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Archivist Notes: While the topic from the channeling session this month's podcast is based on what was discussed with Omal and Kiri, all of the session had some excellent information to offer. The Euro was on the brink of becoming the currency of most of Europe which and Tia explores the outcome. Omal helps me after that with a dissertation on the consciousness of the mind in regards to it's comparison to a computer. Karra finishes up side one with a timely discussion about my issues I had trying to use her computer while looking up a topic.

    Side two sees Karra finishing up our computer discussion followed by Omal's return with a quick explanation of dreams and pre-destiny. Kiri and Omal complete side two with an enlightening discussion and demonstration of coercion. Kiri does the demonstrating and Omal goes over the karmic and moral implications of using coercion.
TIA Mistress of Ceremonies MARK (Channel)
OMAL RUSS (Archivist)


3.)(38:08)- Karra helps with my issues working on her computer.


2.)(8:08)- Omal returns to discuss pre-destined events with the movie Groundhog Day used as an example.

3.)(13:48)- Kiri gives a coercion dissertation about coercion by design and adrenaline overloads. She finishes with a Sirian mind joke.

4.)(36:33)- Omal expands on what Kiri said by bringing up the when, whys and what could happen with using coercion.

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(Tia begins the session)

Tia: okay, let's get down to business now whilst we've had frivolous chitchat. Okay, let us look at my favorite subject, the stock market. Again, another new high today, up 150 points.

Russ: was it?

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: it was down three when I saw it.

Tia: ahhh, well news from Greenspan contributed to the increase as well as the better than expected profits from various companies this quarter. What's happening is much as I predicted right?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: the very, very rapid growth rate. This has contributed to the better-than-expected earnings, Greenspan's report on the state of the economy and his saying that eventually the interest rate will have to go up but at the moment there is no inflation which is a lie, there is inflation but it's only a little inflation. I see from this overconfidence. Where does the market go from where it is at the moment? There's only one place for it to go which is?

Russ: up.

Tia: exactly. There will be little downturns which are basically profit-taking so if it loses 1.5% of its profit, that's nothing.

Russ: just a drop of 80 points?

Tia: 80 points, 150, that's nothing, that's peanuts. So there's nothing much to watch out for at this time apart from the continuing increase in the price of shares which in my opinion are very much overly priced. After all, from 1994 to today, it's gone from 3,000 to 8,000 which is a jump of 5,000 points. Very, very strange, very strange, shouldn't be doing that. And the fact that it took approximately 50 years to get to 3,000 and then a sudden increase as it has at present is quite concerning. And there are people out there that are expressing their concerns but let us not dwell on the stock market as that could take up too much time. Any questions?

Russ: with the so far as they've been noticing the strength of the dollar's growing?

Tia: it is?

Russ: supposedly.

Tia: in comparison to what, the yen?

Russ: well as a comparison from what it was a while ago.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: and with that it's making our trade deficit wider.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: now how do you see that as affecting the basic economy from that point?

Tia: well it's going to be more reliant on internal facts. The fact that the dollar can buy more now against most currencies means that importing American items let us say to Germany, means that it becomes more expensive whereas if Germany is exporting to the United States, their products become cheaper and so therefore it benefits the German economy. However, if you look externally at European markets, the question is why have they become shaky currencies? But it's primarily to do, if you look at the euro......let me readdress this matter a little. The euro is a new currency that will be coming into effect soon. The attitude of some governments is to let it decrease or their currencies decrease in value so that their populations are used to a different currency. When it comes, it's looked upon as a relief, "oh a new currency, our standards of living will go up." The euro, having started off on bad legs, will become a shaky currency like the Mexican lire or is it peso in Mexico?

Russ: peso.

Tia: the Mexican peso or the lire that are dodgy currencies. Not very strong and you can have a 1,000 pesos, which is worth how much Russ?

Russ: a 1,000 pesos is approximately $150.00.

Tia: exactly, not very much at all. So that you have this shaky currency in an industrial area such as Europe, now what does that do?

Russ: well it's going to destabilize the economies of those countries using it.

Tia: correct.

Russ: but now is the euro some kind of common......

Tia: currency.

Russ: currency that they've been working on for years?

Tia: correct.

Russ: so it's going to be valid in what countries?

Tia: it's going to be valid in Greece, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Sicily, Turkey.

Russ: Greece?

Tia: Greece.

Russ: Russia?

Tia: no.

Russ: or are they going to hold with the ruble?

Tia: Russia is not part of the EEC. It's all EEC countries that will be having one currency.

Russ: so it's everything but Russia.

Tia: no Poland's not a member of the EEC, not yet.

Russ: I thought they got, they were looking for admission?

Tia: yeah, they are.

Russ: they haven't been approved yet?

Tia: not yet. They're pretty close to being approved. You see what's happening is that by creating this one currency, you're destabilizing the economies.

Russ: well isn't this the sign, one of the signs of the apocalypse?

Tia: could be. Not by my predictions though.

Russ: from the Bible.

Tia: not from my predictions........from the Bible?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: yours or mine?

Russ: ours.

Tia: oh yours? I haven't read yours.

Russ: yeah, it's one of the, apparently one of the signs.

Tia: okay, my dissertation's over, do you have any questions for me young lady?

Ann: no, not right now.

Tia: okay, actually.......nevermind.

(Omal comes on for his first of three channelings)

Omal: greetings and felicitations and welcome. First of all, let me introduce myself as you may already be aware, I am Omal. By my voice and having listened to the tape, you will recognize my mannerisms and speakings hopefully. Greetings Ann.

Ann: hello.

Omal: greetings Russ.

Russ: greetings Omal.

Omal: okay, let us get down and address Tia's comments on the current stock market. Again, with accuracy that only Tia seems to be able to have persistently achieved, she is quite correct there is only one place for the Dow to go and that is up but it must be remembered that you have to look at other parts of the market, such as the NASDAQ index, the Russell 500 and the S&P index. All these things are indicators that need to be watched and looked at. The majority of them are climbing but they are worth watching to see what they do as one will have an effect on the other. For example, if one starts to drop rather dramatically, another one is more than likely to follow suit.....thank you. Now, on to my dissertation dealing with the consciousness of the mind. My favorite topic as a manifestor is how to use and focus the mind. The mind is a wonderful tool, the development of the mind in a spiritual pathway is necessary as I am fond of saying for evolutionary advancement. But what of the mind, how does it develop, why does it choose the paths that it is choosing? Well it is necessary to learn certain lessons, lessons that the individuals have decided will benefit them on their path through life, lessons that they need for advancement, certain environmental factors. For example, no communication with the external world, no stimuli for the mind apart from maybe a few books and the environment will create the necessary tools as building blocks for advancement. For example, if you have no communication devices or entertainment devices of an electronical nature, then what do you do for fun? You read, you have conversations and you use the development of these abilities to become more eloquent and to sharpen the mind. Now with that comes the higher functions of astral travel, manifestation, coercion, psychokinesis and healing, all very necessary tools. Let us take manifestation. In an environment like that, why would you need manifestation? Well manifestation first of all takes many forms. From being able to create something out of nothing by using the mind, to sitting down and creating something with your hands such as clothing, that is manifestation, poetry is manifestation, writing letters is manifestation. It is taking your skill to create something out of very little. And with these learning's and pathways that individuals deem necessary for their advancement come a whole host of other possibilities. How do you use these gifts, these abilities? Well, it is recommended that they are used for a positive nature but I must add that there is also the possibility of using them in a negative way. That is for the individual to choose which is necessary. Any questions?

Russ: yeah, in the earlier days back before television, radio and all that, you'd have austere monks and hermits who'd go off into the wilds and sit by themselves. And this would be an adequate environment such as you're talking about?

Omal: in a way, yes but it is more limiting. Having an austere environment certainly helps to focus the mind but it does nothing for the well-being of an individual. After all, you need comfort to live happily. If you are not happy, then it is more difficult to advance. For example, if you take everything away except for four walls, a ceiling and a bed but no blankets, you are uncomfortable. You get used to your environments but you will remember how things were. If you come from an environment where you start off life with limited properties, maybe a room, a bed, a blanket and you advance through life having more properties. Books, more blankets to keep you warmer, a bigger room, a nicer room, then you are progressing and you have a goal. But if you go in reverse, this in itself can become a problem that you are deliberately starving yourself of the goals necessary to advance.

Russ: hmm, thank you.

Omal: any more questions?

Ann: uh-uh.

Russ: okay, so then basically what we're talking about is an environment let's say that is specifically designed for that. For example, take the old monasteries where you would have your cell so far but you're kept fed. What if it was a little more better surroundings where you are kept in better comfort, fed but yet you still have that time to yourself each day?

Omal: that is what I am saying.

Russ: okay.

Omal: that progressing is the key. If you are in an environment where you cannot progress, you are fed but you have no chance of advancement, then what happens to your drive to advance?

Russ: uh-hmm.

Omal: and it applies to the abilities. If you do not have the stimuli to become better and be rewarded, then why try?

Russ: now how do you address this on the base or even in sixth dimension?

Omal: there are always objectives in learning, knowledge. Take for example a young lady that came from a for want of a better word, a poor family. (Lyka) She was given the opportunity to be an oath keeper, she accepted it. She goes through hardships but attains knowledge as she does so. She now has a place in life when she fulfills her oath keeping of being a revered individual. The fact that it might take up to 500 years for her to achieve that goal, to become a revered former oath keeper, is the objective that she has. From a poor family to somebody that has a rank, a station in life and then to progress on to somebody that is revered is her goals.

Russ: hmmm.

Omal: and with that goals come reward for doing her duty as an oath keeper, she is given properties or objects as a gift of gratitude from people for fulfilling an oath that they could not keep. Or you take somebody that comes from a wealthy family and they are given the opportunities to go to a higher education, they participate in the oath keeping in a limited way and in return they're given an opportunity to be at a place where they will meet somebody of special significance to them. (Karra) So you see, gifts and rewards are part of advancement.

Russ: hmmm, okay. At this time I'd like to address the questions that I was well framing in my mind about what I was working with on the base yesterday, the mind as the Internet.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: or as an Internet. And what I was working on was how in working with your mind, you're working on a set of communications within the other people of your world. For example those folks here on earth that we don't recognize the connections that we have with them and the communications that we do on a constant level with them but yet when we wish it, we can make that communication happen by merely focusing on that person.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: so the Internet is the allegory I use for.....

Omal: analogy.

Russ: analogy thank you......for the thought that's put out such as what we do when we click on something to find that particular person or item or knowledge.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: do you feel this would be something that would be worth pursuing as far as learning more about it and how to make it work in more of that specific focused thought?

Omal: it is something that you are already working on. The reason being that I say that is that you are looking into it, you are asking questions about it. A comparison to the Internet and the mind is a good analogy. Your mind if you look at it under a microscope, all the neurons and connections, is very similar to the motherboard of a computer with all its connections and chips and so on. It is similar in the connections as in the mind. So the comparison of a computer and the mind is a starting point. Add in to this the computer modem. The modem makes it able to communicate with other computers. Your voice makes you able to communicate with other people, your voice is your modem. But, also, you have another modem within you where you can project thoughts. And with projecting thoughts, you can project a tighter focused individual as opposed to the normal mode of communication through vocalizing. If I wish to talk to Ann privately, I would have to take her to a different room but using the mind's capability to transmit and receive on the correct frequencies, I could talk privately. So the Internet and your mind is almost the same entity. Being that by thinking and subvocalizing, people will pick up on emotions, they pick up on feelings coming from other people, they call it vibes. Ann, have you ever been in a room with someone where you know what they are thinking by the vibes that they're giving off?

Ann: uh-hum, yeah.

Omal: so that is one modem transmitting and being received by another modem as opposed to the other modem that you have being the vocal communication. Now, using the computer, you can talk to a lot of people in the same way as you can talk to a room full of people. The same way that I am doing now by using vocal communication. Now, if you wish to talk to somebody privately on the Internet, you send them an e-mail or take them to an area where nobody else can go except for you and that person, a private room in essence.

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: you can do the same yourselves by using your mind. Simple words, "hello, how are you?" "I am fine, I'm doing well, I am good." is easy to transmit and the more complicated messages come with practice and time, like typing at a keyboard. I know that some people present in the room use the advanced method of typing of two fingers and some people use the expert method of communicating of all digits. So it is the same thing that the mind works on several capabilities of communication. Vocally and sub vocally. Sub vocally can be broken down into simple words typed with two fingers, more complicated words typed with four fingers and more complicated sentences and communications using all the required digits. Any questions?

Russ: yeah, whereas some people have different kinds of computers, different speeds of modems, could we say then that people's abilities to pick up on other people's transmissions would be in a similar vein?

Omal: I would think that that would be self-evident. You have somebody that is intently intelligent, they think at a higher rate and a faster rate than somebody that is not so intelligent. Or somebody that is younger, children will think at a slower rate as they have to process each new experience. The older an individual gets, the more common the experience becomes and they become sub-routines, things that happen automatically. Whereas a new experience slows the mind down and you try to take everything in. It is like that with a computer, that when you give it something that it does repetitively, you make it as easy as possible for the computer to do that. But something new, a new program, a computer has to learn it and it is the same with the mind.

Russ: okay.

Ann: can I ask a question?

Russ: sure, help yourself.

Ann: I don't know if this goes along with this but what about, do dreams have anything to do with like if a dream that you have and then it comes true. Like I had a dream and it stuck in me and it kept.....

Omal: precognition.

Ann: yeah.

Omal: that is the mind processing possibilities and stringing them in a way that a situation is possible. The more that the mind processes it and projects it into a dream, means that the chances of these events occurring in this particular way becomes more likely. For example, a dream of getting into a vehicle, driving along and getting a flat tire, it is a concern that your tires are not as strong as they should be and it is processed and manifests itself in the dream as having a flat tire. When it happens a few days later, it is normally something that you have dream't about that happens, one of those dreams of precognition but why? Well it is the concern of what will happen. You have noticed that your tires are in need of repair, you realize that there is a higher chance that they could have a flat tire. Now normally when these things are noticed is when it becomes instead of a one in 100 or one in a 1,000 chance, it is more along the lines of one in five, one in three or an even chance, either it will or it won't happen. And dreams that come true are like that, that certain situations are going on in your life which creates the possibility of these events occurring. Now having a dream about somewhere that you have not been before such as a habitation unit, a house and you go there and you actually arrive and it is as you dream't it is truly precognition, something new. But it is also something old, something planned long ago within your subconscious in a period of waiting for rebirth that an environment will be created with the aid of other people that will trigger precognition, a revelation. Something that helps you to focus. Have I answered your question adequately or would you wish a longer explanation?

Ann: well this dream was like, it was was a dream of a school bus and then a month later this school bus.......well what I saw in the dream then, I looked down the hill after this bus went over my head. The accident that was there happened a month later it was in the front page of a newspaper. Exactly the same, exactly what I saw in my dream and a month later it happened with the school bus from Yuba City. This was years ago but it bothered me a whole bunch after I had the dream, I had to keep telling everybody because it really bothered me and then all of a sudden there it was in the paper.

Omal: well the dream serves a function as a warning and as something to learn from. Now by telling people about your dream, you may be serving a function of warning people and giving them the option of not being there. For example let us say there was a little girl on that bus that was on that bus every day. And the day of the accident, her mother or her father kept her at home or took her to school by car. Now the accident occurs and the damage, the main part of the damage occurs on a seat that is normally has an occupant but that day is empty. What have you done? You have saved an individual from great pain and suffering and even possibly death. But, looking at it from the other side, you have also taken away an experience that that person might have found useful in the future and they might later on put themselves in the same kind of environment where that happens or the chances to learn from that experience happens again. Or, by doing so and telling somebody of your dream and that person keeping their child away from the bus at that time, you have learned a lesson that by using your dream as a tool to warn, you have done good and saved. Whichever way you have done good.

Ann: thank you.

Omal: you're welcome. My, we do have a lot of felines in here.

Russ: it's just the two.

Omal: that one up there is very loud. We did have one at the top of the stairs.

Russ: he left.

Omal: briefly.

Russ: he took off. Okay I have one more question to go.

Omal: okay.

Russ: all right? You mentioned that the mind and the Internet are one in the same.

Omal: yes, in essence.

Russ: in essence. Okay, using that analogy, I'd like to go ahead and pursue that just a little bit farther in the example that let's say I have my webpage and nobody......and we get lots of people who are reading it but there's a lot of people who don't read it. Quite a majority of people who don't read it and don't even hear about it. How is that, even though I'm putting it out there with my mind and getting it out there in reality and pursuing it, other people are reading it, is this affecting those people who never read about it or never hear about it?

Omal: indirectly they are affected.

Russ: okay.

Omal: by the people that read the Hades Base News will tell their friends about what they have learned. For example, the how to astral travel, that has been discussed, the how to shield has been discussed. And from that, people have discussed it and they have learned and they use it and they tell their friends. Their friends may listen and think "it's a joke, why do I need to do these things?" And they may voice their opinions to other friends. And they may listen and it is a slightly different take on what is said and they learn something and they may go "hmmm, that is useful." Or, "that is not useful or that is silly" but still they learn and they may tell their friends, and their friends and so on. So the Hades Base News, even though it has only been read so far by close to 540 individuals in it's latest update, it has been passed on to far more, many people. Okay now, one thing. Tia has brought to my attention that it is now getting appropriate to do Internet channelings again as you have a room.

Russ: okay.

Omal: a Monday night would be more suitable for us to be able to monitor. A time would be after eight. It is necessary to set this up at the appropriate time. Tia will keep you advised and she will act as my relay.

Russ: okay.

Omal: also, preparations for the update for this page. The editorials which I believe are being worked on by Mark, Tia and Kiri, I would like to give them a topic.

Russ: okay.

Omal: which would be the, how the past interacts with the future. So interaction of the past with the future should be the topic. I'm sure between the three of them they can come up with something that will be both interesting and educational.

Russ: okay.

Omal: any more questions?

Russ: no, I'm good, thank you Omal.

Omal: you're welcome. Live long and prosper and, I'll be back.

(Tia comes on to transition between speakers)

Tia: and he will too.

Russ: hi Tia.

Tia: (talks to the cat in Durondedunn.) Now what do you want feline?

Russ: there we go.

Tia: is that what you wanted?

Russ: I'm being scarfed on.

(mosquitoes had got in through an open door earlier)

Tia: oh so you're the main course for tonight huh?

Russ: apparently so.

Tia: did they bring Worcestershire sauce or meat tenderizer?

Russ: they're getting their steak sauce.

Tia: uh-huh. Now according to my estimations, the tape should be about ready to turn over.

Russ: pretty close here.

Tia: uh-huh, so we will have a brief moment of, a brief interlude of chitchat whilst it prepares itself to be flipped.

Russ: okay.

Tia: any questions?

Russ: yeah, you working on the editorial then I take it?

Tia: I guess so, this is the first I've heard about it.

Russ: well you better hurry it up here girl, you've got eight days to work on it.

Tia: uh-huh. Oh well, eight days huh?

Russ: well Karra and I could do it in eight minutes if we had to but........

Tia: oh, we can do it in that time between the three of us.

Russ: I figured you could.

Tia: it's just a matter of getting Mark to sit down and do it instead of doing a hundred and one different things.

(arranges something in the background)

Tia: that's want I wanted. As you can hear his voice, it's sounding a little raw tonight. That's better, well maybe not.

Russ: that should be a little better.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okay, so one of the things I'm wondering about is how the Internet is going to be affecting the stock market. Wouldn't it have quite an affect on it compared to what it would've been a few years ago?

Tia: uh-huh, because communication is instantaneous. I can send or you can send a message as we discussed last week......

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: no the week can send a message to whoever you like in the world. You click on send and how long does it take for them to get it?

Russ: pretty quick.

Tia: uh-huh, a few seconds, maybe a minute depending on how fast their cycle on server time is. So by doing that, communication becomes instantaneous.

Russ: well communication has been kind of the keyword for this whole last five years.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: I mean most people don't know what they'd do without e-mail. It's replaced the telephone in many ways or at least the post office.

Tia: some people, not most.

Russ: okay.

Tia: okay and the tape should be about ready to.........

Russ: nope, it still got some time to go.

Tia: it's going slow, is that......

Russ: yep, basic tape.

Tia: hmm, that's very strange. Okay, catch you guys in a while.

Russ: bye Tia.

Ann: okay, bye Tia.

(Karra sits down to channel)

Karra: hello.

Russ: hi Karra.

Karra: greetings.

Russ: Karra this is Ann, Ann, that's my love of my life.

Karra: greetings Ann, I know it does look strange referring to the host body. Okay, first of all let me answer questions. Do you have any questions?

Ann: not right now.

Karra: okay.

Russ: yeah, working on the computer last night.

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: very strange setup, I had to work a while to get used to it.

Karra: strange in what way?

Russ: I kept wanting to type my answers in, questions in.

Karra: you don't need to do that.

Russ: I know, that's what strange about it.

Karra: of course, you don't have voice recognition on your computers do you?

Russ: no, so I'm trying to type stuff in and going, "well I can't type stuff in so that won't work."

Karra: it's also a Sirian keyboard.

Russ: yeah I know, that was the other part that threw me off.

Karra: you expect me to have an English keyboard as I barely read English?

Russ: and then the computer's interactive.

Karra: yes.

Russ: so it's working with me on the answers and it's like it's trying to determine what point I'm asking the question from.......

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: and I'm trying to formulate the question in a way that it will understand.

Karra: it's quite simple.

Russ: well it didn't like the data I gave it, it told me to reformat my question and ask it again.

Karra: you have to be precise and accurate. If you give it too many variables, for example......

Russ: I didn't give it enough variables was the problem.

Karra: well, that's also a problem. If you sit there and say, "computer, I want information on digitalis." It would give you all the information that you ever wanted to know and some that you didn't want to know on digitalis. It will give you its common name, its Latin name......




(Karra picks up where she left off)

Karra: .....chemical composition. It will give you the history, the genetics, the biological background, it will be data overload.

Russ: thank you.

Karra: if on the other hand you ask a question, "I would like to know the genus of digitalis and relevant information to its effects on angina." It will tell you the background that you requested and the effects of digitalis on angina. Now if you go the other way and say that, "I'm requesting information on digitalis, I need the genetic background and interaction with heart palpitations and angina in connection with the chemicals that are derivatives used in third dimensional earth medicine on controlling heart problems."

Russ: you're going to have fun typing that up.

Ann: yeah.

(laughter breaks out)

Karra: I apologize to our scribe.

Ann: you may have fun editing it.

Karra: but by asking that question, you have given it a very narrow field and conflicting field as well. And the computer will ask you for more information or say it's unable to comply. So that will create a problem that the computer will have in interacting with you. You have to ask specific questions but they have to be worded in a way that is understandable by the computer.

Russ: all right because when I tried to access it to ask it about the relationship between the Internet and the brain.......

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: it said something about cannot comply, not enough data for answer. So I had to re.....

Karra: well you've given actual fact you gave it the opposite. It could have given you information overload but the computer is, my computer is set up in such a way that you have to ask specific questions. If you asked Tia's computer which is actually the same one as mine, the same mainframe but she has different specifications on her terminal. I have mine focused very narrowly because of medical word searches. For example, let us take glandular fever....."I want information on glandular fever." It will give you all your glands and all the relevant fevers and how they interact and how each fever interacts with each gland and particular illness. Guess what you get? You get about a three hour dissertation, that's a waste of time. So let us say I want information on......I'm trying to think of a good gland that would give a good example but all the answers I can think of would be too long-winded at this time and too hard on the poor little fingers for typing. Okay, let us say that I want.....

Russ: thyroid.

Karra: thyroid, I could give you a dissertation and a half on that if you want, Tia's got a better analogy. Tia says that I ask my computer for information on Bill Clinton from January 1rst, '97 to January 7th, '97. My computer will ask for more detail on what I'm looking for. My computer would ask for specific topics or in actual fact it would say, "unable to comply, too much information or too little information." So you have to focus down on to a narrowed field. Let us say I want information on Bill Clinton from January 1rst, '97 to January 5th, '97 in connections with speeches on foreign policy of Northern Ireland concerning Sinn Fein. It will scan all his speeches of that period from the first to the fifth. It will scan all the references in his speeches of Northern Ireland. It would then scan looking for Sinn Fein and it would give me the one speech that he made concerning it. Tia says that there weren't any speeches made at that time about Sinn Fein. So by keying the word searches and wording them in such a way cuts down on a lot of time. Instead of sitting there and giving a dissertation like you tend to do Russ, it will give the computer something to mull over and it can give you a lot of information. But on the other hand, if you say you want information on Bill Clinton and Sinn Fein, again it could give you too much information.

Russ: or I would override. Well as it turned out, we got along quite famously after that.

Karra: uh-huh, it's a matter of learning that.

Russ: yeah, I just basically started wording it more toward a specific topic of the brain or the Internet or the two.

Karra: you have to specify exactly what you want.

Russ: I need to take a break on this tape for a second, we have a strange.....

(the tape restarts)

Karra: I'm not really good at answering questions like that. I try to do the best I can. Omal's much better. Okay, any more questions?

Russ: that's good for me. I mean it's basically we're working on your computer I think would be the topic of that particular session there. Anything you would like to add to it?

Karra: patience.

Russ: all right.

Karra: next time you call my computer a stupid computer........

Russ: did I say that?

Karra: uh-huh.

Russ: oh. It's probably just that point just after that first question. Oh I did, didn't I? Yeah, I was a little frustrated.

Karra: yes, my computer tells me everything.

Russ: well I mean it was a good learning experience for me in the fact that it was the first time I've sat down and actually worked with it.

Karra: yes a learning experience hmmm, don't have many of those do we Russ?

Russ: oh once a day, once a day.

Karra: oh, once a day only? Okay.

Russ: bye love.

(Omal returns to go over what Karra said)

Omal: okay, let us address Karra's off the record answer to do with the pathways in pre-destined events.

(the part of the tape that did not get recorded)

Omal: certain events are predestined but they occur and are planned in the period between death and rebirth. That for example, you need to learn how to interact with someone. A situation is set up where it is necessary to struggle for the lesson to be learned, to overcome that lesson and if it is not overcome in this life, then you have to do it all over again until you do get it right. A good example of pre-destiny is a entertainment called "Groundhog...."?

Russ: "Groundhog Day".

Omal: "Groundhog Day".

Ann: uh-huh.

Omal: and life can be looked at like that. There are a lot of little things that interact, little events that occur that don't seem important and the majority of them aren't. There are certain events that are predestined that you plan in that waiting period that you cannot change and it is a matter of learning to overcome the pain. For example I believe in the entertainment there is an old gentleman that the weather person that is going through the same day over and over again tries to help, tries to stop him from dying. What he has to learn is not that he can save this person but the fact that it's necessary, that there are some things that you cannot change. But these predestined events are planned in such a way that they give you options for change. For example, buying a new jacket, a nice leather jacket. The option is to buy whichever color that they happen to have there, let us say that they have a red, a white and a blue one. You have four possibilities. You have a short jacket, a knee length jacket or an ankle length jacket. So you have nine different possibilities and options and key events are like that, you have certain ways that you can handle the event. Let us say that you are in a environment where you meet somebody and you disagree with them, you have several different ways to deal with the problem. For example, you can deal with it by brushing it off, you can deal with it by addressing the situation and discussing it rationally or irrationally or ignoring it, arguing about it, getting emotional, not getting emotional. Making the person understand from your point of view, understanding from their point of view. There are many different possibilities and those events are designed on the path of life for you to analyze and look at the options and select the correct option that feels right, that causes the best effect for not only yourself, but for the person involved. Okay, let us look at Karra's computer comments.

Russ: right.

Omal: we can go back over that at a later time and look at the healing aspects but at this time it is mainly to do with the computer on the base and the different terminals.

Russ: well what's funny is, none of the stuff that we got on the tape is all the stuff that you just discussed that we will put on the Internet.

(the missing section of the recording)

Russ: but nobody's going to understand where it came from. But it was so good, I'd hate to not put it on there. You described that quite well.

Omal: oh, the analogy?

Russ: yeah.

Omal: yes, that is rather unfortunate how that happened.

Russ: well we'll figure something out.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: we'll fake it.

Omal: well I'm sure Ann has a fairly good recollection of what was discussed. Okay, I will hand back to our resident ring mistress who should've gone before she sat down and in the meantime, do you have any more questions?

Ann: not right now.

Russ: no, not right now.

Omal: okay.

(Tia's back to hand off to Kiri)

Russ: hi Tia.

Tia: hey okay, I'll put on the next person.

Russ: I'll bet.

Tia: I'll be back, hopefully.

(Kiri replaces a fast moving Tia)

Russ: hi Kiri.

Kiri: yo.

Russ: she go rushing off real quickly?

Kiri: yeah, like an express train.

Russ: I figured that. Kiri this is Ann, Ann this is the crazy one.

Kiri: yo.

Ann: hello.

Kiri: hello, greetings.

Ann: greetings.

Russ: she's the one that says yo dude and dudettes.

Kiri: I do? Watch yourself dude. Okay......

Russ: what's up darling?

Kiri: I don't know.

Russ: you don't?

Kiri: according to Tia prediction's, the Dow, probably my blood pressure, what else? Leah's anxiety, that's about it really.

