The Baron's First and Global Mindcraft-

Channeled (10/14/97)

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Archivist Notes: Who are you, who am I and who are we a part of throughout the long history of our race? Those are the kinds of questions of consciousness Omal brings up during this very special channeling session of firsts where we get to meet the Baron for the first time, we get to look at life from the mind of a cat, higher and lower moral differences between dimensions are discussed and what happens after you die. The last subject was at the end of the session and was the shortest of the topics before it but it had the most important information of all. The followers of this podcast are familiar with Sarah who was a guest of the base and then Sirius after being abducted by the Grays, experimented on, rescued, brought to the sixth dimension from third dimensional Earth and finally passed away after being in the care of those who loved her very dearly. Now her body was on the base pending her internment near her home down here as was her request so she could be near those down on this planet who had loved her as well. The question is constantly asked what happens to ourselves once the physical body is no longer alive and now we finally have an answer. We hope it serves to alleviate death's fear prior to the event some day.

   Long before we get to Kiri and her revelations about death's secrets, Tia is in her usual Ring Mistress role to get us started. She had a dissertation all prepped up for her time speaking and she jumps right in on morals and how they differ between dimensions. Tia, third dimensional herself, explains how on higher dimensions the benefits of knowing the past lives of someone ease through the karmic interactions. Down here on the third dimension, things like jealousy which may be past lives coming to the fore just have to be lessons to further growth and hopefully resolve a karmic debt. She gets to the end of her time confirming that being able to see the whole picture of all of one's lives provides instead of the limits only knowing a single life provides a decided advantage in interpersonal relationships. Omal goes over some of aspects of Tia's dissertation before we get to meet the legendary Baron. We know now from his previous channeling sessions that he had returned to the front lines as it were after his previous time stationed on the base during World War One when he had admired another pilot flying a red triplane for the German side and now wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. At the time I thought he was the bravest pilot on the base I had ever met, little did I know that his being stationed at Hades Base was a death wish. After a suggestion on painting all of Ashtar Command ship's red was answered, he finishes going over tactics. It's Omal next to get us to the end of side one defining consciousness and being. He starts by listing the six things that define sentience and how tapping into the group consciousness around us can assist in our learning and growth. To that end, he has just enough time to give us an exercise on how to tap into the group mind and relive key events from the past.   

   On side two the conversation continues on the tapping into the race consciousness with my recall of a past life regression I did once which had a person going back and witnessing the Kent State massacre. He next defines consciousness and how sentience is in different levels in different beings by using the three cats hovering around the recording room as visual aids. He gets to the end of what he was saying and answers a question on accessing the short-term Akashic group consciousness records. Before Karra changes places with Omal, Tia returns and settles a question on if one of the smarter cats in the room plans. After asking the question and getting an answer from the cat, we learn that not only do cats plan, some cats plan to a fine degree. She brings Karra on next who provides us with a dissertation on pandemics due to a possible outbreak here on Earth and gives us some handy tips on how to avoid being one of the infected. She also poses a problem to solve who to inoculate when there in only a limited amount of a vaccine to treat those in order of who would get it first. Leaving it on a decision of life or death to ponder we shift over to teh second guest speaker of the evening, Wing Commander Taal who joined the session specifically to ask me a question. Before the question can be asked though he gives us the news that Chuck Yeager has once again broken the speed of sound as both the first and now oldest pilot to do so which was the lead-in for his dissertation on genetics and bringing about a truly natural pilot. His was a race of natural pilots developed over thousands of years of mating pilots to pilots for generation after generation. He ends with the question he wished to ask me about astrally attending a ceremony as his special guest. That brings on our last speaker of the night Kiri who gives us information of the immediate afterlife that should not be missed. Spoiler alert, just because the person isn't breathing, it doesn't mean they've actually passed on.             

TIA Ring Mistress MARK (Channel)
RUSS (Archivist)


2.)(16:17) - We meet The Baron for the first time and learn why he has such a feared reputation as one of the pilots on the base when up against the ships of the Zeta Reticuli at the time.

3.)(22:44)- Omal begins a dissertation on defining what is sentient and gives us an exercise on how to tap into the race memory of the group consciousness to relive an important event from the past.


2.)(7:43)- Tia gets an answer from one of the cats on whether it plans in advance and not only does it answer, it insists of being called its own name in its language by Tia.

3.)(11:51)- Karra discusses pandemics like the Spanish flu and how to decrease the chances of being a victim. She also works on the realities of distributing a limited amount of a vaccine.

4.)(25:02)- Taal stops by to give a rare dissertation on the possibilities we could engender a race of natural pilots like his race and to invite me to a special ceremony as part of a formal function.

5.)(38:13)- Kiri explains how even after certain deaths, the spirit remains to watch over the passing. She has the example of Sarah who recently died and made the trip from Sirius to Mars and then to Earth.

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(Tia starts us off with a dissertation)

(Tia says hi in Durondedunn)

Tia: okay Russ........tonight, October the 14th 1997, approximately 20:30 hrs. correct?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: okay, first of all let us get down to a brief dissertation and brief I mean brief on my pet subject which is morals......and scruples and the difference between higher morals and third dimensional morals. And being a third dimensional evolved being that I supposedly am, I formulated some of my own morals which we’ve covered in the past but looking at current morals on your planet and the moral degradation that I’m watching and seeing and comments of Russ and more people hitting a nudie site then hitting the Hades Base News. And this in itself brought a fascinating thought that I’m still trying to understand and that is the preoccupation with sex and how that interplays in the moral growth and how degradating it can be to individuals, both male and female. The fact that female sexuality and nudity seems to be more explored than male sexuality or homosexuality except for in the case of women which for some reason men find so fascinating. First of all let me preface this by saying on higher dimensions, sexuality is first of all done by consenting people. It's done for pleasure, there’s nothing dirty or cheap or nasty about it whatsoever, it’s all very tasteful and seems to be an expression of not only self-love and love for the other person but love for the group as a whole. For example when two people are in their most intimate mode, two people that love each other dearly and have shared many past lives together, that in itself is an expression of purest love but when it is two strangers that are enjoying an intimate moment of pleasure between them, it is a gift of thank you from one person to another and a exchanging of intimate patterns on a group level even though it is two individuals. So it doesn’t matter if it’s female male, it's an expression of love for the group, or male male or female female, that is all an expression of love and understanding and joy and happiness and release for the whole entire group even though as I said it is just two people or three people or however many people are involved. However, on the third dimension on your planet it seems that there are so many different factors that come into play in the sexual act and it can be turned and twisted and used in a different way. It can be used as an escape, it seems to be used as a power trip, it seems to be used to make people feel better about themselves, it seems to be used to.....come up with a interesting expression......used to get one’s bangs. Very strange expression that but it is a third dimensional Earth expression. And it seems to me that I can’t call it lovemaking because it’s not, sex the act, the desire, lust is a.......I can't think of the correct words but that in itself, the act of using it for all those things that I mentioned for lust, for self-gratification, for a power trip, for getting bangs, whatever, in itself opens up a whole list of moral dilemmas and possibilities. And the feeling of she’s mine, he’s mine is a interesting dilemma that when my man goes off and has sex with another woman, and I’m speaking as if I was on your planet in a third dimensional level, I have to get jealous, upset and can I trust him? And that is another part right there, trust. In a more evolved environment you don’t need that trust to have somebody race off, make love, have sex, get their bangs, whatever you want to call it and then wonder if they're going to come back to you because on a higher level you know that they're going to come back, you know that they are enjoying themselves, they are fulfilling a need not only for them but for the other person because it is mutual. There is no such thing on a higher dimensional level as rape, it is willing and consensual with both parties. But on a third dimensional this seems not to be the case and this is a conundrum to puzzle on the evolutionary advancement. The jealousy factor, let’s call it the jealousy factor, why would somebody feel jealous about somebody else? It’s because they perceive them as their mate, their property, their friend, whatever and the fact that they're going off and having fun and enjoying themselves with somebody else seems to create friction and dealing with that fiction is the first step. So, in a third dimensional environment, is it worth having free love? And the answer and conclusion that I've come to is no except in certain circumstances being where the parties involved are spiritually advanced to be aware that the ramifications involved. Behaving in a sixth dimensional way in the joining and union in whatever form. Okay, dissertation done.

Russ: okay, now we understand that there is no rape, there is no real jealousy on a higher dimensional level….

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: but from a lower dimensional level from where I’m looking at it, it almost seems like it’s necessary for our evolution at this time.

Tia: yes, that's what I was trying to say.

Russ: but why?

Tia: why? To deal with those emotions, to deal with those situations, how you handle them is all-important. From what I’ve heard and having whispered in my ear is that you seem to deal with those situations very well in your capacity but your partners on the other hand tend to get very confused and distraught by them and causes all sorts of problems.

Russ: well the fact that they're sharing you with someone on a higher dimension is a little tough to deal with sometimes.

Tia: uh-huh. Yes, next question?

Russ: okay, basically knowing that, knowing that they deal with things even if a third dimensional girl that they're jealous of but have no reason to, it’s almost the just really problems that you’re working out from past lives with them correct?

Tia: correct.

Russ: okay. Now why doesn't that happen on higher dimensions, why don’t you have that karma to work out?

Tia: because we know what our or they know what their karmas are, they know what happened and why and how it interplayed over a long period of time. It’s like looking at a picture and we use this analogy over and over again and focusing on one small section, that’s all you see but when you step back and look at the whole entire picture you see it as totally different.

Russ: hmmm.

Tia: and that is how it works with past lives is you’re looking at the whole picture.

Russ: I see, so in another words you guys kind of get together for a couple drinks and laugh about your past lives?

Tia: well yes, they do.

Russ: they do right, that'd be kinda fun to watch.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: I remember when you got all jealous and dah, dah, dah, dah.

Tia: yes, basically from what I’ve seen.

Russ: hmm, that must be interesting to enjoy.

Tia: I should imagine it would be.

Russ: I can only picture it, I can’t see it for myself.

Tia: I’ve seen it.

Russ: okay. I don’t have any other questions to go over on the subject for now. Morals are always just something you have to accept jealousy and rape and all that stuff is just a third dimensional state of mind that comes with the state of the third dimension.

Tia: yeah.

Russ: we agreed to be here to learn these lessons, well, we have to accept how we shaped our classroom.

Tia: correct. Okay…….

(Tia says goodbye in Durondedunn)

Russ: bye.

(Omal takes over from Tia)

Omal: greetings and felicitations Russ.

Russ: greetings Omal.

Omal: greetings. We will do a slightly different format and I will go over Tia’s and then I will hand back to her and then she will put on the guest speaker.

Russ: okay.

Omal: okay, let us address first of all her dissertation and the discussion or her dissertation on morals of a sexual nature and dealing with the differentials of third dimensional and sixth dimension which we must add into this the fact that the past lives and knowing all their past lives interact in the way that people behave on a higher dimensional level and the conundrums that they have in dealing with these past lives. And explaining that two consensual adults joining in a intimate matter normally interacts with their past lives and the fact that these two individuals may not have ever met in a third dimensional capacity but are joining in and they know how the other people involved in the joining, and I will explain this in a few moments, will understand and accept the joining for what it is. Now, in reference to the other individuals involved, I’m not saying people watching, I’m not saying people joining in, I am saying partners, friends and associates of the individuals involved in the intimate act and how they perceive the joining. They are aware of the past lives and the events that have occurred in past lives so therefore they see the whole picture as Tia put it and not just a part of the picture so that the joining in the intimate matter is accepted in the larger scale of things. For example a couple, a male and a female making love without protection, maybe the young lady involved is ovulating and she wants a child from the best genetic material available and knowing her past lives and knowing the possibility that there is a being that is waiting for rebirth that wants to be in contact with her again, she is fulfilling a karmic debt from the past. Okay, any questions?

Russ: no, you confused me pretty good there.

Omal: oh thank you, I do try.

Russ: (chuckles)

Omal: I will be back.

Russ: okay.

(Tia gets us to our first guest speaker)

(Tia says hi in Durondedunn)

Russ: hi Tia.

Tia: okay, we’re prepping up the guest speaker.

Russ: I need somebody to have to come in and translate me for Omal's statements there so I can get it out on the tape correctly.

Tia: ahhh, okay we’re prepping up the guest speaker, we’re using a special setup for the guest speaker.

Russ: oh okay.

Tia: so there may be a delay of a few minutes or a few seconds, we’ll see how it goes.

Russ: a lot of buildup here I’ll admit.

(We meet The Baron for the first time)

The Baron: sprechen sie Deutsche?

Russ: (laughs) not really, is this the Baron?

The Baron: ja.

Russ: greetings Baron.

The Baron: greetings.

Russ: how are you tonight?

The Baron: I am doing well.

Russ: oh good. How do you like your time on the base?

The Baron: makes me feel young.

Russ: yes I hear you’ve been going down to Germany and overflying that once in a while.

The Baron: nein, nein, not Germany, not Deutschland.

Russ: oh.

The Baron: fly over Flanders….

Russ: oh.

The Baron: Yvetot.

Russ: uh-huh.

The Baron: Somme, Mons, all over area ja?

Russ: ja.

The Baron: was ist los?

Russ: laptop computer.

The Baron: ahh ja.

Russ: yeah, they didn’t have this back then down there. (World War One Germany)

The Baron: nein.

Russ: so which reminds me, a lot of changes in the area from when you last saw it.

The Baron: ja, lots rebuilt.

Russ: uh-huh, so what do you think, improved?

The Baron: different ja?

Russ: different, I'll agree, most different.

The Baron: ja.

Russ: and we’re honored to have you on the base and very honored to have you in this channeling session tonight.

The Baron: danke schön. Yours headset like I have? A helmet.

Russ: helmet, I have used it yeah.

The Baron: ja. Plug in told to think in……

Russ: English?

The Baron: ja, ja, it is hard sometimes.

Russ: yes, you don’t know English I take it?

The Baron: ja, ja, sprechen sie, ja…….

Russ: ahhh.

The Baron: ein bisschen. So I think in English that I know and ein bisschen Deutschland ja?

Russ: ahh ja, okay.

The Baron: young lady recovering from……..was vagen(?)?

Russ: oh Katrina.

The Baron: ja Katrina but
was vagen zie………dogfight

Russ: dogfight, yes.

The Baron: ja. We try this setup but Russian might be problem.

Russ: yeah, they're a little bit different.

The Baron: so, you ask questions ja?

Russ: ja, mostly about your wishing to fly alone.

The Baron: ahh ja.

Russ: it seems a little..........dangerous.

The Baron: nein, nein, nein.

Russ: why?

The Baron: Zetas.......(says some German) Zetas see red…..

Russ: oh okay.

The Baron: and group mind?

Russ: yes.

The Baron: long time history.

Russ: ahhh.

The Baron: “ahh ja” and red (says something else in German)………..

Russ: your red plane.

The Baron: ja and, “uh-uh”.

Russ: they see you they go bugging off?

The Baron: ja.

Russ: your reputation precedes you.

The Baron: ja, ja!

Russ: I see, I see. So if you paint all the ships in Ashtar Command red……

Baron: ahh but…….zwies craft are all red, Zeta attack? Hmm, was vegan Red baron ja?

Russ: ja.

The Baron: hmm.

Russ: one of them could be you.

The Baron: ja but I think trick only work few time, ja?

Russ: yeah, only a few times. It's a good trick though.

The Baron: little bouncy fräuleina say ask history?

Russ: oh, okay.

The Baron: okay, ask question.

Russ: okay now is there a difference in tactics with flying a base ship compared to flying a World War Two plane?

The Baron: ja, ja.

Russ: of course there is more things you can do, but the tactics, do they still maintain?

The Baron: basic ja, basic.

Russ: okay, right.

The Baron: but some tactic you’ll never do?

Russ: right.

The Baron: aircraft on your planet nein (makes shooshing sound)

Russ: right.

The Baron: ja?

Russ: right but you still have things like Immelmanns…….

The Baron: ja……

Russ: Boelcke's Dictum……

The Baron: ja, Oswald.......danke schön.

Russ: thank you, farewell.

(Tia switches us between speakers)

(Tia says hi in Durondedunn)

Russ: well that was a nice surprise Tia, thank you.

Tia: uh-huh, thought you’d like that.

Russ: yeah, that was cool.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: what a nice guy.

Tia: he was having a hard time with your English.

Russ: well it’s not exactly his first language either.

Tia: no true.

Russ: it was probably tough enough learning German from Sirian.

Tia: uh-huh. Oh well, I’ll put on Omal.

Russ: okay.

(Omal is back to end side one)

Omal: greetings once again Russ.

Russ: and greetings once again Omal.

Omal: okay let us go over the Baron. Hmm, can we or can't we?

Russ: I don't know, that's a tough one, glad it's your call.

Omal: hmm, no I have an idea......

Russ: okay.

Omal: on your webpage........

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: you have a picture of a UFO.

Russ: yeah, I'd turn it red.

Omal: we will discuss this at a later time.

Russ: okay.

Omal: first of all I need to get clearance because it is border point.

Russ: hmm.

Omal: okay let us move on to my dissertation.

Russ: okay.

Omal: and then we will get onto our next few speakers. Okay, consciousness and being, what is consciousness? You are conscious, I am conscious, the feline is conscious but what is conscious? Let us look at one of your philosophers, Rennie Descartes, “I think so therefore I am”. Is thinking part of consciousness? Yes, a feline that watches and waits has to plan. The reason I bring up the felines is because there is a feline outside yammering to get in? That feline is thinking, "how can it get in, how can it get your attention?" That shows it is thinking so therefore it has consciousness. A bird flying, something like a blue jay, that thinks of survival only, it is conscious yes to a certain extent but not in a sense of consciousness with being. It certainly has the spirit, it certainly has thought but it is rudimentary thought, more instinctual. So where do you draw a line at consciousness? That is a tricky question that on the seventh dimension we still debate. Okay, let us look at sentient, thinking, being aware, being spiritually able to grow. Well, the bird fails in that category, the feline, some felines do and some felines don’t. This simple explanation on what is sentient, sentient is thinking, planning, remembering, learning, growing, growing spiritually, spiritual being. There is much more to sentient then just the six items I just covered. All these factors together make a being aware and able to learn and advance, to plan. That is part of consciousness. Factor into that group consciousness, the consciousness of the awareness of the group and the learning that goes from that, being able to tap into the past group memory, to be able to learn and grow from that. You would be surprised how many people actually do that that claim to be against spiritual revivalism. And in doing so they are themselves involved in the spiritual movement. I’m not talking about the more popular religions, I’m talking about all spiritual religions. Okay, do you have any questions?

Russ: yeah…..

Omal: first let the feline in.

Russ: all right, come on in guys. Okay now, as far as first off the group consciousness and using the memory from it to learn….

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: while we might be able to use it, is it a conscious use that you’re talking about?

Omal: preferably yes but some people do it unconsciously.

Russ: okay, now how do we do it consciously?

Omal: through meditation.

Russ: okay. So, for example, if I go into meditation and I wish to bring about the group consciousness of my race…..

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: to learn from and grow from, then in that case, I am asking for that….

Omal: correct.

Russ: and my guides then I assume are helping me with that?

Omal: correct. Here is a simple way to be able to tap in to group consciousness. Sit in a comfortable position, hands out in the normal fashion, if I was sitting they would be like this, palms up, feet planted firmly on the ground, close your eyes and inhale gently. Now this would be 10 deep breaths, feeling yourself relax all the time. Ask your guides for guidance.........come here feline........ask your guides for guidance down the correct, appropriate path to learn what you may that will benefit you.

Russ: so it’s similar to either a past life regression or astral projection?

Omal: correct.

Russ: I see.

Omal: it is a little bit of both.......

Russ: hmm, I guess it would be.

Omal: blended together and used in a way that is appropriate. After all, you are reliving the group past life.

Russ: uh-huh.




(Omal returns once again)

Omal: ……..just watch and be aware of what is going on, how the past and the life that you are experiencing may not be yours. It is definitely something worth looking. Sometimes it is like being a watcher outside of the event.

Russ: so this would be similar to the one time I took somebody back to a past life but in between the two lives she hooked into the Kent State massacre……

Omal: yes.

Russ: and suddenly was seeing the whole Kent State thing from the eyes of someone who is looking over one of the girls who was dead.

Omal: correct.

Russ: is that because it made such an impression on the group consciousness?

Omal: certainly, it was a horrific event.

Russ: right.

Omal: who was the person that you regressed?

Russ: oh this was an old girlfriend long, long, long, long ago.

Omal: okay, it is possible that she had been fascinated by the Kent State massacre……

Russ: okay.

Omal: and that she had some unanswerable questions that she wanted answered.

Russ: ahhh, okay.

Omal: this is the best way to tap in to the group consciousness, to relive a moment in time that you wish to have a question answered.

Russ: hmmm.

Omal: if your guides do not see it beneficial to you they will not help, you may end up looking at something totally different. If they agree and consent to help you on that past life, then you may learn a lot.

Russ: okay, so that’s applicable to many situations throughout Earth’s history?

Omal: correct.

Russ: oh I see, so you don’t have to see……..for example, you didn’t live through let’s say the French Napoleonic wars but something in that period that really fascinates you especially one battle in particular.

Omal: correct.

Russ: then you would ask your guides for assistance to relive that battle.......

Omal: but why would you wish to see horror again?

Russ: well I suppose there is some learning that can be gained from it.

Omal: correct.

Russ: I’m not sure what but I’m not in that life.

Omal: correct.

Russ: I mean we do learn when we go through our own past lives the horror of our own deaths is actually just a release into the next step….

Omal: correct.

Russ: and we get over the horror that way so perhaps witnessing the horror of war allows us to see war from its higher perspective which is…..

Omal: that is a possibility.

Russ: it is a possibility?

Omal: for helping to grow.

Russ: oh, yes.

Omal: okay, next question.

Russ: all right, now you spoke on the different consciousness types between cats and blue jays…..

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: okay, this I would assume also fits along with consciousness between individual humans.

Omal: correct.

Russ: some humans have more consciousness and the ability to use that consciousness wisely……

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: and others use it merely for just to exist.

Omal: correct. Okay here is a good example.

Russ: okay.

Omal: we have this little one, I believe this is Mongo?

Russ: that’s Mongi right.

Omal: okay, we have the noisy one over there…..

Russ: Pugsley.

Omal: okay, which one is more aware?

Russ: oh
Mongi by a longshot.

Omal: correct, why?

Mongi is content wherever she happens to be at…..

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: she needs not, knowing that she will get what she does need and isn't existing strictly on…..

Omal: demand.

Russ: demand.

Omal: whereas that one…

Russ: is living on its stomach.

Omal: yes, instinctual.

Russ: correct.

Omal: this one lives on thought.

Russ: good point.

Omal: this one lives on spiritual growth. This one......lives on a whim.

Russ: right so…..

Omal: he is aware, this one is aware, this one is sentient, this one is not.

Russ: oh I see.

Omal: this one is borderline sentie.....nevermind.

Russ: sentient.

Omal: sentient, this one is borderline not because of instinctual activity and thoughtful activity.

Russ: now the only difference there is that
Mongi there doesn’t plan.

Omal: you don’t think so?

Russ: I can’t see it.

Omal: we will let the expert answer that.

(Russ starts laughing)

Omal: last question please.

Russ: okay. Now, as you say, many people use group consciousness to be able to become aware and to learn fast. Are we able to tap into the consciousness of just people right around us in our just local area for present group consciousness to learn from?

Omal: yes and no, yes and no. The way that it works is the individuals around you have a lot of thought and static that is going on when they are going through the motions of the present. The interactions between other people creates the karmic situation which gets recorded and held. It is no good seeing what was a few minutes ago and seeing how that affects as it has not had the opportunity to be laid down and worked out in a correct pattern.

Russ: hmm.

Omal: so the behavior is affected in the now, looking into the short-term Akashic group conscious records is limited in the fact that it is still growing, there are still facts occurring that leave you wondering.

Russ: hmmm.

Omal: you see it is like watching one of your entertainments, getting to an exciting bit and then it stops.

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: what happened? You don’t know. So you see the problem?

Russ: yes.

Omal: okay.

Russ: thank you Omal.

Omal: you’re welcome. I’ll be back.

(Tia the Ring Mistress is back)

(Tia says hi in Durondedunn)

Russ: hey love.

Tia: hey. Oh yes, expert time.

Russ: okay, does
Mongi plan?

(Tia speaks to
Mongi in Durondedunn)

Tia: oh, so we're going to talk telepathically are we? Yes,
Mongi does.

Russ: hmmm.

Mongi plans very carefully, very, very carefully.

Russ: really?

Tia: part of
Mongi's.......(speaks the cat's name in Durondedunn as Hurrah at the cat's request)....okay......part of Hurrah's thought process is, "if I sit patiently and watch and wait and look sweet, they will stop and pick me up and make a fuss of me. If I climb up and look over the shoulder and make not a noise, not a sound, do not jump, do not dig my claws in, they will pick me up and make a fuss of me and I will return the favor by making sub-vocal oscillations."

Russ: well that answers that question. Smart cat.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: I would put him right there in the sentient quality then.

Tia: uh-huh, isn’t that what Omal said? That he is sentient?

Russ: borderline.

Tia: uh-huh. I think as
Hurrah grows, Hurrah will be more sentient. Now, the most sentient cat in the house, who would you think that is?

Russ: well it would be the heavy-footed lady up there.

Tia: yes.

Russ: the oldest cat in the house.

Tia: why?

Russ: eldest cat in the house, lived the longest, learned the most…….

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: and has Mark for an owner.

Tia: and who is the most manipulative cat in the house which is thinking?

Russ: manipulative that is thinking, that have to be little Ganja here.

Tia: no.

Russ: no. Same one as upstairs?

Tia: uh-huh, because she has Mark wrapped around her little claw.

Russ: I’ll take your word for it, she doesn't have me wrapped around her claw that’s for sure.

Tia: well she’s only concerned with one person.

Russ: right.

Tia: so she manipulates that one person and has that one person wrapped around her little claw.

Russ: hmm okay.

Tia: yes I love you too Mongi. Sorry,
Hurrah. So you see?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: with, we have four felines in here now?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: we have lots of feline energy. Okay, in this sentient level, number one, number two, Ganja and
Hurrah, Calvin number three and self-centered, egotistical, acting on impulse and instinct, number four (Pugsley).

Russ: okay.

Tia: we have a tie for second. Yes all right.

(Tia says goodbye in Durondedunn)

(Karra gets to talk healing)

Karra: hello.

Russ: hi love, how you doing?

Karra: I’m doing fine. First of all, let us address your question.

Russ: oh yes on Carrie.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: how do you want to handle that? Do you want to put her in as what we did with her as Carrie, do you want to fake up a name, do you want to make it as a patient, do you even want to put that whole section in?

Karra: let’s put the whole section in because it’s a very good healing section.

Russ: okay yeah I agree, it’s a great healing section but I was just a little bit iffy about the Carrie part.

Karra: okay we have two options and the reason why you’re suffering from confusion is because I’m suffering from confusion.

Russ: oh.

Karra: one, we ask her or we put patient.

Russ: okay, well how about the patient?

Karra: the patient.

Russ: the patient, name withheld to protect…..

Karra: the innocent.

Russ: individual’s identity.

Karra: correct.

Russ: I assume not too many people reading this page probably know who Carrie is.

Karra: yeah, maybe somebody does?

Russ: maybe somebody does.

Karra: the option that we have is it ties in with Omal’s thing.

Russ: right, yeah.

Karra: okay, now my dissertation.

Russ: okay.

Karra: okay, well let me start by saying it’s getting to that time of year. We have an interesting little problem occurring. Let us deal with Group F and this will tie in with the Baron’s visit. Can you tell me what happened on a worldwide scale in 1918 that was of major significance?

Russ: health wise?

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: 1918........chickenpox.

Karra: close.

Russ: smallpox.

Karra: no, drifting away.

Russ: swine flu?

(Karra sneezes)

Russ: some cold?

Karra: getting close.

Russ: Spanish flu?

Karra: correct.

Russ: there was such a thing called Spanish flu?

Karra: yes.

Russ: I never heard of it.

Karra: and it affected the whole world. It killed approximately 30,000,000 individuals worldwide.

Russ: damn. Spanish flu?

Karra: uh-huh, 1918.

Russ: I never even heard of it before.

Karra: okay, the Spanish flu was a very virulent flu epidemic or pandemic because it affected the whole entire world. There are certain circumstances which leave that as a possibility to occurring again. If there is the same mutation in the flu virus, the potential for a major catastrophic planet-wide disaster is there. How do you deal with a problem like that? Well one thing is being inoculated.

Russ: uh-huh.

Karra: but if there is a mutation that occurs and you’re not inoculated against it, you are still susceptible. Now, how do you decrease your chances? Well obviously cleanliness plays into it, taking every caution that you can to avoid getting it. Now the important thing is diet.

Russ: hmm.

Karra: such things as vitamin C, chicken, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, all these things help to decrease your chances. Being in good physical condition. It’s been brought to my attention that Mark has a mild case of the flu.

Russ: uh-huh.

Karra: but he’s been eating well, he’s certainly in very, very great shape, very good shape. So, these two factors, exercise and eating healthily has decreased Mark’s chance of getting a severe case of the flu. Having a mild form of flu is inoculation against that particular strain of flu. So let us assume that you have an epidemic of a virus similar to the Spanish flu. Okay being in good health decreases your chance, being eating well decreases your chance, includes vitamin C, chicken soups, chicken broths, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, etc. Okay, cleanliness plays a major role, avoiding contact with individuals that have the flu. Unfortunately being a healer you can’t do that as much as you would like to so washing your hands after dealing with somebody that has the flu or somebody that is coughing and spluttering, not standing too close. After all, the microbes only stay alive for approximately 90 seconds so if you’re far enough away that when they breathe out, the flu does not get to you. So standing a little bit further away when somebody is coughing and spluttering is very useful. Okay do you have questions?

Russ: yeah, could something like this really basically take out that much of the world’s population again or don’t we have the increased medical facilities to deal with that?

Karra: you have the increased medical facilities to deal with it but the question is, you have let us say the Spanish flu.

Russ: uh-huh.

Karra: okay, it is a virus that you have not prepared against, what do you do to stop it? Well you create a vaccine.

Russ: right.

Karra: okay it is rampant, you have a worldwide alert for Spanish flu……

Russ: right.

Karra: who do you inoculate first?

Russ: the doctors?

Karra: yes, who else?

Russ: police or soldiers necessary to maintain it and keep it in check.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: world leaders.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: and then the healthy population that can get in and get it done.

Karra: okay, do you inoculate children, do you inoculate old people?

Russ: yeah.

Karra: do you inoculate medical personnel?

Russ: absolutely.

Karra: but you only have a limited number of vaccines, therefore you have to make the decision. Certainly doctors are high on the list.

Russ: oh yeah.

Karra: medical personnel are high on the list, police officers, military, they’re lower on the list due to the fact that you have to decide who gets inoculated and who doesn’t. Do children get inoculated?

Russ: uh-huh.

Karra: do old people get inoculated?

Russ: yeah.

Karra: see I can't make those decisions, I can’t make those calls on who should and who shouldn’t but you have a limited number. Let us say you have 500 vaccines and 2,000 people.

Russ: right.

Karra: who do you inoculate?

Russ: well the…..pretty much in the order we just said.

Karra: uh-huh, correct.

Russ: health personnel to maintain the health, police and soldiers to maintain order to get the vaccines to wherever else they can. But I'd say before the police and soldiers, I'd take it to the other medical personnel who are in charge of discovering……putting together more of the vaccine.

Karra: good, good. Okay now questions.

Russ: okay, why do you bring this up at this point?

Karra: can’t say.

Russ: okay, we’re getting flu vaccinations every winter…..

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: is it best to keep up on the most current kinds and what happens when society breaks down and we have to fend for ourselves?

Karra: exactly, that’s my point.

Russ: we don't know how to make vaccines.

Karra: so what do you do?

Russ: find people who can, make sure they stay alive.

Karra: uh-huh but I just told you how to decrease your chances of getting the flu.

Russ: right but it still doesn't mean you're not going to get it.

Karra: correct but it decreases your chances and it makes your recovery that much easier.

Russ: right.

Karra: you have to remember there are so many different types that you cannot be inoculated against all of them.

