A Big Bang and the Baron's Tribute- Channeled (07/27/99)

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Archivist Notes: Was our Big Bang The Big Bang or just one of many? That is just one of the questions that this channeling session as things get deep in May's podcast of a channeling session from back in 1999. The serious nature of the topics discussed is best represented by the recent death of the Baron, one of the occasional speakers on the base who was also a pilot that flew an all red craft. Kiri fills in for Tia as Ring Mistress for a session that includes a inter-dimension manifestation demonstration, news of the world, science lessons, shared memories and a bit or self-reflection at the end provided by Kiri.

   It's also Kiri who gets things started but is only on long enough to hand off to Omal who does a rare bit of showing off his manifestation ability by cooling the room here in third dimension from where he was channeling on the base by working through Mark's body to cool us down on a hot July night. He next updates us on the progress taking place with the selection of an individual to represent Sirius in the inter-species talks being setup before going into both the international and national news he felt needed to be brought up. On the national front, he addresses the sloppiness seen with the latest space shuttle lunch and how NASA could allow the furl leak to place as it did. His reasons for why he thinks they did offer a new look at the motivations of the space agency during that flight. That leads into a discussion on the history of computers and how they developed to be the indispensable tool they are. he finishes up his time channeling answering a question on the reasons for the weather shifts being experienced. He confirmed they had nothing to do with solar flares or a possible pole shift and the any global warming had other causes. Treebeard comes on as a scheduled speaker but he has to be on less than expected so he finishes up side one without a dissertation but with an answer on Devas and the the energy they use.

    Treebeard starts off side two adding to the answer he had started on side one and gives us a look inside the unseen world of nature. So much escapes notice and science takes all the credit but the elemental world should be honored as well for the work they do maintaining the earth's flora and fauna. That answer branches into the nature of energy and a discussion of the various forms of energy that are available for use but Treebeard opts to leave the more of the subject to be answered by Kiri. She takes over speaking so that a simple question on Devas turns into a very deep conversation on black holes and puts the question of only a single Big Bang as only one possibility of the formation of the universe. When asking questions of a higher dimensional engineer, one has to be prepared to have the science one has been taught proven wrong with simple equations. This is someone who knows the science of black holes from having thousands of years of space exploration to draw from. As such, her explanation was more a discourse from the University of Sirius we found ourselves enjoying as she opened a new window into how a black hole actually operates up to its final destruction. That's when things really get deep. Wing Commander Taal pops in to answer a few questions unexpectedly so Kiri makes way for him to speak. He is on only long enough to give a short tribute to the Baron who had moved on to the waiting period. While sad, it is a reminder to live for those we love. Karra replaces Taal in the channeling field and gives us a quick lesson on the Devil and Mad Cow Disease before handing back over to her sister to wrap up the night. Kiri does so by sharing a joke, a geographic fact and building up the confidence of our youngest guest who was going through a bit of an identity crisis.

KIRI Ring Mistress MARK (Channel)
OMAL RUSS (Archivist)



2.)(5:07)- Kiri takes up the lesson on energy but uses black holes as the focus of her discussion and we learn that not only is there more than one universe, we also have to consider the fact there may be more than just the one big Bang.

3.)(21:06)- Wing Commander Taal stops by to deliver a tribute to The Baron, a fellow pilot from the base who spoken on a few podcasts and had recently lost his life.

4.)(25:44)- Karra gives us some historical facts about the devil and a lesson on mad cow disease.

5.)(33:36)- Kiri ends the session with some geographical facts about the earth before helping Skip's grandson with some advice for how to deal with his identity issues he had been experiencing.

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(Kiri is ring mistress for this session and gets right to the first speaker)

Russ: Kiri.

Kiri: yes Russ.

Russ: how you doing?

Kiri: Iím doing good.

Skip: good evening darling.

Kiri: good evening, good evening, hello stranger.

Vicki: hello.

Kiri: please do the introductions please, somebody.

Skip: Kiri, Kiri Hon, this is my lady friend Vicki okay?

Kiri: Vicki itís a pleasure to meet you.

Skip: this is Kiri.

Vicki: hi Kiri.

Kiri: okay, letís get down to business and get things on the road. First of all we have a fairly full schedule tonight. Guys got any questions before we get things underway?

Skip: no questions as far as Iím concerned Hon.

Kiri: Vicki?

Vicki: no questions.

Kiri: Shane?

Shane: huh?

Kiri: do you have any questions?

Shane: not at the moment.

Russ: how full a schedule are we talking?

Kiri: we just got the normal gangÖ..

Russ: ahhh.

Kiri: lots of things to cover.

Russ: still have time to chitchat or just go jump right into them?

Kiri: weíll see how time goes.

Russ: okay.

Kiri: okay.

(Omal is up as the first to channel for the session)

Russ: you're in charge of introductions.

Skip: huh?

Russ: you're in charge of introductions tonight.

Skip: oh that's right, I gotta do it all.

Russ: afraid so.
Omal: greetings and felicitations.

Russ: greetings Omal.

Skip: good evening Omal.

Omal: greetings, greetings.

Skip: this is my lady friend Vicki, this is Omal.

Omal: greetings Vicki.

Vicki: greetings.

Omal: okay, do we need any explanations on various members of the......as Kiri put it, the gang?

Russ: well she hasnít read the webpage yet soÖ.

Omal: ahh okay, I am the base commander, it is my duty to oversee all facets of the operation on Hades Base. It is also my duty to make sure certain misnomers are corrected and certain errors are corrected. I have final veto power of anything that is to be released in channeling sessions or that would go on the Internet. Besides being the base commander, I am a manifestor which means that I can make things appear or disappear as I so desire by using no form of magic than my mind. For example, the temperature in your room down there, do you wish it warmer or colder?

Russ: colder please.

Omal: okay, let us see what we can do. It may take a few moments and in a few moments we will continue discussing certain activities regarding not the previous week but the week before's channeling session.

Russ: want something to drink?

Omal: I am fine thank you, I donít know about the host body, no we will see how that goes.

Russ: okay.

Omal: okay, two weeks ago we had various visits from certain dignitaries in relation to Ashtar Command and Sirius. To keep you folks updated on what is going on, they have returned to Sirius obviously. At the moment all the information that you gave and all the concerns that you mentioned during the session have been taken and they are analyzing your answers and they are starting what I think you would say is a committee to decide on what sort of individual would be suitable for the candidate position that will be used as a representative from Sirius. At the moment they donít have any individual selected for the position, theyíre just deciding what sort of individual would be suitable for this kind of work. The opinion so far appears to be somebody that has had no experience at all with your planet so therefore they will be an unbiased individual, unbiased towards us so that they would not be in favor of any actions that would benefit us but would benefitÖÖsorry skip?

Skip: no, no, excuse me Sir.

Omal: itís quite all right, any individual that would be influenced by facts going on on your planet. We are also analyzing at this time the sort of profile of an individual or individuals that would be suitable as representatives for you. Once we have those we will let you know, we will sit down and discuss them with you so that you will be able to aid us and yourselves in the process to find the correct kind of individuals that would be suitable for the work that will be coming. The main idea appears to be a wide spectrum in age so that individuals can be replaced and the younger individuals will hopefully continue longer than the older individuals so that it will always be a fresh infusion but a majority will be there that will be able to coach and point a new individual in the right direction. It seems very probable that it will not be a individual but a group of individuals. Okay, do we have any questions so far?

Skip: no.

Omal: okay I will continue further along with developments and what we are hoping with your help to do. Once we have selected an individual from Sirius, then we will give you the parameters that we, meaning us and you have worked out that will be suitable for an individual or a group of individuals for your representatives. Skip was quite correct in saying that it would be better than one individual and I personally do concur and as I said it is the leaning of the committee as far as I know that it will be more than one individual. How many I cannot say at this time. Moving along to the next lot of items to be mentioned and possibly opened for discussion is the current fluctuation in economies and political setup and situations around the world. We have been monitoring various concerning noises coming from two areas on your planet, one being China, the other one being Taiwan. They have reached an agreement that Taiwan will represent.........not represent.......accept that China is the central government but they are independent. China has been threatening in a manner that is very aggressive posturing and has put Taiwan in a very dangerous position that they are at the moment appearing to kowtow towards China. I perceive that this may change not in the near future but sometime in the future that their stance will change and again we will be threatened with a possible action of hostilities. The interference that was created by certain political representatives from outside sources did more to harm the situation then to sooth the situation. Moving to another hostile spot Kosovo, the situation again there is still very unstable even though there are forces from the United Nations in that area and forces from NATO that are controlling the various political setups that are going on. It is very hard for them to do so and if anything the situation is a little bit more exasperated by the presence of the different political international forces that are stationed there. It could turn hostile very quickly if they were withdrawn at this time but it could change. Moving to another hot spot to Columbia, that is not Columbia Ohio, that is Columbia as in BogotŠ. Okay so it was not a very good attempt at a pun. The situation in Colombia at this time again is becoming very unstable. I do not see a coup occurring at this time mainly because of external influences and shall we say slush funds that have been contributed from another foreign national state. However the situation is very tenuous, the rebels are gaining strength and momentum very much so and it should be noted that their equipment is just as good or if not better than the government forces of Colombia which opens a whole spectrum of possibilities on what is going on. I think that should cover all the national and international goings-on at this time, we can deal with the national problems after answering the set of questions that you guys I hope have at this time.

Russ: I have a few.

Omal: okay.

Russ: okay, China and Taiwan both look at the future in a long-term view, nothing is ever in short-term.

Omal: correct.

Russ: so that means they both have separate agendas on what theyíre working for but neither one of them, like I say, theyíre working for the long-term. Taiwanís working on gaining respect in future talks but I canít figure out what Chinaís role in trying to escalate any kind of posturing at this point except for just to scare them.

Omal: Taiwan is perceived by China as being part of their territories. Taiwan is where Chiang Kai-shek in nineteen I believe it was fifty three?

Russ: I think it was fifty nine.

(Ed. note: it was actually 1949)

Omal: you could be correct, it would be necessary to fact check that.

Russ: right.

Omal: fled to when Mao Zedong and the red revolution proceeded to oust them to. The long-term view for China is the return of that province to its rightful as they perceive control. The nationalist government on Taiwan or Formosa holds the same opinion in reverse, that they are the rightful government of China. To them they are in exile and one day hope to be able to return to assume their correct position within the government and have a democracy.

Russ: hmm, so a standoff?

Omal: yes.

Russ: okay. Now two questions, number one is Russia currently has a major problem with their economic situation in their strategic armsÖ..

Omal: yes.

Russ: where recently theyíve had cash shortages where they weren't able to pay the power bills and places that take care of nuclear facilities went off power, all security, lights, everything.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: and Iím wondering how much of a threat this is for maintaining their arsenals?

Omal: it is very much a serious threat however it is one that has been ongoing and fortunately individuals have not taken the gumption or the initiative to be able to remedy the situation and therefore have exasperated the security problems in relationship to this. It is our belief on the base that so far you have been lucky that nothing has turned up missing in a serious capacity.

Russ: hmm.

Omal: any questions from anybody else other than Russ, young lady?

Vicki: no I have none.

Omal: Skip?

Skip: no Sir.......he deserted us.

Omal: yes. Okay, let us continue Russ.

Russ: okay, Indonesia, there seems to be some political turmoil there.

Omal: I believe that is nothing new.

Russ: well thatís true but there is a great deal on this earth, the planetwide for more reform and less conservative efforts on the parts of governments and that seems to be spreading all over.........

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: also nothing new. How much of a problem though do we see this as forming later on as we get more closer to the year 2000?

Omal: okay, I do not see the year 2000 being so much of an important factor except for the fact of the general computer problems and glitches that will occur. However what is of interest is not so much the year 2000 but the reasonings why a lot of these places want reform. Even in your country there is a call for reform. What is wrong with the systems of government that have worked in some cases for hundreds of years to require reform and what sort of reform are they requiring? Is the reform that they are requiring going to be in a positive or negative vein in the end? Also, why change something that has worked reasonably well for a great length of time? These questions are something that need to be addressed not so much by the governments but by individuals themselves on why do they wish these reforms, why would they believe that these reforms would not the detrimental or a positive factor? It is something that many people do not think about, they see one way and go, ďif we do it this way it will be betterĒ but they do not know until they start to implement these changes and if they are done hastily as they are requesting at the moment, then that could open to all sorts of problems and abuses. Okay young man, do you have a question?

Shane: uh-uh.

Omal: okay.

Russ: thatís it for me.

Omal: okay. Okay finally, your area of habitation being the United States. Okay, let us look at what is going on throughout the United States. There are certainly some very interesting little things going on but we will save those for the moment and look at something that is of concern in a sloppy nature. Just a few days ago launched into orbit was the space shuttle. As it was launched there was a fuel leak. I am personally very concerned over the reasoning to let a mission continue that is having fuel problems that even as it went into high orbit it was leaking fuel of a serious nature. It seems to me just a few years ago that a failure in a O-ring led to the leakage of fuel that ended in the disaster of the Challenger space shuttle. Have they forgotten what happened? Have they forgotten the harm that was done? Have they forgotten the repercussions? I am very concerned about the sloppiness of NASA and in turn the sloppiness in general of what is going on throughout your country that this is just a symptom of what is happening. If you factor in with the previous mentions and comments on the necessary actions for reform and you analyze that factoring in also the sloppiness of NASA and things in general, you may be able to if you use as much of the information as possible, realize that there is an overall trend and something needs to be looked at to understand why. I am not saying that there is a positive or a negative way of remedying these situations but being aware of them can be an advantage to particular goals. Getting back to what is going on within your continental United States, we can look at other situations and cases where sloppiness is a factor that is very causematic on a general symptom overall. For example, it seems to me that there is a investigation going on that has been handled very sloppily that has been spending a considerable length of time within news mediums that is no nearer to being solved than it was when it occurred a few years ago. Again that is a symptom of sloppiness and is a general case feeling that is going on. It is something that may be worth investigating for other symptoms of, for want of a better term, sloppiness. Okay do we have any questions? Letís start around the room. Young lady?

Vicki: no.

Omal: okay, Russ?

Russ: of course.

Omal: of course.

Russ: you can go through everybody else if you want first.

Omal: okay.

Shane: no Sir.

Omal: nothing okay, nothing?

Skip: no, not at the present.

Omal: okay.

Russ: back to me, okay I studied the space shuttle launch pretty extensivelyÖ..

Omal: yes I know, that is why I brought it up.

Russ: right, now the fuel leakage that you mentioned was reported in the media, it was reported as being a false fuel leakage which is why they delayed it the second time and they found that wasn't a fuel leak and they couldíve launched anyway.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: what the problem on the main launch happened was that the power cell that controlled the two engines, two of the controllers out of the three went out, or the controller that controlled two of the things went out and had to go switch to backups.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: and the pilot, the commander, she radioed in that she was reading a fuel leak.....but the media reports that it wasnít a the fuel leak, it was a short.

Omal: no it was a fuel leak.

Russ: it was a fuel leak because like I say, they downplayed it as being just a false reading.

Omal: that is incorrect, it was a fuel leak.

Russ: ahh, well makes a difference.

Omal: yes, that is why I say I am very concerned and the logic of downplaying it is also evident in the comments that I made about Challenger.

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: so it is something that hopefully they realize.......let me rephrase that, obviously they realize the very serious nature but it is still sloppy. At any time they couldíve aborted and ditched the tanks and returned to or landed at a different location. They took the risk. After all, going into space the business is very risky but they have never used any of the emergency scenarios. I wouldíve thought this wouldíve been the perfect opportunity to do so however there was political pressure because of the first female commander of the space shuttle.

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: so it had to be a success. Supposing the pressure from political sources meant the death of the commander and the crew, that wouldíve served their purpose just as well as a successful mission.

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: she wouldíve been immortalized and canonized as the first female commander to die in space. It wouldíve served their purposes far better than to have a successful mission. The successful mission means that the space missions can continue. If it had been a disastrous failure and all life had been lost with the vessel, certainly it wouldíve been a great tragedy but the political forces wouldíve turned it to their advantage so there are these factors to be weighed as well.

Russ: uh-huh, okay.

Skip: question.

Omal: yes.

Skip: it seems to me, maybe I'm wrong and Iím clutching at straws but it seems to me every time a woman is involved in this space projectsÖ..

Omal: uh-huh.

Skip: they get so much political pressure they stumble over their own feet trying to get it done.

Omal: yes, I think you are very correct. The schoolteacher Christa McAuliffe, is that correct in her name?

Russ: uh-huh.

Skip: uh-huh.

Omal: she is very much been canonized as the first civilian space fatality.

Skip: uh-huh.

Omal: a common-garden, everyday school teacher going off into space and losing her life. You see what happened to her in the way that she has been canonized by the political system, the same thing but only greater wouldíve happened to the current commander of the space shuttle. So Skip is very correct in saying that political pressure is brought to bear at a tremendous amount for these missions to succeed but secretly they are happy either way. If it fails they become canonized and they can go and be very political and do great deeds under this personís name by setting up trust funds and awards and scholarships and so on as happened in the Christa McAuliffe situation. What they would have done if the current commander had been killed? Who knows but certainly it wouldíve been a great cry in a political sense. Okay, let us continue.

Russ: okay, in regards to the case you were talking aboutÖ..

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: thatís one case where we saw a lot of sloppiness in the police department but we just recently saw another case.

Omal: yes.

Russ: Iím wondering if that along with the general lackadaisical attitude like Skip was mentioning and you were mentioningÖ..

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: is a sign that we are approaching entropy?

Omal: what did I say a few moments ago?

Russ: just itís a spreading thing.

Omal: which would imply?

Russ: kind of that people donít care, apathetic attitude toward certain aspects of their jobs and life in general.

Omal: now if you take it further, what happens? Follow the equation through.

Russ: hmm.

Omal: if everybody doesnít care, nothing happens. When nothing happensÖÖ

Russ: entropy.

Omal: correct.

Russ: hmm.

Omal: and everything collapses within itself and so on.

Russ: isnít it a circular route we could call it or is it a reversible route?

Omal: I cannot say.

Skip: it sounds like that everybody has got to factor this out for themselves.

Omal: that is why I cannot say.

Skip: uh-huh okay.

Omal: okay let us continue, do we have any more questions?

Russ: uh-uh.

Skip: uh-uh.

Omal: young man?

Shane: nope.

Omal: young lady?

Vicki: no.

Omal: feel free to ask at anytime, as Kiri would say, ďwe do not bite unless you request us to do so.Ē

Vicki: is it possible that your sloppiness could also be interpreted as people who are getting less concerned for human life?

Omal: that is very possible, there are many different ways to interpret the information and all of them will have a certain amount of truth or a lot of truth. Saying that it is a symptom of disrespect for human life is very probable. We could just as easily say and just as probably be correct in saying that it is also a lack of respect for other people which is almost the same thing but not as harsh as for life in itself. All of these things are a symptom, you can take almost any statement and prove it true as long as the statement is worded in a way that it leads to the correct conclusion. To take a question a stage further and say that is human life any less valuable than it was five years ago or 10 years ago or 15 years ago? And if you look at the statistics, one would be very strong to believe that yes it does seem to have less of a worth than it did five years ago or 10 years ago but it is also necessary to factor in the increased growth of the population in general and whether the factor of is it the same 100,000ÖÖone in a 100,000 or two in a 100,000 that are killed by murder each day or is it a higher percentage? Is it three or four or five, then you can look at the figures more closely. You can say in one location that it is less than it was five years ago, fewer people are being murdered but if you take a general overall pattern of the earth, then you would see that it is quite probable that there is increases in this statistic. And if you were to look at the increase in population, youíd have to factor in the growth of the population to the amount of worth of peopleís life in general. So therefore you could word it in any number of ways that would lead to the same conclusion but without giving the information on the percentages of the worth, it is hard to say or lead you in a direction that would give you the information necessary.

Russ: Iíd like to make an observation and a question if I could.

Omal: certainly.

Russ: 40 years ago the America letís take for example had a basically two kinds of life, you had small town America and big town America.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: and our moral structure was pretty much based on a mixture of the two but stronger towards the small-town America where in small-town America you had a more moralistic society, marriages lasted a long time, kids grew up into set patterns that stayed with them that they followed from their dads or moms. Now, weíre seeing with the Internet spreading, people in big cities are actually now in small cities. I mean you can be in the middle of nowhere and itís still as if youíre in the middle of Los Angeles for as much information as you can access in a minute and as many people as you can contact even quicker and Iím wondering if perhaps thatís a state thatís changing the moral, social andÖÖ?

Omal: sadly unfortunately the change already occurred before the arrival of the Internet.

Russ: hmm.

Omal: you have to remember that the Internet has been around far longer than you realize. Can anybody answer this simple question, who were the first people to use the Internet?

Russ: colleges.

Omal: when?

Russ: it was back East when the major colleges were trying to connect up their databases between the two of them so they could share information.

Omal: when was that?

Russ: God, 1961, '62?

Omal: in 1959 the military forces were using computers to talk between various bases.

Skip: wasnít that in NORAD?

Omal: thatís correct.

Russ: oh NORAD.

Skip: NORAD I guess it was.

Omal: yeah.

Skip: okay it was the first computer built.

Omal: first military computer.

Skip: yes.

Omal: and there were the substations related to that that was a network. That was the very first inklings of the Internet.

Skip: wasnít that in 1946 or '47?

Omal: '49 was when it was operating effectively.

Skip: Iím sorry?

Omal: '49, '59 was when it was fully functional and working on a large scale as opposed to within the base.

Skip: okay.

Omal: this is a network from base to base.

Skip: okay they were starting to build in '46 or '47.

Omal: correct.

Skip: okay, all right.

Omal: but the Internet grew very slowly until about I would say '95 where it took off with a bang.

Skip: well isnít that due to the invention of the transistor and then the consequently the revolution of the chip?

Omal: correct.

Skip: okay.

Omal: the problem with the early system or the early Internet was that you were using what has returned to, cable.

Skip: and vacuum tubes.

Omal: and vacuum tubes but cable for the communication, for the telephone lines. Cable as Monka pointed out a few weeks ago in reference to cable modems, I believe he mentioned that they're not as new as people believe.

Russ: hmm..

Omal: it is a return to them. The fact that the quality and the setup is far superior than it was in 1959 and 1947 is what is different about them.

Vicki: fiber optics.

Omal: correct, much more superior. Okay let us continue with questions........okay last questions.

Skip: no.

Omal: young lady?

Russ: general topics?

Omal: young man? Surely you must have something.

Shane: no.

Omal: Skip?

Skip: no sir.

Russ: all right, we're discussing the weather patterns before we started the channeling session and I wanted to ask you a little bit about that or at least one question on it is, currently theyíre working on the fact that weather shifts in our planet's system are either a combination of two things or two things separately. One is the solar flares causing shifts in our weather patterns and the other is a magnetic pole shift which affects the wobble which affects the weather. Is it both of these or combination of the two?

Omal: it is interesting that you bring up the magnetic shift. Okay the magnetic shift has no relevance to the increase in temperature on its own. In conjunction with the activity of the sunspots and the normal motion and movement of the magnetic alignments creates an enhancement in the friction, one having an effect on the other. Independently, if there was not the magnetic pole setup than the solar flares would certainly increase the warmth but not as exponentially as the increase in movement that it generates within the pole if there was a pole. The motion that is occurred is a normal motion that happens and the increase in the solar activity is also a normal increase that occurs. In combination, it generates an increase in temperature because of the friction that is occurring. The effect of transferring the heat to the surrounding area again is a natural phenomenon. However, if there wasnít either, then your planet would be a cold, useless rock supporting minimal if any life at all. Both are very necessary for existence, both together can be very fatal for human existence or any existence but it is also as much as it can be fatal it is very necessary. And to add to this, it is part of what happens, it is the natural cycle and evolution of a planet. Now if there was no magnetic pole, the core of your planet would cool much more rapidly however with the pulling of the sun's magnetic and gravitational force which affects the poles of your planet means that the movement creates friction and in return of creating friction creates magma and heat so it is very necessary and important. Okay thank you, last questions.......okay you will have to excuse my attempts at humor. Thank you very much, live long, prosper.

Skip: thank you Omal.

(Kiri comes back to relieve Omal)

Kiri: hello.

Skip: hi sweetie.

Kiri: hey, hey, hey, hey. Okay.

(Treebeard joins the channeling session to speak)

Treebeard: greetings.

Russ: greetings Treebeard.

Skip: how are you doing Treebeard?

Treebeard: I am functioning well. Greetings young lady.

Skip: Treebeard, let me introduce this young lady. This is my lady and her name is VickieÖ..

Treebeard: VickiÖ...

Skip: this is Treebeard.

Treebeard: I am honored and being of pleasure to meet your acquaintance.

Vicki: thank you Treebeard.

Treebeard: you are most welcome. Greetings young man.

Shane: is your name Tweety Bird or Treebird?

Treebeard: Treebeard although that is not my real name. It is not within your linguistic ability to distort your tongue to being of able to say my name.

Skip: do you remember this young man Treebeard?

Treebeard: I am of remembering many things.

Skip: this is Shane my grandson.

Treebeard: that is correct.

Skip: okay all right I didnít know if I introduced you or not.

Treebeard: I believe being of few weeks ago.

Skip: okay.

Treebeard: okay let us say at this time that we are of answering questions. As much time has been of taken by Omal, we will keep things of short as I am being told that we have extra person of showing for talking. So instead of being of dissertation, I give of answering questions for you.

Russ: okay.......

Skip: Russ?

Russ: recently in one of the sessions that Iím transcribing that you were speaking in when we were talking about devas, you mentioned the fact that devas use our energy and Iím wondering how do devas use our energy? Is it for in positive in working with making the garden more beautiful or negative in making it so for example if someoneís hurting a place to make it so it was less beautiful?

Treebeard: I would think that would being of evident that both being of used depending on situation as you stated.

Russ: so the devas work off the person's energy thatís involved?

Treebeard: that is being of correct. As you stated, if negative then use negative, if positive then being of using positive.

Russ: okay. I guess the question I had was, why did they use our energy, why not just use earth energy or ether energy orÖÖ?

Treebeard: what is nearer and easier and is of causing either being benefit or negativity? Why not use the root cause of either positive or negative?

Russ: thatís true.

Skip: human energy would be more accessible than anything else.

Treebeard: it is not so much being accessible but for being that that is source of either benefit or negative.




(Treebeard gets back to expanding on what he had been saying)

Treebeard: creating environment that for being of if let us say great trees to create feeling of beauty by dappled sunlight through branches or necessary to being for drying so that seeds can germinate through great intense fire but not so intense as to destroy all. Part of problem that I perceive is that by interfering with natural cycle, fire becomes far more catastrophic then little natural fires that burn through creating necessary nutrients for soil and in some cases being for germination of seeds. So solar energy being for used in many different ways and devas help and use such energy by manipulating branches and fauna and flora for purpose to maximize effect of solar energy. So you are correct in asking of question.

Russ: hmm, now is energy strictly energy like a generic kind of energy? Are there different kinds of energy? Like is human energy more creative than solar energy?

Treebeard: there are many different kinds of energy but define energy.

Shane: like waterpower, because it makes electricity and thatís energy.

Treebeard: okay we have electrical energy.

Skip: then you have your soul and physical energy, you have your healing powerÖ.

Treebeard: uh-huh.

Skip: you have your solar energyÖÖ

Treebeard: define difference on each please.

Skip: there is no way to define it other than itís a force.

Treebeard: please define.

Russ: isnít it electrically charged particles that is the difference between all forms but thereís more electrons for energy then there would be without?

Shane: isnít energy power?

Russ: yeah but itís also, you have energy, I have energy.

Vicki: a rock has energy.

Russ: a rock has energy.

Treebeard: uh-huh.

Skip: so itís the creation of atoms in different forms.

Shane: there you go.

Treebeard: correct, it is all the same but depending on source of storage depends on what type of energy. Spiritual energy is just the same as electric energy except for being of stored in different way.

Russ: so howís it generated?

Shane: it's stronger.

Treebeard: correct, stronger as well.

Russ: but how is it generated, how do you generate spiritual energy?

Shane: I donít know.

Vicki: you have it or you donít.

Skip: now wait a minute.

Vicki: if you have it you work with it.

Skip: wait a minute.

Treebeard: uh-huh.

Skip: energy is formed by positive and negative electrons, everything is formed by it, everything.

Treebeard: uh-huh.

Skip: and if you have no energy you donít exist.

Treebeard: correct.

Skip: so you are a form of energy, it isnít produced, you are a form of energy.

Russ: true.

Skip: there's no production here, youíre a form of energy, thatís a form of energy, this is a form of energy, heís a form of energy, the wall's a form of energy. Itís not produced, it exists.

Treebeard: the air is a form of energy.

Treebeard: it exists from positive and negative electrons, atomicÖÖhow do you explain it?

Russ: so energy isnít created? Energy just exists.

Skip: itís not produced, itís not manufactured okay? Is what Iím trying to say, itís not manufactured. It exists.

Russ: all right.

Treebeard: I am thinking it being of better to take up with someone that knows more of what Skip is talking about.

Skip: Iím sorry.

Treebeard: that is okay. Okay I am of departing.

Russ: thank you Treebeard.

Skip: thank you Treebeard.

Russ: you brought up some interesting points.

(Kiri comes to transfer between speakers but stays to answer questions.)

Skip: remember what......

Russ: oh yeah right.

Skip: hi sweetie.

Kiri: hey.

Russ: hi Kiri.

Skip: remember what we said? Remember what we said about healing? You do not heal the person, youíre a jumpstarter for their own energy?

Russ: hmm.

Shane: just like a car.

Skip: Iím sorry darling, we got into a discussion here.

Kiri: I know, I was listening with great interest. Okay energy, all matter is energy, energy is stored in all matter. If you were to condense all the matter in your universe into one area, let us say the size of your planet, the energy would generate so much intense heat that an explosion would release that energy and put it into motion. Energy cannot be destroyed, matter can be destroyed. If you use the symbol E equals MC equation, all matter in the universe will not even help you to transform to the speed of light. In doing so, it is very clear that another mode of transport is used to reach and go beyond the supposed light barrier. But, it is also a misnomer to say that you canít create energy, energy already exists. That is true but you can create energy or rather you can take it from a source that isnít in your universe and put it into your universe. Now here we get really heavy. As a star collapses within upon itself and compresses down and keep compressing down and compressing down sucking surrounding matter in, it gives off that energy in radioactive amounts that are detected hence the reason why black holes are detectable. As the black hole sucks in more matter, the gravitational pull.......a funny thing happens to the gravitational pull, it becomes less. The more dense and gravitationally dense the hole becomes, the denser and less strength the gravitational pull is. Can anybody tell me why?

Russ: I don't understand.

Skip: what sheís saying is, the deeper or further the star condenses and pulls in matter from outer space creating a black hole, the less the gravitational field is within that black hole. Outside of it it's atrocious but in the hole itself there is nothing.

Kiri: no, what is happening is the gravitational mass becomes so dense, the actual gravitational pull into the black hole becomes less.

Skip: oh okay I got it backwards then, I'm sorry.

Kiri: yeah, doesnít disappear all together but it becomes less as it gets bigger, why?

Skip: itís condensing down and getting ready to explode.

Kiri: that happens much, much later.

Russ: well what happenedÖÖ..isnít there a point of no return?

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: yeah, yeah a point right.

Russ: well that means if what youíre sayingís true which goes against everything I ever thought would happen, then you can actually enter a black hole.

Kiri: yeah but once you cross over the event horizon you canít get out, the gravitational pull will not let you out.

Russ: but itís less?

Kiri: it is still stronger then you can produce.

Skip: but itís less than it was when it started.

Kiri: much less, it is not so much of what happens, it is why.

Skip: because as it keeps compressing, itís compressing energy and a fantastic amount of energy.

Kiri: but you cannot destroy energy.

Skip: so whatís going to happen when you keep compressing it down?

Shane: itís going to burst.

Skip: it has to reverse.

Kiri: thatís not the reason why the gravitational pull becomes less, I want you guys to work out why the gravitational pull becomes less.

Russ: well you said last time we talkedÖ.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: that gravity is caused by rotation.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: there'd be no rotation.

Russ: so if there is no rotation, thereís no gravity or there is less gravity depending on how much rotation there is.

Kiri: can we find spherical object for second please?

Shane: a what?

Russ: spherical one?

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: oh a ball, ball, ball.

Kiri: a ball or a cylindrical object.

Russ: hereís an orange, does that help?

Kiri: that helps, perfect.

Kiri: okay.
Russ: one orange.

Kiri: put it on the center there. Okay, see what happened?

Russ: yeah.

Kiri: let me do it. God, canít trust men. (Skip chuckles) Okay, one orange, this is your nuclei for your imploding star. Okay, this here and itís good that it's visible, is a black hole. Lets get it moving. Okay as it gets more and more dense and more and more stuff is pushed in, my hand is acting as a force pushing in, whatís happening to the hole?

Skip: getting deeper.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: getting deeper.

Kiri: so?

Skip: so youíre losing yourÖ

Kiri: thank you.

Skip: so youíre losing your gravitational pull.

Russ: that doesnít make sense though, isnít it like a whirlpool that as you go deeper it goes faster?

Kiri: no, it doesnít work that way.

Skip: probably the deeper you go the slower it would get.

Russ: in a whirlpool? No Iíve done the thing with pennies where itís going down and it spins faster.

Skip: now wait a minute, wait a minute, a whirlpool pulls from out to the edge of it. As you go down through the center of it you hit nothing, it doesnít whirl anymore down there, it just sucks down.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: oh.

Kiri: now what is happening is as the black hole gets deeper, the fabric of the space around it is bent and as it bends down right? Of course all matter gets sucked in and as more matter get sucked in, the deeper it pushes down which means that it becomes less of a pull because it is getting longer and longer. Now when you reach the event horizon you could actually cross over the lip of the black hole. A massive black hole you could cross over the lip into it and you can go down but as soon as you reach the event horizon

(she claps her hands loudly)

Kiri: itís got you, there is no escape. Thatís it, itís over. Now, sorry, you were going toÖ

Shane: is it like a Venus fly trap?

Skip: is it like a Venus fly trap?
Kiri: yes exactly, like a Venus fly trap, itís got you.

Russ: so is there a way to break out before it gets to the event horizon?

Kiri: of course.

Skip: but where is that, the event horizon?

Kiri: the event horizon is that instant just where you can go either way. You can get out or you can go in but as soon as you pass the event horizon, that split second and it is a split second, a millionth of a second.

Skip: that would beÖÖ

Russ: but where you go once you enter the event horizon?

Kiri: you accelerate and accelerate beyond the speed of light but, when you approach the speed of light you are traveling so fast that time no longer matters. Time stands still so you would not be aware that you had gone over the event horizon because the acceleration is so phenomenally fast, time would stand still and you would cease to exist and you would be returned to the universe as radiation energy. Now, somebody mentioned critical mass.

Russ: hmm.

Shane: critical what?

Skip: critical mass.

Kiri: critical mass and what happens with critical mass?

Skip: it explodes.

Kiri: uh-huh, somebody actually had an answer to my next question without realizing it. Okay my next question is, what happens when the amount of energy is equal to the amount that is left outside of a black hole?

Skip: hmm, it exploded.

Kiri: now who said that originally?

Skip: it was Einstein wasnít it?

Kiri: no, who in this room?

Skip: oh.

Kiri: or that room down there.

Russ: you did.

Kiri: uh-uh.

Russ: I mean Skip did.

Kiri: uh-uh.

Vicki: Shane.

Kiri: Shane did. Somebody answered the next question by thinking ahead. What happens when you reach critical mass of a black hole when it has the equal amount of energy inside and outside?

Skip: it explodes.

Kiri: now when that happens......this is where gets very interesting........as a black hole explodes, it has sucked in so much matter that it cannot hold any more, obviously otherwise it would not explode. When that happens, something wonderful occurs.

Shane: whatís that?

Kiri: something fantastic.

Russ: energy creation?

Kiri: uh-uh.

Shane: a new life?

Kiri: much more beautiful than new life but new life comes from it. Okay, when a black hole explodes and it can only explode when it reaches that critical mass and that can only happen when what?

Shane: it canít hold anymore.

Kiri: true but there is one reason why it canít hold anymore.

Shane: oh.

Russ: itís gotten too deep.

Kiri: uh-uh.

Skip: no, its energy has built up to a point where it canít hold anymore, it canít compress anymore, it has to explode.

Kiri: uh-huh, I'll give you a clue, it involves other black holes too.

Skip: well it would create a new galaxy.

Kiri: getting close.

Russ: it warps.

Kiri: uh-uh but no, thereís only one way that it can occur. Hereís your black hole, hereís another one.

Skip: it could go into another black hole or form a black hole between them.

(Kiri makes a sucking sound)

Skip: the one sucked the other in.

Kiri: sucked it in. Hereís a star......

(she makes another sucking sound)

Kiri: hereís another star, hereís a galaxy, hereís another galaxy, hereís another black hole thatís been doing the same thing. In fact they're the last two left.

Russ: Big Bang.

Kiri: thatís it, itís not a big crunch. Itís not a big crunch at the end because everything has already been compressed prior to that point. Two black holes meet, theyíve got extreme equal amounts of mass. One tries to suck into the other one, the other one tries to suck the other one in. They fight, what happens from that fight?

Shane: they kill each other.

Kiri: pretty close to it, they have equal amounts of matter and energy stored within them.

Skip: they would cancel each other out.

Kiri: and?

(Kiri claps her hands together)

Skip: collapse.

Kiri: collapse into each other, in turn what happens when you have two negatives?

Skip: they blow each other away.

Kiri: thatís right, they blow each other to pieces.

Skip: yep.

Kiri: and in doing so you get?

Skip: the Big Bang.

Kiri: that's correct.

Russ: that implies multiple Big Bangs though.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: well what makes you think that theyíre not happening now? Theyíre just too far away from us to realize that theyíre happening.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: and donít forget, what weíre watching now through telescopes and photographs has happened a million years ago.

Russ: well they got that new x-ray telescope they just launched, it's designed to see black holes.

Skip: right, we'll be able to see black holes but what we're still looking at is our past.

Kiri: anything is from the past. Shane, the image that youíre seeing of the host body right now is in the past. Very slippery concept huh?

Shane: no, because someone told me something a long time ago.

Kiri: okay what is it?

Shane: tomorrow is always today but today is always yesterday.

Kiri: okay bring that to the now. Light traveling from the body of the host that you see reaches your eye. Itís got to travel. It may be a billionth of a second but itís still in the past. It may be 10 billion, billionths of a second but itís still in the past. Every image you see is in the past, even if it is only a inperceptual past, itís in the past.

Skip: but what weíre seeing in the skies are millions and millions of years ago.

Shane: uh-huh.

Skip: okay Hon.

Kiri: Iím taking up too much time.

Skip: yep and we're running into some pretty deep conversations here.

Kiri: uh-huh.

(Wing Commander Taal stops by for a visit)

Russ: greetings Taal.

Taal: greetings Russ, greetings Skip.

Skip: yes. This is Vickie, my lady friend.

Taal: greetings Vicki.

Russ: this is Taal.

Taal: I am one of the pilots that patrol so that you may sleep as safely as possible from other groups that wish to make you visit them without consent. I am here briefly for saying that you have pen and scribe handy?

Russ: ready to go.

Taal: even though I only know as you call him Baron as a instructor and visiting officer on assignment to us, it is of great sorrow that we lose one of the finest persons that has been my honor to have ever known. It is part of life that we all say goodbye. It is not that we are of saying goodbye nor is it of how we say goodbye but it is of how we say hello and what we do for those that we hold around us. As you call him Baron, to me he was one of those people that when he was on duty saw everything. Mistakes that I made that in other situations could of cost me my life, he would inform me of alone saying that if I did that in a touch situation I wouldíve died and pointing out these mistakes guaranteed that I live. Even though to us death is a period of waiting and happy release, it is hard to think of a friend that you wonít see until we are with him in waiting but it is not for sadness but for joy that I say to your friend and mine, see you in a while.

Russ: thank you Taal.

Taal: thank you.

Russ: very excellent.

Taal: I will answer question if necessary but remember it is always a smile to live and the end happens to us all. Any questions?

Skip: none for me.

Russ: not really, he went like he wanted to go.

Taal: no he did not.

Russ: oh, thatís true.

Skip: he wasnít in combat.

Taal: no.

(Shane comes back in the room)

Russ: it's Taal.

Skip: the Baron died.

Taal: okay, no questions, I must depart as I have duties I need to be of seeing to.

Russ: thank you Taal, give our love to Katrina.

Taal: I will.

Russ: thanks.

Taal: it is not for tears, he is happy.

(Kiri makes the quickest of transitions between speakers)

Kiri: okay, everybody up, down, flying around, doing the loop and defying the ground. Okay.

(Karra gets in her turn as speaker)

Russ: hi Karra.

Karra: hello.

Skip: Karra? All right okay, all right.

Karra: yes.

Skip: Karra, is my lady friend Vicki, this is Karra.

Vicki: hi Karra.

Karra: itís a pleasure to meet you. I see you have a bit of a respiratory problem.

Vicki: no.

Karra: I notice a tone of cynicism.

Skip: just a little.

Karra: okay, I will explain if nobody else is explaining themselves but I will explain as Omal is the only one to explain. Primarily and happily I am a healer. Sadly, I have been assigned the detail of representing Sirius on Hades Base to the Earth so therefore I donít get as much healing practice as I would like. Iíll answer questions, weíre short on time. Any questions?

Skip: I donít think so.

Russ: how you doing love?

Karra: Iím doing good.

Russ: thatís good.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: whatís the latest scoop?

Karra: which one?

Russ: anything fun and exciting going on right now?

Karra: not that you want to hear about.

Russ: oh well.

Karra: not what you want to hear. You want to hear excuses?

Skip: no.

Vicki: reasons.

Karra: reasons? Reasons for excuses.

Skip: excuses are just like opinions, everybodyís got one.

Karra: uh-huh and Iíve seen plenty just recently.

Russ: oh fun.

Karra: uh-huh, very fun. You have to excuse me being a little cynical, as you know thereís a lot going on up here and other things.

Russ: of course.

Karra: no rest for the wicked, I guess that makes me downright evil, in fact it must make me considerably evil.

Skip: no not really.

Karra: uh-huh, as the host is fond of saying, ďmy cloved feet are killing me. My horns hurt........and my tailÖ..Ē And eventually I will change my name to something like Mephistopheles or Lucifer. Okay hereís a question, Russ, you are exempt from answering this question.

Russ: naturally.

Kiri: anybody can tell me what Lucifer means?

Skip: Lucifer?

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: the devil.

Karra: uh-uh.

Shane: is it like a lost angel or something?

Karra: Lucifer means light bringer.

Skip: means what?

Karra: light bringer.

Shane: light bringer, the Devilís called that?

Karra: thatís his name.

Shane: why?

Karra: thatís what he was known as.

Skip: Lucifer?

Karra: uh-huh. When he was an angel in your mythology. He sat on the right-hand side......

Vickie: of God.

Kiri: and got a little egotistical.

Skip: got a whole bunch egotistical.

Shane: because he wanted to be better than him.

Karra: uh-huh.

Skip: more or less, he thought he could get into competition with the Almighty that balances everything, the good and the evil.

Karra: uh-huh, you canít have one without the other, you got to have one. It goes back to Kiriís equations on energy.

Russ: uh-huh.

Vicki: how would you know good if there was no evil?

Karra: thatís right.

Shane: because if there is no evil you canít learn.

Skip: if you laugh all of the time how can you cry?

Karra: uh-huh.

Shane: there you go.

Vicki: you donít.

Karra: and if you laugh all the timeÖÖactually can somebody tell me can laughing kill you?

Skip: it sure can.

Shane: yes.

Karra: uh-huh. Okay, can laughing be a disease?

Skip: yes.

Karra: can somebody tell me what the name of that disease is?

Skip: no I canít tell you.

Karra: okay what causes that disease?

Skip: Iím sorry.

Karra: what causes the disease?

Vicki: laughing gas, lack of oxygen?

Karra: uh-uh.

Skip: no, no.

Skip: because you can be sad and be laughing.

Shane: yeah.

Karra: this is a ailment, this is a disease and originally it was primarily one tribe that suffered from this disease.

Shane: suffered from it?

Karra: uh-huh, from New Guinea and they have a not a unique but a interesting eating habit.

Shane: the Inca tribe?

Skip: no, no, no, they were from New Guinea and they had an unusual eating habit?

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: cannibalism.

Vicki: it must have been pygmies.

Skip: what?

Vicki: cannibalism.

Russ: cannibalism.

Karra: uh-huh and this disease comes from only one part of human body.

Shane: the brain?

Karra: thatís right and not all people carry the disease.

Shane: all of them do?

Karra: no, not everybody does in fact very, very few do otherwise this tribe wouldíve been extinct a long time ago and it's calledÖ..its local name is laughing sickness and you laugh yourself to death. The scientific name from your planet is Creutzfeld-Jacobs disease.

Shane: sounds like something else.

Karra: and basically what happens is the brain turns into a huge sponge-like substance and you go crazy and die.

Shane: like you were like a baby because you have to learn everything?

Karra: no, no, no, no. I mean like a real sponge, not soaking up knowledge but like a real sponge. It gets full of holes and all sorts of things.

Skip: then itís very rare.

Karra: it is very rare but it has a more common name at the moment.

Skip: what's that?

Karra: mad cow disease. Okay letís continue, letís talk about something cheerful and entertaining. Let's get all of our minds on something cheerful, I know I could do with it................okayÖ.(sighs)

Russ: well that was a.....

Skip: of course you could tell me how to build a warp engine.

Karra: I wish I could, I donít know how to. I can tell you how to set a leg. I can tell you how to lay a settle to but as for setting a warp core engine, I havenít got the foggiest.

Skip: this has been a joke between this young me and me for quite a while.

Karra: wrong young lady.

Skip: whoops.

Karra: you are talking about my little sister.

Skip: yes I am, Iím sorry again.

Karra: yes, the mischievous one who gave you a lecture on quantum physics and I know we do sound alike sometimes.

Skip: yeah I know.

Karra: especially when we both got things on our minds. Okay, I will hop off and hand you back to the engineer with the twisted sense of humor.

(Kiri's back to finish up the session)

Shane: someone is here.

Kiri: uh-huh Iím here. Okay, where were we? Oh yeah, how much time do we have left, about five minutes?

Skip: maybe, just about enough time to tell me how to build a warp core engine.

Russ: yep, about five minutes.

Kiri: that wouldnít be enough. If I just started off with the equation, that would have you so mind boggled and the explanation would take so long.

Skip: honey Iím just teasing you, you know that.

Kiri: I know, I know, I know and you know what happens when you tease.

Skip: make a joke and thatís it.

Kiri: okay, now where were we on black holes? We were talking about black holes werenít we?

Shane: a little while ago.

Kiri: uh-huh. Okay anybody heard any good jokes?

Shane: nope.

Kiri: you havenít.

Kiri: Skip?

Skip: uh-uh.

Kiri: so how did you find America Russ? Shane, how do you find America?

Shane: how do you find it?

Kiri: well Iíd turn left at Greenland.

(Skip laughs)

Kiri: nobodyís talking so I might as well make a comment towards everybody.

Vicki: well we have a lot of problems hereÖ.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Vicki: itís probably still one of the best countries in the world.

Kiri: Iíd say itís from what Iíve seen and what Iíve read and I really would like to come down there. It does seem like a nice place, it seems like youíve got everything there. You can travel within your country without showing one of your certificates to travel between countries.

Shane: you're not required to have your ID.

Kiri: uh-huh but youÖ.

Skip: a passport.

Kiri: yeah, you can go from rugged coastline to palm lined beaches, you can go from high mountains to low meadows, you can go from bitter cold and skiing in the winter to sunning yourself on the beaches of Florida all in one day I should imagine.

Shane: Florida is onlyÖ

Vicki: only because we're allowed to.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: and you can go to the deepest spot in the world thatís on dry land.

Kiri: uh-huh, you canít go to the highest but you can go to something like the 10th or seventh highest. Okay, I know something you guys donít.

Skip: what's that?

Shane: well a lot?

Kiri: yeah I know, thatís besides the point. I know something about your country that you guys donít.

Skip: whatís that babe?

Kiri: okay, whatís the highest spot in the United States of America?

Shane: itís underwater isnít it?

Skip: the highest spot can be underwater? Come on.

Kiri: actually Shaneís not that far from the truth but that doesnít really count. The highest mountain in the United States.

Vicki: where is it, in California?

Kiri: uh-uh.

Skip: no, no, no.

Kiri: no the way that Shaneís looking at it and heís correct but thatís not what Iím after butÖ.

Shane: up towards Alaska or Washington.

Kiri: heís getting close, he's getting close to the highest one above sea level.

Russ: well that would be Mount McKinley.

Shane: the highest mountain is in the water isnít it?

Kiri: Russ had it, Russ said it.

Russ: yeah Mount McKinley in Alaska.

Kiri: uh-huh but the actual highest mountain from the ground to its peak, Shaneís right.

Shane: itís in the water.

Kiri: uh-huh, do you know where it is?

Skip: Atlantic Ocean isn't it?

Kiri: uh-uh.

Shane: I don't remember, I just remember that itís in water.

Skip: oh, the Hawaiian Islands.

Kiri: thatís right.

Skip: yeah, the Hawaiian Islands.

Kiri: itís actually even taller than the Everest if you were to go from the bottom to the top.

Skip: yeah, yeah the Hawaiian Islands.
Kiri: uh-huh.

Skip: and they're volcanically built.

Kiri: thatís correct so Shane is right again. He answered one question and was ahead on another question, he is doing good tonight and you know it's the truth Shane. You want to know why I know itís the truth? Because Iím the hippest chick in my class, Iím so cool I donít have to think. Iím also the smartest in my class. Iím also the award of two years in a row for top coercer.

Shane: top what?

Skip: coercer.

Kiri: it means I can control people by my mind if I wish. Oh Iíve got a message from Omal, itís nice and cool isnít it?

Russ: uh-huh, quite nice.

Skip: yes it is.

Kiri: uh-huh, took him a while but I think he did it.

Kiri: okay anyway Shane, I know where youíre coming from. Just remember that because I do the same thing, donít I dude?

Russ: uh-huh.

Kiri: Iím the ditz, Iím the party animal....

Skip: uh-huh.

Kiri: and youíve all seen me except for Vicki of course, all seen me goof around, be silly, get up, wander off and cause trouble.

Skip: and throw your clothes around.

Kiri: uh-huh. But I can boast about my IQ because Iím very comfortable with it and everybody knows that I may be silly, I maybe goofy, I may be a flake but Iím smart too. And the thing is the most important thing about being smart is accepting it yourself. So, you want to be a flake. So, you donít want to bothered with people expecting things from you because you are smart. Put on the actÖÖ..put it on well but remember, itís an act, itís not a way of life. To be intelligent and to succeed, you can be as goofy as you want, you can be as eccentric as you want, you can be a flake but as long as you keep that spark that you are smart, that you are capable of doing whatever you turn your mind to, then youíre not playing the game that they want you to play and they know that you are a flake but youíre not. Remember that. Read all the books that you can, be as smart as you can, continue to be the flake, continue to be the punk, continue to be the party animal, continue to have fun but also continue to be smart, donít become dumb because if you become dumbÖÖ

Shane: because you already are smart, you canít be dumb.

Kiri: uh-huh, got to be smart and youíve proved it twice tonight that you are smart but what Iím saying is keep it up and I expect a joke from you and I expect goofy comments from you and I expect you to be wild. You want to know why?

Shane: hmm?

Kiri: because Iím wilder and I donít care what people think. Okay, any questions?


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