Advanced Evolution and a Very Special Ceremony-

Channeled  (01/20/1998)

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Archivist Notes: We have a few notes to cover which will help in understanding some of the behind-the-scenes aspect of the channeling session. Starting with Tia who is our first speaker, at this point in the sessions, only Klarra had been born to Karra and Alex had been born to Kiri and Mark. Tia was currently pregnant with the triplets and was planning on going on pregnancy leave soon. Tia had been training me in astral projection and gave me some advice on going solid. I had been working on going out of my solar plexus which is just one of the chakras and she explains you can leave from various places on your body. Another note from her time talking is that when she discussed having two, she means her ability to nurse her upcoming triplets. The last note is about the pilot's party discussed. Mark and I had both been allowed to fly craft from the base so we were invited to what was a very exclusive party. That brings on Omal who, when he said he found some jokes, he needs he found them by rummaging in Mark's mind. He and Tia had had me go longer and longer distances on my training for astral travel. Stanford that is mentioned was one of my targets that I used for my remote viewing practice. When we talk about an Eindecker, it's a German aircraft from World War I Mark flew in the computer games we played together. The notes from the next speaker after Omal are for Karra who had me help her with a patient of hers in my astral form. In the channeling session I say it was instinctive how I helped heal the person but I'm pretty sure Karra was feeding me instructions telepathically that I assumed were mine. The final note from our time speaking was the crystal I mentioned with the pyrite, is a small handheld scalpel-shaped crystal with a little bit of pyrite at the bottom. The last note from side one is for when Kiri ends things and that is that Alex we are talking about was just an infant at the time. On side two, the sound distortion are bit more on this side than on side one so some of the words may not be exact. The first notes from the side though are from a return channeling of Omal because everyone else had left for a ceremony and so when we talk about him backpacking, it's that there are certain things in the ceremony that he does in an official capacity such as bringing in two jugs of water. This side is less than 20 minutes long and so each speaker doesn't spend much time but the next speaker on the side is Korton and the only note from his time talking is that the ceremony calls for the two jugs of water Omal brought in are to be poured around the couple afterwards. Korton would be officiating and so he would be the one to give the notice to start pouring the water. Our last guest speaker of the night is Luna who specializes in earth history so she was the best person to ask about information on Atlantis. She does so quite well. The final note from the channeling session is that Omal wraps things up with a last-minute advice for me prior to the ceremony which is for me to go solid.

Side one has three main speakers with Tia leading things off by going over some astral travel adjustments to help maintain focus. My problem was needing to come back to my body to adjust it for some reason before leaving it again. In this session, she gives me some tips on how to make those adjustments automatic so I would not have to interrupt the astral travel trip. She provided a programing tip to use before leaving to solve that issue. Omal and I go over a number of things but what stands out is his answer to my question of where would mankind's evolution be had there not been an interference with humanity's genetic code back in the days of Atlantis. What we find out is that our timeline in evolution would be closer to that of the first Pharaoh of Egypt and just now learning how to write. With that kind of conclusion, the benefits of merging the DNA of the Sirians who colonized Atlantis with the Neanderthals that were dominant at the time would have to be considered beneficial to our development. Finally, Kara takes up most of the rest of the side as we break down a healing she had me do on the base with a patient of hers. The gentleman was a workman who was making adjustments on one of the doors and accidentally activated the mechanism that closed it on his arm. I was in my astral form so working on energy flows in a body was something I could do since I wasn't solid. I instinctively helped align the person's energy to allow it to flow better. When I asked her why she let me do some of the healing, she said it was women's intuition. Kiri comes back to finish out the side and thank me for some extra energy I sent her when she happen to be in need at that particular moment.  

This is the shortest side of the archives we've ever added. Just short of 20 minutes, it has four speakers but they speak for very little time for a very good reason. This is the night where we had double bonding ceremony of Kiri and Mark and Karra and myself. By the time we get to side two, everyone has already left for the ceremony and the only people left are Omal, Korton, and Luna. From Omal, I get some almost fatherly advice about the ceremony to come as it is higher dimensional and I am not. Who better to get advice from than my mentor? Then we get down to work exploring just how it is the Israelites were able to somehow bring down the walls of Jericho with only some horns and some drums. One theory we hash out is the possibility of the Israelites having a crystal from Atlantis stored in the Ark of the Covenant that could possibly resonate the walls into dust.With Korton in the short time he spent channeling, we also cover some of the things in as the main official of the ceremony. Some details we discuss have to do with after the bonding when it comes time to cut the cake. A discussion was had about Mark carrying a ceremonial sword so Korton joked that maybe Mark should cut the cake with it. He also reveals Kiri was having misgivings about the tradition of smearing a cake in the other person's face. He reveals she had to be talked into it which did turn out to be pretty funny. Luna is the last guest speaker and helped us fill out more of the very shortened session with some usable information she could share with us. In this case it was my questions on Atlantis that took up the bulk of our conversation. It was my thought that the melting glaciers and polar caps as the Little Ice Age receded could have covered Atlantis. She explains that can't happen and it was more likely ash, silt, and pumice would have done the trick far better. From there we work on how we would find evidence of Atlantis now. That leaves only Omal for the two or three minutes left on the tape to pass on a message to me me from Karra to remember to go solid during the ceremony. This a special session with a lot of personal meaning for Karra and myself. I may be in my second marriage on the third dimension but neither hold a candle to a bonding ceremony and just what bonding means. It's not a lifelong commitment but an every life commitment that never ends. Even if we weren't twin souls, our bonding was inevitable long before this life started.            

In love, light, and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra

TIA- Ring Mistress MARK CROCKER (Channel)


1.)(0:00)- A pregnant Tia gives us an update on how it's going as well as providing some handy advice on how to have the body run on automatic response mode while astral traveling to avoid the need to return.
2.)(13:43)- Omal and I share some jokes that are all his. We also hear from him where humanity would be right now had not there been some genetic modifications done by the Atlanteans to the Neanderthals.
3.)(28:04)-  This is the night where Karra and I are to be bonded and so we are both pretty excited. We are able to go over her trusting of my healing of a patient of hers on the base while in my astral form.
4.)(38:31)-  Kiri talks about the outfit she is to wear to the ceremony where she will be bonded to Mark with us. She lets me know that the child of Mark and herself will be with her during the bonding.


1.)(0:00)-  Omal starts a record short side two answering my questions on the upcoming ceremony. We then move on to how the Israelites brought down the walls of Jericho by the use of an Atlantean crystal.
2.)(7:20)-  Korton and I also go over some of the details of the soon to be bonding ceremony such as Mark possibly using a sword to cut the cake. We find out Kiri had to be talked into the smearing of the cake.
3.)(11:45)- Luna makes a rare appearance to help us get a better understanding of how Atlantis could have disappeared off the face of the planet. We look at possible places it may have been but now covered.

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(Tia starts us as ring mistress)

Tia & Russ: incy wincy spider went climbing up the spout, down came the rain and washed poor incy out. Out came the sun and dried incy out. I
ncy wincy spider is climbing back up the spout.

Russ: spider?

Tia: yeah, no brains.

Russ: none whatsoever. Hi Tia, how's it going?


Russ: I missed you lately girl.

Tia: uh-huh. I've missed somebody else as well but I've been trying to get his attention.

Russ: so I've heard.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: you gotta be.

Tia: oh yeah.

Russ: so where have you been the last couple days? Busy, busy, busy, huh?

Tia: I have work to do, you know. I'm trying to get as much done as possible before I go on pregnancy leave.

Russ: good plan.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okay.

Tia: so I too am doing two days worth of work in one.

Russ: that is true.

Tia: uh-huh. But I am taking care of myself as well.

Russ: oh, which is the difference.

Tia: yeah, big difference.

Russ: big difference.

Tia: I have brains.

Russ: as I've already found out.

Tia: of course.

Russ: of course.

Tia: not only do I have a beautiful body, I also have a lot of brains. I'm not the flaky bimbo that you thought I was once.

Russ: oh yeah, that was a premature......

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: evaluation.

Tia: like talking to the girl down the street? Hmmm?

Russ: girl down the street?

Tia: yes, you did say that.

Russ: oh, yeah, I think I did.

Tia: trying to dodge the bullet, huh?

(Russ laughs at that)

Tia: just because I was a little bit shy in the beginning.

Russ: well you've gotten over that.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: quite admirably I might add.

Tia: oh, I got to know you guys.

Russ: well that's true. As you might've heard, Bethany is on her way back.

Tia: hmm, just relayed that to somebody.

Russ: all right.

Tia: I take it she's not present this evening?

Russ: no she's not.

Tia: oh well.

Russ: okay, down to work. Fun, fun, fun. Oh by the way, how's the pregnancy going?

Tia: oh, it's going as well as can be expected.

Russ: anymore up chucking?

Tia: yeah.

Russ: oh good.

Tia: oh good?

Russ: well that means it's going along the way it supposed to be. It's when you stop up chucking you have to stop worrying.

Tia: you mean I'm going to be up chucking every time I'm pregnant?

Russ: you're going to have to ask Karra about that, I'm not an expert.

Tia: hmm.

Russ: she'll help. Okay, question.

Tia: yesss?

Russ: currently in my farsighting.....

Tia: uh-huh. I'm getting good at that, aren't I?

Russ: you are getting good at that, on the money. Now then, I'm going in and out sort of, not without any problems.

Tia: do you want to change what you're saying?

Russ: I better explain what I'm saying actually which would be more appropriate.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okay, with in and out, I refer to the fact that I farsight to Hades Base and then I have to adjust my body position down here......

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: so I come back down down here, adjust my body position, go back up there in just a mental state.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: now how can I use this to my advantage?

Tia: let it do it automatically. If you have to adjust your body state, that subtracts some of the energy, right?

Russ: right.

Tia: well just have to let it happen and automatic. Let your body go on autopilot.

Russell okay. By that, you mean just don't take my consciousness with me.

Tia: yeah.

Russ: yeah, that's sort of the problem though.

Tia: oh.

Russ: my body isn't designed that way mentally.

Tia: well reprogram your mind then to take care of the body.

Russ: hmm.

Tia: automatic responses.

Russ: I can do that.

Tia: yeah.

Russ: okay. So in another words, if my body feels weird, I program it to just go ahead and change itself to whatever position it needs.

Tia: yeah, that's correct.

Russ: I'll give it a shot. Okay, now then.....

(Tia blows a raspberry)

Russ: yes, yes. Now I'm finding that a breakthrough for me right now is going out of body through my solar plexus.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: why?

Tia: because everybody has their own different techniques.

Russ: that's very true.

Tia: everybody has their own different techniques and you're experimenting to find the one that suits you best, correct?

Russ: correct.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: but why would going out through my solar plexus be a better way than going out of my head? Just because genetics?

Tia: probably. Some people think with their stomach anyway....hehehe.

(Russ chuckles)

Russ: okay.

Tia: now there's a very simple way to explain it.

Russ: yeah?

Tia: is that a shift in energy, you can leave by different parts of your body. Example, when you leave through the head, right?

Russ: right.

Tia: most of the energy starts off in that part of the body.

Russ: right.

Tia: when you leave by the feet, it starts off in that area.

Russ: right.

Tia: and so on. And you're finding by distributing energy into the solar plexus area, right?

Russ: right.

Tia: that that is easier for you.

Russ: true.

Tia: so therefore it works.

Russ: okay. But it's like it's through my will.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: which is where I got the idea for it in the first place.

Tia: where there's a will there's a way.

Russ: right.

Tia: see?

Russ: okay. Now how can I use this with my previous question?

Tia: refresh my memory.

Russ: the in and out.

Tia: oh, just ignore your body. Just relax before you leave and say to yourself, "my body will do what is necessary to take care of itself". Imagine that in your mind lit up in big, bright letters. And then off it.

Russ: okay.

Tia: leave it, do a runner, leave your body behind. Have fun.

Russ: okay.

Tia: you'll find that it will be a lot easier to go solid at that point because you don't have to concern yourself with your body down there.

Russ: that's my biggest problem.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: is keeping my mind on my body down here but keeping from my body there......

Tia: from going solid.

Russ: right.

Tia: correct. Talking of bodies, I'm having fun with this one moving it along.

Russ: you're have a great time.

Tia: uh-huh, wriggle,
wriggle, wriggle. And I know that Kiri can't be distracted for a few minutes because she is feeding.

Russ: oh, is she?

Tia: uh-huh, or filling his nappy.

Russ: good. Okay....

Tia: I'm going to have three times as much fun.

Russ: oh yeah, that's true, you're going to have a blast. The only trouble is you've only got......

Tia: yeah, I've only got two.

Russ: right.

Tia: don't worry, I'll figure out a way.

Russ: actually, that will work out fine because Kiri will still be feeding by then.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: so you'll actually have four to work with. You have four children.....

Tia: and four.....

Russ: yeah, right.

Tia: yeah.

Russ: that works out fine.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: the math works.

Tia: of course, I'm a mathematical genius.

Russ: that's for sure.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okay.

Tia: of course Kiri is taking care of her body. She's working on getting back in shape and doing some mental sparring, working on her shielding.

Russ: well that's good.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: party set for Wednesday?

Tia: yeah, uh-huh.

Russ: okay.

Tia: am I invited to this pilot party?

Russ: I don't believe so. As Mark mentioned in the meeting tonight that women there would be fair game.

Tia: ahhh, so a men only thing, huh?

Russ: I believe that was the intent of this.

Tia: pilots only, in other words.

Russ: right. I mean us pilots I guess who have flown various craft which I don't think you have yet, have you?

Tia: I will do so, I will do so.

Russ: I have no doubt of that. I think until that point, it's pilots only.

Tia: yeah. I can be just as impressive as the next person. RRWWWWW.

Russ: okay.


Russ: all right.

Tia: Walla, Walla, Walla,
Walla, Walla, Walla. RRWWWWW, RRWWWWW.

Russ: I see some of that aggression hasn't been honed out of your genes yet.

Tia: uh-uh, need it for survival of the fittest. Actually, survival of the smartest. That's me. Okay.

Russ: okay. Concerning Tuesday.

Tia: yes? Oh yes.

Russ: yeah.

Tia: not this time. If you want to go farsighting by yourself you can but I've got a lot of work to do.

Russ: okay.

Tia: arranging things, getting everything sorted out, doing rehearsals, making sure everything's know.

Russ: good, well because I was wanting to kind of maybe hold off on it anyway.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: due the fact that I've got a very full schedule Tuesday as it is also.

Tia: okay.

Russ: since I've got regressions to do, healings to do, the list goes on and on. We'll both be pretty busy so let's hold off till next Tuesday.

Tia: yeah, I've got to get presents.....

Russ: okay.

Tia: okay, right.

Russ: that's it for me.

Tia: I'm going off to take up some fencing so I can do some dueling.

Russ: dueling, yes, you were mentioning that, weren't we?

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: you didn't happen to stop by at that point, did you?

Tia: no, but I'm referring about a different type of dueling. Mark's favorite type.

Russ: oh.

(Tia blows a raspberry)

Russ: bye Tia.

Tia: bye.

(Omal comes on in a joking mood)

Omal: greetings of felicitation Russ, and how are we functioning?

Russ: barely hanging in there.

(Russ laughs a bit)

Omal: uh-huh, okay.

Russ: how are you doing Omal?

Omal: I am functioning within specified operational parameters.