Russ: right.

Karra: so therefore it is a matter of decision.

Russ: true. Well, when that time comes we'll see if I can make that decision.

Karra: okay.

Russ: thank you Karra.

Karra: any more questions?

Russ: uh-uh.

Karra: okay.

Russ: bye my love.

Karra: bye.

(Tia makes her last change of speakers for the session)

(Tia says hi in Durondedunn)

Russ: hi dear.

Tia: okay, what’s going on here?

Russ: it’s a kitty party.

Tia: uh-huh and where'd they all come into the channeling area?

Russ: good energy maybe.

Tia: I think so. Okay, yes.......just had an idea, when we ramp down to stop interfering with Mark’s energy field we'd better remove all of them.

Russ: yeah.

Tia: okay.

Russ: good idea.

Tia: hmm, conundrum, oh well.

(Kiri comes on quickly but makes way for the second guest speaker)

Kiri: yo dude what’s happening?

Russ: hi sweetheart, good, how you doing?

Kiri: I think we got enough tape there.

Russ: yeah, I’m trying to save room on it for you.

Kiri: okay.

Russ: for the beast.

Kiri: yes the beast. So did you enjoy my dissertation? My sister tells me that it was rather long-winded for you.

Russ: which dissertation?

Kiri: on Atlantis.

Russ: oh it wasn’t that long really, I'm just a slow typer.

Kiri: oh okay. (Speaking to Tia) I think I will do that Tia, okay. To speed up on this, we have a guest speaker that has just shown up that would like to talk to you.

Russ: okay.

(Wing Commander Taal stops by to ask a question)

Taal: attention.

Russ: ohhh.

(Russ stands up and salutes)

Taal: be seated.

Russ: thank you Taal.

Taal: you're welcome.

Russ: greetings and how’s it going?

Taal: it is functioning within specified diameters…..parameters.

Russ: okay excellent.

Taal: got that one in for Kiri.

Russ: good job.

Taal: okay, first of all, the first man to break sound barrier is now oldest man to break sound barrier at age of young 74.

Russ: hmm.

Taal: did so today I am witnessing.

Russ: oh Breedlove?

Taal: no.

Russ: no?

Taal: first man to break speed of sound, who?

Russ: oh you mean Armstrong or........Yeager.

Taal: yes, did again today.

Russ: did he?

Taal: yes, now oldest man to break speed of sound.

Russ: oh, for his anniversary?

Taal: correct.

Russ: oh cool.

Taal: well not strictly true, oldest pilot to break the speed of sound.

Russ: well who broke it that wasn’t a pilot?

Taal: many people on transcontinental delta wing aircraft……

Russ: oh.

Taal: of mass transportation?

Russ: true, the Concorde.

Taal: correct.

Russ: ahh.

Taal: okay, dissertation on genetics concerning Mr. Yeager, Chuck for ease. Okay, little bit of history. Long, long, long time ago before I was twinkle in parent’s eyes. Before parents, parent's, parent's, parent's, parent's were twinkle in parent's, parent's eyes. Before genetic manipulation of my race, individuals of great potential for avionics breed, create first natural pilot born-to-fly but limitations of body necessitate gene manipulation. But back to first born-to-fly persons. Much like now on your world, dynasties of parents that fly, believe Glennis Yeager never pilot, Chuck obviously good pilot. To be 74 of your years and fighter pilot and experimental pilot got to be good. Daughter.......Jeannie?

Russ: uh-huh.

Taal: Yeager, now possibly first of many natural pilots. Boyfriend fly around world with her, name of.........what is name (Dick Rutan)?

Russ: don’t know.

Taal: build aircraft that crash with non-natural pilot in area of coast over weekend (John Denver)?

Russ: oh, hmm.

Taal: nevermind…..

Russ: yeah.

Taal: research name later. He possibly natural pilot, Jeannie definitely natural pilot. Children of Jeannie definitely natural pilot, no doubt. So, starting on your planet, natural pilot development. People of like mind enjoy flying, have offspring, have more offspring. People that have fanaticism for flying pass fanaticism on to offspring, offspring addicted, hang with people of similar interest, create the race. You see where go?

Russ: uh-huh, similar to your race.

Taal: correct. Now come problem. Development in craft, G-Force, stamina, etc., limitations of physical form. Now gene manipulation necessary. You see problem?

Russ: yeah but we're coming onto gene manipulation right now.

Taal: ahh yes, breeding of pilot race.

Russ: uh-huh.

Taal: possible, very possible.

Russ: for space travel though.

Taal: did not a light go off above your head?

Russ: oh yeah.

Taal: uh-huh. So important to protect and look after people, not just because my race once like yours…..

Russ: yeah.

Taal: but because of future.

Russ: right.

Taal: need people like that, see?

Russ: uh-huh, absolutely.

Taal: questions.

Russ: okay we had a couple instances recently that I wanted to bring up maybe you could help me with.

Taal: yes hear so I.

Russ: okay, apparently last week over the state I believe of Texas or someplace, there was a huge light in the sky of…..lit up the entire sky.

Taal: not I.

Russ: no of course not but they said the next day it was a comet about the size of a baseball.

Taal: uh-huh.

Russ: and they couldn’t find it but it was just….

Taal: of course, meteor size of baseball burn up or scatter over wide area, area of limited population, possible long time to find, possible in body of water, was it?

Russ: right.

Taal: more than likely yes.

Russ: hmm.

Taal: we have to track and differentiate between what is natural and what is non-natural. Ground control do tracking, cadet. One function of cadets is to monitor natural phenomena to be able to say natural, not natural, look for signatures.

