Letter From The Editors

For October of 2022

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   What is needed is inevitable and the obvious is impossible. It's hard to ignore the fact that the planet's warming trends are headed in an upward direction that shows no signs of reversing without some kind of scientific miracle. Be that the case, the band of the planet around the equator may become a zone unlivable for the masses who currently call it home. Some kind of accommodation would have to then be made for those needing to move either further north or further south. Such a shift would cause borders redrawn to the areas humans are allowed to comfortably live year-round. Such a world would be unrecognizable to those who live on it today. What will have to happen is a world that cares more for its survival than borders. What then happens when a world comes together as one to form a planetary community?

   A handy example already exists in the form of the higher dimensional world of Sirius which is the home world of one of the writers of this editorial. Something we try to do with the archives of the Hades Base News is be a bridge between dimensions and share how society works when everybody cares about everybody else and the planet as well. It's a concept taught before birth when mothers begin to telepathically bond to the child within long before it is born. The difference between dimensions is that the first thought is never about self. The first thought is always how to help whoever needs the help in any situation. Family groups help maintain the planet's functioning and all contribute to the planetary welfare. It's an alien concept of a perfect world but it is something that would help this race survive the changes to come.

   So we have our future Earth of 2122 in front of us with the weather corridors of heat indexes determining where and how people can exist outside of those zones. The planet has to accept the inevitable and chose to work together as opposed to letting hundreds of millions suffer and die. The reason there will be a change of heart is that everyone is affected in one way or another and all of the solutions lead down a road where nobody wins. And so it is that a resolution  is passed and resources are shared equally to preserve the human species. Scientists pool their shared knowledge and continue researching into humanity's survival looking for ways to keep people cool without the need for energy draining air conditioning. The scale of the solutions found would match the crises being faced.

   People would come to see the wisdom of using the planet itself as a way to stay both cool and warm no matter the conditions. Hobbit-like dwellings could serve as natural insulation from the elements and solar farms built closer to the unlivable zones would supply some of the energy needed. Meanwhile, water would be brought from one area of the country with too much to other parts of the country with too little. With solutions being found and people all working closer together towards a common goal, Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation would find an eager audience wishing to know what's next. With infinite variations on the above possibility available, there's no telling what the actual reality will be in actuality. We like this one because it has a happy ending in that we're one step closer to our ascension to a higher dimension.

In love, light and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra