Stacked Shielding and Bethany Channels Omal-

Channeled (04/25/1992)

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Archivist Notes: We have run out of superlatives to describe the incredible sessions we're able to add to the archives and the general body of knowledge we've gathered. This one stands out far more than the rest just because someone else channels Omal besides Mark. Bethany was the first guest of ours to ask questions, also was able to channel the members of Ashtar Command, plus visit the base in her astral form. So for about ten minutes, you get to hear Mark asking questions for a change in his normal voice as opposed to the voices of those he channels. It's also a time when there were few other speakers other than Omal, Korton, Tia, Karra and Kornas. Our sessions in later years would be far looser with the addition of Kiri and speakers like Bunny. Just how serious is illustrated by the fact that Korton starts things off for the night. He begins by giving us the news that Kiri is pregnant with a baby of her and Mark's while Karra has delivered a baby girl. He moves on to what he came to talk about which is the session the previous week where Ashtar had been testing our shielding. From there we were deemed ready to learn about stacked shielding which is where the dissertation begins. This level of mental shielding is the next stage of our training where he describes it as a series of stationary domes built over the top of our regular shields preferably in a stationary position. He points out that the need for this type of shielding would be rare but better to have practiced than try to remember how later on. We learn of aggressive coercers in the past who would be able to cause confusion so as to get through shields which would be historic individuals like Hitler, Stalin, and Charles Manson. We get to a point in the session where we could use a break so he leaves and Tia comes on just before that as the light entertainment. She starts by letting us know Karra's son Nazreal is a very happy about having a new sister. We then asked her her feelings on Kiri being pregnant being as they are roommates with Mark. She explains it will be a couple weeks before Karra is able to channel again though that might change due to Karra's sense of duty. We end with a discussion on baby names for the new baby girl. We get a few examples before Omal has us take our break. We returned from break and now Mark is able to ask questions of Omal who is now channeling through Bethany. One thing Omal discovers is that chewing gum is best left out of the channeler's mouth prior to channeling. Mark and Bethany now change places as channelers and Omal comes through Mark now. We wrap up this side with a discussion on Uri Geller in his ability to use psychokinesis. Omal brings it up as an example of someone who could be deflected by strong shields when someone is attacking with their mind.

Side two picks up where side one left off as we discover from Omal that individuals with the ability to do PK are emblematic of our evolutionary change as a species. Bethany explains how she used to be able to move things with her mind but lost the ability through seeing it as just entertainment. Omal explains that environmental factors such as education can distract from it as he describes it as the worst thing that can happen to somebody discovering their mental capabilities. He then provides an example of someone manifesting a ball of fire that could be deflected by someone's stacked shielding. He goes on to explain how the two forms of mental activity would be able to interact on the third dimension. A humorous side note was that with Bethany making trips to the base, she had found a male friend who was outside the channeling room waiting for Bethany to finish. Omal admitted it wasn't Bethany's fault but put it down to youth and irresponsibility of the person waiting. We get back to the lesson at hand which was shielding and learn what are current levels were at the time. Mine was a bit higher due to a roommate of ours that tended to test my shields on a daily basis. He gave us the good news that this was the end of our basic training and more advanced training was in our future beginning when Ashtar who would next test our shields. He makes way for the head geneticist on the base named Kornas who was present to give us the scientific breakdown of mental shielding. With Bethany still to get through level V shielding, she asked for a breakdown of the different levels she would have to go through. Kornas then gives a detailed description of all twelve subsections all the way up to level VI.0. It was already obvious from the previous speakers that the lessons being taught were for a higher dimensional type of class of students but we were thankful for the information. All of it was applicable for the third dimension even though we might not deal with fireballs or Meta-concert coercive attacks. Korton next comes on again to finish the night and uses the time to test our shields. First, he has us recite nursery rhymes to get a fix on our mental wavelength. Afterwards, he compares increasing the level of mental shielding to the steps needed to learn how to drive a stick shift car. One day you have it down and the next you're grinding gears. He tells us it's not going backwards but just momentary forgetfulness. We finish out the session with Korton giving us the optimal width of our stacked shields along with the crystalline substance to visualize their construction. One final suggestion he adds is that shield strength can be affected by personal habits such as drinking which would affect the mental state when shields are needed most. This was an information heavy channeling session that was typical of the early days when we were first starting out. More classroom like than dorm room like. These were exciting times back then.
In love, light, and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra

TIA- Ring Mistress
OMAL BETHANY (Guest Channel)


1.)(0:00)- Korton begins with a treatise on stacked shielding from how they are constructed to why they need to be created in the first place. He explains that they might not be needed but knowing is never bad.
2.)(29:18)- Tia is happy because Karra has delivered a baby girl and Kiri is pregnant. She gives us her feelings on that before explaining Mark may be overextending himself with responsibilities on the base.
3.)(34:07)- Omal is channeled through our guest Bethany to give Mark a break from channeling for a few. During that time, Omal remarks on how Bethany is releasing her vocal cords more while channeling.
4.)(36:59)- Omal is back and channeling again through Mark and thanks Bethany for the use of her body. We now look at the PK capability of Uri Geller and how a shield could be utilized to deflect a thrown object.


1.)(0:00)- Omal points out that the use of PK is part of the evolving human species. He then reveals the levels of shielding we have reached before telling us that we have a long way to go to catch up to Mark.
2.)(13:07)- Kornas illustrates perfectly the seriousness that higher dimensional beings take their shielding when he goes through each of the twelve subsections of just the fifth level of mental shielding.
3.)(21:20)- Korton comes back to channel and uses the time to test our shields. He next goes into detail on the optimal thickness of the stacked shields and the type of material to imagine them being as crystalline.

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(Korton starts off the channeling session for a change)

Korton: greetings and felicitations.

Russ: greetings.

Korton: greetings Russell, greetings Bethany.

Bethany: hello?

Korton: and how is everything going?

Russ: very well. Omal I take it?

Korton: incorrect.

Russ: Korton.

Korton: correct.

Russ: Bethany was right.

Korton: okay, first of all as you are aware, Karra has delivered a baby girl. Kiri is now in the family way as you would put it. Here ends the announcements. Do you have any messages that you wish to send?

Russ: I wish I could send a pink cigar.

Bethany: pink cigar?

Korton: cigar some form of nicotine?

Russ: yes, it's a tradition here.

Bethany: for the men.

Korton: for the men, huh? I'm led to believe they are brown in color. Why pink?

Russ: for a baby girl.

Korton: ahh, okay. We will look into this interesting custom of yours.

Bethany: it's not really that important.

Korton: it seems important to some people. Okay, now, previously you were discussing aggressive shielding with the channeler and also group shielding or meta-concert shielding.

Russ: right.

Korton: meta-concert shielding is for a later time. Aggressive shielding, you are not quite ready for yet. You will work towards this, however but you are not ready yet unfortunately.

Bethany: I have a request.

Korton: certainly.

Bethany: whenever you test our shields, could you tell us where we rate on our levels within level V?

Korton: do you wish me to have the information come through the person who is testing your shields or the situation? I find this very unlikely that it would be possible.

Bethany: no, I mean.......oh, so it would take Korton you mean, I mean Kornas to tell us what level we're on?

Korton: yes confuse me.

Bethany: okay. My request is that when you test our shields......

Korton: when we personally?

Bethany: yes.

Korton: ahh, that is where the misunderstanding was. You said when our shields are being tested........?
Bethany: oh okay, I meant when you test them physically........

Korton: oh, okay, I understand.

Bethany: could you tell us where we rate?

Korton: certainly.

Russ: yes, I'm not quite clear on the descriptions of the different levels within level V shielding let's say. Will the class be going through and help explaining that later?

Korton: it is possible but I wouldn't count all your chickens before they're in the basket.

Russ: okay.

Bethany: good analogy Korton.

Korton: thank you. Okay, now down to serious matters as last Saturday we did have a rather interesting lesson. Okay, let's go back over the events of that evening. Ashtar, as you were aware, was manipulating you having broken down your shields within approximately thirty nanoseconds. As was discussed at the time, it was a bit like puppets. Ashtar also did not leave the room when the channeler channeled myself or Omal. He was present all the time through the channeling session. So that he didn't go off to do other things, he was present in the room whereas we're only present up here coming through the channeler. He was actually present in the room, hence the reason for the distortion and sound on the recording device.

Russ: I was wondering how it would work out in the session.

Korton: it was felt best that it was necessary that you had already learned enough at that point and what was on the tape was enough to keep you interested and thinking hard. The rest was to test your memory capability for recall and so on which is important. Now, defensive shielding. We will now move onto the next stage being stacked screening.

Russ: okay.

Korton: this is a little bit harder but it is the next logical step for the more advanced and it will also help to speed up the less advanced. Stacked screening works on the principle of extra shields which are used when necessary. This is done by developing a secondary shield on top of the main shields. This is faced away from the original shields by approximately, using your measurement a foot and a half. This could be more like a dome as it is only a shelter that you put over to protect them. Then you place another one over. This is used in situations where you are stationary, under attack in a mental posture where the outside influences are greater then you can handle.

Russ: okay.

Korton: do you understand this principle?

Russ: uh-huh.

Korton: okay, please repeat it back to me.

Russ: using a dome-like outer shield on top of the main shields gives you more protection and then you add another one on top of that. In an extreme case you can maintain a certain mental defensive posture.

Korton: correct. You can also add as many screens as necessary, however this does detract from your mental capability. It will not weaken your shields because you are now or soon will be reaching the stage where your shields are working constantly. You will find it unnecessary to check them on a regular basis. You will be able to operate your screens without thinking about it as you are reaching the point of it being almost second nature. In some cases this has already happened. Once you reach where it is second nature, you will be progressing sufficiently in level five. You will also find that you will be learning a lot quicker and quicker so that it will be much easier for you to maintain your shields without thinking about them. Then you can work on increasing the density of the screens and working on stacked screening also.

Bethany: I have a question.

Korton: please proceed.

Bethany: my shield have two shields already and then a filling between that.

Korton: yeah, uh-huh.

Bethany: would my outer shield be the stacked shield I have already created or I need to create a third?

Korton: no. I will repeat the principle of stacked screening. You have your regular shields which you have with you constantly.

Bethany: right.

Korton: stacked screening is an emergency.....

Bethany: oh.

Korton: that you set up a dome over you with a foot gap between you and the dome or your shields and the dome. Then you have a second dome over the first dome with a foot gap. The measurements are approximate. You can then, if you wish, add more screens or more stacked screening domes over the top depending on how threatened you feel. You can also produce a static screen which can be used like a dome but this does require a considerable amount of work which will come under class VI shielding.

Bethany: yeah.

Korton: this will actually be able to be picked up on your recording devices much like the background chatter that you pick up concerning Ashtar's channeling a week ago I believe.

Russ: yes, it was affected.

Korton: uh-huh. Okay, now, back to stacked screening. Stacked screening is used in situations where meta-concert is involved. Not from the person who is using the stacked screening but from an aggressive meta-concert being launched at that person. This however is only an emergency situation where three or more people are attacking the person using stacked screening. You can also use stacked screening when you advance to meta-concert shielding but again, you are not ready for this yet. But stacked screening isn't necessary to learn so that you can proceed onto meta-concert shielding. Stacked screening is done as follows. You visualize the first dome over you outside your shields. You do not need to visualize your shields that you have with you constantly. You visualize the first dome and then the second dome. You visualize the densities and thickness and the material of the first and second dome. You also visualize the elasticity, flexibility, and reflective capabilities. If necessary to create a third or fourth screen, then you go through the same process again. The final screen that you lay over the top you coat with an imaginary layer of spikes or nodules so that it gives the appearance of a porcupine almost. So that it gives, for somebody who can visualize your screens or actually perceive your screens, it gives them the appearance that they are attacking something a lot more complicated than it actually is.

Bethany: so then all three of our shields for stacked shielding would be the same?

Korton: yes.

Bethany: would it be reasonable to use our stacked shielding during meta-concert? Is that one of the things required?

Korton: yes it is.

Bethany: okay.

Korton: meta-concert shielding, as you seem so interested on, I will explain a little bit. You can use a varying variety of screens. You can use pyramids, you can use crystal balls, you can use tear-shaped all at the same time, all withinside each other. When you start using domes, you will find that it is slightly different to work on. The reason for using a dome in meta-concert shielding or in an extreme defensive capability is when you are being threatened by somebody of a higher consciousness. When Ashtar said that there are people of higher consciousness that are non-aggressive, there is between you and them, there are other people who are aggressive and will try to do harm. However, their capabilities are not as aggressive as you would like to think. They can penetrate shields and cause confusion and so on. One person that is like that is Charles Manson I believe. He is a very powerful coercer but unfortunately he is, or fortunately for you rather, he is not available due to the fact that he has been interned in some kind of....

Russ: federal penitentiary.

Korton: I do not understand. Penitentiary, please explain.

Bethany: cage.

Korton: a cage, yes okay. Anyway, stacked screening. Where were we? Oh yes. So that people that would be able to penetrate your shields, that are aggressive, are not as advanced as people like ourselves or people on high mountains on your planet. Most of the people that have extreme capabilities but not as advanced as we are, are non-aggressive. But there are people in between that would be aggressive. A good example of a coercer of exceptional quality, although he's been dead for approximately forty-seven of your years, was a dictator in the continent of Europe.

Russ: Hitler?

Korton: presumably that's who it was. He was a coercer of extreme capability that makes Mr. Manson look like a child. However, because of his mental instability, his capabilities later deteriorated. This is quite common for somebody that is a corrupt coercer. The mental capabilities will overload them and they will become mentally unstable and eventually terminate themselves one way or another. Another example of somebody of great coercive capability who was also around at the time was another dictator in the eastern part of Europe.

Russ: Stalin or Mussolini?

Korton: Stalin I believe. With red flags?

Russ: Stalin.

Korton: yes. Someone who is alive today that is a great coercer, that is a pacified coercer, is the Dalai Lama that is in exile in I believe London.

Russ: yes.

Korton: that is a good example of a higher enlightened person. The reason why he also has coercive capabilities is that he has learned to develop them after he was kicked out of power from his homeland by the....

Russ: Chinese Government.

Korton: thank you. Do you have other questions concerning shielding and mental faculties?

Russ: yes I do.

Korton: okay.

Russ: first off, with the stacked screens, would they be effective say if Ashtar was coming through to test our screens?

Korton: Ashtar would penetrate that kind of shielding in a nanosecond probably.

Russ: oh.

Korton: but again, as Ashtar is fond of saying, he is nonaggressive. He would not deliberately harm somebody. He uses his capabilities to test you.

Russ: okay.

Korton: next question please.

Russ: all right. When used in say extreme emergencies with stacked shielding, is there a certain posture we could maintain such as for example laying down?

Korton: sitting down would be better. Lying down would spread you too much on the ground meaning that you would have to enlarge the base of it. If you're sitting, then you don't have to have such a large base area so therefore it is more economical. Economy is the most important thing, you do not waste energy. Every little bit of energy must be utilized to protect you.

Russ: all right, on the stacked shielding, is there a particular sort of dimensions or shape besides the spiked one or is that something we just design?

Korton: the dimensions on the base should be enough to allow you to sit comfortably. So it would be the height of you sitting. A little bit extra actually, about a foot on top of that.

Russ: okay.

Korton: okay? Which would be the height of you sitting plus a foot on either side and so on working out from that point. As I have already stated, the spikes is only the last point on the final shield. It is not a point that you use on every shield, it is on the final shield.

Bethany: I have a question.

Korton: please proceed.

Bethany: would it be smart to sit on top of something such as a stool? Some kind of seat so that you can put you shield through everything as well?

Korton: if you are in an environment where there is rock beneath you this is unnecessary.

Bethany: when there's what?

Korton: rock.

Bethany: oh, okay.

Korton: where there is a nice, dense surface beneath you. Concrete will act not quite as well but well enough to protect you due to the fact that most people cannot penetrate through rock.

Bethany: how about just the earth? Like if you were sitting in the forest?

Korton: that would slow them down sufficiently but not totally.

Bethany: so then it would be smart to sit on top of something like a stump or something so that you can get as much of your shield around you as possible.

Korton: most people do not think of trying to penetrate through the ground as it takes too much work. They tend to work on the actual shields themselves. If you do come across somebody that will try to penetrate the ground, then it is best to brace yourself for an extremely aggressive attack. However the chances of meeting somebody like that are very slim. I estimate approximately 3,485,722.231 against you actually meeting somebody with that capability. Next question please.

Russ: when we're being say aggressively attacked, how would we be able to determine how much of a level of defensive shielding we should use?

Korton: by the persistent feeling that you will get that you are under attack. It depends on the person attacking you. For example, if I was to attack you on a minimal level, then you would have a feeling of discomfort, possibly irritation to some degree and you would be able to use a screen that would protect you from that. I believe you have an environmental factor happening at the moment as a matter of course.

Russ: yes, a mobile shield tester.

Korton: yes.

Russ: okay.

Korton: she is not wholly responsible for that.

Russ: I know but it's good practice though.

Korton: you're welcome.

Russ: with say we're doing something very active like let's say driving your car or riding in your car. Something where you can use a stacked screen while........?

Korton: unfortunately, that is impossible due to the fact of the concentration needed to operate the mechanical transportation device and the fact that a stacked screening is an emergency device which needs to be used in a stationary position. You cannot walk, run, fly, swim, ride on a horse, ride on a bicycle, drive a transportation device, it is something that needs to be done when you are stationary.

Russ: sit down and weather the storm?

Korton: exactly. It is looking for an analogy. It is like a ship on an ocean. If it is caught in a storm, it is best to find a nice, quiet place to wait out that storm.

Russ: felt a heavy, heavy test this evening.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: and so for that, if I'm working or have to do something, my best defense is a very strong natural shielding that I'm working with.

Korton: correct.

Russ: I have a observation that I don't know if you'll be able to answer or not. I doubt it but I'd like to ask anyway. It seems like though with all this extra shielding, stacked, static, and otherwise, it would be to prepare for a war.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: well this is more like basic training you might say where our armies go through to prepare them for a conflict.

Korton: uh-huh. Are you being prepared for a war of some kind?

Russ: right.

Korton: it is best to be prepared for every eventuality. You have armies I believe that are very seldom used in an aggressive mode but yet you maintain them. This is a very smart move due to the fact that a country or a planet that does not have a aggressive force will soon be dominated by outside influences. So therefore, shielding can be compared to the same thing. It is necessary to make preparation as if a war was expected. Whether or not a war will happen is besides the point.

Russ: okay. Question involving static screening that I'll go through later........

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: but I'm a little confused about what exactly that is like. Say for example our TV sets, we get what's called white noise or static.

Korton: yes, that is exactly what it is. It is very confusing and also with the particles moving around in a random direction, it makes it very difficult for somebody to penetrate. Next question please.

Bethany: I have none.

Russ: okay, currently I'm using a system of calling up my shields by number.

Korton: uh-huh.

Russ: along with a trigger phrase. Each shield then being numbered current one through each shield so calling up more than one would call up versus and so on.(?)

Korton: ahh, you are using a military tactic. We have just accessed files and things being done by the numbers is a military procedure. This is very wise and very well used and is extremely acceptable.

Russ: okay. So I would assume that from working with my stacked shields would go like four, five or six?

Korton: it might be better to use a different name for the stacked screens due to the fact that if you were in a situation where you're quickly putting up your shields, you could find yourself overextending yourself.

Russ: I see.

Korton: okay? We will take a break in a few minutes due to the fact that you probably desire a break, correct?

Russ: always.

Korton: okay.

Russ: no, I'm kidding but yes, I could use one.

Korton: we will send in, before we take a break, the light entertainment.

(Russ chuckles)

Russ: all right, send her in.

Korton: send her in?

Bethany: Tia?

Korton: of course.

(Tia now takes up her position as ring mistress)

Tia: Incy Wincy spider went climbing up the spout.....good evening.

Russ: good evening Tia. You are the light entertainment I take it?

Tia: umm.....yes.

Bethany: hi Tia.

Tia: hi Bethany. Isn't it great?

Bethany: what?

Russ: Karra?

Tia: yes.

Russ: yes, fantastic. Kiri of course also.

Tia: of course, of course.  And Nazreal is very happy about it.

Bethany: now explain to me about Kiri, is she pregnant?

Tia: yes.

Bethany: oh, okay.

Tia: you sound a little bit confused.

Bethany: well I was but just a little bit because that's what I figured.

Tia: Korton was rather prolonged I believe.

Bethany: yeah, I thought you liked to gossip about it.

Tia: I do.

Russ: a personal question Tia.....

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: how do you feel about it?

Tia: well, Kiri and myself have certain understandings and from a genetic point of view, it's almost as if it was part mine anyway.

Russ: true. How's everything going?

Tia: oh, fine, fine.

Russ: how's Karra?

Tia: well she's recovering. She won't be able to channel for a little while, maybe a week or two. But you know what she's like, she's very strong headed. If she feels that she wants to channel, oh well, she'll channel. But she is looking forward to becoming a mom again.

Russ: well I've been blocked lately.

Tia: well, you won't be blocked anymore.

Russ: oh.

Tia: and message for Bethany.........

Bethany: go ahead, I'm ready to take my scolding.

Tia: get your posterior up here, we have things that we wish to discuss.

Bethany: discuss?

Tia: yes, otherwise you will find that once you go solid, you will have a red.......ummm.....

Bethany: that's okay, I understand.

Tia: okay. And how is the practice coming with going solid or is Mark still working on the program?

Russ: he's still working the program.

Tia: hmmm. I believe he did discuss with Korton that he has taken on rather a lot of work to do you could say. Korton is slightly annoyed with Mark due to the fact that he has many things that he's doing such as surveillance, analystic work, teaching, working out programs and so on. Unfortunately, otherwise he might spend more time up here and maybe he could join Kiri in the nursery. Anyway, we are thinking of names up here for the female offspring of Karra. Would you care to join us in working out names? At the moment all's the female infant has is a number so we have to come up with a name as it is easier instead of saying A2315.

Russ: Crystal?

Tia: hmm, how about you Bethany?

Bethany: Calyssa.

Tia: we have Cassandra as my suggestion.

Bethany: Calyssa was the name of the witch that I was in a past life.

Tia: hmm, okay. Well, we are being gently nudged by the boss man and he is informing us that you wish to take a respite. We will depart and we will see you.....hmmm, in a little while.

Russ: enjoy.

(Tia blows a raspberry)

Bethany: bye Tia

Russ: bye Tia.

(Mark comes back from channeling to take a quick break)

Russ: don't move your head Mark.

Mark: don't?

Russ: don't.

(The tape gets fuzzy at this point)

Russ: still, it's a challenge both ways for them.

(Bethany now begins to channel Omal while Mark asks questions)

Omal: I'm glad to see that you're making progress on your own rather than me telling you where to go.

Russ: definitely.

Omal: hello Mark.

Mark: hello Betha.........hello Omal. This is a little bit confusing.

Omal: would you like me to leave so that you can channel?

Mark: it's up to Bethany if you wish to go.

Omal: I believe she wishes to be tested tonight on her shields so...........well, we could do that up here.

Russ: still, it's enjoyable hearing from you coming from her again still.

Omal: always happy to hear your voices. All right, then I'll get a move on and......I'll be back.

Mark: it sounds more amusing coming through Bethany then listening to it through me on a tape recorder.

Omal: I think it's easier to say that through Bethany. Somehow her vocal cords are more vulnerable.

Russ: well adapted.

Mark: well after all, I am from a different culture.

Omal: yes, but she has released her vocal cords very much to us. If you remember, the first few times she channeled, that was THE problem.

Mark: yeah, the releasing of the vocal cords and I can't remember if it was you or Korton I was discussing with teaching Bethany trance channeling.

Omal: I believe that was Korton.

Mark: yeah. As I have already stated, I am doing a lot of extra things for you guys. Surveillance and so on.

Omal: yeah, yeah, I don't want to hear it.

(Russ starts to laugh)

Mark: I'll give you my sob story when I get up there.

Omal: okay. Can you tell me what is this thing in Bethany's mouth?

Mark: ahh, chewing gum I believe.

Omal: what is the purpose?

Mark: it is a artificial stimuli to occupy the mind whilst talking. Personally, I find it very......

Omal: annoying?

Mark: yes, annoying habit having somebody talking to you and they're chewing on a piece of gum.

Omal: I see.

Mark: okay.

Omal: all right, I'll be off now.

Russ: right, good talking to you.

Omal: bye-bye.

(Omal now switches to a new channel and speaks through Mark)

Bethany: hey, who's here?

Omal: well, we were talking about manifestation.

Russ: Omal!!!

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: greetings.

Omal: greetings, and Bethany, thank you for letting us use you.

Bethany: definitely.

Omal: okay, now we're going to gear down from heavy duty screening to a lighter form of screening, almost entertainment-like. I believe that is the correct phrases to use.

Russ: yep.

Omal: okay, I believe my esteemed colleague was using definitions for you to understand concerning coercive capabilities.

Russ: right.

Omal: we will also now discuss various forms of other faculties relating to shielding. For example, an individual that we are interested in that is very capable in the PK spectrum is a gentleman from Israel by the name of Uri Geller.

Russ: yes, we were talking about him last week.

Omal: yes we were, or rather are aware of discussions and I must remind you again as you seem to forget that you are under constant surveillance.

Russ: (?).

Omal: no, and you shouldn't. Okay, Mr. Geller's capability is psychokinesis. Being able to bend objects and restart watches, etc. Relating to shielding, with somebody of a more advanced capability, even more advanced then Mr. Geller would use physical bombardment possibly. However, there are very few of these people on your planet and those are tend to hide themselves very well and a few tend to be entertainment, psychokinesis capabilities on your.........sorry, I lack words for that. No, can't help you there. But they tend to be harmless enough as they tend to be more interested in being showy.

Russ: I have a question Omal.

Omal: okay, please...........

Russ: what has PK have to do with shielding?

Omal: actual physical bombardment. Somebody that has a PK capability could almost fling the fabled penny at you.

Russ: right.

Omal: and it would be necessary deflect the mental capability so that the penny might start to move towards you and then drop almost instantaneously because your shields would deflect the preordained flight path of the penny that the person has chosen. Or it might even stop them from doing it.

Russ: I see. I was thinking maybe PK would give you strong shields to use then.

Omal: you do as well.

Bethany: that's what I, as a child, do it so well without having shields. Without having good shields.

Omal: because your mind was much younger and didn't have the mental barriers that have been placed in due to personal experience, environmental experiences, environmental factors, parental factors, and quite a few others which would be pointless to mention because they're all basically the same thing. So the older you get, the more mental barriers you put in place. This is why it is important to get an offspring or a child at an early age before they form those barriers. A child is much more susceptible to having their mind capability enlarged. This is not my field. This is Kornas' field which possibly will be available.

Russ: sure. Okay, we were talking about Uri Geller.

Omal: Uri Geller, yes.





(Omal stays on subject with the start of side two)

Bethany: continue with that thought.

Omal: Uri Geller, why do you wish to know more about this gentleman?

Russ: because his ability is coinciding with our current line of study........

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: and Bethany was unaware of what he did.

Omal: I don't think Bethany was totally unaware. It is that she has heard the name and in her past has heard what he can do but due to the length of time has forgotten much of what she heard.

Russ: okay. Why is it so unrecognizable, PK being so minor? People don't really care about it.

Omal: because it is something that requires quite a bit of mind concentration and those that do have it tend to feel, I believe as the channeler would say, like a freak. But they are not, they are the natural evolution of your species, of those that do have mental capabilities.

Russ: does this come down to genetics?

Omal: yes it does.

Bethany: what's the point of psychokinesis?

Omal: you can use it for many things. One that springs to mind that we access is from one the authors that is in your library, "A Stranger in A Strange Land?" They use a very useful form of psychokinesis for stirring soups and pasta dishes and so on without actually touching the utensil for stirring it.

Russ: I see.

Omal: there are other uses for psychokinesis such as moving something that is in your way, punching holes in walls if necessary, or by creating a large, heavy object to move, and to put out fires burning in carpets.

Bethany: see, the thing about that is that as a child I would yank pencils and stuff like that. The reason I didn't pursue it is because it was kind of like, well an entertainment for myself. It wasn't something to show off, it just seemed like a game.

Omal: and you felt later on in life that it wasn't important to use this and to develop it, correct?

Bethany: uh-huh.

Omal: and this is due to environmental factors, the way that you have been educated. It is sometimes education can be the worst thing to happen to somebody when they are learning that they have capabilities. But we must get back to the subject of shielding........

Russ: right.

Omal: as we have wandered from it. Also, shielding can be used against manifestation. Manifestation can be used to attack somebody who has........where are you going?

Bethany: just up here for one second.

Omal: ahhh.

Russ: while she's gone, can I ask another question?

Omal: certainly.

Bethany: I'm back.

Omal: what's wrong with your back?

Bethany: I am back.

Omal: oh, you are back.

Bethany: I'll be back.

Omal: I'll be back. I'll take the Uzi nine mm with laser sightings.

(Russ burst out laughing)

Russ: okay, this has to do with PK and shielding.

Omal: please proceed.

Russ: is aggressive shielding coupled with PK a very effective form of........?

Omal: yes it is, it is a very effective weapon but if you are contemplating working on aggressive shielding, do not do that yet. We are working with the channeler although he would prefer to be elsewhere. I'm personally not working with him but he will probably do a time translation to fulfill a promise that he made just recently concerning a young lady's.....rump.

Russ: yeah. We'll store it for later.

Omal: okay.

Russ: okay cool. Manifestation.

Omal: manifestation, yes. If somebody was to manifest a fireball at you, you can use your shielding to deflect it. As the fireball is created by the mind's capability, it would also have to go against another mind generated instrument such as the shield and the shield would be able to deflect it. If the person has a much greater capability was to fire a fireball at the person using the shielding, then there would be damage done and the outer screens may go, the inner screens would stay. This is why stacked screening, which we will work on at a later date, will be useful.

Russ: now we're talking about manifestation in the third dimension, as far as a fireball......

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: against shielding, which doesn't seem to me would stop something manifested in the third dimension.

Omal: well both are created by the mind.

Russ: yet you can't see a shield but you can see a fireball.

Omal: can you see light? Can you see darkness?

Russ: yeah.

Omal: how do you see darkness, how do you see light? You see it through your eyes but you don't actually see where light comes from. You see the point of origin but you do not see.......

Bethany: you see the results.

Omal: correct. So therefore, another way to explain it is can you see the total spectrum of light, all the different colors?

Russ: not unless I saw it through a special device.

Omal: correct. Shielding works on the same principle that you cannot see it physically due to the fact that you need a device to see it.

Bethany: or else you won't see the result.

Omal: correct.

Bethany: what?

Omal: this one's smart. And as a friend of ours is wandering around.....

Bethany: is his head hanging low?

Omal: no, he looks........

Bethany: with his fist in the air?

Omal: no, he's got his fists on his hips and he's walking around muttering, "when will she be here?" He wishes an answer I believe and I do hate acting as mediator. Please do not let this happen again, this one time is acceptable.

Bethany: well then I will refrain from answering, he'll just have to wait.

Omal: we shall answer so that we can get rid of this individual.

Bethany: just say I'll surprise him. I can't guarantee I'll be up there tonight because I'm extremely tired and I have to work tomorrow and he reads me to sleep.

Omal: yes, we are aware of this weakness. Okay, we will have to put up with this circling individual.

Bethany: I apologize.

Omal: it is not as nice as a circling female individual that we tend to have circling occasionally but nonetheless, we can put up with this. It is not your fault so do not apologize, it is his youth and irresponsibility that makes him act like this.

Bethany: thank you for your tolerance.

Omar you're welcome. Now, back to shielding.

Russ: right.

Omal: and this is a time where I have to use my own shielding to block out negative vibes coming from the aforementioned individual. Well, you were discussing earlier on information relating to the levels of shielding.

Russ: right.

Omal: okay, Bethany, you are a IV.2. Russ, you are a V.........correction, a VI.1 due to the fact of necessary aggravation.

Russ: oh, my training advocate.

Omal: yes, and we will not disclose what the channeler is but you both need a considerable bit of work to catch up.

Russ: we'll get there.

Omal: we will disclose that information maybe in a little while or somebody else with a scientific, genetic mind might release that information. You have more questions concerning shielding?

Bethany: can you tell me when it's a good idea for me to go back to the rotation of the lights?

Omal: we will tell you at the time.

Bethany: okay. Is there a certain level I have to reach to reach within level V?

Omal: yes there is. So that level VI would be preferable.

Bethany: okay.

Russ: practicing our stacked shielding.......

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: we can start that anytime now?

Omal: it would be best to start it in the next prolonged channeling session which will be, I believe seven of your days?

Russ: six as we'll be doing it on Friday.

Omal: okay, six of your days then.

Russ: okay, good deal.

Omal: and that will be the last one of your basic training. We will then work out a scheduling after a two week light entertainment session where you may be tested again. However, Ashtar will test you when Ashtar wishes as he's stated previously. Beware.

Russ: right, so he could test us at any time during the sessions?

Omal: uh-huh. You could be for example channeling on one of your off nights and Ashtar might decide that it is now time to talk to you and test your screens. But don't take this as being written in.......

Bethany: stone.

Omal: blood.

Bethany: would it be advisable then to only channel when all three of us are present rather than only two?

Omal: no. Ashtar is aware that when there are three together is the correct time to channel when he channels through you. That is his own decision. He may channel through when there is two of you there and not test you, just give you a discussion or even interview you.

Russ: that's all I have for right now.

Omal: okay. There will be a short interlude.

(Following the interlude, Kornas now comes on with an excellent follow-up to Omal)

Kornas: greetings, felicitations.

Russ: greetings Korton.

Kornas: incorrect.

Russ: oh. Kornas!!!

Kornas: correct. A bit slow, aren't we?

Russ: it was the working information as we develop here.

Kornas: I can only stay briefly as I have to get back to my lab as I have an experiment running.

Russ: okay.

Kornas: this is a genetic experiment, it does not concern anybody that you know.

Bethany: can we get a layout of the different levels within level V once again?

Kornas: starting from which point?

Bethany: the beginning?

Kornas: the beginning, okay. In level V, there are twelve subsections. Level I being the lowest, level XII being the highest. You have already been stated what your level is, I believe however my colleague left out your level IX.

Bethany: oh, you mean......?

Kornas: your channeler.

Bethany: oh, Mark's score, okay.

Kornas: okay. Also, due to the fact that he is, looking for an interesting analogy? Vulcan heart? That wouldn't be correct, nevermind.

Russ: how do you determine each level as you go up without having been told such?

Kornas: there are certain steps that you must achieve before you can go up to the next subsection. Such steps are being able to throw up your screens rapidly, being able to lower your screens rapidly. A lower step is being able to increase the thickness of your shielding and so on down the line. A level I would be somebody that has a strong enough screen to deflect normal levels of mental capability. A level II would be somebody that would be able to absorb that energy and use it in their screens. A level III is somebody that can vary the thickness, receive incoming energy and deflect it. A level IV is somebody that can increase the thickness of their screening, vary the density of the materials, and receive and reflect the incoming energy. A level V is somebody that can communicate through the shields. A level VI is somebody that can communicate through the shields, deflect, vary, and so forth. A level VII is somebody that can lower and raise their shields more rapidly and reflect, receive, and send information. A level VIII is somebody that can use a greater variety of shielding as well as receive, reflect, send, etc., etc. A level IX is somebody who can use a very simple form of aggressive screening. Can use stacked screening, again in primitive form but this is not necessary to be a level IX, this is more a level X or XI. Do you wish me to proceed or am I making it uninteresting?

Bethany: no, keep going.

Kornas: okay, a level X is somebody that can use aggressive screening and defensive screening, changing from one to another pretty rapidly in maybe half a second or even a nanosecond. A level XI, and that is such a difficult word to pronounce, a level XI is somebody that can use a more complicated stacked screening with a regular screen that can use in an aggressive and a defensive. A level XII is somebody that can use stacked screening proficiently and can use an defensive, aggressive shield, transferring from one to the other rapidly and using a very primitive form of offensive shield. A level VI, being a new level, not a level V.6 but a level VI.1 or rather VI.0 is somebody that can use all of the aforementioned without any problem and works towards the end of being much more proficient in everything such as aggressive, defensive, offensive, stacked screening, and starting on static screening. Okay, we won't go into any more as the noise that you made is a suggestion of exhaustion.

Bethany: I have a question.

Kornas: please proceed.

Bethany: the levels within V have aggressive shielding in them.

Kornas: yes.

Bethany: I thought that that was in level VI.

Kornas: these are primitive forms of aggressive shielding.

Bethany: so level VI is mastered aggressive....

Kornas: yes, and you're working on perfecting. It is a bit like your linguistic skill. A child......a five-year-old is proficient in  communication, however compared to an adult, isn't that advanced.

Russ: I'm a little confused though. You went from level XII back to level VI but you said level VI incorporated everything that level XII did.

Kornas: yes, but in a much.......

Bethany: level V.12.

Russ: ohhhhh, I see.

Bethany: level VI.1.

Russ: I get it.

Kornas: uh-huh, the next level. Yes, I'm sorry for the confusion.

Bethany: levels are set as V.12, as we said, level VI.1.

Kornas: we would like to make a statement that when the channeler comes back it might be advisable to give him a massage on the neck due to the fact that he is in an uncomfortable position.

Russ: okay.

Kornas: okay. We will now have back to my counterpart, not Omal however.

Russ: thank you very much Kornas, much appreciated.

Kornas: you're welcome. Have an enjoyable evening lady and gentlemen.

Bethany: goodbye Kornas.

(Korton comes back on to finish up the side)

Korton: greetings once again.

Russ: greetings.

Korton: greetings Russell, greetings Bethany.

Bethany: hello.

Korton: okay, now then, I believe somebody was on about having their screens tested?

Bethany: me.

Korton: correct.

Russ: I'd like mine.

Korton: okay, do you wish to prepare yourself or do you want me to do it without warning?

Bethany: you know, I better prepare myself.

Korton: you better keep talking so we can get a fix on. How about reciting a nursery rhyme that a young lady likes to recite?

Bethany: I guess I should continue with Incy Wincy spider.

Korton: okay, please proceed.

Bethany: Incy Wincy spider crawled up the water spout..I don't.......

Korton: we're having amusement with that.

Bethany: I just think it's funny me singing
Incy Wincy spider in the middle of a channeling session.

Korton: well it is not actually for my amusement, it is for yours.

Bethany: oh.

Korton: as I do not have amusement on such a........although I have amusement at admiring my antiques that I have been able to collect.

Bethany: computers.

Korton: yes. Okay, and I am thinking of using one in these sessions. Actually, nobody's around, I can tell you that it is more for my entertainment, my amusement. After all, I haven't outgrown all emotions.

Russ: good.

Korton: okay, are you ready?

Bethany: I think so.

(There is a long pause as Korton tests Bethany's shields)

Korton: next victim, please communicate.

(Russ starts singing Frère Jacques)

Korton: I've humiliated both of you.

Bethany: uh-huh.

Korton: okay, are you ready.

Russ: all set.

(There is another long pause as Korton tests Russ' shields)
Korton: hmm.

Bethany: geez Russ, I lasted a bit longer than you.

(Bethany and Russ both laugh)

Korton: almost a relapse, not quite.

Bethany: so what level are we at?

Korton: it has already been mentioned what level you're are.

Bethany: I know but last time our level went up within five minutes.

Korton: yes, sometimes it works that way, sometimes it isn't. It is like when you learn to use your transportation devices.

Russ: our cars?

Korton: uh-huh. One day you could drive proficiently using the mechanism to increase the speed in conjunction with the mechanism to increase the engine ratios and another day you would grind the gears very badly. You understand what I'm saying?

Russ: yes.

Korton: okay. It is not a relapse, is just temporarily forgetting what you were trying.

Russ: right. Any big gaps in the shield?

Korton: you are proceeding reasonably well. I have been reprimanded for encouragement of more than necessary.

Bethany: more what
than necessary?

Korton: more encouragement, more praise than is necessary.

Bethany: I see.

Russ: soft with us?

Korton: yes. I have been, forgive the analogy, told to be more like a drill sergeant.

Russ: well that's okay, we appreciate that.

Korton: okay, we will remove this file and study it and then we will replace it. We can continue talking as this is quite simple to do. All's I have to do is use a subject which I will call in and dump it into their memory and then remove it to a later date. But in the meantime, whilst this is happening, we will continue
discussing shielding. We were discussing earlier on stacked screening, correct?

Russ: right.

Korton: okay, do you have your secretarial material available? It might not be necessary as you have this instrument for recording. Okay, now, the approximate density of the material to use would be something of a crystalline nature approximately two to three inches to start off with. You can enlarge this at a later date when you have become more proficient. The gap will remain the same between each shield that you will create. It is also necessary to keep them in a stable situation that you do not rotate them or spin them due to the fact that it is an expenditure of unnecessary energy because your personal shields are already doing that. Working in conjunctions with a personal shield, a screen can only be used when you're in a conscious state of mind. It is necessary to be not uninhibited but inhibited because that is the nature of the screens that they are to inhibit any incoming information or aggressive attacks. If you are in an uninhibited state of mind for example, having indulged in one of your habits, then the stacked screens will not work and it will also do more harm than good. However, your personal shield will no longer be affected by this.

Russ: question.

Korton: please proceed.

Russ: when we are say engaged in our habits as such, you say our personal shields aren't affected?

Korton: they're not affected any noticeable amount because now you're reaching a level where they are almost automatic.

Russ: yeah. One thing I'm trying right now.....

Korton: excuse us, we are going to adjust the channelers position. You might want to protect the recording device.

(We hear the mic get knocked over)

Korton: I warned you.

Bethany: yeah, had a problem there. Yeah......

Korton: yes, it is running. I can hear it loud in my....

Bethany: would you like me to remove it?

Korton: no, it gives us comfort knowing that you are taking precautions on recording although I would love to hear the sound it made when it hit the ground.

Russ: I'll play it back for you sometime.

Korton: okay. That might be amusing to do would be to listen to the past.

Bethany: yeah.

Korton: yes, it would be interesting.

Russ: so I'll queue it up for next week.

Korton: okay, although we do have recordings of key channelings with higher officials.

Bethany: oh, so you can record them but we can't?

Korton: you mean....?

Russ: of their conversations anyway.

Korton: yes, concerning last week's was recorded due to the fact that it was felt that it would be necessary for us to go over at a later date the information that was divulged by our esteemed authority. Okay, we will now cut this channeling session to an end and wish you a good evening. I believe a time translation has been done so the channeler may be delayed slightly.

Russ: okay. Thank you very much Korton.

Korton: you're welcome.

Bethany: have a good evening Korton.

Korton: you too young lady.

Russ: see you soon.


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