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For April Of 2013

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The Force and the flow.

(Editor's note: this is truly a collaborative effort)

   Recently I have devoted a lot of my waking moments defining the concept of flow to my satisfaction. It is not something concrete that can be laid out in detail, it has to be experienced for long periods of time. As best can be explained, it is the passage of time as played out on a stage but it encompasses much more. As the performance plays out, there are no surprises, nothing that isn't in perfect harmony with everything happening before, during and after each moment that passes.

   In trying to define it further, I noted that is felt only when there is an absence of anger, confusion, and hate. All decisions are well thought out with the aid of a subtle prescience of the future in mind. Then I noted the comparisons with a similar effect, the Force, as described in the Star Wars sagas. Take away the more dramatic characteristics of the Force and you have the flow.

   Now that does not mean the effects of what is described as the Force in the films isn't real. They have to be used with intention and care because there is such a thing as the dark side on the third dimension. Some examples of how it can be experienced are with healing, astral travel, aura viewing, increased prescience, telepathy, coercion, and displays of psychic energy as you will hear demonstrated by Omal in next month's podcast called "Energy Baseball".

   It all starts with flow, which starts with meditation. Dwell on the synchronicity between moment to moment and the uncountable moments throughout your lives leading to the one you are experiencing now. Connecting the dots with your guides establishes flow and from there the stars are the limit.

May the force be with you and the flow never end.

Russ & Karra