ: hmm, okay.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: you wished to have twins.

Karra: yes. I've always wanted twins.

Russ well they're beautiful twins.

Karra: uh-huh. Okay, let us continue for a moment.

Russ: okay.

Karra: actually, I think it would be better if I hand back to the ring mistress whilst I take off my sweatshirt and let her get on with introducing the next person.

Russ: okay.

(Tia comes on to cover as Korton gets set to channel)

Russ: better?

Tia: no, not really.

Russ: I think it's cute.

Tia: okay, quickly, any questions.

Russ: nothing.

Tia: okay. She suggested me taking off my bikini bottom because it really does rub. It's not an uncomfortable rub but it's there.

Russ: I won't keep you.

Tia: okay.

(Korton is the honored guest speaker of the night)

Korton: greetings and felicitations Russ.

Russ: greetings Korton.

Korton: and how are you functioning?

Russ: very well actually, considering everything.

Korton: yes, let us proceed.

Russ: alrighty, we're all set then. All right, starting with I want to work on real quick on earth. And the fact of the matter is that it's hard to meet a  picture of earth ascending ever. See, just because it really is a perfect training ground. Doesn't seem like there would be any need to ascend.

Korton: how do you mean a perfect training ground?

Russ: well take for example the fact that a person starts off in third dimension.....

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: and works the way through each encompassing life......

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: to bring them up to a point to where they're finally ready to progress up to fifth.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: well, with all the entire time prior to moving up to fifth level, you've had to go through every conceivable, practically problem with third dimension could ever throw at you. And it seems like earth is just one of those perfect places that.....

Korton: there are other places that are even worse.

Russ: ohhhh, yuck, I can see that. So in other words, it's not just the people who are ascending......

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: it's actually the planet even if there were no people on it lets say?

Korton: no.

Russ: it takes people for a planet to ascend.

Korton: yes. Don't forget there is an earth in the fifth dimension.

(That gets Russ laughing)

Russ: okay, just boggles my........

Korton: it is a place of habitat temporarily.

Russ: okay. All right, that's right. So the earth in the third dimension couldn't take its place because it's already there.

Korton: correct.

Russ: so therefore it's there in third.....

Korton: uh-huh and there in fifth and sixth and so on.

Russ: all right, so it cannot.....

Korton: correct.

Russ: so, if everything travels in a circle.........

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: then the progress of life on earth is destined to continue back to the point it started at. Dinosaurs and.......

Korton: not necessarily.

Russ: okay.

Korton: like life forms will evolve again........

Russ: right.

Korton: or the planet will die once it has achieved its purpose.

Russ: okay. So a planet can die.......

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: as we've seen with various planets.

Korton: yes.

Russ: but it's in the nature of things, it's meant to die......

Korton: correct.

Russ: and a planet has consciousness, does it want to die?

Korton: yes.

Russ: for a rest.

Korton: yes.

Russ: I see. But in the general timeframe of things it is so huge.....

Korton: it is very little.

Russ: it's just a short nap.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: hard to conceive in the third dimension as well.

Korton: yes it is. Continue.

Russ: okay. Now, it's strange to me that one has to experience just so much just to reach a higher consciousness. Now, do people of higher consciousness then live their past lives problems while growing up but all in sort of an advanced rate in this life? Want me to explain a bit more?

Korton: yes, please.

Russ: okay, let me elucidate. In other words.......

Korton: hallucinate?

(Russ chuckles)

Russ: elucidate. When a person travels through let's say ten lives......

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: okay, and in each of those lives he learns something new.....

Korton: yes.

Russ: that he needs to learn how to deal with in order to ascend.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: but, in between lives, that lesson is forgotten theoretically.

Korton: it is looked at and then placed in memory for when rebirth occurs where it is filed away to be used at a later time.

Russ: okay. Now, that's good. So, we get now after those ten lives to this one here.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: now, a person starting off in life then has problems that come at them and they use those experiences or memories to work through those problems as they go.

Korton: yes.

Russ: so basically that's how you ascend is by being able to.....

Korton: correct.

Russ: come back upon those memories and deal with them. Okay, I'm trying to work on this so I can help with the class and explain this all out to them also because it's some of our material to work on tomorrow.

Korton: yes, the purpose of past lives, or looking at past lives, is to be able to see what you have done, what challenges you face and how you cope with them. It is not saying that when you did this, for example, let us say that when you struck the spherical object in your sport of golf....

Russ: uh-huh.

Korton: with a slightly angled club.....

Russ: right.

Korton: that the ball angled off to different angles so therefore next time you do that you have to hit it square.

Russ: uh-huh.

Korton: and life is a little bit like that. What works one time may not work again in the next life but it gives you a reference point to help you.

Russ: oh.

Korton: without information, you lack the necessary data to formulate an informed answer.

Russ: right. Now with your higher consciousness and the higher you get, does that mean you get a memory like yours?

Korton: eventually yes.

Russ: okay. I'm looking forward to this actually.

Korton: patience my dear lad.

Russ: I'm working on it which brings me to my next question is I sometimes really don't feel like a very old spirit, old soul you might say......

Korton: that is because your spirit is aware that it's time is coming and the excitement is occurring.

Russ: ohhh, okay.

Korton: for it, forty to sixty years is not really that long. Eighty years is not really that long and the desire to be on a new level where the experiences of learning are greater and to be with someone that it cherishes....

Russ: uh-huh.

Korton: is a great desire. So therefore it is a little bit of rejuvenation for the soul.

Russ: oh, I see, I see. So it's that preparation state.

Korton: yes.

Russ: kind of like.....

Korton: expecting. A little boy just before Christmas.

(Russ laughs again)

Russ: I see. Okay, well why is it if I had all this time before me let's say that it's been so long even though I can't remember, I can feel it?

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: but I just can't really understand my fellow humans here. And even though I've been there and I've done that and I'm not there anymore, but I still can't understand it. It boggles the mind. How do you learn to comprehend other people's actions with compassion let's say?

Korton: what they do is what they wish to do......

Russ: right.

Korton: and what affect can you have on somebody. If somebody wishes to go out and to pick plants to make their house look nice, what are they doing?

Russ: they're furnishing their house.

Korton: they are bringing happiness and joy to themselves and to those that come to visit them.

Russ: yeah?

Korton: whatever they do that is good brings them happiness. Whatever they do that is bad is part of the learning process.

Russ: oh.

Korton: for example, your problem this evening.

Russ: right.

Korton: it is necessary for those individuals to learn that by inflicting loud noise on other people they bring suffering to themselves later on.

Russ: right. And the same lesson in them understanding others maybe?

Korton: correct. So therefore you may feel annoyed at them but at the same time you can feel the pity for what they're doing to themselves which gives you compassion.

Russ: ahhh.

Korton: but it is necessary for you to follow through by calling your law enforcement agency so that they learn the lesson.

Russ: so in other words it's sort of like kids who've just gotten past Christmas and didn't receive anything and they went out and kind of took it. Well, taking the pleasure away from others so that they can have pleasure.

Korton: ahh, yes. But then they have to learn that they cannot do that.

Russ: right.

Korton: that is part of their learning process.

Russ: ahhh.

Korton: but it is necessary for you to help with that learning process instead of going, "there is nothing I can do about it". You have to do something about......




(Korton picks up again as the side starts)

Korton: they could learn that they have to consider other people.

Russ: right, so my desire to have them acquire living space in a different part of our area from where they're at now.......

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: is part of that?

Korton: yes. It is possible by breaking them up that they will understand what their actions have cost. If they do not understand in this life they would understand in the next life. Maybe the life after that.

Russ: okay. And there is a point where conceivably we could meet again on happier terms.....

Korton: and laugh about it.

Russ: and laugh about it.

Korton: exactly.

Russ: okay, that's a better way of looking at it.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: great, thank you. I appreciate that Korton.

Korton: you're welcome.

Russ: okay, is Omal coming in tonight by the way?

Korton: I'm afraid he will not available this evening.

Russ: okay, in that case you'll get my questions that I was saving for him for you.

Korton: okay.

Russ: alrighty. Now, to ascend.....

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: is it necessary then for both sides of all problems to be realized in this life to be lived?

Korton: not necessarily. It is necessary to look at them but not necessary to face them. To be able to look at them and understand them.

Russ: oh, so in our minds.

Korton: yes.

Russ:oh, so we wouldn't have to..........we just have to just kind of contemplate the good and bad of something and that is necessary.

Korton: and to understand it. Like your fear of the human frame.

Russ: yes, right.

Korton: understand it. It is a structure to support you.

Russ: uh-huh.

Korton: do not be afraid of it but yet you are.

Russ: right.

Korton: learn, understand and do not be afraid.

Russ: I see. So I don't have to face up to the fact that I might have to deal with skeletons for some time but if I did, no problem.

Korton: exactly.

Russ: I understand. There's a lot of problems like that I could deal with all the time.

Korton: correct.

Russ: like for example, what if I got in the way of a riot? Well, I'm not in the way of a riot, I don't foresee that happening but if I could look at the possibilities of either or........

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: what would I do and what are the reasons of why I would do it and the results of each of those reasons?

Korton: right. Yes, there are many possibilities that are necessary to look at. Sometimes unfortunately you do not have time to look at all of them.

Russ: right.

Korton: but you have to make a decision with the information available.

Russ: right but be able to at least have some working knowledge of how to do it......

Korton: correct.

Russ: would give you an advantage as a long shot.

Korton: correct.

Russ: excellent. So you could do your learning in your mind, you don't have to do it through experience.

Korton: it is sometimes very useful but you cannot experience everything all in one life.

Russ: okay. The question I have on the human body or the human mind, I should be more specific.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: you are the perfect person to ask this.

Korton: okay.

Russ: I see the mind lately now as one of the most ingenious communication device that could be conceived of and the fact that it is a communication device that is increased by one's consciousness.

Korton: correct.

Russ: are there more frequencies added as you become more aware or do the frequencies you receive become stronger?

Korton: both. They become stronger and more are created.

Russ: I see.

Korton: and there are more receptacles within the brain to receive the information.

Russ: uh-huh, okay. Because in working like say.......well, for example, when I'm reading the book "We the

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: okay? I'm reading the book and suddenly I've got Arcturians on my doorstep.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: obviously then, my brain was acting as a radio.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: and it was sending out these signals that they picked up on.

Korton: and then they send their medium.

Russ: you mean the ship?

Korton: no.

Russ: the people on the ship?

Korton: no. The person that worked for them.

Russ: oh yeah, right. Okay, and they sent him?

Korton: they sent him.

Russ: oh. Oh, I see, I see. Oh, right, right, right, right. Okay, sorry. Ahhhh, very clever.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: in other words, he was an unwitting receiver.

Korton: yes.

Russ: and he was basically an open channel.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: ahhh, okay, all right. Now that means that they too, their brains are senders.

Korton: and receivers.

Russ: and receivers.

Korton: as is mine.

Russ: and everyone else's.

Korton: correct.

Russ: like say some guy who just drinks beer every night and bowls seven days a week.....

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: has no thoughts except bowling and beer and maybe his job as a foreman at a lumber plantor something?

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: what kind of receiving mind are we talking about here?

Korton: we are talking about a mind that receives only limited information that is not functioning correctly.

Russ: hmmm.

Korton: it is has been inhibited by inhibitors.

Russ: okay and it's that kind of mind that it still has a lot to do with the consciousness of the whole.

Korton: yes.

Russ: I see, and that's one mind but it's still a percentage of the minds.

Korton: correct.

Russ: I understand. Okay, because there's a lot of those beer drinking, lumberjacks bowlers who basically add up to a percentage.

Korton: correct.

Russ: and those percentages either get larger or smaller as the people of those consciousness grow.

Korton: correct.

Russ: now, as the way gets more towards the higher consciousness beings, that then affects those lumberjack bowlers then?

Korton: correct.

Russ: okay, and that percentage starts to get even lower.

Korton: correct because those around them influence them.

Russ: I see. And that is because everything is interconnected.

Korton:. How many more questions do you have?

Russ: two.

Korton: okay, let us proceed.

Russ: okay. Now, static electricity.......

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: what causes it?

Korton: you do not know?

Russ: I do not know.

Korton: it is.....

Russ: I don't know why, I should know.

Korton: yes, you should.

Russ: I should know, I don't.

Korton: quick demonstration of static electricity for you to analyze. That is why we were checking the hair.

Russ: oh.

(A short pause in the tape)

Korton: you see the hair is starting to stand up?

Russ: right.

Korton: that is because the electrical charges in the air........

Russ: right.

Korton: is being collected into this here. Now, what does static mean?

Russ: static means not at rest but at in motion.

Korton: no, static means stationary. Static display, stationary display.

Russ: oh, that's right.

Korton: so therefore the electrical charge which is normally in motion......

Russ: uh-huh.

Korton: the electrical charge from here which I believe is DC current....

Russ: right.

