It's All Third Dimensional- Channeled (8/25/98)

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Archivist Notes: As the title suggests, this month's channeling session is almost exclusively focused on subjects related to the third dimension. So much so that it is not only earth being discussed but a planet in a completely different sector of space called Durondedunn which is Tia's home planet in the third dimension before being rescued and finding her way stationed on the base. To get through both planets takes us all the way to side two where the theme is maintained through only two speakers, Omal and Lyka. Omal's take on the theme is to discuss the universe and the wonders that fill the night sky while Lyka gives us a rundown of some of her experiences with the Sirian Defense Force and the efforts in assisting third dimensional races reach the sixth dimension. With so few people on the base channeling, it gave us a night full of details laid out in full instead of having to cut things short so all the speakers scheduled could talk.
   As mentioned, Tia starts thing off by going over her latest reports she had gathered on earth happenings by getting Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Sudan and stocks out of the way before she gets into depth about Osama bin Laden and his efforts to change the world in his image while making a tidy profit at the same time. The United States had recently launched Operation Infinite Reach which was cruise missile strikes launched into Afghanistan and Sudan in retaliation for the bombings of the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. She gives a detailed account of the attack and its aftermath before moving on to the latest stock market news. Moving on to questions following her dissertation were answers about the financial motivations for the attacks which gave a better picture behind the destruction. Luckily the religious implications behind the reconstruction efforts came up because a discussion about Durondedunn and its history was a result. A more timely comparison couldn't be more apt as the one of Durondedunn just before its wars which nearly destroyed it and modern day earth. The planet was forced to adopt a matriarchal society after three quarters of the male population had been killed off and we can see a possible fate for humanity in Durondedunn's present. Next though we switch topics to reports of an upcoming pole shift due to certain fluctuations which she easily debunks. The debunking continues as next she similarly shows the same errors of the South Pole moving wildly and how a volcano cannot heat the ground miles away enough that would lead to spontaneous combustion. She finishes up the side by finishing her point that in all these cases natural forces were at work but they did forecast the coastline from Guatemala to Washington State falling into the ocean.

   After taking up all of side one, Tia quickly wraps up and makes room for Omal to sit down inside the channeling field for his time to answer some of our questions. Things get deep quick after he goes over what Tia discussed, deep as in deep space and the mechanics behind the expansion of the universe. We learn the universe uses energy that will be created in the future to maintain the current expansion with the following compression to come causing what is called a naked singularity. We also discover that new parallel universes are being created all the time and can be detected. This marked a point in our conversation where we had wandered into the very deep end of the pool and would have to table the discussion for further clarification at a future session. Answering a question on the discovery of a new galaxy within our own, we learn about proto-solar systems and their similarity in appearance to a young galaxy. We end after the final question to him on if there is a finite amount of matter within the universe before moving on to Lyka and her recent exploits. We hear that even while as a captain with the Sirian Defense Force she is responsible for ninety other Oath Keepers, she also has to attend school as a student back on Sirius to improve her skills at what she does. The mission of Oath Keepers to maintain peace through any means necessary brings up the question of peace on earth and whether it will be possible in the future. That shifts the conversation slightly to ethnic pride, standoffs in our planet's recent past like in Waco Texas until we finally get to the belief in past lives and why it's a valid belief. With one final return trip to sieges and siege mentality, we hear about with her memories of a time when her group of Oath Keepers were surrounded once during a mission. To finish out her time with us we learn about sexuality from a sixth dimensional standpoint from someone who knows quite a bit about the subject. Tia is left with less than thirty seconds before the tape runs out but it is enough time for her to comment on Lyka's buffness.

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OMAL RUSS (Archivist)




2.)(15:40)- Lyka explains her duties as an Oath Keeper on the third dimension, siege mentality as seen by someone who has studied sieges on our planet and Sirian sexual ethics.

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(Tia jumps right in on her reports of happenings on Earth)

Tia: okay, first of all let me get straight down the business as I have a lot to cover. Where do I start? Okay, letís start off first of all with the attacks and communiquť number one. Communiquť number one was released because certain criteria, even though it wasnít met, it was deemed that it was a alarming enough situation that would have long-reaching effects. Weíve been monitoring the situation and the supposed research that certain governmental agencies on your planet have been doing, we have been monitoring their conclusions and their actions. We were prepared for the supposed attacks however they came a little bit later than we anticipated. This was due to the fact that they were planned and then rescheduled because of information that they received that was not totally accurate that they deemed was accurate. The attacks were actually scheduled for the 19th in the early morning their time which would be mid-afternoon about the same time as they actually occurred, maybe a little later. The plan was done for that time in the morning in those areas because it would be deemed that a majority of the people would be asleep and they would be easier targets. However, things did go awry a little bit and I will cover that in a moment. The attacks on Afghanistan were carried out using large quantities of missiles to saturate an area which was hit successfully but the damage was not that extensive due to the construction of the materials of the buildings in the area. Most of the buildings that were hit are easy to replace, the equipment that was lost is minimal material due to the fact that the more important material was stored in caves and caverns deep within the mountains so that they would be safe from such attacks. These attacks, particularly the one in Afghanistan, was primarily done for effect, more along the lines of we can hit you wherever. Now the problems created by the attacks on Afghanistan, in communiquť number two, I stated that Russia was upset due to the fact that they were not informed of the attacks however they were aware of the attacks as soon as they started to happen because of satellite imagery. The release that they gave was the first they heard about it was when the cruise missiles were actually hitting the target was wrong but they have every reason to be upset due to the closeness of the attacks to their borders. And it is worrying for the Russians due to the fact of these attacks being close to their border threatens their sovereignty so it was a very dangerous move. The more vocal opponents are just vocal opponents in Russia, they are certainly upset with the fact that the attacks were launched and the closeness to their borders. Pakistan is also upset because the majority of the missiles went through their sovereign space and they were not informed of the attacks. Calculations were that the Soviet Union would inform themÖ..sorry Russia would inform them of these attacks and give them advance warning which they did not because the communication between the two countries is spotty at best and also the fact of the time of night that this was occurring. Unfortunately, some of the cruise missiles did not do their job, in fact one had a malfunction on board and because of the safety mechanisms, landed and is now in the hands of the Pakistani armed forces. This is a situation that bears looking at because they now have a piece of hardware which they can copy. Much as reverse engineering is a topic that has been discussed in the past, the Pakistani military has now been given the opportunity to do reverse engineering. There was some damage done to the missile when it landed but it was not self-destructed as it should have been which means that they have an intact missile that has minor damage to the casing and some of the computer hardware which can be easily repaired, analyzed and replicated. As in any such attack, as the attack in Afghanistan, there is a certain amount of error that occurs. You cannot have pinpoint accuracy over such a great distance, pinpoint being within millimeters. Pinpoint accuracy for these kind of attacks is within a few hundred feet, hence the reason for sending so many missiles. Now moving further down the coast, down to the Sudan. This attack on a supposed quote factory for making certain precursors for ZX nerve gas is a error, a big mistake. Certainly Osama bin Laden was involved with it, certainly he was a contributor financially. For him it was an investment which if the United States had stuck to its original story of saying that they wanted to hurt him financially wouldíve worked. However, the fact is that yes it did make the precursor chemicals for ZX nerve gas or VX nerve gas however, one of the precursor chemicals for VX nerve gas is also used in making medication to fight malaria. In Sudan, malaria is more prevalent than AIDS so this drug to fight malaria that was being produced at this factory has been taken away from that area. The fact that there are trace chemicals of nerve gas precursor agents is expected because the chemicals that are used to make this drug to fight malaria are a precursor chemical. Now, statements by the Defense Department over the last 36 hours saying that they have found links to Iraq through this chemical manufacturing plant is expected because they also have a problem with malaria. So not only has the attacks been on another sovereign nation and that through somebody elseís airspace but they have taken away a medical facility. Certainly the chemicals produced could be used to make nerve gas but they're also just as equally used to make medical supplies to fight malaria. This attack was a mistake, it was designed to strike a facility that was believed to be making weapons of mass destruction. The research was not done and the attack was carried out and was effective in destroying a medical supply facility that was to help people. Now getting back to Osama bin Laden, in 1996 he was indicted by the United States government secretly for terrorist actions. In 1995, Osama bin Laden was a guest at the Hyatt Regency in New York. In 1994 he spent three months at the Hyatt in New York. If he had been such a threat, why was he not arrested at the time when he was in the country? Mainly because the history of Osama bin Laden has been that of an ally until he launched these attacks. If the government of your country had done more research when he was first contacÖÖwhen he first contacted the governmental agencies and was supplied with the technology and weaponry to be able to fight the then former Soviet Union in Afghanistan which is the reason why he is an honored guest there, they wouldíve found out that he is in actual fact a very dangerous individual that can switch sides at a momentís notice. He is in the business of not mass destruction, not destruction of the United States, but in the business of making money through whatever means he can. And, in doing so with his mental mindset, he sees that whatever means necessary is by causing destruction of the United States. The reason being or his logic is that by attacking a country that is a superpower and creating such a ruckus, that in actual fact he can benefit his finances because of the destruction created by attacks and by the use of weapons. He is also invested in weaponry. Research has discovered that he is invested in certain military contractors, I cannot say where but I will let you guess. Okay now moving on to the stock market and the crisis in the Middle East.......the Far East. The stock market in Hong Kong, Jakarta and Tokyo at the moment are fluctuating rapidly. Weíre having large jumps of up to 299 points plus in Japan, 300 plus in Hong Kong, 200 plus in Jakarta. These fluctuations give more cause for warning than the attacks on Afghanistan and the Sudan. This is because of the volatility, these oscillations are getting bigger and bigger. They will reach a point where they are so large that a recovery would be difficult from a negative deficit. Now moving along following the economic path, the Russian Moscow market is also fluctuating not as dramatically but the fluctuations are there. It is not a steady climb or decrease although the decrease was almost catastrophic a few weeks ago. With the devaluation of the ruble is only a temporary remedy which may at most last three months, I will personally say maybe a month and a half to two months. Once the currencies have settled, then the old pattern will be reestablished and the situation will become grim. Because of the devaluation of the ruble, the finances of the Soviet Union.....Russia are in somewhat of a disarray. With the ruble being worth less to the dollar means that the prices of imports have increased dramatically and these imports are not luxury items such as computers, automobiles and digital watches, they are necessities, grain, food supplies, medical supplies. So if the Soviet Union.....Russia........and I do apologize for keeping on calling it the Soviet Union, Iíve been doing some research......continues, then they are in for some pretty tough times. The symptoms from the Soviet Union are a model to watch. Okay, I have finished on my dissertation, letís answer questions.

Russ: okay first off, how is it that Osama bin Laden is actually making money from doing the, from doing terrorism? He might be invested in weapons but blowing things up is not a moneymaking proposition from the last time I checked.

Tia: no itís actually not but reconstruction, which is where he got his fortune in building, is.

Russ: ahh, he is a contractor?

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: of a very large scale I take it?

Tia: very large scale.

Russ: why would anybody hire him to rebuild buildings he blew up? It seems that would be a rather redundant exercise in futility.

Tia: he didnít blow the buildings up.

Russ: ahh, but he financed or funded or backed the people who did?

Tia: indirectly yes.

Russ: and everybody knows this?

Tia: not the that way you think. Youíre thinking that he financed the buildings of the compounds of the US embassiesÖ..

Russ: no, the bombings of them.

Tia: no he financed the bombings correct, he did not finance the buildings.

Russ: right.

Tia: he financed the buildings that were destroyed by the cruise missile attacks. He is in a win-win situation there.

Russ: okay you build a building, it gets blown up, where do you make your money? You donít get to rebuild it.

Tia: yes you do.

Russ: why? It seems like everybody seems to say, ďwell, he was involved in some way, if we rebuild it theyíll just blow it up again.Ē

Tia: uh-huh but theyíve got to rebuild and there is nothing more powerful on your planet than a belief in a religion.

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: thousands of people went to their death in the Crusades believing that they went straight to heaven because they faced the infidel.

Linda M: well what do you think happened?

Tia: Iím on a totally different religion, on my home planet we have a matriarchal society.

Linda M: I donít know what that means.

Russ: when women are in authority, like a mother society.

Linda M: so itís a very warm, welcoming type of place to live?

Tia: yeah, in a way.

Russ: somewhat, we have a patriarchal society in the United States and the world here.

Tia: uh-huh.

Linda M: is the land very welcoming like a motherís arms are open wider?

Tia: we fixed the problems that we created. We, my species, we can be incredibly aggressive. We can make your race look like a bunch of wimps.

Linda M: oh.

Tia: being a matriarchal society, we have a history similar to yours in the fact that we had an industrial age, we almost destroyed our planet but we learned that by taking care of the planet in an appropriate way, not just going ahead and saying, ďokay, no more burning forests, no more industrial capabilityĒ, we learned how to control our industrial capability and we learned how to use those gases as a benefit instead of just discharging them into the air and in turn it made it much more economical and much more profitable. We learned how to control the growth of the planet, we learned how to control the land, we learned how to control the seas, we learned how to control chemicals. We learned all sorts of things and we found that there is a space in between high industrial capability which pollutes the atmosphere and living in harmony with the land. There is a middle ground. You cannot say no more forest fires because forest fires are part of natureís cycle.

Linda M: yeah.

Tia: you cannot say no more building of dams because dams are part of natureís cycle. After all on your planet, you have beavers, do not beavers build dams for beaver purposes the same as humans build dams for human purposes?

Linda M: yeah.

Tia: so itís finding that balance and we found that balance and itís not that difficult but you canít say, ďokay no more industrialization, no more computers, no more CO2, no more ozone being produced, no more ozone damaging chemicals being produced, you have to find that balance and in doing so you find that there is a way of controlling and using and harmonizing with those chemicals so that there is a neutral ground.

Linda M: it sounds like a well-prepared meal type thing.

Tia: uh-huh, itís well-thought-out.

Linda M: and you believed in running the land for your children of the future.

Tia: no, we run it because itís aesthetically pleasing to us nowÖÖ

Linda M: yeah.

Tia: the fact that it benefits the children in the future is an added bonus.

Linda M: uh-huh. Do you have famine and worry about drugs like they do here?

Tia: yeah, we have our social problems, we have famines but we donít interfere, itís a natural part of the cycle. A few hundred years ago we almost eradicated our race because of our tribalistic nature. At the time it was approximately 50-50 male to female and when the fighting happened the males were almost wiped out. It went from 50-50 to about 33 or actually 25-75. So it was a ratio of about four to one. And that was dangerous so the women took control, we finished up the wars, we had our own wars which were even more barbaric than the men had and we decided to work together. We still feel the effects of those wars, the ratio at the moment is about three to one.

Linda M: so do women have two husbands?

Tia: no itís actually the opposite way around.

Linda M: oh really?

Tia: the fact that it wasnít the women that suffered so badly it was the men. There are less men on our planet and by some quirk of nature we have girl childs more often than we have male childsÖÖ..

Linda M: hmmm.

Tia: and male childs are very placid nowadays, very, very placid.

Linda M: very important.

Tia: hmm, their placidity is kind of looked upon as undesirable sometimes.

Linda M: why?

Tia: because of the way that we are, we're very competitive in nature. We can be very aggressive and being placid means that you get walked upon and we try to make them tough. I have three brothers on my home planet and now unfortunately four sisters. Thatís also another problem that we suffer from is that sometimes ailments, simple ailments at wrong times will kill us off.

Linda M: ailments as in sickness?

Tia: yeah.

Linda M: like a common cold?

Tia: uh-huh, itís only the young that have thatÖÖ.

Linda M: are you immune to antibiotics?

Tia: my immune system is different from yours, I heal much, much, much more rapidly however if I get a cold, Iím much, much sicker.

Linda M: antibiotics, they do work though.

Tia: oh they work but if you over prescribe them things become immune to it. Sorry itís not, itís viruses that theyíre designed to attack it'sÖ..I forget what it is but things that arenít viruses that are prescribed for as well and it just doesnít work. And thatís part of the problem. And the other part of the problem is that people on your planet start to feel better so they stop taking the medication and of course theyíre not that better.

Linda M: and then theÖ.

Tia: it comes back, the virus comes back and they start taking the tablets again and itís too late because the virus isÖÖ

Linda M: has already conquered.

Tia: well they mutated. Okay next question, Skip?

Skip: no uh-uh, Iím listening tonight though.

Tia: okay.

Russ: all right, there was an email sent to me on translation periods in dimensional shifts?

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: and I thought Iíd go over some of this with you and Omal and KiriÖ..

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: because a lot of it deals with the future. Itís another one of those fourth dimensional shift change things?

Tia: oh dear.

Russ: yeah I know. So apparently according to it and if you actually put this to sixth dimension it makes more senseÖ..

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: but they would say that prior to the poles of the earth moving to new locationsÖ..

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: which is where the human consciousness usually moves into the fourth dimension, theyíre will be a period of time where there will be worldwide chaos. A period where most people go insane, all social systems, financial systems, political systems etc. collapse and the planet is plunged into total chaos.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: now that's sort of similar to what we're already working with in the meantimeÖ.

Tia: but not that drastic.

Russ: correct.

Tia: most from what Iíve researched, most of these dimensional shift people talk about a time of mass destruction, total chaos, great harm, major disasters, etc., etc., etc.. They paint a picture of doom and gloom. They say everything is going to be bad until the change. I find this hard to understand because they are not achieving anything, theyíre adding to the problem. Anyway continue.

Russ: what are the chancesÖÖI mean weíve talked about this before but just so I can put it on tape when I put this out, what are the odds of the poles shifting from where they're at now to a complete reversal?

Tia: oh it does happen, it does happen.

Russ: it actually does says here it does happen, it just happened recently in fact.

Tia: what do they define as recently?

Russ: letís see, they say that basically the geomagnetic field is undergoing huge changes and that itís growing weaker. 2,000 years ago the field measured four Gauss, about 500 years agoÖ itís at .04 Gauss.

Tia: where do they come up with these figures, 2,000 years ago?

Russ: I donít know how they figured out it was that much 2,000 years ago but they say that the field is changing and now theyíre saying that in June, July, August, September, October and part of November of 1996, there was a bigger and longer anomaly. During that time the South Pole actually moved around and if you had a compass you could see it moving on a daily basis varying from 2 Ĺ degrees to as much is 17 degrees in a single day.

Tia: do you know what would happen if there was that kind of degree shift?

Russ: uh-uh.

Tia: youíre talking about earthquakes that are on the nine plus scale.

Russ: oh, the 17 degrees in a single day?

Tia: uh-huh. Major earthquakes and I mean major.

Russ: wouldnít that increase the wobble?

Tia: correct. You see the problem with your popular modern science is that they donít have the records, they donít have the records. Itís.......youíre going to hate me......Al Gore, "this July was the hottest July on records in the United States." Records only go back 150 years. However, what they're comparing to is the coldest century, the 1800's to the turn-of-the-century was that coldest winter on Chinese records that go back 600 years. In our records it was the 1800's to 1900's was the coldest hundred years in close to a 1,000 years.

Russ: hmm.

Tia: theÖ..thank youÖ..the 1200ís was warmer by 3 degrees on average then the current hundred years at the moment, from 19ÖÖwell 1898 to 1998 by 3 degrees.

Russ: hmm.

Tia: the 700 years before that was warmer on average by 2 degrees so itís no big deal. Al Gore is going around sounding alarms about something that is wrong, they do not have the records and where the records are on your planet are in ice cores and if they did ice samples in glaciers and on the South Pole they would find that this century is a normal century.

Russ: hmm.

Tia: if they did the research and looked around in places thatÖÖrecords that go back over a 1,000 years, China, Japan, India, Europe, Rome, Greece, Great Britain. Okay let me read something that I have prepared because I was expecting you to ask this question. "In 1122 in the year of our Lord, the wine produced was of"ÖÖand instead of going thee and thou and thus and so on, Iím skipping over itÖÖÖ."produced a bountiful harvest." Guess where the record comes from?

Russ: Italy?

Tia: no.

Russ: where?

Tia: a little monastery just outside the town in Great Britain of York.

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: theyíve not been able to produce wine there in 500 years.

Russ: hmm.

Tia: theyíve just started to grow vines and produce wine there again.

Russ: so it wasnít a moneymaker for them?

Tia: they couldnít grow it, it was too wet, too damp, and too cold. So what does that tell you?

Russ: quite warm summers.

Tia: uh-huh which means that the warm summers were the norm. There are pictures that go back to the 1300ís and 1200ís that are looked upon as, 'oh, nice little winter scenes." Do you know why the artist painted those pictures?

Russ: hmm?

Tia: because it was new.

Russ: hmm.

Tia: thatís the only reason artists paint things in nature is because itís new, something that is unheard of.

Russ: hmm.

Tia: in about 1200 to 1600 they had a mini Ice Age, thatís not all that long ago.

Russ: well as I recall it wasÖ..wasnít there a major Ice Age up until throughout the period just before Atlantis went down?

Tia: uh-huh, uh-huh.

Russ: and that those places that are fairly habitable now back then werenít?

Tia: uh-huh. Yeah and itís all part of a natural cycle.

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: I hate to go on my tirades about and I get more and more informed as I have a tirade because I go off and research and I will come up with answers to my questions.

Russ: hmm.

Tia: remember my last tirade was about global warming?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: well I went off and researched and I'm looking at all these records and stuff that we have and going, ďwait a second.Ē However it is unmistakable that the human species is having an effect and a negative effect but itís not irreversible as politicians are claiming.

Russ: very good, Iíve got a couple more for you then.

Tia: okay.

Russ: this one youíre going to love a lot, "that at one point according to a guy named Gregg Braden, this is just in June of '96, the South Pole of the planet actually moved off the coast of California for a few hours."

Tia: what?

Russ: yeah, I thought youíd like that one.

(Skip snickers)

Tia: can you read that again?

Russ: it says, "at one point according to Gregg Braden, the South Pole of the planet actually moved off the coast of California for a few hours. This info can be easily checked, just look at any aeronautical map of the world for any major airport prior to June of 1986 and then get a new one. They had to make new maps in order to land their planes and compare them. Youíll see that the error correction for magnetic North Pole has changed which means at the South Pole has moved. Chicago OíHare international changed by two and one halfÖÖ"

Tia: go back, did you say magnetic?

Russ: yeah.

Tia: thatís normal.

Russ: magnetic North Pole.

Tia: the magnetic North Pole changes.

Russ: but this says the South Pole moved off the coast of California which would put the North Pole somewhere in the Russia wouldnít it?

Tia: thereabouts.

Russ: yeah. Probably like Siberia if Iím not mistaken.

Tia: no China.

Russ: China.

Tia: well Mongolia.

Russ: right.

Tia: no, that kind of shift you would have massive earthquakes of approximatelyÖÖ would rip your planet pieces.

Russ: seems like it would be, even for a few hoursÖ..

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: it would certainly wake people up in the morning.

Tia: no it wouldnít wake people up in the morning.

Skip: shift all the plates wouldnít it darling?

Tia: oh yes and then someÖÖ

Skip: and shift all the plates.

Tia: and then some. As I said, it would rip your planet to pieces.

Skip: oh yeah.

Russ: hmm. Okay, want another one?

Tia: yeah, Iím in for good laughs.

Russ: all right, yeah I love them too. This is about Mexico and the fires down in Mexico.

Tia: oh let me guess, they were generated by the chupacabra?

Russ: nope.

Tia: oh, party pooper.

Russ: no this is all about theÖ..actually let me find it here.

Tia: let me guess, itís all about the Aztec warriors coming out of the forest and being totally confused?

Russ: nope sorry.

Tia: Toltecs?

Russ: nope.

Tia: Anasazis?.

Russ: here we go, "weíre told that the states of fires are being caused by farmers burning their crops to make room for more crops."

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okay, "actual eyewitnesses in Mexico that I have talked with have a different story. They say Mount Popocatťpetl, about 40 miles southeast of Mexico City, has been erupting for over a year now and the ground in the surrounding areas is becoming very hot. Eyewitnesses say the trees are spontaneously breaking into flames which would mean that the ground would have to be over 459įF. One report said they even saw animals spontaneously burst into flames, one eyewitness I spoke with said that even a long ways, the ground was so hot that rubber soles of shoes will melt while walking in the forest."

Tia: and these people walking in the forest are not spontaneously combusting?

Russ: apparently they're wearing rubber shoes.

Tia: which is protecting them huh?

Russ: protecting them yes.

Tia: okayÖ..

Russ: which makes them walk on the ground instead of bare feet I suppose.

Tia: now it is true that that mountain is eruptingÖ..

Russ: ahh.

Tia: and it is true that it is a volcano and it is true that the ground in that area is warmer but 400 degrees?

(Skip starts laughing again)

Russ: well, I just read them as I get them.

Skip: 400 degrees, everything would catch on fire.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: yeah, they are assuming that.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: in other words, the people are spreading sort of like fear all over the place.

Tia: yeah.

Skip: because at 400į, even your grass would burn and your trees and your bushes.

Tia: instead of spontaneously combusting, the whole area would be aflame.

Skip: thatís right.

Tia: for example, whoís got a lighter?

Linda M: I do.

Tia: okay, hold a piece of paper that far above it and then light it but donít even bother because we know whatís going to happen.

Linda M: itís going to turn brown and thenÖÖ.

Tia: it will catch fire.

Skip: it will catch fire.

Tia: and that is exactly what would happen in the jungles.

Russ: and that's why they're saying why all the fires are breaking out.

Tia: Iím sorry, I find that very hard to believe.

Skip: well they're contradicting themselves there really.

Tia: uh-huh.

Skip: because if the ground is four hundred and something degrees, you'd have a fire.

Tia: uh-huh.

Skip: now how can you walk on ground that hot if itís burning?

Tia: uh-huh, rubber soles would melt and so would the feet within it and so would the people within it and so would the eyewitnesses, they would go up like a torch.

Russ: okay now in related news, it says, "in June '98, another huge volcano Pacaya, erupted near Guatemala City."

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: 'in California, the Mammoth Lake area appears to be potentially ready for a possible eruption."

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: "Mount Saint Helens is receiving about a hundred earthquakes a day, Mount Rainier also seems to be dangerously close a possible eruption."

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: "underwater volcanoes forming off the coast of California."

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: "what is being said is that the entire coastline from Guatemala to Washington state is becoming dangerously close to some kind of major reaction. Exactly what, no one knows."

Tia: okay, letís look at Mammoth Mountain. Mammoth Mountain is a batholith within a caldera. A caldera is a volcano that went kablooey, my estimate on your planet is about 7,000 years ago. It is still a hot spot and what is happening is that magma is coming up to the surface creating earthquakes and yes, for Mammoth Mountain, there is actually that possibility. If it erupts, itís going to be not a major eruption but itís going to be on the size of Mount Saint Helens which was a small eruption. The volcanoes off the coast of California, yep they are there, theyíre off the coast of California, it depends how far off the coast of California you're talking about.

Russ: you mean Hawaii?

Tia: uh-huh. In another 50,000 years there is going to be a new island. Mount Rainier, yep itís a sleeping volcano. The earthquakes and everything are natural and useful. Because the magma is coming to the surface and meeting colder rock, it cools and the mountain expands and as it cools it contracts and returns back to its normal size creatingÖÖ..earthquakes. There is the possibility that there will be a buildup of magma. The magma will break to the surface and there will be a major eruption. Mount Hood, Iím surprised they didnít mention Mount Hood, yep thatís doing it too. Iím surprised they didnít mention Mount Shasta.

Skip: thatís what I was wondering.

Tia: yep thatís doing it too. You want to know why theyíre doing it?

Russ: same reason.

Tia: same reason, itís natural. As the plates subduct under each other, the magma is heated up and comes to the surface. Itís all a natural cycle. If they explode, yep thereís going to be great loss of life, yep thereís going to be great harm, itís going to be pretty grim and sad however, volcanic activities are very useful. What benefits, what is the single biggest benefit of volcanic activity?

Linda M: land.

Tia: uh-huh.

Linda M: precious metals?

Tia: uh-huh. Itís also very, very richÖÖ..




(Tia returns and finishes what she was saying)

Tia: ..........agriculturally, it makes the soil incredibly rich. One of the finest wine producing areas so Iím told and frequently told that we should get some Napa Valley wine is Napa Valley. At the end of Napa Valley is a mountain called St. Helena, not to be confused with St. Helens. That whole area produces the finest wine in the United States. The Yakima Valley which is a fine producer of fruits, apples, pears, peaches, wines, grapesÖÖ

Skip: cherries.

Tia: sorry?

Skip: yeah, cherries too.

Tia: cherries, is also very close to a volcano.

Linda M: oh wow. Well is all the land formed with volcanic eruptions?

Tia: yeah, in the long run yes it is if you trace the history back. Well Iíve more than used up my allotted time.

Russ: oh yeah.

Tia: oh yeah, oh yeah.

Russ: but you answered many questions that areÖ.

Skip: thank you darling, Iím very grateful.

(Tia blows a raspberry and then says goodbye in Durondedunn)

(Omal now gets his time to channel)

Omal: greetings and felicitations. I will speed through briefly, I will not give a dissertation, I will go over Tiaís points. Tia edited herself extremely well and she relayed extremely well. Her comments about certain key points not going on the web are quite accurate. Other information that she gave about the chemical factory being used to produce drugs to fight malaria can go on the web. The comments about missiles showing up in Pakistan, that can go on the web. The damage? That can go on the web. Okay, any questions?

Russ: yep. Okay, letís go to Omalís section. You get your own section tonight Omal.

Omal: oh thank you, I am honored.

Russ: yeah no problem, my pleasure. Okay deep space. "On December 14th 1997, an explosion received on earth from deep space from an area about the size of Texas about 12 billion light years away."

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: "the explosion occurred that based on E equals MC squared would have required all the known and visible matter in the universe to release that much energy."

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: according to the paper Iím reading it would be equivalent to 1,000th of a second after the original Big Bang.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: "and to further complicate the matter, over 2,000 of these explosions occurred since the first one so over 2,000 new universes have been created within this one."

Omal: uh-huh. OkayÖ.

Russ: okay.

Omal: here we go. Is everybody sitting comfortably?

Linda M: yeah.

Omal: do we have things to lean against and occupy ourselves?

Linda M: uh-huh.

Skip: uh-huh.

Omal: okay Iím not going to be that dry and boring. Okay, it is a simple explanation that these bursts of energy are perfectly normal and natural. They are created in what you might call giant, super black holes. Now what actually is occurring is as gas and matter approaches the speed of light, bursts of energy are given off. These can be detected in radio galaxies. They can also be seen visually if you look at galaxies that have huge jets shooting out of them. These are not galaxies, these are dust pools whirling in to black holes. The bigger the black hole, the bigger the burst. Now, your universe is expanding. It has been postulated that the universe was created in the Big Bang, that is correct, research shows that there was a Big Bang. Your research on your planet says that this was uneven event. Now Iím going to use some economic terms, simple economics. Inflation is expansion where money from the future is taken and used in the present. Money that was to be saved and put to one side is used. The same occurs in the expansion of the universe. As it expands, it takes energy from the future and uses it in its expansion. Now, energy can be created in certain reactions, there is not a finite amount of energy in your universe. So, as the universe expands, more energy is created that would be used in the future and created in the future, the expansion becomes more rapid until it reaches a point where there is no more energy to be created and deinflationary behavior happens. Now some people speculate that when this happens time runs backwards. No, it does not. As your universe shrinks back in on itself, time continues to run in a linear, forward pattern. At the point of the big crunch as it has been called by a gentleman that has a lot of facts right, the universe crunches in upon itself to a point called a naked singularity. A naked singularity is a one-off but itís not. A naked singularity is a point of infinite smallness and infinite density and it is the start as opposed to a singularity, a normal singularity which occurs at the center of a black hole.

Russ: hmm, you're talking about Hawking right?

Omal: correct. When the universe crunches back in on itself, great amounts of heat are generated and an explosion occurs and what happens? The process is repeated all over again. Now, as for the amount of energy produced, your scientists do not know how much matter is in your galaxy or your universe. They talk about how much the universe should weigh and that there is a certain amount missing that they cannot determine. There is far more missing than they can determine and yes, new universes on parallel timelines are being created and yes they can be detected.

Russ: hmm. So, thatís an interesting statement right at the very last there.

Omal: oh, it's designed to be.

Russ: universes on parallel lifetimes are being created are being observed. How is it that we are able to observe parallel lifetimes?

Omal: or parallel universes.

Russ: parallel universes.

Omal: because not all universes start at the exact same time and the amount of energy needed to create a parallel universe is quite large. It is very large, it is even difficult for me to comprehend.

Russ: Omal we could spend the next 10 days on this little subject.

Omal: oh yes we can, thatís why I am editing for speed.

Russ: oh thanks, yeah right. Okay well letís go on to this next week shall we because I canít get into that right now but I want to get into it very badly.

Omal: okay make your comment and we will save it for later.

Russ: okay, a parallel universe that we could actually consider ourselves part of a lifetime on is being created, therefore weíre seeing the creation of another portion of ourselves.

Omal: yes, eventually.

Russ: eventually. But if we saw the light, the light had to take how many billions of years to reach us?

Omal: your estimate was 12 billion. Your universe is in your equations approximately 15 billion years old.

Russ: okay.

Omal: so by this equation that these are coming from a region of space 12 billion years ago and that they're still happening means that the cycle is continued.

Russ: we'll get to this again sometime.

Omal: oh yes we will.

Russ: okay, anybody else got a question? Iím taking up everything tonight.

Skip: thatís okay, Iím listening.

Linda M: I have the one question.

Omal: uh-huh.

Linda M: I think about a year ago I was watching a science programÖ..

Omal: uh-huh.

Linda M: and I found it really fascinating. I donít know if it just happened or if they just recently discovered it but they found a little, small galaxy that formed in our galaxy.

Omal: uh-huh.

Linda M: I mean obviously thatís possible butÖ.

Omal: a better way to describe it would be a proto-solar system.

Linda M: okay.

Omal: now a proto-solar system can look very much like a galaxyÖ.

Linda M: okay.

Omal: and what it is, is it is as your solar system was about 4 billion years agoÖÖ..

Linda M: was it smaller and it grew?

Omal: yes, whatÖÖ.

Linda M: from gases orÖ..?

Omal: okay this is what happens. Okay you have a star that explodes, it scatters energy throughout the whole entire galaxy and on into the universe. What happens is that clouds of dust and particles from solar systems will form what they call nebula or nebulous hence the phrase looking very nebulous. And what will happen within that nebula is there will be a point that becomes hot and warm and as it becomes hot and warm it creates gravity, at first very small. And gradually matter condenses creating even hotter reaction and as more matter is attracted and used in the heat it becomes more dense and heavier creating more gravity. As the gravity is created, matter is pulled in and forms a disk around it. As the disc is created and at the central core is a proto-star, a young star.......

Linda M: okay.

Omal: okay, as that happens the disc spins around and gravity thins it out into a nice thin disk. Now within that area there are areas of density which create kind of pockets and matter is attracted to those dense gravitational pockets creating from heavier elements, then hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, working our way down. As you go to heavier elements, they clump together in different regions which in turn create heavier areas of matter which becomes planets. Now the disc in a proto-system can give off a light as itís being heated and the light reflected from the proto-star which in turn makes it look very much like a galaxy, a young galaxy. So, a galaxy can be created in miniature in a solar system in its early years. Normally that is within the first hundred thousand years of the creation of a proto-system.

Linda M: thank you.

Omal: no problem.

Russ: Iíve only got one more question. Is there a finite amount of matter within the universe?

Omal: now?

Russ: yeah.

Omal: not at this time. As I stated, energy and matter can be created.

Russ: oh, you didnít state that.

Omal: oh, it was part of the inflationary comments, I think I kind of glossed over it slightly.

Russ: yeah you skipped the matter part, you just said energy.

Omal: yes, but energy and matter can be created.

Russ: ahh okay excellent, thank you.

Omal: ask Mr. Hawking.

Russ: Iíll do that.

Omal: okay anymore questions?

Linda M: no, not at this time.

Omal: okay.

Russ: thank you.

(Tia returns to usher in the new speaker)

(Tia says hi in Durondedunn)

Tia: okay, weíve got time for one more speaker. Who should we put on? By popular request, put the next speaker on.

(Lyka stops by to channel but stays longer than planned)

Lyka: yo.

Russ: Kiri monster.

Lyka: nope.

Russ: who is it? Oh Lyka.

Linda M: who?

Russ: Lyka.

Skip: Lyka.

Lyka: uh-huh.

Linda M: do I know Lyka?

Lyka: I don't think we've met.

Skip: hi sweetie, howís my girl?

Lyka: Iím doing good.

Russ: Linda, Lyka, Lyka, Linda.

Linda M: hi.

Lyka: hey Linda. Okay I suppose I better say what I do.

Russ: yeah.

Lyka: Iím an oath keeper, thatís my duty in life. I fulfill the oaths that Sirius made long ago, more I cannot say. Basically Iím in the business of stopping and helping third dimensional planets even though Iím a sixth dimensional being. At the moment I am a student as well as some call me Captain.

Russ: why do you go around stopping third dimensional planets?

Lyka: I donít go around stopping third dimensional planetsÖ.

Russ: oh.

Lyka: we go around stopping the harm that is caused on them or we try to keep the oath that SiriusÖÖyou think Iím that buff?

Russ: you said it.

Lyka: oh......

Russ: you said stopping and helping third dimensional planets.

Lyka: okay so I hop out of a spaceship in a spacesuit, I put out my hand and I stop the planet. I push against it and stop it, oh yeah uh-huh, Iím Supergirl.

(everybody starts laughing)

Russ: I'm just clearing it up for Linda here, maybe she thinks you are, I don't know.

Lyka: hey, I'm Supergirl okay?

Linda M: I knew what you meant.

Lyka: uh-huh I may be buff but ainít that buff buddy. Now being an oath keeper means that I get into all sorts of nasty situations. Iím not the only oath keeper, I have 90 oath keepers that I look after and take care of.

Skip: yeah.

Russ: good.

Skip: you acquired quite a bit of responsibility there young lady.

Lyka: for my tender age, yeah itís a lot.

Russ: and how are your classes going along dear?

Lyka: Iím looking forward to going back to college next week.

Skip: are you?

Lyka: uh-huh.

Skip: oh super.

Lyka: yep and I will be gone for another month and then I will be back. I will be bringing back a new platoon with me, rotation.

Skip: question darling.

Lyka: uh-huh.

Skip: is your studies hard for you or do they come pretty easy for you?

Lyka: some of them are hard.

Skip: okay.

Lyka: and some are easy.

Skip: I was just kind of curious.

Lyka: mathematics is not my field.

Skip: ohhhh, why not?

Lyka: well especially what Iím studying at the moment, trajectories, ballistics, diameters, all sorts of stuff.

Russ: donít you have little things for that?

Lyka: uh-huh.

Russ: we have little things for that.

Lyka: yeah but we have to do it in our heads.

Skip: can I make a suggestion?

Lyka: uh-huh.

Skip: study history, study your mathematics and your arms and ballistics in historyÖÖ

Lyka: thatís how I do it.

Skip: it's a lot easier to you.

Lyka: yeah but when we're sitting in the field studying trajectories of projectiles and orbital patterns, yeah they make us do it in our heads.

Skip: I understand that but it comes a lot easier when you find out how it was developed to that point.

Lyka: oh, oh, oh yeah I know, I know and it is easy but it's sitting down and I get to the point sometimes where I have to take off my shoes and socks.

Skip: no, no, no, you're just tormenting me now. Thatís the only way I can remember history is do it that way.

Lyka: I donít have that mobility sometimes, I donít have the headset that gives me the mobility on.