Russ: oh. I found a picture of Karra to put on the web.

Kiri: oh good, about time.

Russ: yeah, it took me a while to find it.

Kiri: uh-huh, which one is it?

Russ: it's the one on a Japanese manga one I found.

Kiri: oh, uh-huh.

Russ: very tough to track down.

Kiri: okay, let us address a topic near and dear to my heart.

Russ: okay.

Kiri: coercion.

Russ: good.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: we haven't done coercion in a while.

Kiri: okay, coercion by design. Okay let us take a little something. Okay you have a group of felines all sitting around and there's one cute little feline....I was listening. And you want that feline to come. The trick is to make eye contact, eye to eye. You look into its eyes and it looks into yours, to make the appropriate thoughts and actions friendly and open. Now you have to understand a little bit of the mentality of the feline and the fact that it doesn't trust anybody because its mother doesn't trust anybody. It wants to, it's inquisitive, it will come up and sniff you, it will overcome so you have to use an incentive to achieve the goal. And by interacting in a positive mental thought pattern, you can cause the feline to come. It may not come all the way up because the anxiety is there within the feline that it doesn't trust anybody except for its mother. So it overrides the call from your mind to come to you. The fear and the adrenaline takes over and it runs. Now adrenaline and dealing with adrenaline rushes, leading up to this, is something that can be harmful both to the coercer and the coercee. Okay now, coercion has to be done carefully as I've stated frequently in the past. What transpires is that you are giving commands to the person that has to override their thoughts and their behaviors. Now it has to be done subtly but let us say that you coerce a little heavy-handed and the person is totally within your control, they have no free will and you have them like a puppet on the string and a situation occurs that causes you to fear for their safety or your own safety. Let us say you're coercing somebody to get somewhere in a hurry and you're sitting in the passenger seat and you've got them doing the foot to the metal routine. And they're going as fast as they can through through traffic and all of a sudden the light turns red and they almost smash into the back of a vehicle. You have adrenaline overload because the situation that you put yourself in by coercing them has endangered your life and their life. You lose control of their mind and suddenly they have free will of their own and they suffer from fear going, "oh my God, what happened? Why was I driving so fast, I almost killed us?" And they do the whole entire guilt trip but because you were coercing them and you know what they're probably thinking, if flashes back on you even worse. So when you coerce and you coerce in a way that endangers, you're opening yourself up to all sorts of harmful possibilities to do with adrenaline overload and all the harmful effects that adrenaline overloads can do. The thing about adrenaline is that it sits around in the body for months on end, you never need it and all of a sudden you need it and it's old and it's stale and it tastes funny and it makes you feel sick. Don't like adrenaline overloads. Now, if you put somebody in a situation and you're coercing them and you're not concerned about their safety and you've got no report with them and they suffer with an adrenaline overload without you going through the adrenaline overload that you haven't put yourself in the situation, you've put them in the situation but you've got nothing to do with it except for your coercing. That sounds a little convoluted and complicated doesn't it?

Russ: I wouldn't type it.

Kiri: but anyway, putting the person in the situation where the adrenaline overload occurs for them only, it doesn't because an adrenaline overload will sever the connection. Now depending on how tight the connection is, depends on how well you're controlling the person. Now the break in the connection with an adrenaline overload means that 50% of their adrenaline goes flying into your body triggering your own adrenaline which makes the fact that instead of having a hundred percent adrenaline that is being released, you're having a 150% adrenaline. So, what's the moral of this little dissertation? Well, it's don't put somebody in an adrenaline overload situation that could happen, it's not good. Unfortunately sometimes you have to. You have to coerce somebody that is very well suited to do something, a particular task that they don't want to do but it's for the benefit of themselves and other people and yourselves. Okay, any questions?

Russ: I have one that is unrelated to that, well it's related but in a different field, it's a healing question.

Kiri: okay.

Russ: I'm not sure if you can answer it.

Kiri: but first of all Ann, do you have a question?

Ann: no.

Kiri: okay.

Ann: not right now thank you.

Russ: yeah, she shook her head no so that's why I was asking.

Kiri: sorry, I was more concerned with getting liquid down Mark's throat as it sounds like he's been gargling with glass again.

Russ: the adrenaline overload caused by the stale adrenaline.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: is it a little bit healthier then to release that adrenaline in some safe format than letting it just build up like that?

Kiri: it's always useful to use adrenaline. After all, sitting around in the body for months on end festering isn't good is it?

Ann: how can you use it?

Russ: yeah that's what I'm saying. Because I'm......

Kiri: oh how can you use it?

Russ: in my working two jobs right now, I'm not really using a lot of adrenaline.

Ann: yeah.

Kiri: you think so?

Russ: not a lot that I can think of.

Kiri: adrenaline comes in many, many different forms and can be released in many, many different ways. Being a coercer and having to learn about adrenaline overloads, you learn a little bit about the biology of adrenaline.

Russ: okay.

Kiri: it can come in the excitement of a new project. You're building a new program or a new computer for somebody that you've never built before. You're little apprehensive and a little nervous but there again you're also looking forward to it correct?

Russ: uh-huh.

Kiri: adrenaline's being released just little bit, a little at a time to keep the excitement there. Also, looking forward to doing something for the first time or doing something that you like to do......could take my favorite past time but but no, that would be too long-winded. (Ann chuckles) The release of adrenaline comes in many different ways. It can be released in the anticipation of something, waiting for something, something suddenly happening. It can even be released through laughter. Laughing uproariously will trigger adrenaline to be released and adrenaline causes the heart to beat faster. So you see, adrenaline can be released in many, many different ways.

Russ: I see. So you could set up some daily thing that you could do that would release a lot of it at once or just those little things all day will release the same amount then?

Kiri: it's better to be little bits at a time because supposing you need a big adrenaline rush?

Russ: it won't be there.

Kiri: exactly, it's been all used up but if you use a little bit here a little bit there, it's constantly replacing itself and refreshing itself. Has anybody ever had an experience of a sudden adrenaline rush followed by another adrenaline rush followed by another adrenaline rush?

Russ: oh yeah, all the time when I used to fish, it happened a lot.

Kiri: and what happened towards the end?

Russ: well you get pretty tired.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Ann: indeed.

Kiri: uh-huh and there is no more adrenaline left and therefore your reactions which are supposed to be heightened and sharpened by adrenaline are slowed down because there isn't any adrenaline.

Russ: hmmm.

Kiri: so to release it all at once is only a if you need to but a little at a time is the best way. And it doesn't have to be a daily thing. The joke about it sitting around and festering in your body is a joke, it's there for a reason and it is used to sitting around. Over thousands of years it has evolved in a way that it will survive not be used for months on end.

Russ: oh I see. Well thank you Kiri, that's a good way to answer that question.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: excellent.

Ann: yeah, I agree.

Kiri: any questions?

Russ: I'm trying to think of something in the coercion department. Now, when you're working with someone in coercion, basically........

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: let's say the cat there which we started off on as far as the adrenaline overload of the cat.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: okay you're in an essence of working through the adrenaline of that cat to get it to do what you'd like it to do.

Kiri: watch.

Russ: oh there's a kitten.

(Kiri then goes about proceeding to coerce the kitten)

Kiri: now she wouldn't have come into the room unless she was called. She's now sitting quite happily and comfortably. Do you want me to get her to come closer?

(Kiri then tries to get the kitten to come closer)

Kiri: no, she's having a real anxiety attack.

Russ: she's found her limit.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: and she won't go beyond that limit because anything beyond that limit would push her adrenaline and her fear up another notch.

Kiri: yeah, uh-huh and it would scare the living daylights out of the cat and there could be the opportunity of flash over to me.

Russ: right.

Kiri: which in this situation would flash through me back into Mark's body. So I have not only the added responsibility of being responsible for the feline's adrenaline state, but also my own and Mark's.

Russ: hmm, a lot to be aware of and be responsible for.

Ann: uh-huh.

Kiri: so it is a big responsibility.

Russ: well she likes the company .

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: I think.

Ann: uh-huh.

Russ: and the human contact which her mom doesn't........ it's not real loving, but at the same time she's real scared of that.

Ann: uh-huh.

Russ: but as you remember we had all three cats, Gandalf, Edmund and...

Kiri: uh-huh, see she's gone now.

Ann: uh-huh.

Kiri: I started calling her vocally.

Ann: uh-huh.

Kiri: doing the cat thing and lost the coercive link. She's just outside, she'll come back in but it will give her the feeling of welcome now that she will do it more, that she will come in and hopefully it will set things in motion that will give the feline the opportunity to interact more and get more affection in return. When editing this, you might want to put in what transpired.

Russ: right.

Kiri: the feline........

Russ: the wild kitty comes closer kind of thing.

Kiri: uh-huh yeah. Should be an easy recollection thing.

Ann: yeah.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: yeah. Long blank spot on the tape.

Kiri: yeah. Long blank spot is coercion of a feline. But there are certain rules that are necessary to obey in connection with coercion. Not endangering somebody, only for positive, never for self-gratification, never for self-advancement however, there are certain little clauses. For example, personal advancement. Let us say, and I do love this analogy, that you're going for a job and you have two children and you need that job and you go there and you're dressed up as best as you can and you really want the job. Is it right or wrong to coerce the person into giving you the job or considering you more over somebody else? Is it right or wrong?

Ann: if you have the right qualifications and stuff for the job it would be right.

Kiri: qualifications are irrelevant.

Ann: okay.

Kiri: from a moral standpoint.

Ann: if you're going to be able to get the job with....

Kiri: I see where you're coming.

Ann: yeah.

Kiri: yeah. You are correct in saying that it is the right thing to do. The way that I would answer it is that yes it is right because you need the job to take care of your children. So you're not doing it for yourself even though you are benefiting initially by getting the job, your children are benefiting. And of course you'd want to do the best job that you can so that you can advance within the company and continue working at that job.

Ann: right.

Kiri: so your answer is yes correct and my answer is correct and it's actually putting those two answers together would be the correct answer.

Ann: okay.

Russ: (closes door) getting a little cold in here.

Kiri: oh, so I can't give any more demonstrations?

Russ: no, well we had the main demonstration which is all we really need.

Kiri: uh-huh. I do like to show off my coercion from time to time. Any questions? Okay, what do I do? I'm an engineer as you probably read in the bios and I also do coercion as you just witnessed.

Ann: uh-huh.

Kiri: those are my fields of expertise. I also do cartwheels from time to time, don't I Russ?

Russ: oh yeah hey by the way, question for you, how did the meeting go between Alex (Kiri and Mark's son) and my two guys? (David and Michael, my two twin sons on the base) Didn't work?

Kiri: nope.

Russ: didn't really hit it off?

Kiri: no, they wanted interact with him and he just shut them out.

Russ: oh, what a shame.

Kiri: he'll get over it hopefully. I hope.

Russ: maybe it's just that phase.

Kiri: I've got an idea, let's get the razor blade and shave half of his mustache off.

(Mark's mustache)

Russ: let's not and say we did.

Kiri: or what we could do is shave off half........

Russ: and better yet, let's not and you go up and you tell him that's what we did and have to wait for another what, 14 hours to find out that we didn't?

Kiri: no, that wouldn't be fair. I say we shave off this one, this side here and then shave half his head here.

Russ: he wouldn't believe you anyway.

Kiri: no. Now if we shaved it off.........Tia says no because it's a Celtic thing.

Russ: yeah.

Kiri: uh-huh, pity.

Russ: oh well.

Kiri: we could pluck it though.

Russ: let me see how much time we've got.

Kiri: sorry?

Russ: still some.......plenty of time left.

Kiri: okay, any more questions?

Ann: nothing I can think of.

Kiri: okay we're getting down to getting back to Tia sitting down and giving a dissertation or Omal giving a dissertation, another one.

(Chuckles all around)

Kiri: and Omal does give dissertations.

Russ: well we do need to fill up more of the tape anyway so that's good.

Kiri: uh-huh. Let me see, can I think of anything else to add. Okay, Sirian joke........okay, let me see, I've got lots of them. Any that you guys would.......that aren't mind jokes. Two girls out backpacking, one finds a pile of snow and decides to use her backpack as a sled to slide down and the other one says, "we did but we didn't." That's a mind joke isn't it?

Russ: another mind joke yeah, nice try though. Yeah you just have to be more highly evolved I guess to get this stuff.

Kiri: okay......hmmm, that doesn't translate that well actually. Oh well nevermind, it loses something seriously in the translation. It doesn't sound right in English....oh well.

Russ: all right darling. Have a lovely night, we'll see you next week.

Kiri: yes, see you later dude, dudette.

Ann: alright.

Kiri: I'm out of here, I'm off like a wet sock.

(Ann chuckles)

(Omal finishes up from where Kiri left off)

Omal: okay, now we have the rambunctious one out of the way, let us address Kiri's coercion. That is a mouthful is it not?

Russ: that is a mouthful.

Omal: okay, now Kiri talking about her responsibilities as a coercer, the calling of a feline. Yes it is a good example. The fact that it is a young, nervous feline is a good example of fine control and Kiri stating her awareness of the potential for harm is something that is important and necessary to be aware of in coercion. However, Kiri did skip over certain points that are necessary. When coercing, it is necessary to be aware of the person but also aware of your environment. Most coercion that is done is simple, thought out coercion. "I want you to do this, come here, go there, sit, stand." There is very little chance of harm coming in these situations. To take an analogy that Kiri has used a few times, you are at a rock concert and the person in front of you keeps on getting in your way. You coerce them to move to somewhere else or to sit down or if they are being vocal, coerce them to be quiet. There is nothing wrong in this, this is for your enjoyment and entertainment. It is not for self-gratification, there must be a line drawn there. It is something that you have wanted to attend, the rock concert, the play, the musical, whatever. The person in front of you is inconveniencing you and they are not being considerate. They are not thinking about other people around them. So to coerce them is quite acceptable because it is no longer a point of right or wrong but of consideration and morals. Is it morally correct to talk or to get in somebody's way that is at a place for their entertainment? You are there also to enjoy so by getting in their way, or somebody getting in your way, they are taking away from your enjoyment and they are not being aware of other people. So morally, it is quite acceptable to coerce somebody to move out of the way, to do something that is an inconvenience. However, it is quite easy to cross over into gray and black areas of coercion at this point that if you want somebody to move out of the way and go somewhere else and annoy somebody else, they will. So that you have changed their karmic path from annoying you to annoying somebody else that was not in the equation before. So it is better to coerce a person to sit down instead of going away so you have to be aware of how a small action can cause a bigger action. It is like the proverbial little chunk of snow down a slope. You drop the piece of snow and it starts to roll and it picks up momentum and more snow and so on until you have an avalanche on your hands and it is the same with coercion and the karmic pathway. You can use coercion to change somebody's karmic path for a possible better outcome. There are other uses of coercion. Any questions at this point?

Russ: yeah, it's much simpler in sixth dimension to determine the uses of coercion than it is in the third I assume?

Omal: yes, it is.

Russ: okay.

Omal: oh, okay.

Russ: well I mean it's just......I know it's self-evident but but it's just you're able to look at past lives......

Omal: okay, yes it is self-evident. It is better than saying, "yes"and raising my hands as if I'm looking for an extra answer or an extra question. Let me explain more detail. As you stated, yes past lives are in play, you are aware of your past lives and your past life interaction with the individual. Also, as Tia is fond of talking about, morals, that the moral understanding is more aware instead of black and white, this is wrong, that is wrong, maybe that's right, maybe that's wrong. With the moral equation added in to the coercion and the past life experience added in, then coercion is very cut and dry on, is it appropriate? No. Is it appropriate in this situation? Yes and you know why. For example, Kiri coercing the feline, and we end up back there. The feline was sitting outside in a cool environment. It wanted attention and warmth. By Kiri pulling it into the room it starts to overcome the fear of people and other interactions. Now if Kiri had been very clever about it, she would've had the feline come close but stay out of arm reach and be warm. Sit in a blanket, sit in a place where it can watch and be comfortable. To be able to go through the thought processes necessary for that feline to overcome its fear of people instead of it not comprehending why the compulsion was for it to come into the room. In Kiri's case it was a demonstration of coercion, plain and simple on how coercion works and interacts. The moral issue was not addressed, even though I'm sure that Kiri considered the morals. The karmic issue was not addressed because there is no karmic issue to look at between Kiri and the feline. The feline was there just pure and simply by chance as a tool. But taking the moral issue, Kiri did the right thing, not the way that I would've done it but it was addressed. Any questions at this time?

Russ: yeah, as we get more in tune with our consciousness and our superego, that will enter more into play and we'll then have a greater step towards that understanding I assume?

Omal: correct and the reason being that with the vibrational changes, the necessary interaction of the subconscious and superego comes into play and no longer becomes subconscious. It becomes back to the computer analogies, sub routines necessary for survival.

Russ: excellent good, thank you, that ties it all together nicely.

Ann: uh-huh.

Omal: thank you. Any more questions?

Russ: uh-uh.

Ann: no.

Omal: okay, I will put Tia back on and allow her to finish up the tape as we have approximately 5 minutes of tape time. Is that correct Russ?

Russ: yes thereabouts.

Omal: okay.

Russ: thank you Omal.

Ann: thank you.

Omal: live long, prosper and see you next week. I'll be back.

(Tia comes back but only for the minute or so left in the channeling session)

Tia: (says hi in Durondedunn)

Russ: hi Tia.

Tia: hey, he does that so much better on the second time doesn't he?

Russ: he did do it much better the second time.

Tia: uh-huh. Next we'll have him walking around going, "I want the Uzi 9 mm with laser sights or 'hasta la vista baby'."

Russ: oh by the way, you've seen "Groundhog Day" right?


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