Korton: means direct-current so it is coming down directly down the cable here into this recording device.

Russ: right.

Korton: now, it's dissipated. The charge that is here is static and it is all positive electricity which forces it away from its colleagues around it.

Russ: ahhhh, okay.

Russ: all right, now, static electricity in pyramids.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: do pyramids for some reason hold a field of static electricity more so than outside of them?

Korton: hmmm, that is a tricky subject and a tricky field.

Russ: oh, okay. I can't ask this next one then. All right, how about is there a way to collect static electricity and utilyze it?

Korton: yes.

Russ: okay, well how would you do so?

Korton: feline, feline. Ahh, there is the feline. You get some fur like a feline's fur.

Russ: right.

Korton: you rub it across wax or nylon and that cat has a static charge. You place your finger at its nose, and the channeler does this for amusement sometimes, you place it just in front of the nose and what occurs?

Russ: spark.

Korton: correct or above the ear.

Russ: hmm. So is there a way to collect vast amounts of it or even bits of it?

Korton: yes.

Russ: you mean a more efficient means of collecting a bigger amount for use?

Korton: uh-huh. You use a wax paraffin mix.....

Russ: okay.

Korton: you use the proverbial feline. You use a brass plate. You have a brass bottom where the wax and the paraffin mix is collected and dried. You take off the top of the brass on its own, you rub it with your feline, put your top back on and until the top and the bottom are connected, it holds its charge.

Russ: oh.

Korton: whatever you wish to do with it.....

Russ: is up to you.

Korton: yes, I believe you have information on one of your storage devices for pictures.

Russ: video?

Korton: yes. Not you personally.....

Russ: Mark.

Korton: ask him about Voltaire.

Russ: Voltaire. Okay Korton, last question. What about the word on working two days a week?

Korton: certainly.

Russ: okay. Start prepping up maybe for Fridays.

Korton: okay.

Russ: oh, one more question.

Korton: that is strange, you said four questions ago that you had two left. One could not be answered and yet you had three more.

Russ: you're right, you're right, I shouldn't be taking up your time like this.

Korton: proceed with your next question.

Russ: okay. Omal was talking to Laura about alternate.....

Korton: universes.

Russ: right, right, right. How you got three different candidates for president and you have three different lifelines.....

Korton: timelines.

Russ: timelines, about what happens with this and what happens with that and what happens with that.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: okay. So, we've discussed this before.

Korton: yes.

Russ: yes, we're on a continuing timeline that's always splitting off.

Korton: correct.

Russ: right. And I guess I'm sorry I never get to say goodbye to myself. Oh well, goodbye Korton.

(Russ breaks out laughing)

Russ: it's a joke.

Korton: okay, thank you. An enjoyable communication.

Russ: as always. Have a great time.

(Tia returns to usher Kiri in as the new speaker)

Russ: hi Ti.

Tia: yes?

Russ: feel better?

Tia: no.

Russ: oh, still?

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: Kiri's not channeling tonight?

Tia: she will be channeling next.

Russ: oh good.

Tia: I've got.....

(Athena says something in Durondedunn and Russ starts laughing)

Tia: that wasn't me.

Russ: okay.

Tia: I have Athena on the seat with me....

Russ: oh.

Tia: and I think she just channeled.

Russ: really?

Tia: well she's in the field and I was trying to get her to be quiet.

Russ: is that right?

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: that was cute.

Tia: uh-huh, yes. I don't she realized that she was broadcasting. Well, I've been hand over to Kiri.

Russ: okay.

(The other half of the Tanaka sisters, Kiri, comes on to channel)

Russ: hi darling.

Kiri: darling, darling?

Russ: darling of all times.

Kiri: ohhhhh. Both are working and functioning, what have you done?

Russ: we're reading questions today.

Kiri: oh, okay. Can I read?

Russ: I thought you couldn't read......

Kiri: no need. Kiri, human mind is advanced communication device. Yes, that's true.

Russ: yes, I know, I just found out.

Kiri: oh.

Russ: what?

Kiri: carry on with your questions.

Russ: okay, spaceflight for me, eh?

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: trip and ship?

Kiri: yes. Now it's to do with the neural scanner. I got Mark to explain most of it to you but there are a few things.

Russ: okay.

Kiri: it might be a little bit uncomfortable. That's one of the reasons why I'm testing it on as many people as possible with as much different variation of cranial structure.

Russ: okay. So I'll set this up with Marta......

Kiri: yes.

Russ: and Nazreal?

(The pilot and co-pilot of the rescue craft I was a part of)

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: so I'll go ahead and set up the trip with these guys and when do you want set up from?

Kiri: whenever is convenient for you but before next week.

Russ: I was thinking maybe tomorrow.

Kiri: certainly.

Wes: okay.

Kiri: certainly.

Bus: tomorrow probably wold be my most opportune time.

Kiri: okay, let's get on with the questions quickly because you're running out of recording tape and there's still one person to come.

Russ: I've got tons of recording time.

Kiri: oh, you do?

Russ: cha, got half a tape still.

Kiri: okay.

Russ: no problem girl.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: we're covered.

Kiri: yeah.

Russ: all right, so how do I set up with you? The ship will be all set up for us?

Kiri: it will be all set ready to go.

Russ: okay, good.

Kiri: think I ought to have a girl this time?

Russ: hmm, no.

Kiri: I want a daughter for Alex.......a sister.

Russ: yeah, if you want a daughter for Alex you'd have to wait a while. No, a sister would be fine but for the gene pool I don't know if it would be so great.

Kiri: I wonder if I can do Karra's trick? No, that would be hard work, two separate eggs.

Russ: actually, a daughter wouldn't be bad because.....

Kiri: frequent chemically induced.

Russ: you'd have to ask Kornas I suppose.

Kiri: hmm.

Russ: okay, now, in working on this experiment of yours.....

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: I want to go back to the question I asked Korton about the advanced communication device.

Kiri: yeah, uh-huh.

Russ: now, are you trying to pick up those communications and put them into a....

Kiri: yes, into a storage.......

Russ: storage system?

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: okay. Now, Mark was mentioning when you were talking to him about how to explain this thing to me......

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: that you wanted things like desires.......

Kiri: yes.

Russ: sexually and otherwise I suppose.

Kiri: every type of desire. What you want, what you don't want.

Russ: so what are you looking for from me for tomorrow?

Kiri: we just want you to behave normally, like it's a normal mission.

Russ: okay. What if I crash out?

Kiri: if you crash out you crash out. That will all be stored and what you dream will be stored.

Russ: oh, okay. Sounds like a workable thing to me.

Kiri: I've got......actually, I haven't got that busy. I've just been informed that those people that work under me will be taking care of in storing them.

Russ: okay.

Kiri: so I've got tonight and tomorrow off.

Russ: all right, I'm a guinea pig.

Kiri: guinea pig?

Russ: I'll let you go have fun.

Kiri: no, not just yet. I want to talk to you.

Russ: well I do too. I mean you've been on such a tight leash I can't even say hi even.

Kiri: well, I'm not allowed to get up out of this pyramid. I wanted to get up and walk because you can see I've got one leg up, I'm all wrapped up to walk but I'm not allowed to walk. But this project, right? And it's going to be a long project that could take me at least five months to get all the information back in and fine tune it and everything.

Russ: well I'm going to try to help you. Do you need just one trip or you need a few?

Kiri: I'll let you know or Karra will let you know.

Russ: because I'll do a few, that's no problem for me......

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: because I miss my trips anyway.

Kiri: uh-huh. We're going to work quite a few.

Russ: okay, that'll work.

Kiri: uh-huh. Sorry.....

Russ: no problem.

Kiri: I just got a PK jab.

Russ: oh. Well anything I can do to help you.......assist you in getting yourself out of trouble I'll be glad to. Like I won't ask any more questions that might get you in trouble.

Kiri: it is my duty to realize what will get me into trouble and what won't get me into trouble.

Russ: I know but your enthusiasm sometimes gets the.......

Kiri: that wasn't enthusiasm, that was sheer foolishness and big headedness.

Russ: no, that was your desire to help. Now don't let yourself......

Kiri: no, it was foolishness. I know that. You may think that I do not but I do.

Russ: all right.

Kiri: I have an IQ you would say in the region of above Einstein?

Russ: uh-huh.

Kiri: somebody that smart surely wouldn't make that kind of elementary mistake.

Russ: because of the fact that everything happens because it's supposed to, you had........

Kiri: I needed to learn the lesson.

Russ: that's right.

Kiri: yes, exactly.

Russ: right, okay. So don't be so hard on yourself. Let everybody else be hard on you.

Kiri: yes, I know where they should be hard on me.