Russ: ahh okay, so it has a definite signature you can tell?

Taal: correct.

Russ: oh, okay. It just sounds like something that they would hide if they were going to do it, that'd be the way to do it.

Taal: yes.

Russ: it was just a meteor, of course it was.

Taal: and it was.

Russ: and it was.

Taal: uh-huh.

Russ: okay good. Now another thing is, with Area 51….

Taal: ahh yes.

Russ: I’ve heard two stories, one that they’ve moved it to I think it's Colorado and everything that's there isn’t there which sounds like a lot of political smoke dragging there.

Taal: uh-huh.

Russ: being as I saw the article in Science, News and Science or something.

Taal: yes?

Russ: and the other thing is that a friend of mine was driving by there a while ago and saw a big, bright light just totally lit up the entire sky from end one of the desert to the other and then something kind of went racing by.

Taal: yes?

Russ: so it looks like they’re still testing.

Taal: yes. Nellis, home of testing.

Russ: oh.

Taal: Groom Lake, testing of new aircraft. Moved new testing of new craft. Why move......? Best way to say, for moving from area of 51, yes they have and no they have not.

Russ: okay. Yeah and there's still parts of the base that haven’t been moved and nobody leaves those parts.

Taal: you say that…..

Russ: right.

Taal: I do not.

Russ: no.

Taal: clever huh?

Russ: very clever.

Taal: make you think yourself.

Russ: uh-huh, good job, thank you Taal.

Taal: welcome. Hear you have visit of guest speaker?

Russ: uh-huh, the Baron.

Taal: yes. Matter come to discuss.

Russ: okay.

Taal: besides genetic and developments.

Russ: uh-huh.

Taal: 10th of 11th month, we do honorary guard with current defense force platoons?

Russ: uh-huh.

Taal: for returning heroes.

Russ: oh, Lyka’s platoons.

Taal: correct. Commanding officers can request guests to attend private ceremonies.

Russ: hmm.

Taal: would you like to? You may say no if you so wish.

Russ: no I’d be happy to.

Taal: okay but think before accepting, we early in morning when platoons arrive….

Russ: okay.

Taal: would be of two AM our time? Not sure what time yours.

Russ: four AM.

Taal: also guests stand in front with commanding officers? Act as… not know word….

Russ: reception committee?

Taal: no, hold objects to be given to returning hero commanding officers.

Russ: medals?

Taal: no, big objects in cushion and on the cushion.

Russ: not medals........awards, trophies?

Taal: rolled paper with wood and also special short swords.

Russ: oh okay, so I'm not sure what the Sirian words would be for it but we use I guess diplomas would be one way but that’s not quite right, they’re not graduating.

Taal: do not know words.

Russ: well we’ll figure it out. Just….

Taal: ask cadet, he know.

Russ: okay.

Taal: cadet is also friend of yours and mine. I hear rumor has he get one stripe soon?

Russ: very soon (Mark).

Taal: ahh, make him happy.

Russ: yes it will.

Taal: now having done second part of reason here, I go off.

Russ: thank you Taal, I shall be happy to attend.

Taal: let know next week on decision.

Russ: okay, fair enough.

(Kiri starts suddenly and ends the session but we really needed more time)

Kiri: tis sad that Sarah had to go through what she did but that is part of her cross to bear as it were.

Russ: well she did help out others.

Kiri: uh-huh, I got to fulfill my promises. The last time that we talked, we talked about death of course, that’s much on her mind, we talked about rebirth and her conundrum. And her conundrum was that she wants to be my daughter and how we were going to do that.

Russ: well…..

Kiri: and also the fact that she wants to be rebirthed as soon as possible which leaves a few interesting problems.

Russ: well the thing is that she’s the one who will figure that out.

Kiri: oh yeah, yeah. At the moment she’s not in the waiting period, she is still waiting to be laid to rest.

Russ: so is she still hanging around?

Kiri: uh-huh. Then she will go to the waiting area which is normal in these circumstances of great trauma that she feels that she hasn’t quite finished and she needs to say goodbye but she doesn’t want to go too far away from her........her shell which is part of the reason she’s going to be laid to rest where she is is so that she can go and say goodbye to everybody and then leave from her shell.

Russ: so she’s hanging around the Hall of Waiting?

Kiri: yeah.

Russ: hmm.

Kiri: uh-huh which is one of the reasons I have to go down and change the flowers, I promised I would put fresh flowers every day.

Russ: that would explain a lot.

Kiri: what do you mean?

Russ: I went down there with Karra yesterday.

Kiri: uh-huh?

Russ: and….

Kiri: do tell, do tell.

Russ: oh nothing to tell, just one part of me said that she’d already left, the logical part, one part of me said that she was still there.

Kiri: yeah, she is.

Russ: hmm.

Kiri: which is fortunate for us.

Russ: why?

Kiri: due to the fact that we can get communication with her on what she’s going to do, what she wants. It’s something you’d have to grow up with to understand.

Russ: true.

Kiri: the fact that she’s waiting and she will accompany us on the final trip and then she will do what she’s got to do, say goodbye to everybody and then she will go to the time of review and waiting for rebirth. Now her problem that she’s having difficulty understanding and is being helped with is the fact of when we discussed that she wanted to be my daughter she wanted to follow in my footsteps, I said to her, "do want to head librarian?" And she goes, “yes”. And I said, “do you know what that entails?” And she goes, “being able to be there all the time to be in charge of the records, saying who can’t and making all those decisions, learning them…..


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