Russ: right.

Omal: yep.

Russ: I'm glad to hear it.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: okay, fun, fun, fun. All right, we're off to.........bump....

Omal: musical interlude, huh?

Russ: yes. Okay, we have got dealing with first off....oh, David Copperfield.

Omal: okay.

Russ: I know how he does it now.

Omal: okay.

Russ: he uses strings, strings and mirrors.

Omal: uh-huh. It's all done with mirrors, you know.

Russ: right.

Omal: I believe we made that comment at the time.

Russ: yeah, the strings part, I hadn't quite figured out yet.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: so, doesn't use PK?

Omal: no.

Russ: ahh.

Omal: not like some individuals that have just departed.

Russ: indeed.

Omal: interesting view as well.

Russ: I can only imagine.

Omal: uh-huh. She really is a showoff, you know.

Russ: yes. Wonderful exhibitionist.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: okay, we have, as I was mentioning to Korton....

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: or I do, a regression on a gentleman named John.....

Omal: yes?

Russ: a stage magician style.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: who is looking at finding a way of PK.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: so, he wants to learn farsighting.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: now whether that will lead him to PK or not, I don't know.

Omal: hmm. As been stated in the past, farsighting is a particular field on its own. Very solitary line of work almost.

Russ: well with the focus needed to learn farsighting....

Omal: uh-huh, will help, yes.

Russ: in PK.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: okay so for training it's nothing bad to can get into.

Omal: no.

Russ: okay.

Omal: and here's a magician's joke.

Russ: oh good.

Omal: notice my hand never leaves the end of my arms?

Russ: uh-huh, that's pretty good.

Omal: uh-huh. Oh, found some jokes. Two cats sitting at a tennis court......

Russ: okay.

Omal: and one cat says to the other cat, "I did not know you that were a tennis fan". The other cat replies, "well, my father's in the racket".

Russ: ohhhhhh. That's a good one though.

Omal: uh-huh. A mother and father are talking about their son that is away at college. The mother says, "when was the last time we heard from our son?" And the father replies, "hold on a minute, I'll look in our check book". Okay, you may proceed now with your questions.

Russ: okay, observation first.

Omal: okay.

Russ: if you're familiar with a popular entertainment of ours called "Star Trek, the Next Generation"......

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: the gentleman in that is named Data.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: an android?

Omal: yes. Operating within specified........yes, we did pick that up from the channeler.

Russ: yes. I'm noticing also there's some certain similarities between his working to grasp human humor and yourself.

Omal: I do not need to grasp human humor, I understand. I am just very bad at telling jokes.

Russ: that was actually one of the better ones you've had.

Omal: okay, proceed.

Russ: okay, we're on to next, I went out to check Stanford today........

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: for a quick second or two, and discovered that what I was checking out to be, I thought it might be a microwave or something like that.....

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: turned out to be an autoclave.

Omal: yeah.

Russ: for sterilizing various instruments and stuff.

Omal: correct.

Russ: but they were using if it's a different kind. Whereby you don't boil them or put them in alcohol or something, they were using like microwaves or sound waves.

Omal: sound waves.

Russ: was it sound waves?

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: how is it that they can use sound waves to clean off something like that? Like instruments and stuff.

Omal: by the intensity of the frequency. It will vibrate the metal and it creates heat by doing so.

Russ: oh, vibrational occurrence.

Omal: correct.

Russ: ahhh.

Omal: but you cannot have any canine species in the area.

Russ: oh, so it's an extra high-frequency?

Omal: yes, because the cats in the neighborhood could sit and watch the ears bleed of the dog. Yes, we did hear that one.

Russ: okay good. Oh okay, because that was a new type of technology I'd never seen before.

Omal: it is not that new.

Russ: I was going to say what I saw today was like, "oh, that is what he was doing".

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: because it looked like it was metal.

Omal: yes, we are practicing for when the weather is warmer.

Russ: all right, so I want to go back then instead of to that building when I saw that one.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: I want to go back to my original building.

Omal: correct.

Russ: now then.....

Omal: it is not as easy as you expected it to be.

Russ: it was much tougher. When we were discussing......I was discussing with Kornas genetic changes throughout history.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: we had the genetic cut off at 350,000 years between the two species.

Omal: that's plus or minus.

Russ: plus or minus, right. Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: then changes he said have and after that were caused by natural conditions.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: okay. Now, at what point would the natural conditions say increase a brain's functions?

Omal: if the interference hadn't occurred, your history would be approximately just reaching the level of technology in Egypt at the time of the first pharaohs. So you would be just about starting to write.

Russ: hieroglyphics?

Omal: yes, I'm afraid it is that much of an advantage.

Russ: God, no kidding, that puts a whole new light on things. Well now what about with the new changes happening with our latest addition?

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: are we going to be seeing then an advance that would've been slowed down to say space travel to Mars? Colonization type of thing?

Omal: we haven't had enough time yet to analyze what would happen because of this addition. But I'm sure this addition will increase variable factors.

Russ: right.

Omal: and assuming and hoping that Alex is a start of a new dynasty, we can only speculate on what's going to happen.

Russ: now what about have you speculated on the fact if he were to say theoretically go solid down here.......

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: and let's say propagate a couple offspring through.....?