Russ: uh-huh.

Kiri: see I can stand up.

Russ: yeah, you're not cheating.

Kiri: no, I'm just bending the rules slightly. Korton's looking confused.

(Russ laughs)

Kiri: he doesn't know whether to tell me off or not.

Russ: you're precious.

Kiri: yes.

Russ: so anyway, I need to see you.

Kiri: okay, here I am.

Russ: not here.

Kiri: oh.

Russ: I want to see your aura.

Kiri: hold on a second, let me see if I can get a tighter link. Can you see my aura? Should be just at about just overpowering Mark's. Can you see it, can you see it, can you see it?

Russ: hold on, start moving around so much.

Kiri: that's the way I'm overpowering Mark's you see. I keeping myself fully agitated.

Russ: is it normally pink? Is it supposed to be pink?

Kiri: yeah, I think it is pink. Passionate pink.

Russ: oh, okay. Great.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: anyway, I'll come up and see you in person.

Kiri: better be careful because it will be passionate pink.

Russ: okay, well.....

Kiri: yeah, I'm also taking a drug that makes me more fertile as well.

Russ: oh, good.

Kiri: uh-huh. Because we really want to try.

Russ: well congratulations anyway.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: hope it all works out for you.

Kiri: yep. Fortunately, at the moment I'm ovulating.

Russ: well congratulations.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: get that little sucker pregnant.

Kiri: oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Russ: I'll be a cheering squad for the subject.

Kiri: uh-huh. Give me an E, give me a G, give me another G.

Russ: im-pregg-nate. All right, toss Mdm. Wolf in there and.......

Kiri: she's picking up the vibrations. What you think of Athena channeling briefly?

Russ: that was amazing.

Kiri: hmmm.

Russ: that was great.

Kiri: tell him, tell him. Don't let him wait to listen, tell him.

Russ: I will.

Kiri: anyway, I've got to go, Tia's got to stay so I get first dibs.

Russ: all right, congratulations.

Kiri: uh-huh. He's waiting outside with Alex and Minerva and Diana. Tia's still got hold of Athena.

Russ: great.

Kiri: going to drop them off at the crèche.

Russ: all right.

Kiri: bye.

Russ: bye love.

(Karra's daughter is our other guest speaker of the session)

(Alana comes on speaking dolphin)

Russ: hello Alana.

(Alana speaks some more dolphin)

Russ: you're doing that well. You've been hanging around Nessa so much.

Alana: Nessa? Nysa.

Russ: that's right.

Alana: now you have some questions I understand.

Russ: yes I do as a matter of fact.

Alana: okay.

Russ: okay. In working with our daughter.......

Alana: uh-huh.

Russ: I'm noticing that she's a quite a little brainstormer.

Alana: yes, I think she's going to put Kevin to shame and David.....

Russ: and Michael, yes. I think so too because f the fact thay she's already showing a lot of potential.

Alana: oh, yes.

Russ: and she's got quite a grasp of perceptions.

Alana: uh-huh. She's uncomfortable sometimes when she does that.

Russ: why?

Alana: I'll be asleep and she'll start probing my mind.

Russ: oh really?

Alana: and I'll have some pretty strange dreams.

Russ: I'll bet.

Alana: uh-huh.

Russ: but yes, she perceives me and what I do for you.....

Alana: yes.

Russ: and why she was conceived, how she was conceived.....

Alana: uh-huh.

Russ: and that's amazing.

Alana: I think she's going to be quite an accomplished healer communicator.

Russ: I do too because she's got a thirst for knowledge that's pretty intense.

Alana: I had heard tested the other day....

Russ: uh-huh.

Alana: and she carries, although she's female, she has a dominant male gene.

Russ: oh really?

Alana: uh-huh which is useful. According to mother, it means that we can create sperm samples. Don't ask me how to explain it.

Russ: but in the meantime though, I'm looking forward to working with her some more.

Alana: oh, certainly. No, I don't think she's going to be like auntie Kiri is.

Russ: okay, no problem. I'm not worried about that.

Alana: no.

Russ: but it's kind of funny, I didn't have this with David and Michael really when they were being born but I'm definitely seing it with her.

Alana: uh-huh. But energy makes her mind skyrocket, has fireworks.

Russ: but see, she's getting into my mind.....

Alana: uh-huh.

Russ: because I'm going into yours.

Alana: yeah, we share the same link.

