Letter From The Editors

For February of 2023

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Space, the final frontier, but a lot will have to happen before we finally find a home among the stars. As we begin to send spacecraft further and develop a presence on the moon, it's hard to imagine how humanity will be able to pilot craft to distant galaxies. One man looked at the possibilities and created an alternate universe we are able to experience daily. That man was Gene Roddenberry and that universe he created is called Star Trek. Karra and I are not Trekkies but we do find the exploits of the Federation of Planets a familiar environment. Watching a collection of entities from various star systems interact in a constructive manner is just like life in Ashtar Command. April 5th of this year will mark a day where forty years in the future when a fictional Dr. Zefram Cochrane will shake the hand of a Vulcan who had just made first contact.

In that reality, the meeting took place after the world had gone through massive changes starting in the 90s with the Eugenics War that created genetically enhanced beings like Khan. Then came World War III from 2026 to 2053 where countless nuclear bombs fell and governments across the planet collapsed. Somehow all life was not extinguished from the aftermath of the destruction and what powers that were left in control met in San Francisco to hash out a peace treaty. Nearly 30 years of war had changed people's minds about the wisdom of waging such a self-defeating endeavor. From there it was a chance to rebuild and one of the places where the rebuilding was taking place was in Bozeman Montana. There, using a disused nuclear missile, Zefram Cochrane was planning his first test flight of a warp engine in early April of 2063.

Those who have seen the movie First Contact will know what happens then as a Vulcan science ship passing near saw the successful breaking of the warp barrier and landed to meet its pilot. Over the next century everything changed with the knowledge of more advanced beings who were willing to help humanity make the advancements needed to become a spacefaring race. Bits of new technology would be shared a little at a time instead of all at once to allow a transition that wasn't too harsh on the population of the planet. With the elimination of money and poverty also came the elimination of diseases and worldwide tensions. That led to the birth of a United Earth Government and eventually the creation of Starfleet. The rest is the future.

Back here in 2023, we just have regular war with the aspect of a nuclear war starting that same story in real life being ever present. It's hard to imagine going from a 195 countries down to a united world government without some kind of major changes that essentially force its formation. Gene Roddenberry was a visionary who accurately described Ashtar Command if they operated in the third dimension. One important difference between the Star Trek world and the real world is that the benevolent extraterrestrials are not waiting for us to achieve warp ability before helping us out. They are proactively doing so through channelings we post at the Hades Base News and the thousands of other websites like ours.

In love, light and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra