Ceremony Preparations and Empath Training-

Channeled (07/23/1992)

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Archivist Notes: The channeling session for the month of December has a focus on the celebrations planned for an upcoming bonding ceremony between two friends of ours, Carrie and Mike. It was coming up the next week and tonight was the night where Kiri and Tia used much of the first half ironing out the details for a bonding ceremony, healing session, reception, and the channeling session that was to make it all happen. Officiating at the request of the happy couple was to be Omal channeling through Mark while we hear from our guest Bethany that she would be able to be a second channel for the event. So, with plans to arrange, the session gets started. Filling in for a delayed Tia, Kiri jumps right in to planning for the big event by rearranging the furniture in the room to accommodate the third dimensional guests while at the same time laying down bets on the sex of Kiri's and Mark's baby. Moving on, we learn about how those on the sixth dimension have as many questions about their future evolution as we do. She breaks the news that Wing Commander Taal scored another victory as well as what it takes for them to access our racial memory down here. Tia gets free so Kiri changes places with her as we now get into the ceremony requirements themselves. It's a list that includes candles, crystals, wine, rope, and a knife. It's a Sirian ceremony with lots of moving parts. More room design takes place as we next learn the schedule of events. Nothing has been been overlooked. From the ceremony leading to a healing ceremony followed by a reception, everything is set down to the food and drinks to be enjoyed by everyone. One missing element every bonding ceremony enjoys is the Wookie Air Band. The running joke is where would they park the spaceship needed to bring them to the planet. It's not all ceremony covered by Tia and so we also learn about some protections to use when astral traveling and what to avoid is base. Black holes, nebulas, and star clusters are a big no-no. It's time then for Omal to get in his time speaking before the end of the tape. He is questioned about a belief amongst Christians that Revelations is coming true and when it massive disasters. Omal reassures us and explains the various languages and Bible versions make any definitive predictions unlikely. The tape ends as our guest asked him about her future as a teacher and guide.

Side two continues on that same topic as Omal provides his expertise as a premier instructor of people in how to best pass on knowledge. His advice for the two subjects of our guest is to teach each one in a different method than the other for a month and then switch the methods between students to gauge the best way the teaching should proceed. He assures our guest that her fears her students might explore higher dimensions are unfounded and their minds would not let them proceed past the third without knowing the mathematics involved in the transition between dimensions. He also shares that in a life after this one, someone might choose to reincarnate in a similar situation with at least one parental unit from the previous life to resolve issues that might have been holding the person back. Another guest was having self-doubt about his healing ability and Omal provide some excellent methods to take him to the next step. He ends with letting us know we have guides always assisting us should we listen to their advice. Tia makes the transition to the next speaker who is Karra and she goes over what is needed for the healing session that will be following the bonding ceremony. We move on from there to our guest who has a problem with her empath ability and large crowds. Karra is able to give the advice as a healer to focus on the energies of others in the room having a good time. That would make the negative energies harder to be felt from others in the room. She is able to encourage our guests that her empath ability is a great assist in her quest to be a teacher. Karra is replaced by her sister Kiri so that we can go over the crashed alien vehicles recovered and the reverse engineering being done to discover their secrets. Kiri is able to provide some fresh perspective on what might be found from their research and shares that it's unlikely they would be successful due to the limitless combinations needed to solve the propulsion answer. The good news is that none of the ships are Sirian. We learn from her that individuals on her dimension are taught by teachers from higher dimensions. We end the night with Tia wrapping things up by telling our guest about the flowers she had eaten during an astral travel trip to the base that had caused her to become disoriented. As a bonus we find out that her planet has both a space Navy and a Navy on their oceans. It's because her home planet is third dimensional.

In love, light, and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra

TIA- Ring Mistress


1.)(0:00)- Kiri dicusses plans for a ceremony on the third dimension where Omal will be officiating through Mark. We also get the news that our friend Wing Commander Taal got a confirmed victory while on patrol.
2.)(13:44)- Tia continues with preparations for the bonding ceremony before explaining the various invisible to us cameras showing them the room down here. We cover as well astral travel dangers in space.
3.)(34:42)- Omal answers a question on the possibility of Revelations coming true with the upcoming end of the century. It gets deep as he explains the multiple realities that could take place instead.


1.)(0:00)- Omal helps a frequent guest with her desire to be a teacher and guide to others. He gives her some great advice and discusses the impossibility of time travel unless it is down a similar timeline.
2.)(15:20)- Karra assists our guest with advice on how to control her empathic ability when out in crowds and it becomes overwhelming. It turns out that ability will be a benefit with the classes she has planned.
3.)(25:52)- Kiri and I discuss the captured ships reported by Bob Lazar and the theoretical advances might be gained through reverse engineering. We find out that they have higher dimensional teachers as well.
4.)(38:49)- Tia informs us the bonding ceremony down here will be streamed on the base to about a thousand people. We also learn that her third dimensional home planet has a space Navy and wet Navy.

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(Kiri subs at the start for Tia as ring mistress)

Russ: is that Kiri in?

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: hi Kiri. Where's Tia?

Kiri: she's coming, she's coming. Actually, she's just breathing hard.

Russ: give her time, she'll get here.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: uh-huh.

Kiri: okay.

Russ: yes, my darling? How are you?

Kiri: fine.

Russ: Ian and Bethany as you might've probably already figured out and guessed.

Kiri: hi there.

Bethany: hello.

Russ: you heard the news?

Kiri: yeah, Tia told me.

Russ: I figured she already did.

Kiri: she told everybody as well.

Russ: what is going to be your contribution to these nuptials?

Kiri: I'm going to be present and watching and putting in my two cents worth.

Russ: so how are we going to work out the after.......the reception?

Kiri: well, get rid of that chair there, get rid of that there.

Russ: those two?

Kiri: uh-huh, that one there and that one there.

(Russ starts taking notes)

Russ: okay, so we lose chairs afterwards.

Kiri: before it begins.

Russ: yeah, lose chairs before.

Kiri: put that table there over there, take that one out..........are those two the same height?

Russ yeah.

Kiri: okay.

Russ: they're identical.

Kiri: uh-huh. Put the futon in the chair position, turn it into a chair, can you do that?

Russ: yeah.

Kiri: and Tia will handle the rest of the........

Russ: push that futon or this futon?

Kiri: this futon. That futon there goes.

Russ: okay, lose the futon, lose tables.

Kiri: tables except for one.

Russ: except for one, which one?

Kiri: that one there but I'll let Tia handle the rest of it when she gets in.

Russ: okay. The baby's come along well I take it?

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: good. Do we have a sex for it yet?

Kiri: no, not yet.

Russ: not yet.

Ian: so your baby hasn't decided its sex yet?

Kiri: no, not yet.
It's both at the moment. It should leave room for some very interesting debate there.
Russ: well darling, I'm ready to put a bet if you are.

Kiri: no.

Russ: oh come on. You've lost every one of them, don't you want a chance to get back some of this wine you keep losing to me? I'm gonna say it's a girl. If you want to push or another sex other than a girl I'm willing to go a couple bottles of wine on you here.

Kiri: okay, you're on.

Russ: all right, it's a deal.

(Russ gets up to seal the deal with a handshake)

Russ: darling.......

Kiri: okay.

Russ: properly, there we go.

Kiri: oh, properly, huh?

(Kiri pretends to spit in Mark's hands)

Russ: okay, two bottles of wine it's a girl.

Kiri: okay, you're on.

Russ: all right. Now don't try to influence the little bugger now.

Kiri: hey, would I?

Russ: yes you would in a hot second.

Kiri: just for two bottles of wine? I don't think so.

Russ: please mama, be a boy.

Kiri: it doesn't matter to me as long as it's healthy which it will be.

Russ: it will be, of course it will be.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: being raised in the best environmental conditions that you can ever imagine.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: absolutely. I'm going to open the floor to questions. If you have anything for Kiri, feel free to fire away here.

Ian: all right Kiri, are you ready for this? Human beings have a lot of unanswered questions about themselves.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Ian: I was wondering if the intelligence on Hades base, if they have a lot of questions in regards to their own existence like humans do?

Kiri: like, "why am I here, what is my function in life, where am I going?"

Ian: well, it's obvious that human beings are closed to a lot of information due to their third dimensional focus.....

Kiri: uh-huh.

Ian: can you explain this fifth dimensional....

Kiri: well actually sixth dimensional. We work in the fifth as a work space.

Ian: okay, sixth dimensional.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Ian: so are there still a lot of unanswered questions?

Kiri: oh yes, most certainly. We know our origins of our species but as to our evolvement? Will we in too many years look still humanoid or will we sprout an extra arm or maybe lost an arm or maybe developed an extra nostril or yeah, it's hard to say. So where are we heading? We don't know. We'd like to think we do with manipulations of genes and things we can do whatever we want but what we want now may be different in 10,000 or 100,000 years, who knows?

Ian: so by your own definition, are you more in tune with spirit or soul?

Kiri: yes, uh-huh. We have access to all the knowledge that we have stored in the memory banks of, as you call it, the soul, or the spirit.

Ian: through the Akashic records pretty much.

Kiri: uh-huh, yes.

Ian: so you have any vices?

Kiri: yes.

(Russ laughs)

Russ: rollerblades.

Kiri: rollerblades, skiing, fine wine but not to excess, and the occasional flower.

Russ: better explain flowers a little bit. Bethany knows but Ian doesn't.

Bethany: I know, unfortunately I know.

Kiri: it's a nonaddictive narcotic. It has the same effect as a cross between I think marijuana and some hallucinogenic mouthful. It depends on how many and which variety.

Bethany: substance abuse.

(now Bethany laughs)

Ian: can you still abuse the substance despite its nonaddictive nature?

Kiri: yes you can but when you become a higher level of existence you realize all the dangers. If you don't, you don't last very long. You pass away and returned back to the third dimension to learn to control substance abuse.

Ian: emotion.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Ian: I don't know where I stand on it but I understand that but we often speak of levels of understanding.

Kiri: yeah. What would be a better way of saying? Progress, standards of progress. From a tiny infant that all's it knows is feed me, change me, lay me down to sleep to a young child that wants feeding, playing, sleep, and changing, to the mind that starts to question, "why am I here, what is my function in life and does it matter on a cosmic scale if I don't get up and go to work in the morning?"

Ian: okay, well that sparks a question about children.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Ian: with infants, I often speak to them as though they are adults.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Ian: but does the soul of the child understand...

Kiri: yes.

Ian: and help in its development?

Kiri: yes, communication with the child is very important. It's more important to treat the child when communicating with it as an adult but explain everything but yet you also need discipline. I believe you frown upon, or your species frowns upon spanking. No smart comments please, Russ.

Russ: I'm not saying a word.

Kiri: but spanking, as long as it's done properly and correctly is very useful. You have a perfectly good pain mechanism which is a warning to you. Why not use it instead of just telling the child that it's done something wrong but it might not understand. So by spanking a child, it knows that it's done wrong.

Ian: right, just don't even step across the boundaries of proselytizing violence.

Kiri: exactly. The old adage is, 'this is hurting me more than it's hurting you little one".

Russ: right.

Kiri: well it's actually an attack on the pride, the child's pride is being temporarily broken so that it knows and respects its parents. If you let a child do whatever it wants to do and just occasionally say ," that's naughty, that hurts, don't do that ". It's just words to a child and it may not do it whilst the parents are around but when the parents are around it behaves. But when it's away at a friends house or at school and it does the same thing and it's reprimanded, it's just words to the child. But if it knows that it's going to get spanked and a spanking hurts only physically, then it's not going to do it unless of course it's incredibly dumb.

Ian: so, we were speaking of aliens the other day.......

Kiri: uh-huh.

Ian: and you seem to know a lot about third dimensional frequencies.

Kiri: uh-huh, Oh, that reminds me, your friend, Taal, Russ has got another confirmed kill to his credit.

Russ: yes.

Kiri: how many is that now? Is that fifteen

Russ: uh-huh.

Kiri: sixteen I think. You might hear about it in your popular press although it was mistaken for another object.

Ian: I'll look for confirmation.

Bethany: what did you say? Could you repeat that?

Kiri: uh-huh. A friend of Russ's, Taal, is a.....

Bethany: yes, I know who he is, a blue guy.

Kiri: uh-huh, has another confirmed victory to his credit.

Bethany: victory? Of what?

Russ: shut down a hostile, third dimensional....

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: alien spaceships.

Kiri: yeah, chased him all over the northern hemisphere before he nailed him over I think the coast of California.

Russ: yeah, I'll look for confirmation on a third dimensional scale.

Kiri: hope to have several goes to destroy any salvageable material.

Russ: good.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Ian: so what I wanted to know was, how much do you know about the human race and how do you know what's within a person's subconscious or do you just watch them?

Kiri: we watch physically, we can tap into the race memory of the planet, long records, and other sources.

Ian: like for example, could you tell me what I had for lunch today and was that......

Kiri: well hamburgers aren't that good you know.

(Everyone laughs)

Russ: did you have hamburgers for lunch?

Ian: no, but it was close.

Kiri: actually, that was just an intelligent guess.

Ian: oh. So, when you say the race memory, you're speaking of just like a library of information?

Kiri: yeah, library of information, knowledge, and of course surveillance.

Russ: and of course monitoring of satellite communications.

Kiri: I deny anything to do with that.

Russ: what about Mary Poppins?

(a show I was able to see on the base during an astral travel visit)

Kiri: you used to watch that, look at you turned out?

Russ: wonderful. I can't wait until your new child's born so I can show it to Mary Poppins to it too. Her too I should say.

Beth: you have to understand too is that they know a lot more now than they did when they would be done channeling through Mark because what they done with Mark and Russ.

Kiri: yeah, we all learn....uh-huh, we learn........

Bethany: I remember when I first came to the channeling sessions, oftentimes they'd have to search Mark's memory bank for words because they're not familiar with our language.

Kiri: no, although I'm taking lessons on English.

Ian: you're doing great.

Kiri: oh, thank you.

Bethany: whereas now, they're so familiar with the human body that their connection can control Mark's movement.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: yeah, couldn't get Tia to say word one.

Bethany: are you leaving?

Kiri: yeah, she's arrived.

Bethany: she's arrived? See you.

Kiri: oh, I might come back in.

Russ: okay, we'll see you in a few, love.

(Tia takes over from Kiri as ring mistress)

Russ: hi Tia.

(Tia says hi in Durondedunn)

Russ: how's it going darling?

(Tia answers back in Durondedunn)

Russ: okay, we have lots of work to do.

Tia: okay, what we want......

Russ: we're losing.......

Tia: is we want the crystals put out in sunlight to pick up energy.

Russ: which ones?

Tia: the healing and the energy one. We want five candles......on that thing there would be useful.

Russ: so the candelabra?

Tia: uh-huh. We want a single candle white. We want two glasses of white wine.

Russ: hold on, single candle, wine. Any particular color on the five?

Tia: no, not really. Red would be nice though.

Russ: red, single candle white.

Tia: uh-huh. Make that four red and one green. Green in the center.

Russ: four red, one green.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okay, then we've got four glasses of white wine.

Tia: no, two.

Russ: two, but extra bottle set aside.

Tia: uh-huh.

Bethany: hi.

Tia: hi.

(Tia says hi in Durondedunn)

Russ: two glasses of white wine. Not champagne?

Tia: no.

Russ: okay.

Tia: you want a white cloth to go over the table, cover it totally. We want white rope about yea long.

Russ: white rope, yea long.

Tia: we want a knife.

Russ: knife, as in an athame type knife, which is what I've got?

Tia: a what type knife?

Russ: from an old Wiccan ritual I've done before. It's a two-sided knife......

Tia: that will do fine.

Russ: it's very......

Tia: it's just for cutting the rope.

Russ: oh, that won't work then. Okay, sharp knife.

Tia: uh-huh. Water, clean, pure water.

Russ: I've got some distilled in the fridge.

Tia: okay. And that should be it on the equipment side. Oh, music, we want something nice and solid.

Russ: you mean like a chant?

Tia: yeah, that will do.

Russ: all right, let's go for the physical now.

Tia: what do you want to know on the physical?

Russ: okay, Kiri said we've got to lose those two chairs....

Tia: yeah, that chair there where Ian is sitting in.

Russ: okay, lose the white chair.

Tia: lose that futon there. Put this one into a sitting position. Can you lose that one in the corner?

Russ: I can.

Bethany: put it in the garage, Russ.

Russ: yeah, we're going to have to break it down though.

Tia: no, don't worry about it then. We want to put that table there, that one there......

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: we want to put it roughly in the center, right there.

Russ: you mean where Ian is sitting?

Tia: yeah, right there. Uh-huh, against the wall.

Russ: with a white cloth over it.

Tia: that's right and we'll take over and set up everything after that.

Russ: okay, now you want that table lost over there?

Tia: that table lost over there.

Russ: what about the one with the elixirs on it, leave it?

Tia: yeah, leave it. It's going to be a little bit tight in here. We can do it. Pick up anything loose on the floor.

Russ: we can move those boxes of wine in the garage.

Tia: yeah, uh-huh.

Russ: put everything in the garage.

Tia: okay, and that should be it.

Russ: okay, do we have any idea what's going to happen here? Do you have like a schedule?

Tia: yes we do.

Russ: you're not going to tell us.

Tia: no, but there will be a healing session first of all.

Russ: all right, healing first.

Tia: uh-huh. So we want to start prompt at 7:30.

Russ: 7:30.

Tia: uh-huh, prompt. We'll do the healing session first of all and Mark's only to do a short jump.

Russ: short jump.

Tia: okay?

Russ: okay.

Tia: then we'll break after the healing session for about half an hour. And whilst everybody's out.......

Russ: what will we be doing while we're out, drink tea?

Tia: yeah, drink tea. Hang on, healing session takes half an hour roughly, right?

Russ: roughly.

Tia: okay, make it an hour.

Russ: break for an hour?

Tia: break for an hour and start that at 9 o'clock.

Russ: so 7:30 to 8, take a break to nine.

Tia: yeah.

Russ: okay.

Tia: okay?

Russ: then nine we start the ceremony......

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: and reception to follow.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: any foods at the reception we should provide?

Tia: whatever you want.

Russ: well darling, it's partly your reception anyway. You'll be here for it.

Tia: okay.....

Russ: I don't know how but you'll figure it out.

Tia: uh-huh. We'll do.......I can't get any flowers, can I?

Russ: well it all depends what kind of flowers you want dear.

Tia: well......

Russ: I can get a couple roses.

Tia: yeah, a couple roses would be nice.

Russ: couple roses.

Tia: of course you'll want rice I believe.

Russ: oh please, no rice. Pass big time on the rice.

Tia: just kidding. Vegetable platter.

Russ: veggie platter.

Tia: of course we're not doing a Durondedunn thingy so there won't be any steak involved. If you want to cook up meat as well.

Bethany: Tia, for something like this, could you use an extra channeller for two entities to come through at once?

Tia: yeah, that'd be handy.

Bethany: because I can come by.

Tia: okay.

Bethany: what night is it, Russ?

Russ: it's Tuesday.

Bethany: I think I can make it.

Russ: we'll leave it as an option.

Tia: uh-huh. Yeah, we'll take, because Mark's stamina is a lot higher, we'll let Omal manipulate Mark.

Russ: okay, so Omal is officiating.

Tia: uh-huh. Unless of course there's changes due to more prominent people arriving.

Russ: prominent?

Tia: well I'm only making precautionary....

Russ: prominent, there is only one prominent person I could imagine right now.

Ian: so Russ, they may decide to attack Mars and may be a bit preoccupied.

Tia: oh yes, you're the military one, right?

Ian: right.

Russ: okay, how about decorating the room in here a bit more? Some bunting.

Tia: yeah, put some bunting up. What's bunting?

Russ: like ribbon of some kind.

Tia: oh, streamers.

Russ: streamers, right.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: run that across the room to give a bit more color, give them a surprise when they come down.

Tia: yeah, uh-huh. Do it in let's see, what colors would be nice? Match the candles, green and red and white.

Russ: okay, and anything else for the reception?

Tia: yes, wine for afterwards.

Russ: white I take it.

Tia: well if you want. That's optional. Normally........how many different types of wine do I have when I throw a party?

Russ: four.

Tia: uh-huh. Two red and two white and then there is beer and spirits and.....

Russ: I'll work on the reception side of it.

Tia: yeah. And you want probably a green dip, a red dip, and a white dip.

Russ: vegetable platter with a dip.

Tia: I was gonna say those munchy things that you dip into.

Bethany: chips.

Tia: yeah, chips.

Bethany: read white and green will be very easy, Russ.

Russ: artichoke and jalapeno dip.

Bethany: avocado, salsa, and ranch.

Tia: now what else was there? Oh yes, as a joke, broccoli please.

Russ: oh please, broccoli.

Tia: as a joke.

Russ: okay, so that's reception. And rubber gloves?

Tia: yes, for the healing.

Russ: that's what I was thinking.

Tia: yeah.

Russ: okay, I'll set up the rubber gloves just for a laugh.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: and for the healing......

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: do you want to just have everybody out of the room and set that up for just Karra and.....

Tia: that would probably be best.

Russ: okay. So Kiri and Karra take over at that point?

Tia: uh-huh, yeah. And when we kick everybody out when the healing session is over we can start arranging everything down here and then we'll come up and join you guys. Make Mark lay down here and then send him up there when he gets back.

Russ: okay, so get him plenty of sleep that day.

Tia: uh-huh. Yeah, because he's going to be doing something like maybe a three hour channeling session.

Russ: I'll need extra tapes.

Tia: yeah, extra tapes and you might want to do a tape to tape afterwords so that you have a copy of the ceremony.

Russ: oh yeah, good point.

Tia: uh-huh. Maybe some organ music would be nice as well.

Russ: see what we can pull off.

Tia: yeah, classical organ music.

Russ: well for the reception, I'll come up with something else.

Tia: oh, whatever you want for the reception.

Russ: right.

Tia: can't get the Wookie air band down there, can you?

Russ: we'll figure it out.

Tia: well where would we parked the spaceship, huh?

Russ: Heavenly parking lot, remember?

Tia: oh yeah, that was right.

Russ: we'll just shuttle them down from the Heavenly parking lot.

Tia: yeah, six hairy, eight-foot tall musicians and instruments, yeah.

Russ: the Wookie Air band, our buddies.

Tia: yes.

Russ: they've done most of the bonding ceremonies so far.

Tia: uh-huh. And we'll probably put it on the whatsit up here and put a hologram in the garden so we can sit down and watch it up there.

Russ: oh, good idea. You'll see everybody up there watching our wedding ceremony with the wedding ceremony going on down here.

Tia: okay, now let's get down to business, we've got things to discuss.

Russ: alright, go for it.

Tia: okay, questions?

Russ: she's looking at you.

Tia: well actually, I'm looking at a monitor that's right there.

Ian: oh yeah?

Tia: uh-huh.

Ian: and am I on it?

Tia: yes. It's got this whole entire area.....

Russ: yes, but it doesn't have.........what's it got? Just the auras?

Tia: no.

Russ: or it's the one that's got the whole colored.....

Tia: a whole collection. We've got auras over there and somebody's just had a cigarette. You have over there another one that is an angle which is across that way and we've got a holographic projection which is right down there.

Russ: oh, that's a good question. How you get all these angles? I never found out. I mean where are the cameras located at that no one's ever told us about?

Tia: can't tell you that.

Russ: figures.

Bethany: I've got a lot of questions about who I should talk to about which situation.

Tia: what do you want to know?

Bethany: who should I talk to about teaching and guiding.

Tia: oh, that would be Omal.

Bethany: okay.

Tia: uh-huh.

Bethany: and who do I talk to about possibly changing actions that we have performed?

Tia: changing actions in what way? You talk about you individually or......?

Betty: yes.

Tia: again Omal.

Bethany: okay. And what about empath abilities?

Tia: Karra.

Bethany: Karra?

Tia: uh-huh.

Bethany: okay, and shields while astral traveling?

Tia: I wouldn't worry about needing shields when astral traveling. If you're fast enough, you can almost outrun anything physical. And anybody that could catch up and overtake you, probably wouldn't do you any harm anyway unless they're really corrupt.

Bethany: the thing is while astral traveling, I've kind of been wary about new territory and I'm reluctant to go just exploring on my own for fear that I might run into something I can't take on or I can't shield against because I am in my astral body.

Tia: well when you're traveling in your astral form shields are kind of a drain on your energy which cuts down on the distance that you can travel. Now, remember we discussed things to do in emergency situations? About a year and a half ago I believe.

Bethany: yeah, but......

Tia: okay, let's run over them again. When you're in a situation hostile, simple zigzag. Never stay straight and level for any length of time. Secondly, if you find yourself under attack, right? Do you know how to make an energy ball whilst in your astral form?

Bethany: no.

Tia: make an energy ball, drop it behind you and detonate it and then shoot off in a totally different angle that you were traveling but not directly behind because you'll blind yourself.

Bethany: oh.

Tia: thirdly, in a real crunch situation, let the rubber band effect take over. This will will knock you out temporarily for astral travel for maybe up to a week but which would rather?

Bethany: right.

Tia: to be totally messed up or have your ability knocked out for a week? You'll probably throw up and be nauseated for a couple hours afterwards but again, it's which would you rather? But for more situations, it's caution. Don't waste energy, just try to be real stealthful. Suck in as much energy as you can and expel as little as possible.

Bethany: okay and can you tell me some areas in which I should travel?

Tia: anywhere you want on third dimension.

Bethany: what about other dimensions as well?

Tia: always avoid stars. Penetrating stars can be very harmful. Avoid nebulas. That's dark clouds of matter and space. You never know what's in there and you lose your visibility as well. Avoid black holes, although they're not actually holes.

Bethany: right.

Tia: avoid quasars because they emit a sound that can again, make you disoriented. Avoid pulsars, which is a star that rotates and gives off a pulse of light. Avoid anything with a high gravitational field until you get very, very proficient.

(Tia whispers to herself)

Tia: covered nebulas, covered quasars, covered pulsars. Avoid star clusters until again you get proficient. This is because the light that they give off is very bright and blinds you when you're traveling forward. The energy level can distort and twist you and the gravitational field can get you very confused. You can use them as a beacon to aim for and then turn away before you hit them. have I left anything out? Don't think so.

Bethany: thank you.

Tia: oh, okay.

Ian: what I'd like to know about, is Mark on Hades Base right now?

Tia: uh-huh.

Ian: is he communicating with you guys while he's there?

Tia: well he can if he wants to but......

Ian: what does he usually do?

Tia: I believe he's at home talking to a friend of ours but I'd have to check.

Russ: Monka?

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: who's watching the kids or are the kids with you right now?

Tia: the kid's are asleep.

Russ: oh.

Tia: it's 11 o'clock at night you know.

Ian: I have a question about how amongst yourselves on Hades Base decided who Mark will channel through when there's five or six people to come through?

Tia: it's the opposite way around. Mark doesn't channel through us, we channel through Mark.

Ian: well, that's what I meant.

Tia: yeah. Well, Korton and Omal, they decide and they decide who is up for channeling because it's hand coordination, mental linkage, some people are just totally incompatible to channel through certain humans so they don't channel.

Ian: does it have anything to do people in question?

Tia: uh-huh yes.

Ian: or it just happened that you and Mark are tight?

Tia: well with Mark, Kiri and myself, we're triplet souls.

Ian: is this predetermined before she was born?

Tia: yeah, it's part of the grouping. You see, the mind works on frequencies and certain individuals are linked closer together on frequencies. So they tend to be able to communicate and the closer the link, the nearer their souls are to being in tune.

Ian: is this how you manage to bring people around to new lines of thinking?

Tia: uh-huh. Sometimes, somebody is fortunate on your dimension to be a telepath and they can communicate with almost anybody. Pick up their thoughts and find it easier to communicate with them.

Ian: do they have to know about their ability or just.......?

Tia: they learn eventually.

Russ: dig on Russ tonight.

Tia: I wasn't digging on you.

Russ: oh what about that thing about the spending too much energy, darling?

Tia: well that was.

Russ: I didn't know it was.

Tia: it was the only one.

Russ: I caught that one.

Tia: but it's true though.

Russ: well yes, it was true.

Tia: so it wasn't a dig, it was just pointing a statement of fact.

Russ: agreed.

Tia: yes. You see, you have to be as tight as possible and stringent as possible on energy.

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: okay, next question.

Ian: that's it for now.

Tia: okay.

Ian: I'm working on some things.

Tia: right.

Bethany: is Omal going to come through?

Tia: uh-huh.

Bethany: okay.

Tia: bye.

Russ: bye.

(Omal takes up what is left of this side of the recording)

Omal: greetings and felicitations.

Russ: greetings Omal.

Bethany: hi.

Omal: greetings Bethany. Greetings Ian, greetings Russ.

Russ: greetings.

Omal: okay, let us proceed.

Russ: okay.

Omal: before we start, I am limited on time.

Russ: all right. I'll go ahead and leave this up for Ian.

Ian: well, I was told last week that I was done an honor by your presence being here so I wanted to thank you for that.

Omal: oh, you're welcome.

Ian: I had no knowledge.

Omal: have you discussed time manipulation yet?

Ian: no, a matter of fact, I was supposed to get here little bit earlier to discuss that.

Omal: ahh.

Ian: but I will get to it.

Omal: okay.

Ian: I wanted to talk about probability.

Omal: okay, probability.

Ian: okay, there's a lot of mass beliefs in regards to our future especially being that we're at the turn-of-the-century. One of these common beliefs amongst the Christians is that Revelation is coming true.

Omal: uh-huh.

Ian: another is that people believe that there may be a shift in the poles causing disaster or something.

Omal: the shift in the poles will not be for a few years yet.

Ian: okay. What I was wondering is based on belief, if I don't believe in this occurrence, is it possible for me to avoid such a thing, if I turn into an alternative reality........?

Omal: yes, a parallel universe.

Ian: does that mean that I would die......

Omal: no.

Ian: or something in relation to the people who are going to experience it?

Omal: no, an aspect of new will go along that line. An aspect of you will proceed along the other lines of probability. For each aspect of you there will be an identical aspect affected by the environmental factors going on around you.

Ian: so in order to avoid such an occurrence, how strong would my belief have to be and would I have to be without doubt?

Omal: yes.

Ian: that's pretty tough.

Omal: but if you look at Revelations, in the past it has come true and it will come true again or it will appear to come true.

Ian: based on the Scripture.

Omal: correct. And it's translations. You have to remember the original Revelations was written I believe in Hebrew.

Ian: uh-huh.

Omal: so therefore you have a translation from Hebrew to Greek and from Greek to Latin and then from Latin to maybe Spanish or another language eventually to English. And then you have the translations in the Bible, the different versions which say different things.

Ian: Bethany?

Bethany: who's monitoring me?

Omal: at present? The individual that is monitoring you is classified I'm afraid for the protection of them.

Bethany: okay, I wanted to ask you about teaching and guiding. Now I've done a lot of searching and a lot of astral traveling which has led me to believe that possibly in this lifetime I am to be some type of teacher and with my abilities it entirely makes sense........





(Omal extends his time talking)

Bethany: ........need to be a teacher and at that time I will have an understanding but is there a way that you can tell me what line my abilities are growing to teaching? Because I don't know at this point whether it's for lost souls or other humans that don't understand.......

Omal: more than likely it will be for the enlargement of knowledge for other people in one form or another.

Bethany: on the third dimension.

Omal: to teach you must understand both aspects of the teaching process and the learning process.

Bethany: okay.

Omal: you must be able to enter into it without emotion so that your emotions do not interfere with what you're teaching. If you teach by using your emotions, the wine of knowledge becomes very strong but easily manipulated by your emotions. So has to be a very emotional.....

Bethany: maturing.

Omal: yes. A nice, flat emotions to communicate your process of enlarging not only their capacities but your own. You see, a teacher learns from his pupils.

Bethany: right. I understand at this point I know I'm learning.

Omal: uh-huh.

Bethany: and I kind of want an understanding of at what point I will switch to the teaching side. I understand that I'll continue to learn......

Omal: uh-huh.

Bethany: but at what point should I start to teach?

Omal: you already are.

Bethany: I am?

Omal: you already are.

Bethany: okay, that leads me to my next question because I have two people that I'm teaching astral traveling to.

Omal: uh-huh.

Bethany: and I would like to know. This will be my first time teaching astral traveling. I've taught a little bit of telepathy in the past and on the aspect of astral traveling, is it better to teach one at a time and go......

Omal: Bethany, take a deep breath and relax.

Bethany: thanks. You see, I already know that it's better to......

Omal: it is better to teach one-on-one does start off with. That way by learning from one person, you can analyze the best possible method of teaching by monitoring their effects of what works for them. What you can do is teach one-on-one but to two different people using two different processes. Compare your notes on how they perform with each method.

Bethany: right.

Omal: let's say you use for one person method A, right? And for another person method B. After a month period you would say "okay, we're going to change, we're going to try a new method and you use on person A method B and on person B you use method A. Again, after a month you look at your notes, compare what works well on both people.

Bethany: comparing which way to teach.

Omal: correct.

Bethany: okay. Then the teaching, would it be best to just put them in a trance and let them go on their own within the third dimension or should I put into their trance and ask them to kind of hang out.......?

Omal: first of all, ask them to hang out, get them used to the feeling.

Bethany: and would it be okay for me to then put myself in trance and kind of act as a guide on their first travel?

Omal: not on their first travel because you have to watch their physical form.

Bethany: okay.

Omal: because if they start to have lack of breathing......

Bethany: right.

Omal: their breathing becomes shallow and irregular, you have to bring them back.

Bethany: okay.

Omal: and how you can you do that when you're in the astral form?

Bethany: exactly.

Omal: so to start off with you go in the physical form, you watch, you take notes, observe how they look. If their skin color starts to change, again, you've got to bring them back.

Bethany: okay. And then I wouldn't expect them if they're on their own to go beyond the third dimension. They'll stay in the third dimension, right?

Omal: yes.

Bethany: okay. I was kind of worried about whether or not they would try to explore other dimensions because they are aware of them.

Omal: their minds will not let them.

Bethany: okay.

Omar: it is a safety factor and the individuals, if my assumptions is correct, have a long way to go before dimension jumps are in their mental grasp. The mathematics as you are aware is quite high.

Bethany: right. Okay, and then this switches to a completely different subject.

Omal: uh-huh.

Bethany: I was reading how it's possible after death to choose to return to the life you've just lived fixing problems that you created for yourself.

Omar: it is not the life you have just left, is is very similar to put yourself in the same sort of situation normally with at least one of your previous parental figures.

Bethany: so it would be a different reincarnation.

Omar: yes.

Bethany: a completely different life.....

Omar: a different life.....

Bethany: working on the problems.

Omar: yes, on your weaknesses.

Bethany: okay, so there's no way to right now.....

Omar: no.

Bethany: go back before death to go back and change things that you've done?

Omar: no, that is totally impossible due to the fact of the molecular makeup of an individual.

Bethany: right.

Omar: how you be in two places at once in the same dimension?

Ian: I was taught that you can change the past, not that it would affect your present existence. Like I could go back in the past and opt to change something that I had......

Omal: uh-huh.

Ian: but it wouldn't change who I am now but there would be a probable timeline that broke off.....

Omar: yes.

Ian: for that eventuality.

Omar: yes, but it would not be you. You cannot go back in time to change something. The reason being is the molecules that make you what you are are in existence if you go back ten years.

Ian: of me?

Omar: no, molecules already in circulation of you. If you go back a thousand years, your molecules in your timeline are in existence then. If you  go back a million years, they're still in existence.

Ian: but in a different form.

Omar: yes.

Ian: okay.

Omar: so you can't travel backwards in time on your timeline. What you can do is go down another timeline that is similar to yours and change them. Because your molecules do not exist within that timeline. However, to travel forwards in time, what you basically do is you take the molecules out of circulation and reinsert them in ten minutes ahead of where they are, twenty minutes, a day, a year, a thousand years.

Bethany: going back to the teaching that I'm going to be facing for the next few days or so, if there was a problem that I noticed, how would I talk to Mac? They're not going to fully leave their consciousness on their first try.

Omar: talk quietly very closely to them.

Bethany: but almost putting them into another trance to return.

Omar: yes.

Bethany: okay.

Omar: basically what you do is you whisper very quietly in their ear, "come back, you are safe, there is nothing to worry".

Bethany: and then is it necessary to do that for their ultimate return anyway?

Omar: no.

Bethany: they'll find the time to return.

Omar: yes.

Bethany: okay, what should the average time for that be?

Omar: it varies for the individual. It could be as short as five minutes, as long as an hour. Sometimes even longer.

Bethany: depending on how comfortable they are.

Omar: yes. Any longer than an hour and and a half, whisper to their ear. Tell them to come home.

Bethany: okay, thank you very much.

Omar: you're welcome. One more question from each of you please.

Ian: okay. Regarding the doubt with probability jumping as well as many other belief structures, is there a way to...........for example, I have a lot of beliefs in for example in healing, I believe that I have the ability to heal myself yet I have found that I am not ready to go there then because it is a belief in itself.

Omal: uh-huh.

Ian: how do I......

Omar: overcome?

Ian: sweep away those doubts or overcome them?

Omar: first of all, learn to believe harder. Secondly, except that practice is necessary. Do not inflict injuries on yourself just to practice. As they come, practice. Note how long it takes to heal the area that has been damaged. Eat healthy foods, read up on healing. Learn about necessary herbal remedies. But
belief is very important. If you can do it once you can do it again. But by writing things down and monitoring that on one occasion you cut your digital and it takes a week for it to heal. Next time you cut yourself on your foot and that takes six days to heal. That is a day less than previous so therefore there is an improvement which will strengthen your belief.

Ian: thank you.

Omar: you're welcome.

Bethany: my last question. How should I look for my guide in teaching or do I need one?

Omar: you have guides that do help you.

Bethany: okay.

Omar: but the choice is yours, which path do you walk down? Your guides will advise you and try to point you in the right direction but ultimately the person that makes the decision is you.

Bethany: thanks.

Omar: you're welcome.

Russ: and my question is, you were speaking to Ian about alternate aspects. In regards to that, our aspects breaking off from our perceptive body. I assume they need lessons from those timelines that they break off from. Are they connected to my future at all, our future?

Omar: no. They're in a different circulation.

Russ: thank you Omal.

Bethany: good night Omal, thank you for joining us this evening.

Omar: you're welcome. Live long and prosper.

Russ: well thank you for officiating the ceremony coming up.

Omar: you're welcome. And, I'll be back.

(Tia talks to the cat in the room while transitioning speakers)

Russ: hi Tia.

(Tia says hi in Durondedunn)

Russ: how are you doing tonight?

(Tia replies in Durondedunn)

Russ: okay.......

Tia: sorry.

(The cat in the room says something to Tia)

(Tia replies to the cat in her language)

Tia: uh-uh, Durondedunn please. Not a feline.

Russ: what's that mean?

Tia: what?

Russ: what does she mean.

(Tia says hi again in Durondedunn)

Russ: yeah.

Tia: hello.

Russ: oh.

Tia: well actually hi.

Russ: more personal hi?

Tia: yeah.

Russ: hello would be a bit longer I take it.

Tia: yeah. Sort of like........

(Tia says hello in Durondedunn)

Russ: okay.

(Everyone laughs)

Russ: I can really tell a difference on that too, yeah.

Tia: uh-huh.

(Tia go through the different versions)

Russ: well I'm sure your kids could understand the difference but I didn't.

Tia: yeah, thank you.

Russ: that's fine, alright who's up after you?

Tia: just Karra.

Russ: just Karra?

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: what about Kiri? She said she's coming back. She go to bed?

Tia: no, she said she might come back.

Russ: she might come back.

Tia: yeah.

Bethany: goodbye.

Russ: she'll be back.

(Karra steps into the channeling field)

Karra: hello Bethany, hello Ian.

Russ: hello love.

Bethany: hi.

Russ: okay, what do we need for the healing session for Carrie? What should I set up for?

Karra: just a laser scalpel please.

Russ: laser scalpel.

Karra: yes, and we want Michael here.

Russ: you want Michael here?

Karra: better teach him the basics.

Russ: oh I get it.

Karra: because he's going to need to be able to attend to her when she's at her worst.

Russ: okay. All right, I'll set that up with him and her.

Bethany: I have a question.

Karra: uh-huh.

Bethany: how can I control my empath abilities? The other night I was sitting in a restaurant........

Karra: we heard through Russ's ears...............and made you sick. Okay, what you can do, is next time you when feel yourself in a situation of picking up somebody's emotions, focus on somebody else.

Bethany: see that's the thing I did not realize......

Karra: uh-huh.

Bethany: I mean my empath abilities are so strong.

Karra: yeah, I know that they're........

Bethany: I wasn't even aware and here, three hours before it happened, I apologized for the incident.

Karra: uh-huh. So what you do is when you're in a situation where you feel that strong emotions are being used, is put up your shields.....

Bethany: right.

Karra: and.......

Bethany: I was working on it and it's very difficult to concentrate on my shields when so much was going on emotionally.

Karra: yeah, and you focus on somebody else. Maybe a couple in love because their energy is quite nice and relaxing. You want to look for positive energy.

Bethany: okay.

Karra: you would focus on someone that is happy and cheerful. Maybe a group of people laughing. I mean you can carry on listening to what the person is saying but once you start to focus on something different, your energy level changes to match the people that you're focusing on.

Bethany: right.

Karra: that is more effective than using shields because everything filters through eventually. If you focus on happy positive energy instead of depressing negative energy, it's going to take a lot, lot longer for that negative energy to penetrate.

Bethany: would grounding the emotions that I do pick up be just as useful or is that.......

Karra: you can combine them. You can combine the positive energy coming in and let it wash down through you which will wash also the negative energy down through.

Bethany: okay. And can you tell me how does that relate to my other senses? I mean I'm very.......

Karra: it overrides them.

Bethany: but I mean why?

Karra: because it is stronger.......

Bethany: how does that relate to any purpose?

Karra: it relates to the purpose of relearning how to control your empath ability. By experiencing the incident that you had the other night at that restaurant, right? What have you learned?

Bethany: right.

Karra: see? Now you know what to do next time that situation occurs. So, having an ability which will override everything like your empathic ability, it will override your astral travel and your telepathy. That's all that you will have at that time.

Bethany: does that work vice versa?

Karra: no, your strength is in your empathic ability, see?

Bethany: even more so than my telepathic?

Karra: uh-huh. Because with your empathic ability, it's augmented and increased by your telepathy but without your telepathy you'd still have your empathic ability. It would be just as strong as it is.

Bethany: okay. So what does that lead to? I mean like obviously telepathy and
astral travel put together can lead to teaching. How does my empath ability.......

Karra: you can use it to monitor when you're teaching.

Bethany: ohhhhhh. Oh, that's going to be very useful, thank you.

Karra: uh-huh, you're welcome.

Beverly: that's the answer I needed.

Karra: do I get another round of applause?

(Everyone applauds Karra)

Karra: thank you, thank you, thank you.

(Russ says something indistinguishable)

Karra: yes, we know all about golf.

Russ: I could get you interested in that game.

Karra: well......

Ian: it's more of an education than a sport.

Karra: uh-huh.

Ian: keep that in mind.

Karra: yes, I assume so.

Russ: got any golf courses up there?

Karra: no.

Russ: but with all the computers you could it put on.

Karra: could put up anyone that you want. Think of a very famous one, Pebble Beach will do.

Russ: Torrey Pines.

Karra: uh-huh.

Bethany: oh my goodness, I'm just overwhelmed.

Karra: take a deep breath.

Bethany: huh? No, it was excitement that gave me.......

Karra: take a deep breath.

Bethany: the last key that I needed to know that I am teaching.

Karra: yeah.

Bethany: because before it was very questionable.

Karra: now take a deep breath and relax. Go on, take a deep breath. This is a healer talking now.

Bethany: all right.

Karra: okay, now relax.

Russ: okay.

Karra: Bethany?

Bethany: that's all the questions I have.

Karra: oh, okay.

Russ: on my part.....

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: I'm not going to be taking a medical botany class.....

Karra: yes, I know.

Russ: but I'd like to do some more learning about it anyway. So do you think we can work on a little bit of herbalism here in some upcoming sessions?

Karra: yeah, sure. I'll have to dig out some of my old medical books, blow off the dust. Actually, I'll have to send for them.

Russ: from Sirius?

Karra: I haven't been able to read them for about forty years or so.

Russ: hmm, well, part of the transport from Sirius.

Karra: yeah, but it's priority stuff and this is low priority.

Russ: want me speak to him about it?

Karra: even he has to go on what's priority stuff. I mean, the wine that Kiri gets brought in, that's not exactly priority but well........

Russ: strings are pulled.

Karra: medicinal materials.

Russ: well, it is medicinal.

Karra: hmm. I have scruples and morals.

Russ: well yes, that's true. All right, well at your leisure. I'm not in your field of study for a little while anyway so let's not worry about it.

Karra: okay.

Bethany: a question I wasn't able to ask Omal in regards to teaching, he mentioned waiting a month or so. I was wondering if he meant, because I don't know if you're aware of the situation, but I'm looking to teaching two people astral traveling.

Karra: yep, I think what he meant is that you teach one one thing and the other another thing for a month and then changing over.

Bethany: so, it would be okay then to teach both of them a little bit within the same week?

Karra: uh-huh.

Bethany: okay, I wanted to know if that would be overwhelming to my own......

Karra: just be very cautious and if you feel uncomfortable with it don't do it.

Bethany: okay.

Karra: don't hurry in.

Bethany: yeah, just reschedule and be patient.

Karra: yeah, uh-huh. And tell them it's part of learning is patience.

Bethany: right.

Karra: I mean everybody needs to learn patience, myself included.

Bethany: okay.

Russ: and you're solving them.

Karra: yes, very much so. Patience Russ, for the hundred and 20th time. Just kidding.

Russ: I know.

Karra: okay....

Russ: Ian?

Ian: oh, no thank you.

Karra: no healing questions?

Ian: well unfortunately, Omal beat you to them.

Karra: oh well, nevermind.

Russ: oh, is Kiri coming back in?

Karra: she's sitting on the side over there massaging a bruise.

Russ: what caused it?

Karra: well it was a natural reflex that got her like that.

(Russ chuckles)

Russ: well I'll be up to see you in a little while.

Karra: okay.

Russ: if you could talk her into stop massaging and come in for a couple seconds, I've got a question for her.

Karra: sorry, okay.

Bethany: see you Karra.

Karra: good night, see you guys later.

Russ: all right.

(Kiri is back for her second time to speak)

Russ: hi Kiri.

Kiri: yo.

Russ: yo.

Kiri: yeah?

Russ: who's got the bruise?

Kiri: I do.

Russ: you?

Kiri: yeah, right there.

Russ: I'm sorry for that.

Kiri: yeah, right.

Russ: horribly sorry.

Kiri: yeah, and I'm Arcturian.

Russ: okay my
Arcturian love, question for you. Right now I was discussing with Mark the fact that they're working on spaceships that they've captured out at area 51.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: and what they're doing there is, a guy named Lazar was working on reverse engineering.....

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: of the spaceships.

Kiri: yes, disassembling and then reassembling. So you want an engineering perspective, huh?

Russ: right. Yeah, basically. I mean, what the heck? How much are they going to get out of that?

Kiri: they should get the basic engine principles if, and this is a big if, if they can match the rare earth elements and the composite material that's being used.

Russ: well they're working on the anti-grav drive.

Kiri: yes but the fact is that they can come close to it and maybe get limited effect but, without the correct mixture of the compositive materials, it won't work that well. And you've got over I should say twenty million possible different combinations of materials that could be mixed.

Russ: well if it's already mixed their way, can't they just reverse engineer what they've got on hand?

Kiri: yeah, but you have to strip it down, break it down to the lowest chemical elements so that you know that it's five parts nitrogen to two parts hydrogen to six parts strontium to six parts.......

Russ: I see what you mean.

Kiri: they're I think on an average twenty different chemical compounds to make up one ceramic composite material.

Russ: well according to him, they have the five ships set up at area S4 which is fifteen miles south of Groom Lake.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: but what they didn't have was the fact that they could only get these things floating up about fifty feet.......

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: and that was all she wrote. And that was the problem they were coming up with was the fact that they couldn't get it any higher.

Kiri: that is what I just said.

Russ: they're trying the parts.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: hmm.

Kiri: you see, you can get very, very close, you can get everything spot on and be one part out on something like
strontium whatever it is, strontium ninety I believe.

Russ: uh-huh.

Kiri: and you get one part out and it's not going to work properly.

Russ: right. What about the computers on board? They can't access them I take it?

Kiri: got to have the right codes.

Russ: and they won't understand Sirian in the first place.

Kiri: not a Sirian ships.

Russ: not Sirian ships.

Kiri: no.

Russ: oh that's right, these are the ships from the Zeta crafts.

Ian: do they use wireless electronics in their ships?

Kiri: yes, had to think for a second. See, the problem is with wires is they tend to get frayed and tangled and you get hit in the side, right? And you've got a hole and you've knocked out your pitch and yaw control.

Russ: well where did you think they came up with the thought guidance weapons for our ships? It wasn't from our own technology, I'll tell you that much.

Kiri: that's actually quite simple to do.

Russ: how so?

Kiri: once you recognize a mental pattern for a particular command like fire and you........what are you doing?

(Kiri is speaking to the cat)

Russ: looking at you.

Kiri: hmmm. Okay, when you have a command where say for example, fire, right? It gives off a particular mental pattern.

Ian: frequency?

Kiri: that's right, frequency of thought. Now, use program that into the computer to look for at that particular wavelength and if you have fire left missile, that's the whole entire thought process. You have fire left and missile. So you have three possible, three waves that are produced by that thought which is different from fire right missile.

Russ: right. But isn't the receptor here the tricky part on that?

Kiri: yes. See, the cranium has to be totally shaved of hair and the receptors have to be placed strategically. If you look in your helmet, you will see that they're placed in the right places to pick up. There's quite a few clustered around the top....

Russ: crown, yeah. But I notice now that our helmets on our ships now are set up so they're wireless.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: and that's the changes you made then I take it?

Kiri: yeah, or one of them.

Russ: good change. I didn't like being tied by the wires to the couch.

Kiri: well, it's much more efficient. We've still got a few teething problems that I'm working on.

Russ: yeah, but I can leave the ship now without that......

Kiri: and if you can tell big sis to butt out when I'm working on things like that, you may find it easier and quicker improvements.

Russ: okay, so at present, we're not looking at any new huge advances yet?

Kiri: no.

Russ: okay.

Kiri: oh, on your planet? No, nothing major. You may get minor advances like easier thought controlled weapon systems. Maybe advances in wireless controlled aerodynamics, thermal dynamics engines, ram jets, scram jets, but nothing major.

Russ: oh. But how more advanced are these other alien races compared to us and how low advanced are they to you?

Kiri: it depends on how far they progress up the evolutionary ladder. How long they've been in existence, how long they've had space travel. You got to remember the more primitive ships are like maybe a thousand years ahead of you which is peanuts compared to the cosmic scale of things.

Russ: that's true. A thousand years, what we've seen in a thousand years, you could write volumes and there have been volumes written about it.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: quite a bit.

Kiri: yep.

Ian: well that explains that but it brings up a different question.

Kiri: okay.

Ian: in regards to that scale on our planet....

Kiri: uh-huh.

Ian: and our race I should say, things like channeling seem unusual to them. It's an unexplained phenomenon in a lot of circles, that type of thing.

Kiri: used to be.

Ian: yeah?

Kiri: when you advance again up the evolutionary ladder to a higher standard of knowledge, channeling becomes less necessary because when you reach the sixth dimension, you have people that can come down from the seventh, eighth, ninth, 10th, 11th, or whatever to come down and communicate with you. They come down in person because it's a less dense dimension, it's easier for them to do so. But they're not regressing because they return back to their dimension like I have a house in the country.........have a house in the country on Sirius which is in the sixth dimension which I'm subletting at the moment for materials which ships me to make clothing but I work in the fifth dimension.

Ian: so these people from other dimensions teach you about their own dimensions sort of like yours?

Kiri: yes.

Ian: and are there dimensions that you cannot reach or do not have anyone on them?

Kiri: the higher they go, the fewer people there are in each dimension. So therefore, the fewer people there are to help and guide until you get to some really high level dimensions where there may be only a thousand people in that whole entire dimension but they communicate with as many people as possible.

Bethany: when you take into consideration that someone in the eighth dimension communicates on a regular basis with someone they like in the 10th dimension.....

Kiri: uh-huh.

Bethany: and since they are in the eighth dimension, they would communicate with people in the sixth.

Kiri: that's right and they relay the information from those higher dimensions. I can't fully explain how many dimensions levels there are or et me strike that from the record and say how many levels of underst.......

Russ: intelligence?

Kiri: no, how many.....

Ian: it's hard not to sound arrogant.

Kiri: yeah, I'm trying to strike the word level. Nevermind, you know what I mean.

Bethany: how many steps there are on the ladder.

Kiri: thank you, steps on the ladder of.....

Ian: evolution.

Kiri: uh-huh, yeah.

Russ: suppose there's one where there's just one person on the ladder.

Kiri: don't ask me, I'm not a theology. Did I get it right?

Russ: theologian.

Kiri: thank you, I can't help it. As Bethany stated, yes, occasionally.

Russ: okay, so we'll see you at the.......

Kiri: of course, of course, looking forward to it. I'm not going to sing.

Russ: you're not?

Kiri: well, if I could come down in person I would sing.

Bethany: well, see that now that's a big question because I was considering doing a double channeling session.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Bethany: whereas I can sing very well.

(Russ chuckles)

Bethany: so if you were to sing through me, you could.....

Kiri: I don't think you would be able to get your mouth to manipulate around Sirian words.

Bethany: oh, oh good.

Kiri: because I do have a song but it is totally in Sirian and to sit down and translate it would take away its meaning. It's a little bit like listening to some of your modern music in Japanese.

Ian: that can be enjoyable occasionally.

Kiri: okay.....

Russ: I'm out of questions. Ian?

Ian: no.

Kiri: oh, okay. Are you coming up tonight Bethany?

Bethany: coming up?

Kiri: no, nevermind.

Bethany: I have to say I'm totally worn out.

Kiri: oh, okay. Feel better soon.

Russ: bye Kiri, see you Tuesday.

Bethany: good night.

Kiri: yeah.

(Tia takes over to get us to the tape's end)

Russ: hi Tia.

(Tia says hi in Durondedunn)

Russ: okay, so all set for this session.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: this would be a first for you guys, wouldn't it?

Tia: what do you mean?

Russ: a bonding ceremony officiated from the fifth dimension to a third dimensional couple and watched by Hades base.

Tia: uh-huh. I don't think you should tell him that there will probably be about a thousand people watching.

Russ: no.

Tia: talk about butterflies.

Ian: I have a question, what is your job?

Tia: all's I can say is first of all classified but covert operations.

Ian: oh, spy.

Tia: yes, my name is Tia. Tia Crocker 003 1/2.

Ian: so who do you spy on though?

Tia: again, that's classified. Everybody basically.

Bethany: everyone and their brother.

Ian: collecting and assimilating information?

Tia: yes, uh-huh. I made a mistake in making a comment the other day.

Russ: yes, you made the comment. Did you want to expound it or just allow that...?

Tia: I'll expound a little bit that he found it a very condescending movie and very useful in the fact is that that's the way that he wants everybody to behave. Because he thinks everybody below him thinks that life is a box of chocolates. Go on, go on, say it.

Bethany: no.

Tia: please, please?

(In Bethany's best Forest Gump voice)

Bethany: "you never know what you're going to get".

Tia: thank you.

Ian: "life is like a box of chocolates".

Tia: you guys do it so much better than I can.

Bethany: well you've got a couple of blocks there. Got first of all a female voice working through a male voice box.......

Tia: yeah, I know.

Bethany: and secondly, an accent to work over.

Tia: he has an accent?

Ian: a light one I guess.

Russ: British.

Tia: well isn't it ........? What language do you guys speak?

Russ: English.

Ian: American but well, it's an American dialect.

Bethany: yeah, we speak Californian.

Ian: Californian.

Tia: "there we go, I'm all right. Oh, okay".

Bethany: "like gag me with a spoon. Like get your language straight, girlfriend".

Tia: ooohhhh!!!!!

Bethany: that's Valley, we don't talk Valley, we're in the mountains.

Russ: that's right.

Tia: how can you be a Valley girl?

Russ: Tia, are you going to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show tomorrow?

Tia: no.

Russ: no?

Bethany: are you sure, I'm going to be in it?

Tia: I'll try and get a tape relay but it's really not my cup of tea.

Russ: bummer.

Tia: Java, I don't drink coffee. Get's stuck in my teeth anyway. Actually, it makes me very hyper and then I tend to get very dizzy and giggle and can't work properly.

Bethany: oh Tia, I wanted to ask you. What's the name of that flower I took that night that you had to escort me around the party?

Tia: oh, you mean the patoolie's?

Bethany: patoolie's, that's it.

Tia: uh-huh, that's the English name. This Sirian name I can't even get my mouth around and we don't have anything like that on Durondedunn. We have a type of psilocybin, acigenarium mushroom.

Ian: oh.

Tia: hmm, question. When you are in your wet Navy, on my home planet we have space Navy, right? And to differentiate between space Navy and Navy that is on water, okay water Navy, What were you in, what did you do?

Ian: electronics.

Tia: oh, electronics, so you weren't in military intelligence which is a contradiction.

Ian: what I did was more computer engineering like Kiri.

Tia: ahh, you want to sit down and talk to with her sometime. You could probably between the two of you come up with something pretty incredible.

Ian: there is an unfortunate aspect to that. We were working on radars and you can guess what those are.

Tia: uh-huh.

Ian: but I'm not very interested in it, that's why I left. I like music.

Tia: mind you, you could have joined......

Ian: the Wookie band?

Tia: no, the hundred and first airborne as a paratrooping base guitar.


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