Letter From The Editors

For January of 2023

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As the couple pulled in, they saw that they were the only people visiting the museum at that time. They had come all the way from Fresno to see this last vestige of the combustion engine. The museum even had pumps that worked for those who still kept their antique cars in working condition. You could buy things like fan belts and spark plugs online but gas couldn't be shipped. Not many bothered as it brought with it the stigma of being one of the last holdouts. The only cars still putting out exhaust were those equipped with systems that almost cleaned the exhaust completely before it could be expelled into the atmosphere. It was just one of the extreme solutions enacted in the wake of mankind no longer being able to hold back the floods, droughts, and hurricanes taking away the livable land.

Fusion is the fuel of the future as the electrical vehicle market was the only way left to get personal transportation. That's because in 2051, the effects of climate change could no longer be ignored and anything causing it wasn't socially acceptable. Now, everyone did their part to reduce the damage in the hopes it would heal the planet. Thanks to unlimited energy with none of the nuclear waste, fusion power plants had replaced all other forms of nonrenewable energy. Technology had solved the problems of clean transportation of goods and people by cooperation on a global scale. Pollution for profit had become a criminal activity and even accidental pollution could incur huge fines.

The change wasn't overnight and not everyone was happy with that change but no one could ignore the inevitable results of doing nothing. All of this was a part of a plan of Ashtar Command's that had been going on since the colonization of Atlantis. It wasn't just a technological revolution but a social one as well. Everyone was now on board as far as returning the planet to its once pristine state. Evolution and ascension are symbiotic, one being the means to the other. The world of 2051 had experienced enough geologic and ecologic changes to warrant such extreme measures. Coastlines had been redrawn and weather seem to threaten anyone and everyone.

The couple wandered the aisles of the museum looking at car parts along with their descriptions that lined the walls. A 1956 Chevy sits on one side of the room as just one example of the many antiques waiting in the display building in the back. On the other side of the room is a 2041 Chevfordik Coaster, the last of Detroit's gas guzzlers. Who would've thought such a transition was possible in only 30 years? Hardly anyone at present because such changes would be unimaginable without the climate driven feedback loops that threaten humanity's very survival. Should those begin to happen, the above will be a very viable solution that may be the most logical way we survive as a race. Who knows, eighty years from now might see museums popping up containing the last pieces of roadway still in existence.

In love, light and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra