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Past Archives

News for 10-10-96 - Base Pilot Killed
News for 10-18-96- Air Battle over Russia
News for 10-31-96- Latest Events
News for 11-15-96
October's Editorial
November's Editorial
December's Editorial
January's Editorial
Omal's Editorial
Mark's Editorial 
Memorial to Two Beautiful Souls- Editorial for September
A Fond Farewell- News for October
July's Editorial
The Celestine Editorial
The Sirian Chronicles; Sirius, Earth, and the 144,000 10-24-95 Part 1- 14.5KB
The Sirian Chronicles Part 2; Channeled From the Records of Sirius by Kiri- 9.29KB
The Island- Editorial for November
The Art Of Life- February Editorial

Tia's Tips

''Tia on Her Computer On Hades Base and Holodisks; 2-27-96''- 4.29KB-
Tia On Her Arrival on The Sixth Dimension 1-7-97- 11.9KB-
Quick notes from Tia 4-8-97- 3.02KB
''The Forms and Levels of Astral Projection 7-9-96''- 12.3KB-
Tia Goes Over Some Possible World Changes- 8.93KB-
Astral Conception and Astral Abduction 1-2-97- 8.69KB
The Economic Domino Effect 7-15-97- 10.5KB
Growth and Understanding in The Developing Consciousness 8-26-97 & 9-2-97 - .93KB-
Global Changes 10-28-97 & 11-4-97- 5.19KB
Russia and the Clinton Accident 3-31-98
Tia on the UPS strike- 4.80kb-
Tia on Clinton and the world markets- 4.35KB

Kiri's Corner

Kiri; Small Talk; 2-27-96- 5.39KB-
Kiri on Flowers and Meditation 7-9-96 - 5.64KB-
Coercion Training for Beginners 12-14-94- 4.03KB
Working With The Fifth Dimension. 2-4-97- 2.22KB
Coercion, The New Age and Halle-Bopp1-2-97
Atlantis and the Aftermath 8-26-97- 13.3KB-
The Survival List 11-4-97- 4.69KB
The Race and a Holo From Huna 3-31-98
Kiri- Emerging technologies, Guides-
Kiri- Closing comments-

Healer's Hall

Karra on Crystals and Magnets in Healing 7-9-96- 6.84KB-
Karra on Stress, Health and Coercion Morals 11-12-96- 8.21KB-
Karra on Using Photonic Energy For Healing 2-4-97- 3.47KB-
Karra Tells A Quick Joke- 1.69KB-
Prejudice, Death and the Zetas 4-8-97- 5.68KB
Karra Comments on Sarah and Lays the Groundwork On How To Heal- 5.86KB-
The Rules of Healing 7-15-97
Healing & the Perfect Relationship 7-29-97 - 10.1KB
Healing Throughout History 9-2-97- 8.75KB-
Quantum Healing 10-28-97- 3.96KB
Twin and Triple Souls 11-4-97- 6.08KB
The New Ambassador 3-31-98
Karra on Omals analogy- 2.12kb-
Karra Answers Some Cloning Questions- 6.05KB-
Karra- Ambasadorial duty, Long distance healing-

Omal's Desk

Omal on Current and Future Events; 2-27-96- 14.7KB-
Omal on Tesla and the Tunguska Blast 6-11-96- 8.34KB
Omal; Meta-Concert, The Whole Story 12-14-94- 14.4KB
Omal Explains the Photon Cloud 11-12-96- 16.7KB-
Omal on the Photon Cloud and Defcon 2 12-20-96- 8.73KB
Omal Talks About The Weather and Making Immediate Plans For the Future 1-03-97- 10.1KB-
Omal On World Status, Twin Souls and Halle-Bopp 1-2-97- 12.5KB
Omal On the Myths of the 4th & 5th Dimensions 8-26-97- 2.16KB-
Preparations and Finding your guides- 2.89KB
Omal Answers Questions on Zeta Reticuli; Abductions, Experiments and Interstellar Travel 4-2-97- 17.3KB
Points of View 4-8-97- 9.87KB
The Evolution Of The Mind- 9.38KB
Self-Love and The Keys to Evolvement 7-29-97 - 13.0 KB
Death and Spiritual Growth 11-4-97- 8.99KB
Future Expectations 3-31-98
The Recent Creation Of Parallel Universes 8-25-98- 6.91KB
Omal on the differences between 6th and 3rd dimensions- 9.22kb
Omal, Conference Update- 4.61KB
Omal- Comet Lee, Atlantis

Guest Speakers

Korton on Trading Skills for the Future; 2-27-96- 5.44KB-
Taal on Roswell and Pilot Error; 2-27-96- 5.37KB-
Ashtar; Quick Questions On The Future; 2-27-96- 5.78KB-
Short Visit By Tanaka 12-14-94- 4.1KB
Korton on Ancient Earth and Accessing Pryamids 12-14-94- 8.1KB
Taal's battle report from 10-10-96
Flight Comander Taal on Project Haarp and Abductee Policies- 6.49KB
Alana on Dolphin Communications- 4.52KB
Letter From Sarah
Korton on on Communication in Atlantis and Afterwards 9-2-97- 9.73KB
Korton On the Eloquence Of Communication 10-28-97- 6.98KB
Kiri and Karra's Grandmother on Guides and Love For All 11-4-97- 8.09KB
Ashtar On Current Growth Patterns 11-4-97- 6.73KB
Lyka On Siege Mentality 8-25-98- 6.93KB
Huna's (or Bunny) first session- 3.85kb
Treebeard, An Introduction- 8.07KB
Bunny's Back!!!- 7.36KB
Treebeard- Devas and their interaction with trees

How To Section

How to Astral Travel- Tia goes over the basic steps. 11.6KB
How to Coerce- A beginners course in this psychic skill 6.17KB
How To Shield- A Tool for Everyone 13.2 KB
An Alternate Version From Tia and Mark- 4.34KB

Defcon Communiqués Up To 2000

Prelude To A Defcon.......From Tia, 7-30-98
Omal Reviews The Possibilities, 7-30-98
Tia On The Reasons For The  Defcon Upgrade
Communiqué Number Two
Communiqué Numbers Three & Four
Communiqué Numbers Five & Six
Communiqué Numbers Seven & Eight
Communiqué Number Nine
Communiqué Number Ten
Communiqué Numbers Eleven And Twelve

The Conference Sessions
Channelings On The Upcoming Discussions Between The Various Races

Welcome To Everyone From Daniel
Special Update From Daniel
Daniel.....A Conference Update
Monka,..........On Communicating Properly
Ashtar Athena,.........On The Harmony Of All
Korton,........ And the Purpose Of the Talks
Tanaka,..........An Oath To Keep
Daniel, ...........A Fulfilment
Sananda.........An Honored Visit
Ashtar,...........Closing Comments

Bonus Channeling Section

Daniel,...........Welcoming Statements
Ashtar-Athena,.............Conference Update
Monka,........................A Warning
Ashtar,.........................Positives and Negatives

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