Omal: it would be diluted.

Russ: it would be diluted.

Omal: yes.

Russ: oh.

Omal: because instead of breeding with people of his own capability, for example Klarra.....

Russ: right.

Omal: then he would be breeding with a lesser capability.

Russ: even though they're on third dimension?

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: especially because they're on third dimension.

Omal: yes.

Russ: I get it, okay. Hmm, yeah weather is warm enough.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: okay, why is it I feel so old-fashioned now?

Omal: things will change.

Russ: good, I feel like I'm kind of a grandfather all of a sudden.

Omal: the model T opposed to the Ferrari.

Russ: correct, exactly how I feel. A very strange feeling I'll tell you.

Omal: I've never had that problem.

Russ: just when you thought you were a Ferrari, you find out you're just barely above horse and carriage.

Omal: or, an analogy that you might enjoy more, you are Eindecker to an F-16.

(Russ really laughs at that one)

Russ: thank you. Yes, I do enjoy that.

Omal: that will put the channeler being a Sopwith Pup to an F-16.

Russ: yep, that's what we're figuring.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: but now, what would that make you?

Omal: that would make me the USS NCC-1701E.

Russ: Enterprise.

Omal: of course.

Russ: of course. That's a nice way to put it as a matter of fact.

Omal: Omal to Enterprise, beam me up Scotty. Hey, I'd like to Capt. but I don't even know your coordinations.

Russ: oh God, you have to go on stage someday.

Omal: yes, preferably the next one out of town.

Russ: yes, you've got earth humor down to a science.

Omal: yes, I said I understood it.

Russ: very well, very well.

Omal: it does help to sit down and listen to your humorous sessions and to talk to the channeler about humor. It is a very illogical assumption Capt.

Russ: it is a very illogical assumption.

Omal: okay, next question.

Russ: okay. Well that's it.

Omal: okay.

Russ: right now it's just yeah, practice.

Omal: okay practice and I will depart. Have an enjoyable evening. When you're up here next, swing by and say hi.

Russ: all right.

Omal: I have something for you.

Russ: oh, all right, I'll be glad to.

Omal: have an enjoyable day and look forward to seeing you soon.

Russ: thank you, I appreciate that Omal, talk you again.

(An excited Karra is the next to channel) 

Russ: hi Kiri?

Karra: uh-uh.

Russ: Karra?

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: alrighty.

Karra: hey beanpole.

Russ: how's it going?

Karra: oh fine.

Russ: well that's good to hear.

Karra: yes, getting ready, getting excited.

Russ: I'm getting totally excited.

Karra: so, I have my dress made.

Russ: okay.

Karra: uh-huh. We have your clothes ready for you.

Russ: good.

Karra: uh-huh. And Tia and myself have to discuss flower arrangements. Kiri seems to have other things on her mind at the moment.

Russ: no doubt. She's got a handful though.

Karra: true. She is useful to have around for babysitting purposes.

Russ: true, true.

Karra: when you come up here next, how about a round of racquetball?

Russ: how's your arm?

Karra: I can play.

Russ: okay.

Karra: looking forward to it. You haven't seen me in my racquetball outfit.

Russ: no I haven't. I have played before so I won't be a total loss out there.

Karra: maybe will be as good as each other.

Russ: let's hope so. Be up there shortly then to do so.

Karra: uh-huh. Okay, you have a question for me.

Russ: a couple. Number one concerning the gentleman I assisted the other day.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: first off, what was wrong with the door?

Karra: there was, it's a little bit embarrassing for the poor gentleman, he is a repair technician....

Russ: yeah.

Karra: and working on the door, we accidentally tripped the release mechanism when it shouldn't have been.

Russ: ahh.

Karra: so, what happens?

Russ: slams on his hand.

(Russ whistles)

Russ: okay, well how's he doing now?

Karra: I mean he has full function and he has an extreme fear of doors.

(Russ laughs)

Karra: no, not fear of doors, he's just very careful as he should be.

Russ: good.

Karra: like you, we do get lax about things up here.

Russ: okay, now then, in my treatment of his arm....

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: why was it that brushing down and away from his arm assisted his healing process?

Karra: because you were drawing the damage away.

Russ: right.

Karra: and pulling it down and realigning the balance.

Russ: oh, because it was strictly instinctive when I did that.

Karra: yes.

Russ: but I didn't know what I was doing until after it was done.

Karra: now you want an explanation on why.

Russ: right.

Karra: by pulling the energy down like that, you were realigning it and getting the flow to work properly.

Russ: oh.

Karra: so by pulling down, you can do so.

Russ: so do the cells then realign themselves because of that?

Karra: yes.

Russ: ohhh.

Karra: you aid in the realignment.

Russ: now how did you know I'd be able to do something like that?

Karra: I didn't, I was taking a gamble.

Russ: good gamble. Surprised the heck out of me.

Karra: women's intuition.

Russ: as always, it worked out the best.

Karra: of course.

Russ: okay. So now is that a useful for work down here and......?

Karra: yes it is. You can use it to focus more energy in your hand to surround the area like thus and pull down.

Russ: okay.

Karra: but closer. I cannot get the hand eye coordination that Tia does.

Russ: okay. And then what other things can I use that for besides say a damaged arm like that?

Karra: damaged parts of the anatomy, any damaged part as long as you follow the line. You can do it for laying on of hands but you cannot do the stroking.

Russ: okay.

Karra: you can use the energy flow for massaging but not the stroking effect.

Russ: oh. Now would that of worked better if I had used that for you today?

Karra: it might've done.

Russ: okay. Because instead I went to micro cracks and worked with those instead.

Karra: I do enjoy that though.

Russ: the stroking part?

Karra: both. The attention more.

Russ: I was glad to help.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: it's good practice for me too.

Karra: oh yes.

Russ: okay. Now then, yeah I was going to ask you, okay how did my suit come out for the party?

Karra: we will let you see when you come up.

Russ: okay.

Karra: Tia, from what I gathered before she left, is going to get Mark to try on his uniform.

Russ: that would be fun.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: okay.

Karra: so presumably he is parading around in his military dress uniform.

Russ: this should be good. All right, oh yes.....

Karra: you are on earth.

Russ: I am on earth.

Karra: unfortunately.

Russ: thank you, I agree. I've got a healing session with Carrie on Tuesday.

Karra: uh-huh. You do have a busy schedule, don't you?

Russ: Tuesday is a zoo time for me. Okay, with this I'm going to be using the energy channeling.

Karra: uh-huh. And, what else are you going to be using?

Russ: oh, the crystal.

Karra: good.

Russ: yeah, because she's still got that bump. They prescribed it as an ear infection that have been because she switched backings on an earring.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: and it caused an infection which caused a bump.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: but last time I talked to her a few days ago, the bump still hadn't gone away.

Karra: uh-huh. Okay, so you can work on it.

Russ: right.

Karra: okay, good on you. Now, remember, no matter how much energy you can pump into that sore, it can take more.

Russ: oh, okay.

Karra: it can take more and more's the better.

Russ: now then, what does the pyrite do that's in the base of this crystal?

Karra: it helps to keep the energy flowing in the correct direction.

Russ: oh, okay.

Karra: uh-huh. Okay.

Russ: now then, oh yes, going solid Wednesday. Is that my work that I'm doing?

Karra: uh-huh. I'll be helping you all the way.

Russ: okay. Now then, where will I meet you at?

Karra: ohh, that's a hard one. You can't know the little room off to one side where Klarra sleeps?

Russ: yeah.

Karra: there.

Russ: oh.

Karra: okay?

Russ: okay.

Karra: can you do that?

Russ: yeah.

Karra: okay.

Russ: so it's not your bedroom, it's the other bedroom?

Karra: yeah. It's not the living room.

Russ: I'll practice once or twice.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: all right.

Karra: is that it?

Russ: that's it.

Karra: okay, well I've got to go because I got to change a young lady.

Russ: okay.

Karra: who hasn't got potty trained yet but she's working on it.

Russ: she's working on standing.

Karra: yeah, she says hello.

Russ: oh good.

Karra: she said hello Pop.

Russ: well I'll come up to see her and yourself and we'll get some racquetball practice in.

Karra: okay, and then we can go swimming, the three of us.

Russ: absolutely.

Karra: she's getting good at kicking around in the pool.

Russ: good.

Karra: okay?

Russ: I'll talk you later love.

Karra: see you later.

(Kiri joins to discuss fashion)

Kiri: yes?

Russ: it was good seeing you today.

Kiri: uh-huh. Like my outfit?

Russ: I liked your outfit, yes.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: well half the outfit anyway.

Kiri: what's wrong with the other half?

Russ: well the other half was down.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: from there on up was good too. Okay, now then, did the energy I sent you help?

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: good.

Kiri: I will be using more energy.

Russ: you are?

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: for what?

Kiri: I don't need any more from you.....

Russ: oh, okay. So anyway, how is everything going up there?

Kiri: totally excellent dude.

Russ: good.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: so Alex eats a lot?

Kiri: yeah, but I've got plenty to spare now.

Russ: well that's good.

Kiri: but I am a master coercer and don't you forget it buster.

Russ: as you keep reminding me.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: I love it.

Kiri: yeah. You have an enjoyable evening with big sis......

Russ: alrighty.

Kiri: I've got my gown all ready. I was going to wear it but you can't see it, can you?

Russ: no.

Kiri: oh. It's a little bit shorter than I wanted it but, it will do.

Russ: now what's going to happen with Alex during the ceremony?

Carrie: he's going to sleep.

Russ: he's going to sleep.

Kiri: yeah.

Russ: okay, good.

Kiri: he's going to be at hand if I need to take a break.

Russ: okay.

Kiri: but I think he'll behave himself.

Russ: well, we're set for Wednesday.

Kiri: yeah.

Russ: I'll come up and say hi before that.

Kiri: okay. Give me warning because you know how hard it is to walk around in my, you know.

Russ: yeah. We'll have a wonderful night.

Kiri: you want to get rid of me?

Russ: no way.

Kiri: I take the message.

Russ: of course not.

Kiri: oh yeah, I can wait.

Russ: so what's up girl?

Kiri: well, apart from enjoying motherhood, getting back to my work.

Russ: I'm sure your weight's getting down.

Kiri: oh yeah. I'll be soon as sleek as I was before apart from my chest. Actually, I like bigger chests.

Russ: not as easy though.

Kiri: no, but the thing is that when Alex feeds, and when he really feeds, I kind of get all......

Russ: right.

Kiri: so yeah, it's kind of lots of exercise for me. Anyway, you haven't got any questions for me, have you? You're having real difficulty.

Russ: I know, I have no questions whatsoever due to the fact I haven't been working on coercion lately. Part of my problem.

Kiri: uh-huh.





(Omal comes back on as most everyone else has left)

Omal: so, this evening's entertainment, uh-huh.

Russ: yep.

Omal: what are my duties?

Russ: currently as I know it, the duties would be backpacking.

Omal: uh-huh, okay and that's it?

Russ: so far as I know, yeah.

Omal: okay, you have questions for me.

Russ: yeah, as a matter of fact I do here.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: this ceremony......

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: Karra went over the basics of it.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: I wanted to make sure on one part of it I'm not sure about the water part of it.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: is that maybe a joining of heaven and a soul?

Omal: yes, basically. It's a little bit more long-winded. It's the joining and sharing of each other. The water representing purity, the essence of life, the handling of a life and the sharing of those items.

Russ: now, if you take that to a step not quite the same, with the Israelites.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: when they left Egypt, they were able to accomplish a few different things that may suggest that they had a higher technology then we give them credit for that time and date.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: specifically, let's say the walls of Jericho.

Omal: yes?

Russ: that they're encircling the walls of Jericho, go around eight times.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: hold up their hands and the walls fall down. Now looking at that, it would make a person think that possibly they're using like a resonating crystal.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: that certain notes of their horns get it set to vibrate to cause the ground to shake to cause the walls to fall down.

Omal: you're saying that they lugged a crystal around with them?

Russ: uh-huh. It would make sense that if they're leaving from Egypt, if there are possibly some members of the Atlantean priesthood or at least some Atlantean knowledge in that crowd would be in charge.

Omal: I suggest you reread the Bible to understand your little bit of information that you will find about the walls of Jericho. The Exodus.....

Russ: the Exodus?

Omal: from Egypt, there's a little bit of discrepancy in your research. They did not happen together. That happened during that period of unrest that they had once they were in the land of Canaan.

Russ: it was before or after the splitting of the tribes?

Omal: I believe it was before but they'd already left Egypt and arrived in where modern-day Israel is.

Russ: well I'm thinking Ark of the Covenant.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: the outside of it is pretty clear on what it was and how big it was but the inside is a complete mystery.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: all that is known to be said is that it contained the essence of thought.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: okay. Well, what if theorizing that inside that ark was let's say a crystal that would rotate.

Omal: that still wouldn't be large enough to cause such a disruption.

Russ: hmm.

Omal: do you know how big the crystal would have to be?

Russ: pretty big?

Omal: approximately it would have to be at least ten feet tall in size.

Russ: okay.

Omal: a big crystal.

Russ: all right, well that's......

Omal: that's it on the questions, huh?

Russ: that's it on the questions. We're riding the line possibly.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: just something I can put forward towards a fictional novel.

Omal: hmmm.

Russ: using details like that.

Omal: well you could use as big as you wanted if it was fictional. You could say that the crystal was such and such a size. Doesn't really matter in a fictional model, does it?

Russ: no. And did not Atlantean's have technology using sound waves?

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: so fictionally, that could be a kind of soundwave emitter focused on the ground.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: but one whose resonating set off yeah, fictionally speaking.

Omal: fictionally, of course. But you don't want to be too out there. When everybody is playing football, you're playing baseball.

(Russ chuckles)

Russ: right.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: okay, then you'll be at the party tonight?

Omal: yes, of course. Of course I will be at the party.

Russ: okay, good.

Omal: wouldn't miss it for the world. Don't forget, I have an official function this evening.

Russ: you do?

Omal: now, there is Korton here and Luna and that is it.

Russ: well I can understand that.

Omal: uh-huh. I will hand over to Korton.

Russ: okay.

Omal: and have an enjoyable interlude before the start of your nuptials.

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: and, see you in a bit.

(Korton has some thoughts about the upcoming ceremony)

Korton: greetings and, what is it, felicitations?...and condolences.

Russ: words of encouragement are always needed the first time.

Korton: yes. Congratulations.

Russ: thank you very much. Okay, on the ceremony.......

Korton: uh-huh?

Russ: keys to be on the lookout?

Korton: from Karra there shouldn't be any. From Kiri, who knows?

Russ: good point, who knows? So I take it that we'll be doing myself and Karra first......

Korton: yes.

Russ: and then Kiri and Mark.

Korton: they haven't informed me yet.

Russ: okay.

Korton: and we have tried giving you or redesign the cake as it reflects that Mark has a big slice for the ritual of smearing cake over each other?

Russ: yes.

Korton: apparently Kiri has heard about that and is declining. So we had persuade her not to.

Russ: oh, wonderful. Food fight.

Korton: yes, that's how she described it.

Russ: yes, we definitely need to do something about it. Probably have a guest all kind of wander around when they do it.

Korton: yes, it would be a little bit unusual for such a serious occasion.

Russ: not when Kiri's around.

Korton: she's going to be serious or at least try to. Okay, now, the formality is as you know is extremely formal. My job will be waiting and being extremely serious.

Russ: okay.

Korton: and I will also probably be acting as competently as......what's the word? Judge of each pair.

Russ: oh, the certificate?

Korton: yes, uh-huh. There is no written certificate, I do not understand the significance of the sword though.

Russ: it's for the look.

Korton: oh. Get the look, huh? So he's not going to use it to cut the cake I assume?

Russ: I hope not.

Korton: actually, that would be quite interesting to watch. I may suggest that to the channeler.

Russ: at least Mark would have fun eating though.

Korton: uh-huh. Okay.....

Russ: oh, one question.

Korton: yes?

Russ: who places the water?

Korton: you waste it.

Russ: oh.

Korton: you dump the water around you in a natural way around you. Two full jugs. I will not hand over Luna.

Russ: all right. I'll see you shortly.

Korton: yes, see you shortly. Now I must go and put on a different item of clothing.

Russ: excellent. I look forward to it and I'm kind of excited.

Korton: okay.

Russ: see you in a while.

(Luna is the only guest speaker left)

Luna: hi.

Russ: hi Luna.

Luna: are you doing?

Russ: oh, I'm doing great. Got left here for at the turnover?

Luna: uh-huh.

Russ: oh. Will you be at the ceremony of bonding?

Luna: yes. Do you want me to answer your questions?

Russ: yes, as a matter fact. We were discussing at one point evolution of the species.

Luna: uh-huh.

Russ: I've been studying a little bit about Atlantis....

Luna: uh-huh.

Russ: and one of the things I've been studying is that during and before the fall of Atlantis, North America was covered by major glaciers.

Luna: uh-huh.

Russ: so would the water that would melt from the glaciers cover up Atlantis?

Luna: that alone would not count for it not being visible.

Russ: right. What I surmised is that the battle for Atlantis let's say would set off a number of volcanoes.

Luna: uh-huh.

Russ: creating enough ash, silt and pumice to bury Atlantis under let's say under hundreds of feet of material.

Luna: uh-huh.

Russ: and taking things that might've been hills and mountains and turning them into flat plains.

Luna: uh-huh.

Russ: that would make sense.

Luna: yes it would. It would have to be a lot more than 300 feet to cover some of the mountains.

Russ: hmm.

Luna: yes, the mountain that is I think about 4000 feet plus?

Russ: big mountain.

Luna: uh-huh.

Russ: now wouldn't that still possibly be part of let's say the Bahamas or something?

Luna: possibly. You'd have to solve all the area to see the drop of the structure of the seafloor.

Russ: now wouldn't it be sort of wondering why nobody spotted this before, but the age of the soil around Atlantis would be strictly volcanic in nature.

Luna: uh-huh.

Russ: you could date back when the last eruption were to estimating when all of Atlantis was.

Luna: you might get some soft shells and deposits from erosion and deposits from other eruption's that could be laid down on top so it would be hard to say. You'd have to look for telltale signs of buildings and so on.

Russ: and see that's under so deep, you'd never find them.

Luna: uh-huh. Maybe it is best that it remains away.

Russ: that's true.

Luna: just speculating.

Russ: yeah, I figured that's the only way that the pyramids would still be active there......

Luna: uh-huh.

Russ: and not have been totally destroyed would be if they were just buried.

Luna: yes, it is quite possible and then you would need to properly determine the length to make sure they were nice and stable whenever found and the rest to be filled up various sediments frpm erosion, another eruption and so on.

Russ: it would still be working.

Luna: oh yes. Maybe just the tip pointing out like looking like a rock.

Russ: that would be a mountain then. It's amazing. Now one thing I noticed is that when you look at an underwater map of the area, there's a triangular space just below Florida....

Luna: uh-huh.

Russ: that almost looks like a bay, or used to be a bay. If you were to raise that up a bit you'd have what would be a perfect natural almost lake or harbor.

Luna: uh-huh. And you are wondering if it is natural or influenced by other places?

Russ: right.

Luna: a map of the area may need to be checked for information.

Russ: hmm, okay. I'm building up with a picture of what it would look like then from the air and see it form there. Well that's about it.

Luna: okay. Have an enjoyable night. See you soon.

Russ: well thank you Luna. I will definitely looking forward to seeing you too real soon. Take care.

Luna: okay.

Russ: bye.

(Omal has some final words)

Omal: back again once more briefly.

Russ: yes, Korton. Omal?

Omal: Omal.

Russ: oh, I was not paying attention.

Omal: no, you're not. Okay, message from Karra.....

Russ: yes?

Omal: repeat after me.

Russ: okay.

Omal: I will go solid.

Russ: I will go solid.

Omal: and again.

Russ: I will go solid.

Omal: and again.

Russ: I will go solid.

Omal: okay, now be real positive about that and for the last time, what will you do?

Russ: I'll go solid.

Omal: more positive.

Russ: I will go solid.

Omal: that's better. Okay, before you depart, we suggest that you do that with a lot more energy and positivity. Okay?

Russ: okay.

Omal: I'll say I'll see you shortly. I must go and change and get ready. You have about 15 or 20 minutes before the change should be underway.

Russ: got it. Accepted.

Omal: okay.


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