Russ: and like me and her are having this telepathic kind of picture session.....

Alana: uh-huh.

Russ: while I'm having a picture session with you and I'm like.....

Alana: it's a little bit disconcerting for you, isn't it?

Russ: like, yeah.

Alana: there's nothing I can do about it.

Russ: well no, I don't want you to, that's me.

Alana: uh-huh.

Russ: just because I've never had the experience before.

Alana: yeah, it affects me too.

Russ: anyway, so her name is Ashera?

(the name of Alana's girlfriend)

Alana: uh-huh.

Russ: beautiful name.

Alana: yes. It's for your convenience.

Russ: yes, I understand that. It's easy for me to understand that one.

Alana: uh-huh, yes.

Russ: I can use that to communicate with her now.

Alana: uh-huh.

Russ: good. So I'll get to see her a little more often and say hi.

Alana: yep.

Russ: okay, good.

Alana: she's not really into men.

Russ: she's from Sirius, right?

Alana: yeah. She's got a daughter and a son.....

Russ: wow.

Alana: and she just uses it for breeding. She does enjoy it but she much more prefers the cleanliness and closeness of women.

Russ: all right. Well I just don't know that many people to talk to up there except for you and your mom and maybe Kiri and Tia.

Alana: yeah.

Russ: you see, it's still kind of a small crowd......

Alana: yeah.

Russ: and I'd like to be able to increase my circle of acquaintances.

Alana: uh-huh, have you seen Lyka?

Russ: I never met Lyka except for once at that party and that was for a couple of seconds.

Alana: yeah, she's quite a shy girl.

Russ: yeah, she was real shy. It seemed like she wasn't really that shy. She was....

Alana: yes, she's very inquisitive about it, she wanted to know more.

Russ: well, I'll make sure I won't be so shy myself next time.

Alana: uh-huh. I'm getting little jabs.

Russ: Miranda.

Alana: uh-huh.

Russ: have a fun time, you too Alana, I'll see you guys later.

Alana: okay.

(Tia is back to finish out the rest of the tape)

Russ: hi Tia, how are we tonight?

(Tia says something in Durondedunn)

Tia: God, we horny women up here.

Russ: I'll say. Boy, I'll tell you, if I had the sex drive you girls did I'd have to be barhopping every night.

Tia: yeah. What's with his brother?

Russ: Steve?

(Someone who visited the house we know)

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: I don't know, I think he's had a tough life. Either that, or someone's had a tough life around him.

Tia: I don't like him.

Russ: yeah, he's not somebody I'd invite to a channeling session.

Tia: yeah, depresses the room. I want to bite him.

Russ: bite him?

Tia: yeah. Teach him not to upset me or upset Mark.

Russ: well unfortunately he's got I guess a real high opinion of himself and I guess it sort of dominates his personality unfortunately. And when people don't realize that he is as dominant as he thinks he is, he gets depressed. It would seem to be, that's my observations. He seems to be looking for that verbal praise that so.......

Tia: well Mark seems to be very patient with him. I watched him skiing.....

Russ: right.

Tia: and he seems to take a lot of time. He would stop, wait and tell him where he was going wrong and immediately tell him how to correct it and tell him also that he was doing better than he was on the last run.

Russ: he was?

Tia: no.

Russ: I can see that from the way he skied the next day.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: horribly.

Tia: yeah. What are you doing?

Russ: eating.

Tia: ahh.

Russ: salad.

Tia: oh, salad.

Russ: got to get in my nourishment here after my little bowel sickness.

Tia: yeah.

Russ: hope you don't come down with nothing like that.

Tia: no.

Russ: I thought I would die. But let's see what we've got here.

Tia: yes? No, I can't get the mobility now. Oh well.

Russ: yeah.

Tia: hey, we worked hard on that together.


Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: yes you did, very nice job though.

Tia: oh thank you.

Russ: I can't understand how it all works but I'm glad you're understanding it.

Tia: yes?

Russ: what would it do if we plug this into the wall circuit?

Tia: blow it to pieces, uh-huh.

Russ: not quite that much resistance in it.

(Tia says something in Durondedunn)

Russ: so you guys have any chanting up on your home planet there?

Tia: chanting?

Russ: chanting.

(Russ demonstrates chanting)

Tia: yes, I suppose you could call it chanting. We have higher pitched voices us ladies.

Russ: well yeah, I would think you would have but still........

Tia: it's much more musical because.....


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