(She had been trying to take off Mark's shoes)

Lyka: but anyway, yeah thatís what I do, I keep the oaths that we promised to keep eons ago and unfortunately it means that we get into some nasty situations. We have been known to side with certain parties on planets and we've been known to side against certain parties but whatever means is necessary to achieve peace.

Skip: okay question.

Lyka: uh-huh.

Skip: maybe you can answer me and maybe you canít. Are we ever going to in our dimension and our planet ever come down to having total peace?

Linda M: no.

Russ: yes.

Lyka: yeah I think so.

Russ: me too.

Lyka: itís going to be tough.

Skip: yeah itís going to be real tough.

Lyka: uh-huh.

Skip: do we have a route to go where we can start something in thatÖÖ.?

Lyka: itís already starting from what I have learned from watching Kiri and Tia and Leah discuss these things. I see little seeds here and there of harmony but I also feel as they feel on my home planet on Sirius that it is necessary to maintain a force for self-defense.

Skip: yeah.

Lyka: because if you are defenseless, you're soon useless, youíre soon taken over.

Russ: I get the feeling that the Internet is going to help us achieve that point at some time.

Skip: you know I think youíre right.

Lyka: uh-huh.

Russ: I think when everybody on the planet is hooked into everybody else on the planet, borders are going to fall awayÖ..

Lyka: oh they already are.

Russ: communications will be falling away sort of the separatism, religion, all that stuff is going to be a thing of the past.

Lyka: well I see that as a negative the falling away of ethnic identities.

Linda M: I agree.

Skip: I donít think that.....Russ, I don't think your ethnic parts will fall away but I think that people will come more to understand other peopleís ethic beliefs.

Russ: right but you feel more like a one world.

Lyka: yeah, I mean it will beÖÖ..what did Omal call it? Humans first, Americans second.

Skip: yeah.

Lyka: uh-huh and thatís the way it should be.

Skip: I agree.

Lyka: that itís the ethnic identity, itísÖÖ..Iím a lowland girl, Kiri and Karra are highland girls. Leah and Huna are beach bums so I have pride in my ethnic heritage being a lowland girl.

Russ: but at the same time youíre a Sirian.

Lyka: Sirian first.

Russ: well weíre earthlings.

Lyka: uh-huh.

Russ: but how many people think of themselves as earthlings and not Americans?

Linda M: I do.

Skip: not too many.

Linda M: I think of myself as human.

Lyka: uh-huh, human first or earthling first and an American second. I am Sirian first and I am a lowland girl second.

Skip: itís nice hearing from you again darling, it really is.

Lyka: itís good that Iím not tired.

Russ: uh-huh.

Lyka: uh-huh.

Skip: now, something else Iíd like to ask you.

Lyka: uh-huh.

Skip: you said we should be prepared.

Lyka: itís always handy to be prepared for trouble.

Russ: we're talking a six-month supply, what do you think?

Skip: six-months for what?

Russ: six months supply of food.

Skip: anyhow, would six months be a feasibleÖ..?

Lyka: uh-huh. Okay, if youíre going to be in a hostile situation you want as much supplies as possible. As soon as that situation occurs, you ration from the get-go because if you donít ration and you live normally as you normally would, you're going to burn through your supplies far, far more rapidly.

Russ: as soon as you go to your supplies you should be rationing.

Lyka: thatís right. Now, if youíre in a situation where you are cut off, you want to be able to maintain your position for at least six months. If you are in a siege, the longer you can hold out, the more chance you have of actually winning because a force that is camped is subject to all sorts of problems. Boredom, diseaseÖ..

Russ: other forces.

Lyka: other forces, the possibility that a relief force may be coming their way, all sorts of possibilities. In a siege, if you spread rumors to the enemy, you have a better chance of surviving.

Skip: propaganda.

Lyka: you never reveal how many people you have. The problem withÖÖ..studying sieges on your planet, most recent ones, the Frymen?

Russ: Freeman.

Lyka: Freman.

Russ: Freeman.

Lyka: Freeman?

Skip: yeah.

Lyka: okay, was that they knew how many there was, there was 12 of them. They knew how many there was.

Skip: I believe they did, I think youíre right Lyka.

Russ: I do too, I think they announced it.

Lyka: yes. If there is a known quantity right? And you know who they are, you can break them so easy.

Russ: so what happened in Waco?

Lyka: they knew how many people were there, in fact they even announced that as well but they goofed up.

Skip: Waco was a different situation.

Lyka: the people at Waco were ready and wanted a fight. So did the Freeman but the tactics were two totally different sets of tactics.

Russ: thatís because they learned from Waco.

Lyka: uh-huh. Also you had a madman at the head of the Waco bunch. He probably told them that when they died they would all go to heaven.

Skip: uh-huh.

Russ: yeah.

Linda M: I donít believe in life after death, I just think itís a really nice way of dealing with the loss of someone you really love.

Lyka: yeah we believe in past lives, everybody has past lives in our opinion.

Linda M: I donít believe in my past life, it wasnít a good one.

(chuckles start breaking out)

Skip: you mustíve learned something.

Linda M: I'm still suffering it.

Lyka: yeah but thatís what we believe and we back it up with the fact that we have access to past life experiences in our heads.

Russ: that would make a big difference if we had that down here thatís for sure.

Skip: yes indeed.

Linda M: oh yeah.

Lyka: it would make a very, very big difference.

Skip: Iíve been trying to access that for quite a while.

Lyka: uh-huh.

Russ: I donít know if some people could handle the knowledge that you'd take sixth dimensional figuring out just to be able to handle the information sometimes.

Linda M: doesnít their dream somehow weave it together?

Lyka: yeah uh-huh, sometimes you live the past lives in the present with dreams.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Lyka: uh-huh, dreams that seems strange and bizarre are dreams of the past.

Russ: Iíve been having a strange dream lately of this house on the beach, I mean itís like my momís houseÖÖ

Lyka: God, beach bum.

Russ: I put my surfboard there.

Lyka: definitely a beach bum. Ohhhhh!!!!

Linda M: is it a happy memory?

Russ: yeah, itís great, I never lived there.

Lyka: before I forget, we had a guest speaker Russ.

Russ: oh when?

Lyka: at the college.

Russ: oh did you?

Lyka: uh-huh.

Russ: oh I know who, the Monk.

Lyka: uh-huh, Surf Monk.

Russ: Surf Monk, cool.

Lyka: uh-huh. He came to me afterwardsÖÖ

Russ: no doubt.

Lyka: and he said message for you, ďdude, tubular breakers, nice bowl section, come visit. Find the house on the beach with the grass."

Russ: all right.

Linda M: sounds nice.

Russ: does sound nice, that would be on Sirius at the beach.

Linda M: how would you get there?

Russ: astral travel.

Linda M: you mean we canít bring our bodies?

Russ: Mark can.

Skip: Mark can.

Lyka: okay now I think the grass that he was referring to was he imported it.

Russ: yes Iím sure he did.

Lyka: uh-huh.

Russ: but yeah I look forward to that, I think Iíll be able to find it.

Lyka: uh-huh.

Skip: Iíd like to meet you in person young lady.

Lyka: I know you would, short stuff.

Skip: thanks a lot, I appreciate that.

Lyka: hey, Iím 6í2Ē.

Skip: I donít care if youíre 10 feet tall, that donít matter.

Lyka: well to Tia I look like Iím 10 feet tall. Okay Tia says weíre getting close to the end of the tape......

Skip: we probably are.

Lyka: can we confirm that please?

Skip: yeah we're getting pretty close.

Lyka: okay so letís start wrapping down. Do we have questions that I can answer?

Skip: none for me.

Lyka: okay.

Skip: Russ?

Russ: yeah just a little bit more on the six-month deal and being able maintain a defensive posture.

Lyka: uh-huh.

Russ: a mental defensive posture is going to be far more as you were mentioning importantÖ.

Lyka: uh-huh, oh yes.

Russ: than a fact of how much food is stocked or whatever, it doesnít matter. A strong mental balance between the inhabitants of the place being stayed in during the siege or just during a bad crisis is most important.

Lyka: yes okay now the mentality that you have is if there is a problem, you talk about it, you donít hold it to yourselves. If one person finds somebody sitting constantly tapping their watch or something annoying, they tell them. Sort of like, "hey, I donít appreciate that, thatís annoyingĒ and you work it out. If you have to get down fisticuffs to work it out then thatís important because itís got a be done. Having been in a siege and one that I would sooner forget, morals break down. The fact that you could die at any moment, you live for the moment so any interaction that occurs if itís private or public has to be taken with a certain amount of, ďthatís nice dear.Ē

Russ: so is this what they call a siege mentality?

Lyka: yes, you have to be respectful of privacy but you also, if you want to be private, have to be aware that there are times when you cannot be private. Bodily functions that people normally go off and do in private, mean that it may be necessary to do it in public. And youíre prepared to do what they tell you and they're prepared to do what you tell them because it's not only a one-way street. When we were sieged, I had a sergeant that said the fact that I hadnít slept for 48 hours and she said to me, "lieutenant, you need to sleep, you will go to sleep now.Ē And I did because I respected her. I had a equivalent lieutenant that told me that it was time that I had something to eat. I hadn't eaten in 36 hours, I did, I obeyed him.

Linda M: were you a workaholic or just studying something that really meant a lot to you?

Russ: they were in the middle of the siege.

Linda M: the stress caused you toÖ..?

Lyka: we were surrounded, we were trying to fulfill an oath and stop a war. We had sided with a side and the other side had basically encircled us.

Linda M: did you suffer any battle fatigue syndrome?

Lyka: I still get nightmares.

Linda M: I was reading an article the other day that prostitutes suffer the highest rate of battle fatigue syndromeÖ..

Lyka: uh-huh.

Linda M: out of all conditions combined.

Lyka: okay did the recording just end?

Skip: no not yet.

Russ: itís about to though, itís crawling through its last little bits there.

Lyka: yeah, I donít know, we donít have what you call prostitution up here.

Linda M: so you donít starve from hunger up there?

Lyka: oh Iíve been hungry, when we were cut off I was hungry.

Linda M: yeah, but the men respect the women more there?

Lyka: uh-huh.

Linda M: thatís good.

Lyka: well up here sexual activity falls into three categoriesÖÖ

Linda M: you respect it you donít pervert it?

Lyka: yeah, itís for fun, it's to get to know somebody and itís for love.

Linda M: for love.

Lyka: uh-huh and it doesnít matter with who. If you love the person, thatís love, if you just want to pass the time and have some fun, that's sex. If you want to get to know somebody better thereís no better way then bundling up and having fun with them.

Linda M: yeah.

Lyka: and it doesnít matter with whom. We have a totally different outlook on sex and love making and recreational sex and procreational sexÖ..

Linda M: does your species, are they attracted to each other chemically, sexual chemistry, for looks, the way that our humanity evolved like that way?

Lyka: chemically weíre attracted, physically weíre attracted and mentally attracted. Past life weíre attracted and spiritually weíre attracted. When you get all of those together, nine times out of 10 you found a soulmate or if youíre lucky, a twin soul or a triplet soul or quadruple soul, if youíre lucky. But it doesnít matter, I mean if youíre getting acquainted with somebody, I mean thereís no better way than being intimate. Unfortunately from what Iíve heard on third dimension, is that sometimes itís also used for domination, thatís wrong.

Skip: yep.

Linda M: that is not respecting sexuality.

Lyka: no, no.

Linda M: itís perverse.

Lyka: yeah, sexuality is supposed to be enjoyable for both people and it doesnít matter if itís two guys, two girls, three guys, three girls or altogether. Yeah itís for enjoyment and how could something that is enjoyable be wrong?

Russ: hmm, lots of enjoyment here.

Lyka: so enjoy it, enjoy it. I enjoy it, I love to have sex. Unfortunately I also have priorities so unlike people on the third dimension, it doesnít drive me to distraction. Now the youngsters on our planet it does drive to distraction but I think thatís a common symptom throughout all youngsters.

(We all chuckle.)

Russ: pretty basic.

Lyka: uh-huh and besides, what is youth for but for exploring?

Skip: okay.

Russ: well youngster......

Lyka: yeah Iím only 21.

Skip: yeah right sweetheart.

Lyka: uh-huh.

Skip: uh-huh.

Lyka: and I think end of side two.

Skip: yeah.

Lyka: is it?

Linda M: yeah, just about.

Skip: yeah, I think so.

Lyka: shall we do a count down together?

(the group does a count down together)

Lyka: three, two, ignition sequence commencing, oneÖ.

Russ: itís got a ways to go.

Lyka: oh bummer, I got it wrong, oh well. Anyway Iím out of here, Iíve got to go and do a platoon inspection.

Skip: okay, nice talking to you.

Russ: have fun Lyka.

Linda M: bye.

Lyka: bye, Iíve got a put my white gloves on.

Linda M: come and stop by our planet anytime.

Lyka: I will, Iíll have to pump some iron first.

(Tia comes back to close out the session)

(Tia says hi in Durondedunn)

Russ: hey Tia.

Tia: hey.

Skip: hi sweetheart.

Linda M: hi Tia.

Tia: hey. Yeah sheís buff.

Skip: yeah she is.

Tia: and what is it, Leahís sister would be Buffy theÖÖBunny the Buff? Or Bunny in the Buff.

Skip: down here in the buff means no clothes on.

Tia: thatís what I thought it meant.

(Skip starts laughing)

Tia: so it would be Lyka theÖÖ.


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