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For September of 2022

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Ashtar Command, the Series

My growing up in the 1960s meant that for the first part of my life I had three channels of TV to enjoy. If something came on and you missed it, that was it, we couldn't DVR a show. Compared to then, the amount of entertainment available now has reached unimaginable years ago. The pay channels are at war and Netflix, Amazon prime, and a dozen more contenders all releasing incredible programming at once. A lifetime would be too short to try to catch up and binge all of what we want to watch just to this point in our history. Between that, social media, and gaming, every free minute has plenty to fill that minute and then some. We just need one more really good show.

It would be nice if the algorithms that help set a programming schedule added a series about Ashtar Command that would be based on the archives in the Hades Base News. The series could focus on the various channels around the world connecting with the command and how each of those groups is assisted. For example, the scene opens and a crew assembles to begin the next shift in the channeling rooms on the base. Across the many rooms, groups of beings enter into channeling fields to speak to someone here on this planet who has become open to being a conduit for this higher dimensional knowledge. One camera will be focused on the speakers talking through their channels and another on the monitors that are showing the speakers what is taking place in the room down below on earth.

Elsewhere, cameras focus in on the spacecraft in the hangar as their crews prepare the patrols that will be going out to replace those already finishing up in their assigned sectors. Flight controllers monitor the incoming traffic and traffic already over the planet while preparing for the transition of flights coming out of the tunnels that will lead to the outside of Mars before they change over to the third dimension to begin their patrols. Some of the pilots like Wing Commander Taal would have starring roles where every move is followed as they scan for possible third dimensional races abducting humans to take them off planet. Theirs is the most dangerous of assignments as each day could lead to certain death

Back on the base, medical teams rush to triage a group of Sirian Defense Force members who have arrived from helping a third dimensional sister planet of Sirius with its ascension progress by taking on a group who tried to snuff out that progress. Later, staff of the base gather to relax after a hard day of work though the work goes on elsewhere without stopping as each shift takes over for the other. The camera pans in on a couple asleep on earth in their bed blissfully unaware of everything taking a place in the skies above them and on a higher dimensional planet in their solar system. As the credits roll, it's been announced the show has been picked up in syndication for countries all around the world. It may be only a fantasy but that is a show we would watch constantly if it wasn't just to see who plays Karra.
In love, light and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra