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        Greetings in love, light, and wisdom as one.


   Welcome to The Hades Base News, a connecting point between the higher dimensional members of Ashtar Command and those of us here on third dimensional Earth. The recordings within represent nine years of channeling sessions with beings we came to know and love between 1992 and 2001. Our purpose is to assist in the ascension of humanity by offering one more path among many for those seeking a growth of consciousness.

Formally channeled by Mark Crocker and currently transcribed by Russ Hatfield, they present an undiluted source of information about our planet's past, present and future with a inside look at how we interact with the many races of beings who share our galaxy with us. While there are no more sessions or news from the base, the archives still have much to teach going forward. If you are new to the site, please visit the reception hall to get caught up.  


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Latest podcast added to the current archives: "Stacked Shielding and Bethany Channels Omal"
Channeling Session Date:


We have run out of superlatives to describe the incredible sessions we're able to add to the archives and the general body of knowledge we've gathered. This one stands out far more than the rest just because someone else channels Omal besides Mark. Bethany was the first guest of ours to ask questions, also was able to channel the members of Ashtar Command, plus visit the base in her astral form. So for about ten minutes, you get to hear Mark asking questions for a change in his normal voice as opposed to the voices of those he channels. It's also a time when there were few other speakers other than Omal, Korton, Tia, Karra and Kornas. Our sessions in later years would be far looser with the addition of Kiri and speakers like Bunny. Just how serious is illustrated by the fact that Korton starts things off for the night. He begins by giving us the news that Kiri is pregnant with a baby of her and Mark's while Karra has delivered a baby girl. He moves on to what he came to talk about which is the session the previous week where Ashtar had been testing our shielding. From there we were deemed ready to learn about stacked shielding which is where the dissertation begins. This level of mental shielding is the next stage of our training where he describes it as a series of stationary domes built over the top of our regular shields preferably in a stationary position. He points out that the need for this type of shielding would be rare but better to have practiced than try to remember how later on. We learn of aggressive coercers in the past who would be able to cause confusion so as to get through shields which would be historic individuals like Hitler, Stalin, and Charles Manson. We get to a point in the session where we could use a break so he leaves and Tia comes on just before that as the light entertainment. She starts by letting us know Karra's son Nazreal is a very happy about having a new sister. We then asked her her feelings on Kiri being pregnant being as they are roommates with Mark. She explains it will be a couple weeks before Karra is able to channel again though that might change due to Karra's sense of duty. We end with a discussion on baby names for the new baby girl. We get a few examples before Omal has us take our break. We returned from break and now Mark is able to ask questions of Omal who is now channeling through Bethany. One thing Omal discovers is that chewing gum is best left out of the channeler's mouth prior to channeling. Mark and Bethany now change places as channelers and Omal comes through Mark now. We wrap up this side with a discussion on Uri Geller in his ability to use psychokinesis. Omal brings it up as an example of someone who could be deflected by strong shields when someone is attacking with their mind.

Side two picks up where side one left off as we discover from Omal that individuals with the ability to do PK are emblematic of our evolutionary change as a species. Bethany explains how she used to be able to move things with her mind but lost the ability through seeing it as just entertainment. Omal explains that environmental factors such as education can distract from it as he describes it as the worst thing that can happen to somebody discovering their mental capabilities. He then provides an example of someone manifesting a ball of fire that could be deflected by someone's stacked shielding. He goes on to explain how the two forms of mental activity would be able to interact on the third dimension. A humorous side note was that with Bethany making trips to the base, she had found a male friend who was outside the channeling room waiting for Bethany to finish. Omal admitted it wasn't Bethany's fault but put it down to youth and irresponsibility of the person waiting. We get back to the lesson at hand which was shielding and learn what are current levels were at the time. Mine was a bit higher due to a roommate of ours that tended to test my shields on a daily basis. He gave us the good news that this was the end of our basic training and more advanced training was in our future beginning when Ashtar who would next test our shields. He makes way for the head geneticist on the base named Kornas who was present to give us the scientific breakdown of mental shielding. With Bethany still to get through level V shielding, she asked for a breakdown of the different levels she would have to go through. Kornas then gives a detailed description of all twelve subsections all the way up to level VI.0. It was already obvious from the previous speakers that the lessons being taught were for a higher dimensional type of class of students but we were thankful for the information. All of it was applicable for the third dimension even though we might not deal with fireballs or Meta-concert coercive attacks. Korton next comes on again to finish the night and uses the time to test our shields. First, he has us recite nursery rhymes to get a fix on our mental wavelength. Afterwards, he compares increasing the level of mental shielding to the steps needed to learn how to drive a stick shift car. One day you have it down and the next you're grinding gears. He tells us it's not going backwards but just momentary forgetfulness. We finish out the session with Korton giving us the optimal width of our stacked shields along with the crystalline substance to visualize their construction. One final suggestion he adds is that shield strength can be affected by personal habits such as drinking which would affect the mental state when shields are needed most. This was an information heavy channeling session that was typical of the early days when we were first starting out. More classroom like than dorm room like. These were exciting times back then.

This month's editorial is called "Starship Shielding Verses Mental Shielding".   

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