Letter From The Editors

For November of 2022

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I've been to Epcot in Florida a few times in my life with Karra riding shotgun in my mind each time. We'll be back there in a couple weeks and so it was on our minds and inspired this post. Epcot is a scaled-down version of the major countries of the world ringing a lake along with worlds of both discovery and nature. This place was magical even before I got to visit some of the represented countries. It is a real-life simulation that lets the imagination filling in the missing parts of the lands being visited. In an alternate universe, what if this was a similar set up but designed for light workers to visit and feel at home among other light workers all looking for answers and experiences?

Designing such a world would call for various areas that would enlighten visitors as to their purpose for being included. After entering, the visitor would have several areas to investigate such as meditation nation. In this pavilion, separate areas would be set up to allow the visitor a place wipe away the cares the day before moving on to the rest of the park. Sound baths of chanting, drumming, and nature sounds would be in separate rooms as well as areas that would replicate forests, beaches, mountaintops. Leaving there, one could move on to the crystal caves to get energized after such a relaxing experience. Caves one would walk through where various crystals and stones would be poking out of the walls backlit from behind. Some real, some beautiful recreations of crystals from the time of Atlantis.

The next pavilion available for exploration would be psychic city whereby mom would learn about various psychic skills and discover if the visitor had any latent talents hidden up till now. One would be able to test for telepathy, healing skills, and an astral travel section. Elsewhere would be a PK demonstration, a manifestation demonstration, and a section devoted to coercers where the etiquette and pros and cons could be discussed. Moving on, a trip off world would be taken by the visitor were simulations of higher dimensional worlds and their inhabitants could be experienced. One could take a shuttle craft up to explore Hades Base where one could talk to AI versions of the speakers of the archives generated from the recordings already online.

With only two pavilions left to go, divination nation would be next where one could get their futures read through tarot cards, psychics who could read auras, and psychometry experts who could read a person like a book from the jewelry they wore. Birth charts could be generated and explained by what stars and planets one was born under while others tell a person about the months and years ahead from the time and date of their birth. With that pavilion explored to one's satisfaction, the last pavilion would be that shared energy experience. Here, a chance to participate in a meta-concert would be offered and the visitor could sit in with an existing group of skilled participants. With their help, the person's energy could be added in to where the group is able to move something with their combined minds such as a feather or a flame. That would be a place we'd go as often as possible.
In love, light and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra