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Archivist Notes: We apologize for any confusion over the name of this month's podcast but it is a chronological ordering of the first two speaker's subjects and not a trip by Tia to a black hole. first, Tia would have been crushed out of existence and not able to participate in the session and second, Omal's description of time using the quantum mechanics of an event horizon deserved space in the title. Unfortunately a bit of radio and static bled through on side two but Kiri's dissertation on the flowers of Sirius is worth the listen.

   Getting things started, Tia was introduced to Linda M who had joined us for her first session with the Hades Base speakers. After Tia goes over the ground rules that can be asked, she's asked about communes and has a surprisingly large amount of information to provide as well as a cautionary note that society could devolve to that level of living. Tia then goes on to describing herself before explaining how she ended up on sixth dimensional Sirius from third dimensional Durondedunn. We then get an overview of some of the animals on her home planet as she finishes up before handing off to Omal. He expands on Tia's explanation of time by using the event horizon of a black hole to demonstrate what happens to time as it reaches the speed of light. The quantum physics he uses to explain the phenomenon is very enlightening for those with a grasp of the subject but even now his concepts escape me. With his schedule so busy Omal speculated on having to take a nap, this from a 7th dimensional being who only sleeps every few thousand years. Korton makes one of his infrequent visits to close out side one discussing the importance of communication but only gets in a few minutes before the tape has to be turned over.

    Korton goes on in side two stressing the ways words have meaning before turning it over to answering questions. He breaks down the difference in speaking to someone you know and trust and if you had to speak in a political setting. He goes on to explain how to deal with individuals when talked down to and how too often we only give one chance for a friendship but no more. He theorizes on the many friendships missed because of not giving additional chances for misunderstandings. Before he leaves he disproves to my satisfaction the rumor he has no sense of humor. Kiri follows to discuss first the rules of coercion but quickly gets into a very detailed treatise on the three types of edible flowers on Sirius used to effect the person in three very distinct ways. She then describes her home on Sirius and the beauty found no matter where you call home. Karra comes on after her sister to help our guest with the diagnosis of Hepatitis C. What follows is a well thought out regimen to deal with reducing the effects of how the disease affects the body. She ends the session with some ideas of things to carry to help deal with the symptoms as they occur.

TIA Ring Mistress MARK (Channel)


3.)(43:28)- Korton gets only a short time to discuss the being as concise and clear as possible before the tape has to be turned over.


2.)(21:49)- Kiri speaks about the flowers on Sirius eaten to effect the body as needed and her little quarter acre of land where the pink ones are grown.

3.)(35:54)- Karra has the challenge of helping our guest to the session with her diagnosis of Hepatitis C and coping with its effects.

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(Tia gets the session up to speed)

Tia: hello, Iíve seen you around. Relax, we donít bite unless you want us to.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Russ: well how you doing darling?

Tia: Iím doing fine.

Russ: whatís up in the world today?

Tia: ohh, the world. The world, well it goes around and around and it orbits around the sun which is orbiting around in a galaxy.

Russ: all right, stock market then?

Tia: stock market yes, entertaining, entertaining. Up a 119 points on the Dow, up 30 points on the NASDAQ, up 17 on the S&P 500, at the moment the Nikkei Dow average is up 97 points.

Russ: itís been down all week, now itís just taking another jump up?

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: just a fluctuation?

Tia: remember what I said.

Russ: uh-huh, corrections and fluctuations.

Tia: uh-huh, but itís still down 400 points from its highest, well actually close to 500 points.

Russ: hmm.

Tia: uh-huh. Okay ground rules, we canít answer questions on the future, we canít answer questions on a technical nature that you donít have access to normally. Thatís knowledge thatís in the general knowledge pool. We canít tell you what you should or should not do, we canít take away those learning lessons. Thatís important ground rules that we need to cover. Now, most important thing is for you to relax.

Russ: well channelingís a bit of a stretch to catch on to at first anyway.

Tia: yeah, I know, I know. Okay, any questions?

Russ: anything at all youíd like to ask?

Linda M: I really donít know what her interests are.

Tia: okay, Iím a political analyst, I am an astral travelerÖÖ

Linda M: uh-huh.

Tia: and what else do I do? Thatís about it.

Linda M: what is a political analyst know about communes and stuff?

Tia: communes, hmmm, I know quite a bit about communes. It depends on the structure of the commune that you wish to live in.

Linda M: something not too religious or not religious at all. Something thatÖ..

Tia: in other words, kind of a group of individuals living together for a common good without any designated leader.

Linda M: yeah.

Tia: uh-huh.

Linda M: with lots of fruit trees and fabric weaving and you knowÖ.

Tia: thereís a couple up in Oregon, thereís a couple scattered throughout California. The ones in California you donít want to get mixed with.

Linda M: oh why's that?

Tia: mainly because of their recreational habits. Thereís one inÖ..

Linda M: you mean sexual?

Tia: some of them yes or part of them are yes. Also they have recreational pharmaceuticals.

Linda M: whatís that?

Russ: drugs.

Tia: uh-huh.

Linda M: ohh.

Tia: some of them grow their own, there is one in Mendocino which is entertaining to say the least. Communes are a good look at how life will progress.

Linda M: yeah.

Tia: I mean a group of individuals living together for a common good, not worrying about the external influences of the world around them, being independent, self-sufficient, thatís what you want right?

Linda M: exactly.

Tia: uh-huh. Yeah, people that take care of each other when they need taking care of but respect your space.

Linda M: that's what I like, someone who respects your space.

Tia: thereís a good one in Oregon that appears to be worth studyingÖ.

Russ: is that the one up near where I was living by Medford and Ashland?

Tia: thatís the place where they have the Shakespeare Festivals?

Russ: thatís right.

Tia: yeah, thatís one. Thereís another good one up in a valley in Washington where they grow lots of apples.

Linda: okay.

Tia: uh-huh and they also grow grapes there and peachesÖ..actually not peachesÖ.

Russ: pears?

Tia: pearsÖ.

Russ: I picked pears in Oregon.

Tia: yeah and little roundÖ.

Russ: berries?

Linda M: mullberries?

Tia: I think theyíre cherries.

Linda M: hmm.

Tia: what else? Those are two very good ones. The one up in Washington is a little strange, itís kind of semi-politically motivated. Itís almost a communist type commune.

Russ: hmm.

Tia: but it depends if you want to put up with that kind of rhetoric and that kind of environment for the general good.

Russ: alright okay, let me ask a question real quick. You said that is something that goes towards the future, something weíre building towards.

Tia: yes and no.

Russ: okay.

Tia: they are glimpses of how things might be butÖ.

Russ: in an ideal type setting?

Tia: no, far from it, far from it. Far, far from it.

Russ: okay.

Tia: morally, some of themÖ..the one in Oregon is a good, moral commune. There are underlying religious tones but not everybody participates in it. Itís those that wish to do, those that donít wish to donít, those that want to discuss politics do and those that donít, donít. Those that want to have their own space but yet are prepared to work for the common good do and those that donít want to work for the common good donít go there.

Russ: oh I see, so itís a prerequisite, youíve got to basically be able to work with other people.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: now what about internal friction between people?

Tia: that is normally discussed which is good, I mean if you let emotions and feelings build up inside you, you get angry, you get upset, you get aggressive and that causes problems.

Russ: okay.

Tia: so itís best that when there is a problem, discuss it, get it out in the open. Iíve always said that talking about things is far better than bottling them up, I just wish that some people would listen to me sometimes about that.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Russ: weíre not naming names of course.

Tia: oh no.

Russ: oh no.

Tia: no, weíre not naming names.

Russ: okay darling, describe yourself a little bit for Linda.

Tia: oh yes, I'm 5 foot two, I think you would call me a strawberry blonde but my hair's more red than blonde. I have pointed ears, I have blue eyes whereas yours work like this, mine work like cats.

Linda M: oh!

Tia: uh-huh. I have about three extra vertebrae in my back which makes me very flexible, I would say that I am of athletic build although Iím getting a little bit flabby around the tummy at the moment. I have a little bump at the end of my spine where I have a vestige of a tail, Iím descended from felines.

Linda M: oh.

Tia: so thatís why I started by going..(says hi in Durondedunn) That means hello in my language.

Linda M: oh.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: uh-huh.

Linda M: and how far away are you?

Tia: my home planet or where I am right now?

Linda M: your home planet and where youíre at right now.

Tia: right now I am about 84,000,000 miles away.

Linda M: thatís a lot.

Tia: yeah comes through pretty clear doesnít it?

Linda M: yeah.

Tia: uh-huh. My home planet is about I should say about 60 light years away?

Linda M: hmm, how did you get to this planet?

Tia: well I kind of made a silly little mistake, I did what Mark does.

Linda M: whatís that?

Tia: astral travel.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Tia: now to come up here, Mark does what they called dimension jumping, which to go from your dimension which is on the third dimension, you have to go through the fourth which is time and the thing is about time is that itís not just one line. The best analogy isÖ..is there a piece of wool or string kicking around?

Russ: I've got a piece of dental floss, I donít know if thatís going to work.

Tia: no that doesnít work, thatís one single piece of kind of plasticky type material.

Russ: yeah right, like what? Oh, you mean that you can split into different pieces?

Tia: uh-huh. Well itís like a piece of string that youÖ.

Russ: unravel.

Tia: unravel.

Russ: so itís like a little pieces of string coming off of one.

Linda M: oh.

Tia: uh-huh, yeah. Itís all a whole load of tiny little pieces of string all rolled together to make a bigger piece of string and time is like that. You see there's not just one linear timeline, a timeline is just one aspect of time. There are many, many different timelines. For example, here's a little thought exercise for you. Okay, think of 10 different things that you can do sitting there right now, letís hear them.

Russ: steeple my fingers.

Tia: five each from both of you.

Russ: okay, your turn. What can you do just sitting there?

Linda M: listen?

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okay, ask questions.

Tia: uh-huh.

Linda M: wiggle my foot.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: shake my head.

Tia: uh-huh.

Linda M: acknowledge how many times I blink?

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okay, count to a 100.

Tia: uh-huh.

Linda M: imagine having fun?

Tia: uh-huh, very fun.

Russ: okay, and cross my leg.

Tia: uh-huh.

Linda M: uncross my leg.

Tia: uh-huh okay, in time in the fourth dimension, all of those things happen at the exact same time but not altogether. In each different line they all happen plus the fact that you could stand up, you could stand up and walk across the room, you could stand up on one leg, you could lick your finger and stick it in the air, you could scratch your nose, scratch your ear, stick your finger up your nose, stick your finger in your mouth etc., all those things happen all at the exact same time. When you travel through time, doing a dimension jump, if you stop and look at thoseÖÖ

Linda M: is it like a concussion?

Tia: itís a little bit more than that. Thatís the first part of it, if you stop and look at all of those, think of all of those things happening as we just discussed all at the same time and seeing all of them at the same time, you would have sensory overload. Some people go crazy, some people as you pointed out have a feeling like concussion.

Linda M: you mean where they can't keep their eyes open?

Tia: they canít concentrate, they canít see anything, they get totally confused and they find themselves back at their start point or they find themselves trapped in that time with all those things happening and all the things that continue from that point happening all at the same time and their body is left behind and basically itís left in a coma apart state and eventually dies. What happened to me, I donít remember too clearly because when that happens you kind of go back into a vegetable type state until you are brought to your waiting period and you analyze things and the mistakes and everything that you made.

Linda M: oh I went through that the past five years.

Tia: oh-huh well this is a after death type of thing.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Tia: okay but you can do it whilst youíre alive, you can analyze all the things that youíve done, all the stupid things and decide where you can go but when you do a dimension jump and you make a mistake like that as I said, you either go crazy, you get stuck in there, you get a feeling like blow over the head or a implosion in the chest or in the worst-case scenario you basically die. You go into shock with what you see, all the possibilities of everything that you can ever think of all happening at the same time and you die that's it, end of story. In my case, it was a very near-death experience. Basically I was in limbo. My body, what I did, which is a pretty neat trick if you can pull it off is I pulled my body in with me.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Tia: so basically all my clothes were left behind on my native planet and my body was sucked through with me. I stopped and looked at time and went into shock, I donít remember very much about that. Apparently I came through on the other side but my body had shut down and my consciousness had shut down. Basically for all intense purposes my body was dead, my heart had stopped beating, my brain was still functioning. When your heart stops, you have four minutes before the brain starts to lose oxygen and starts to die.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Tia: that is when people have near-death experiences which is very similar to astral travel. If in that four minutes your heart is restarted you can live or, if youíre put in suspended animation, time stops for you. You are parked in that near-death experience which is a wonderful experience for a long time and then if somebody happens to be kicking around that happens to have cloning technology and a higher technology again and is capable of transferring your consciousness from one body to another body, you come back where I am right now. But itís something that I donít recommend.

Russ: she was rescued.

Tia: uh-huh.

Linda M: oh.

Tia: I was rescuedÖ.

Russ: Ashtar CommandÖwellÖ.

Tia: well it wasnít quite Ashtar Command.

Russ: right.

Tia: but basically I died. My original body is basically still intact in a cryogenic unit which is a deep freeze and itís used basically if I need genetic materials. If I have a heart problem or I do something stupid and destroy my arm, I can have my other arm stitched on and with certain medical procedures that I really donít understand can be reattached.

Linda M: oh my gosh, has that ever happened?

Tia: it happened to me.

Linda M: oh good.

Tia: uh-huh, I got a whole new body out of it but it takes about a year for a body to be fully cloned.

Linda M: and do you see scars?

Tia: nope.

Linda: hmm.

Tia: in fact I have three scarsÖÖ

Russ: a missing one that you want back.

Tia: I have three that I want back.

Russ: okay.

Linda M: three bodies?

Tia: no three scars.

Linda M: oh.

Russ: it's part of her initiation.

Tia: uh-huh, you see on my home planet it is a matriarchal society.

Linda M: doesnít that hurt?

Tia: I was young when I had them.

Linda M: how old are you?

Tia: I am 29 in your years.

Linda M: oh my goodness.

Tia: in my years I am 33.

Linda M: oh.

Tia: my planet rotates on a faster axis. We have 23 hours in our day and we have 300 days in our year.

Linda M: hmm.

Russ: hmm, now people back on Durondedunn mustíve been a little bit wondering why all of a sudden Tia is there and all is left is your clothes. "Whereíd Tia go?" Bit of a story that gets passed around through the years afterwards.

Tia: hey, I got abducted by aliens. HappensÖÖ..sorry?

Linda M: I was curious, what language do you speak on your planet?

Tia: well itís calledÖÖ..in my language it's (says a Durondedunn word) Donít even try to pronounce it, itís hard enough to manipulate Markís mouth and tongue to get the sounds right.

Linda M: oh okay.

Tia: we speak a language that is similar toÖ..it sounds similar to what your cats when they meow?

Linda M: yeah.

Tia: partly because our vocal cords are a little shorter than yours so we're a much higher octave in our speaking.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Tia: and I donít sound like the voice that Mark has or his body is using.

Linda M: do you respect Americanís bodies?

Tia: uh-huh, I respect all life, I respect all life forms.

Linda M: good.

Tia: on my home planet, death is part of life. We have ritual hunts that are a reminder of our past and also help to supply certain religious organizations and sects with food and itís done on a purely religious purpose.

Linda M: you donít eat the bodies do you?

Tia: we eat animals like you do.

Linda M: oh, what kind of animals do you have?

Tia: I donít know the words for some of them, we have some very similar to your deer apart from they're a little bit smaller and they're a lot, lot faster. We have some very interesting three-legged animals which have little short bodies with very powerful back legs but just the one front leg.

Linda M: how interesting.

Tia: uh-huh, we have animals that have very, very long limbs that glide through the air and fly, not like your bats and not like your birds. We have ohhhÖ..hate them.......we have a little creature that is probably about this big and it has four legs and it's very, very venomous but itís good eating as long as you cut the head off to eat them, thatís where all the poison is. Itís kind of like a spider but itís not a spider. We also have.....Öoh itís a beautiful animal, itís ferocious, itís a herbivore which means it eats plants only, it comes in big, big groups and it has nasty, nasty antlers.

Linda M: what, are they poisonous?

Tia: no theyíre not poisonous, they just donít like being hunted and those are the ones we hunt for religious ceremonies. They're kind of likeÖ..whatís that animal that you have that has the shaggy black head and brown body? Itís a herbivore on your planet Russ?

Russ: you mean buffaloes?

Tia: yeah, something like that apart from the hornsÖ..straight out and very, very pointed.

Linda M: hmm.

Tia: and those are the ones that we hunt for religious purposes because it takes great skill to bring one down, itís very spiritual having achieved it and the chase is very spiritual. And we ladies are the only ones that are allowed to hunt it, weíre the only ones that are allowed to take any life. So itís something thatís very, very intertwined is our religious and spiritual beliefs. Sorry?

Linda M: I think thatís good.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: also she has phenomenal hearing.

Linda M: good.

Tia: uh-huh, worse than Markís.

Russ: well excellent, whoís on tonight darling?

Tia: okay, we have of course myself, we have the Kiri monster, we have Karra, Omal and Korton.

Russ: okay, itís a big night.

Tia: I wouldnít say a big night, itís just that I believeÖ..

Russ: just having Korton because we donít see him very often.

Tia: uh-huh I believe it's just a lecture and Iíve taken up plenty of time.

Russ: okay.

Tia: before I go, any more questions?

Linda M: it was really nice talking to you.

Tia: Iíll be back.

Russ: see you in a while.

Tia: (says goodbye in Durondedunn)

(Omal sits down in the channeling field)

Omal: greetings and felicitations Russ, greetings and felicitations young lady.

Russ: Omal, this is Linda, Linda, Omal.

Omal: it is a pleasure and an honor to meet you.

Linda M: you as well.

Omal: thank you. Okay, I do not see much in Tiaís discussion that is not usable. It is enlightening to hear Tia talk about her culture.

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: her explanations of dimensional jumpsÖ

Russ: leave it?

Omal: sorry?

Russ: leave it on the web?

Omal: yeah certainly.

Russ: okay.

Omal: but also she did leave out a few points I think on purpose due to the fact of Tia being under pressure of time. Talking of time, time is far more complicated than Tia just explained, it is not a straight strand of time. It curves, twists, bends and appears to warp. It loops, intertwines and goes around. So by explaining seeing every possible outcome of one thing all at the same time is just the tip of the iceberg. Also what occurs is that you see both the future and the past all running together with what you perceive in your reality.

Russ: now Omal, in my various trips with hallucinogenic materials.....

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: I have come across similar experiences where maybe itís not all of that but itís a portion of that that you see all at once.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: is this kind of closing in on that gap a little bit when I did that?

Omal: it is glimpsing what is possible, what time really is.

Russ: oh okay.

Omal: it is a mistake to say time is linear. Yes it is in an essence, one thing does follow another in normal third dimensional space, your space. However, in fourth dimensional space or time it does not. It is much likeÖÖ..okay it is about to get very deep and heavy. I think probably few people will understand it that donít have a grasp of quantum physics and I believe that is one of Markís favorite subjects is it not?

Russ: it is.

Omal: okay for the benefit of Mark. Okay, the nearest that can be experienced in normal time is at the event horizon. Now the event horizon is that point as you approach the speed of light in normal space. If I am boring you let me know.

Linda M: (yawns) Iím sorry.

Omal: that is all right. In normal space, as you approach the speed of light, time slows down. As you approach the event horizon which is the speed of light, time stops although for the observer outside of the object approaching the speed of light, time runs at a normal rate. The change is not perceived, it just looks like itís moving very fast. For the observer inside the object as it approaches the speed of light time slows down however the observer, because he is within this field, does not notice either. As the speed of light approaches, it is noticed externally that the object is moving farther away at a higher speed. Internally, again it is not noticed. When the speed of light is reached, time stops. If the observer within the object was to look back at a clock that he was watching as he approached the speed of light, the hands would stand still. This is simple quantum physics. Where it starts to become a little bit convoluted is at the point where you exceed the speed of light. Now an analogy was used where an individual is at the speed of light, the speed of light being an absolute and it is an absolute inside normal space, it fluctuates but the speed of light is an absolute. If the individual was to get up and watching the clock, walk backwards away from the clock that is appearing to be stationary, that individual would be traveling faster than the speed of light but that is not so. He is traveling at a normal walking pace that he would be traveling in normal space because the vessel, even though it has approached the speed of light, inside it it is normal space. The person would have to accelerate to the speed of light again to be traveling at the speed of light but the object that he is within is traveling at the speed of light. Now, the equation E equals MC squared is a mathematical equation that is correct in essence. E equals energy or energy times mass times the speed of light which means as you accelerate, you need more energy which is taken from the mass. So the more mass that you have, the faster and closer you can approach the speed of light, interesting. As you approach the speed of light, you need more mass to turn into energy. In its current formula, there is not enough mass within your galaxy to achieve that speed of light. So traveling outside normal space is how you travel faster than the speed of light but you do not need to travel faster than the speed of light outside of normal space. Okay, do you understand Russ?

Russ: not a single word of it but this does explain the movie "Contact" a little better though.

Omal: okay. However, having reached the point of singularity or the event horizon sorry, okay you pass over the point of the event horizon. You head into a thing called singularity which is infinite, infinite smallness. The gravitational pull becomes so intense that everything is compressed into tiny, tiny unperceivable amounts. So therefore the person withinside the object traveling at the speed of light ceases to function, ceases to exist. However, what remains escapes as radiation back into the galaxy. Now, this has been theorized, a gravitational black hole which is what Iíve just described is the jump over the event horizon and a singularity is a black hole. As a black hole increases in mass, it pulls in more matter and energy and more light. As it becomes so massive, the gravitational pull weakens. However, at the point of singularity, the gravitational field is just as intense. It is more like a steep-sided hole as opposed to a gently sloping hole. You can sit on the top of a gentle or a massive black hole at the point of the event horizon and not be pulled in. On a small black hole, which may be the size of a marble but yet has the mass of your entire galaxy, will have a far greater pull than a black hole that has the mass of two galaxies, two large galaxies might I add. This is because of the intense nature of the pull of the black hole. Okay here endeth the dissertation on...

Russ: quantum physics.

Omal: basic quantum physics.

Russ: basic quantum physics. Iíll put that on the web. Okay so in "Contact" where she gets dropped through that speed of light achieving thing, sheís actually reaching a point of event horizon?

Omal: no, because there is no return over the event horizon.

Russ: oh there isnít?

Omal: no, having achieved the event horizon, you are crushed out of existence.

Russ:  ahhh.

Omal: also the formula E equals MC squared states quite clearly that there is not enough mass in your galaxy to do that. For the young lady in "Contact" to travel the distance that she supposedly did, she would have to travel outside of normal space.

Russ: and theoretically she wasnít.

Omal: that is their theory.

Russ: right but I guess she was, she was out of normal space for that time period she was within the circling wheels.

Omal: correct. In your entertainment "Star Trek"Ö.

Russ: uh-huh.

Omal: they have the right idea, warping space.

Russ: where youíre ignoring normal space.

Omal: correct.

Russ: I see.

Omal: however the perception of stars shooting by is a suggestion of traveling at the speed or greater than the speed of light. As Iíve just stated, that is not so.

Russ: actually youíd be closer to the movie "Dune".

Omal: yes correct.

Russ: where they're actuallyÖ

Omal: foldingÖ..

Russ: taking and folding space and appearing on the point where they want to go.

Omal: correct.

Russ: which still confuses me.

Omal: that is more closer to reality than is the traveling at a greater speed than light, that is impossible.

Russ: hmm, the folding of space?

Omal: folding of space, bending, warping, whatever you wish to call it.

Russ: interesting.

Omal: when you do that, you travel outside of normal space.

Russ: okay, hmm. So weíre approaching anything likeÖ..thereís no way for us to approach the speed of lightÖ..

Omal: no.

Russ: until we're able to actually warp space.

Omal: correct.

Russ: okay.

Omal: and then you donít need to approach the speed of light.

Russ: hmm, I'll have to go watch that movie "First Contact" where Zefram, whatever his name is (Zefram Cochrane) breaks theÖ..first makes warp speed.

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: I forgot how they did that in that.

Omal: I have not seen it, I can speculate and tell you how to do it but thenÖ.

Russ: yeah right.

Omal: I would be breaking my own rules.

Russ: which wouldn't quite be kosher.

Omal: correct.

Russ: right.

Omal: but as just been stated, how do I know that you are not the inventor of a device to warp and bend space?

Russ: yeah good point.

Omal: or if the gentlemanÖ..the older gentleman that is normally here Skip, if he is not the person that is destined to be the one.

Russ: yeah if youíre going to break the news, wait until he gets here.

Omal: I donít think he would understand, he does not have the background on your earth and he doesnít have the access to the memories.

Russ: right, interesting though. Okay, well that explains a lot about that but.......

Omal: I think I mightíve bored the young lady a little.

Russ: well thatís necessary sometimes for the educational lessons to come through.

Omal: thank you.

Russ: I mean it is something that we are working on achieving for the whole planet.

Omal: eventually yes.

Russ: eventually.

Omal: but it is a very basic explanation on quantum physics.

Russ: okay.

Omal: if you wish for me to get more technical, you might as well get up and wander off as I would be getting down to mathematical equations.

Russ: well we wouldíve lost half the audience on the webpage at that point anyway.

Omal: I think we mightíve lost half already when I started talking about singularities and event horizons andÖ..

Russ: yeah they're going to read this point and go, "what?" But thatís all right, thatís the whole point of doing it so some people can understand and figure it out right away and say, ďthat makes a lot of sense.Ē

Omal: uh-huh. I hope I have explained it simply.

Russ: well for some people Iím sure it was first grade. For me, a bit over my head.

Omal: I do apologize.

Russ: oh thatís all right, I expect that.

Omal: have you been in on discussions when Mark starts theorizing and speculating?

Russ: no, no not really. Luckily he tries to avoid those when Iím around.

Omal: I have heard from Kiri that he does get very, very deep.

Russ: Iíll take your word for it.

Omal: Kiri is whispering that he had a very interesting discussion with a gentleman that he works with that was nothing but numbers and figures on a chalkboard.

Russ: well thatís another one that would be over my head. Iím never good with numbers and figures. Anyway, thank you for that lesson, it was very educational.

Omal: youíre welcome.

Russ: who else is on tonight or whatís up?

Omal: well I am free but because of our guest or your guest to answer questions. I think it was important that Tia did lay down the ground rules of what could and what could not be said.

Russ: well itís important anytime we have somebody new.

Omal: correct.

Russ: heck yeah. Well mostly I suppose the one question Iíve really got an extra one would be on her, she said that she feels like sheís been abducted.

Omal: we would need to sit down and discussÖ..

Russ: okay.

Omal: with her on her experiences.

Russ: all right, maybe at another time then?

Omal: uh-huh.

Russ: that will be good. And whatís up on the base lately, any new excitement?

Omal: nothing major, as you know I do not gossip.

Russ: thatís true, but you do talk shop every once in a while.

Omal: every once in while yes. Put it this way, I have been quite entertained recently.

Russ: oh, how so?

Omal: well the comings and goings of dignitaries, visitors and the antics of youthful exuberance.

Russ: ahh youthful exuberance, I know that one real well.

Omal: no, not more painting things a nice shade of blue.....

(speaking of a prank where the Wookies were given permission by Omal to paint the Corner Bar blue)

Russ: oh.

Omal: no more practical jokes.

Russ: ohhh.

Omal: or that I have been involved in.

Russ: well that certainly helped your image up there I think.

Omal: it made me appear more accessible.

Russ: correct.

Omal: which wasnít planned.

Russ: no but it works out for the better actually.

Omal: it was more planned to say that yes, I do have a sense of humor, Omal does have a practical joke side.

Russ: hmm, well thatís good.

Omal: I am even planning on taking a short rest, a nap I believe you would call it.

Russ: you?

Omal: that is how busy I have been.

Russ: wow, thatís impressive and you donít even sleep.

Omal: I do sleepÖ..

Russ: ahh.

Omal: but I believe my last one was several thousand of your years ago.

Russ: right, an overstatement I might say. But thatís good, really that you have a good, busy schedule and even with all the people you have that help you, it still takes you that much work to get everything done huh?

Omal: that is correct. Learning, helping to learn and guiding and counseling and organization is a full time, no rest job.

Russ: hmm.

Omal: it leaves me very little time for moments of enjoyment but then all things are enjoyment.

Russ: thatís true.

Omal: all matters that are handled are there for enjoyment.

Russ: hmm, well if you can enjoy what you do, thatís half the battle of living.

Omal: yes. OkayÖ.

Russ: Iím short of questions unfortunately.

Omal: ahhh that is a pity, you did not plan.

Russ: well not really, I was kind of playing it by ear.

Omal: winging it again.

Russ: again yes.

Omal: hmm, you know what happens when wings get clipped?

Russ: I agree but itís certainly nice to have you back anyway.

Omal: thank you. Okay I will depart.

Russ: okay, I will ponder upon questions for next week though.

Omal: okay.

(Tia helps make the transition between speakers)

Russ: hi Tia.

Tia: (says hi in Durondedunn) Okay itís getting close to the end of this side, you want to check?

Russ: ohh about five minutes.

Tia: thatís what I guessed. Whatís that ticking sound?

Russ: thatís the tape.

Tia: ahh okay, ticking huh?

Russ: well itís going through its paces yeah.

Tia: okay. Okay, now where were we? She left.

Russ: uh-huh, she stepped out for a while.

Tia: ahhh.

Russ: she wasÖ.

Tia: getting a little bit blasted by energy.

Russ: yeah.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: tends to happen a bit, especially since we took the pyramid down.

Tia: yes it does doesnít it?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: uh-huh, it gets a little intense and she was getting a little bit uncomfortable I think.

Russ: yeah.

Tia: uh-huh, a little confused.

Russ: well youíre certainly a comfortable person to start with anyway.

Tia: thank you. Omal can be a little bit intimidating, especially when he gets on his basic 101, I donít understand quantum physics.

Russ: yeah well I sure donít understand quantum physics.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: itís not one of the studies Iíve ever tried to really entertain as a serious study.

Tia: actually it looks like Kiri and Omal are talking quantum physics.

Russ: really? Well theyíd be the perfect persons to talk about it.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: me it goes right over my head and Iím stuck going huh?

Tia: I understand a few words and I think theyíre speaking serious.

Russ: oh boy.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: well it's going to be a while before they break away.

Tia: may not even get Kiri.

Russ: nope.

Tia: which may be just as well as the mood that Kiriís in.

Russ: why?

Tia: well you know Kiriís bent.

Russ: oh what'd you do this time?

Tia: I didnít do anything, sheís in a good mood.

Russ: oh sheís a good mood.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: oh thatís good.

Tia: okay, (says goodbye in Durondedunn)

Russ: bye.

(Korton gets down to business)

Korton: greetings and felicitations Russ, how are you functioning?

Russ: quite well Korton, thank you.

Korton: okay let us proceed. As I have stated in the past, communication and the necessary importance of communicating well. I am to remind you to be concise and clear, that is of importance, to articulate exactly what you desire. This is becoming more important as time progresses. The pronunciation and annunciation of words to be understood clearly and crisply is of importance, this cannot be stressed enough. The underlying statements of what is said and the manipulation and planning constructed within word sentences and the construction thereof is important. It is important to remember words do mean things, this is important. It is of important also to be patient when communicating, to take the time and not talk down to an individual regardless of how intelligent or unintelligent an individual appears. There is no such thing as stupid, stupid is a word. It implies that somebody lacks intelligence, this is incorrect. Everybody has intelligence just in different ways. By stating that a person is not intelligent is defeating the object of communicating with them. When you talk down to them, they do not learn, they do not comprehend, they do not understand, this is wrong. It is important to communicate as always stated, crisply, clearly, concisely and eloquently. When dealing with individuals that have limited vocabulary, it is necessary to plan to talk longer, to articulate in different ways due to the fact that a limited vocabulary means that an individual can be more descriptive. By making a statement of a simple phrase that something isÖÖ




(Korton gets back to business.)

Korton: Ö..is a quick way of explaining what convoluted is if you understand what convoluted means. Assuming that an individual does not know what convoluted means, it becomes more beautiful in the explanation. Convoluted meaning that a thing is twisted, turns within itself and outside itself and continues on in a linear line. That sounds so much better than just saying the matter is convoluted. Where an individual is of equal or greater intelligence, then being able to articulate quickly and concisely by using words that mean much more than just the word. For example again convoluted, it speeds up the communication process but takes away some of the beauty of the language. The language that you speak is part of the beauty of communicating. Whether it is Earth English, Sirian, Durondedunn, Earth French, high Sirian, water Sirian or lowland Sirian, it is the beauty of how you articulate that is important. Sometimes it is best to communicate just to yourself to hear how beautiful the language that you speak actually is. The fluidity and the understanding of the words is important but words spoken on their own can be just as beautiful. If you take a large word, let us say facetious and instead of saying facetious you say the person was and you use a descriptive terminology instead of the word facetious. That is important because it shows the beauty of the language and the grasp that you have. In a matter where it is necessary to be quick and clear and concise as I have previously stated, then certainly use large words that cover a wide variety of incidences. Questions......

Russ: yesÖÖ.

Korton: when discussing questions and answering questions, it is best to pause and wait instead of jumping in before an individual is appeared to have finished answering the question as was just animated. That was done deliberately but it was used as an explanation. Now you may ask a question.

Russ: yes, people say you donít have a sense of humor and I'd like to just basically disprove that.

Korton: okay.

Russ: as has just been pointed out.

Korton: okay.

Russ: with the question in other words, that was rather humorous.

Korton: that was not an attempt at humor.

Russ: I know.

Korton: that was done as an explanation.

Russ: it comes off quite well though in a way where it's easy to understand and learn from because it was humorous.

Korton: if you so wish it to be humorous then it is humorous, I do not see the humor in it myself.

Russ: okay. Anyway, now one of the problems that arises from this Iíd like to work with you a little bit is when you are so concerned where conversation and communication is so crucial that by saying the wrong thing you could upset an entire process, then doesnít the worry about saying the wrong thing basically slow down and defeat the purpose you're trying to get to because youíre soÖ..?

Korton: I said when it is appropriate, I did not say that it is always so. When it is appropriate to be eloquent and quick in your explanations, that is normally when you are explaining something to a person that you know and trust. In politics, as I started off by saying, words do mean things. You have to be cautious and plan accordingly. When communicating with somebody in a political setup, you have to weigh and think your words very carefully. When I communicate, I pause, that is a moment for me to think what am I going to say next. How am I going to articulate in a way that is easy to understand and will not be overlooked or misunderstood or taken incorrectly. You have to be very careful. It is sometimes necessary to use long explanations on a simple question because you have to elaborate on what you mean and in elaborating and pausing at the appropriate places, you have time to think and group yourselves for a manipulative move in a political scenario that is a way of benefiting without causing problems. Next question.

Russ: okay, well one of the jobs that I have at the computer store that I work at is telling people on how to access the Internet and their e-mail. When Iím doing so, I often have to deal with people who have no prior knowledge of computers and other people who have vast amounts of knowledge of working with computers. Your explanation helps me to work with them on a little bit better scale but at the same time in using this as a training tool, how can I better utilize it?

Korton: by using analogies and descriptions and thinking carefully so that the individual you are communicating with will understand in the best possible medium, the medium depends on the individual. As you have pointed out, if it is a person that has lots of experience with word processors or computers, then you can use jargon. If an individual has never had any serious experiences with a computer or a word processor, then you have to be more elaborate in your explanation and think things through carefully and proceed carefully. After all, one incorrect click of your arrow pointer could throw away hours of hard work.

Russ: okay.

Korton: next question.

Russ: all right, when I was working or when I will be working with people visually to teach them how to use the Internet in the coming future where Iím not just using words but Iím using actions, how do I blend the actions and the words together to make the message come through in the clearest form possible?

Korton: well obviously you do not stand totally stationary.

Russ: okay.

Korton: first of all, it is important to lean in towards them no matter how they may radiate an odor.

Russ: okay.

Korton: by leaning back, you say, "I do not like you, I do not trust you, I do not feel comfortable with you." When you lean forward, you are saying, "I accept you, I feel comfortable around you." Secondly, eye contact, making that direct eye contact and looking them directly in the eyes when communicating with them. But it is important also to remember that some people do have a problem with making eye contact as they also have problems with people invading their space. A gentle touch on the shoulder as you are communicating with them, for example, let us say you have a young lady that wishes to access a what did you call it? Communication mail?

Russ: e-mail.

Course: e-mail. Youíre standing behind her looking over her shoulder, you put your hand on her shoulder in a kind of soothing way. Not too much, if she pulls away, you remove the hand. If she stays like that as you are talking and pointing and talking her through the action, you are maintaining that friendly contact.

Russ: hmm, excellent.

Korton: you may ask a question.

Russ: oh, okay now then, how do I use this same technique in my everyday life?

Korton: by the same method. It is a general, basic situation, eye contact, physical contact, move in closer.

Russ: hmm.

Korton: but is also important to remember that there are people out there that will not make eye contact, that do not like to be touched, that do not like people moving close to them.

Russ: right, you have to intuitively feel that.

Korton: correct. If you start and they pull away, you do not do it again. If you look and they look away, then try occasionally a few times more as they become more confident. If they behave in certain ways, you do not do that behavior.

Russ: hmm excellent, thank you.

Korton: you are welcome, you may ask a question.

Russ: okay in these coming talks and conferences, working with the various channels that Iím doing, with those people, Iím accepting them as equals and talking to them as peers correct?

Korton: correct.

Russ: okay, what about when I am talked down to?

Korton: sorry, that is two questions but I will answer.

Russ: ahh thank you.

Korton: when you are talked down to be patient, be courteous, assume a stance of friendship. If theyíre talking down to you, be nice, be approachable, be friendly. You will be guided in what is right and what is wrong, you will be told or pointed in a direction that will help you be most beneficial. There will be times where if you are talked down to you must inform the individual that everybody is equal in your eyes regardless of how unintelligent or intelligent they appear to be. It is important when meeting an individual for the first time by saying, "hello, my name is Russ, we are all equals here when we discuss things, we are here to benefit as a common good." And if they are listening, they will hear the words, "we are all equals here." If they talk down to you, you can remind them gently. Do not say, "please donít talk down to me." That will cause problems but by casually bringing it up in conversation and making that all-important eye contact, you are confirming the fact that you are an equal and that everybody is an equal.

Russ: hmm, excellent.

Korton: so you see the importance of A, being eloquent, B, making contact, C, maintain that even keel. It is important to maintain a neutrality. When emotions get into a situation, the harm that can be done can be grossly detrimental. Damage done may take a long time to repair. I am sure that you can count many individuals where you have got off on the wrong foot and will never know their companionship, their friendship, their comradeship because of getting off on that wrong foot on the first meeting. Some of your species has this terrible habit of giving one and one chance only. There are times when that is appropriate, there are times where that is not appropriate. That is a matter for the individual that is making that decision to decide however, sticking to your guns is important. If you make a decision that there is a second or third chance then you offer that many chances. However, if an individual decides that there is one and one chance only, that should be left open to debate on the premise of you all make mistakes, you all fall off the path from time to time. However, sweeping it under the carpet is inappropriate. When saying, "this is your last chance after many chances", it must be followed through. An idle threat serves no purpose and if it is repeated many, many times, it is an idle threat. So it is necessary to address each situation in an appropriate manner. You have to weigh on the motivational capabilities of yourself and how you will address that. So by laying down a structure and laying out a format that is approachable and communicative, it is important to stick and address each case on a case-by-case point. It is no good having a general rule of thumb for every situation. Every situation is different, every action is different so communicating as eloquently and concisely as possible and laying out a fieldwork, a groundwork that is necessary and an objective that is necessary for a particular goal and I am sure you are well aware of what I am leaning to is important. Each matter must be addressed to help remedy the overall communication difficulty. It is important frequently to re-iterate, it is also important to give compliments and confirmation that an individual or individuals are doing a good job, they are progressing in a way that is desirable. When addressing individuals, not an individual, it is important to make them feel comfortable and at ease so that the learning process and the discussion is much easier. You may ask a question.

Russ: thatís all I have.

Korton: you are welcome.

Russ: thank you.

Korton: I will conclude by finishing briefly. It has been an honor and a pleasure.

Russ: uh-huh.

(Tia's back to hand off to Kiri.)

(Tia says hi in Dorondedunn)

Tia: and I believe that was an attempt at humor.

Russ: it wasnít?

Tia: it was.

Russ: I believe so too, a well-planned attempt at humor if you ask me.

Tia: I thought it was amusing.

Russ: Karra thought it was hilarious.

Tia: his normal will finish briefly and concisely is normally five minutes?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: hmm, a very deep thinking, veryÖÖcovered a wide lot of subjects didnít he?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: covered a lot of ground.

Russ: especially that last section.

Tia: uh-huh, I think he covered three topics and three subjects in your mind?

Russ: uh-huh.

Tia: all of the same time?

Russ: yep.

Tia: all detailed?

Russ: oh yeah.

Tia: all very eloquent, all case-by-case.

Russ: I had another question but it wouldíve taken the rest the tape to answer.

Tia: how much did he use?

Russ: quite a bit, weíre a little under half way.

Tia: my, what was the last question?

Russ: oh, the last one was if someone talks down to me in the conferences.

Tia: hmmm.

(Linda comes back downstairs at that moment)

Russ: you have got perfect timing.

Linda M: I do.

Russ: extremely wonderful.

Tia: just got through a very convolutedÖ.

Russ: you would.....

Tia: very convoluted, very convoluted.

Russ: that was Korton and boy, he got me going here.....

Tia: I think the best way to describe Korton is a pompous windbag at times.

Russ: (laughs) youíre so funny.

Tia: hey, I live on the edge.

Russ: yes you do.

Tia: uh-huh, feeling better?

Linda M: yeah.

Tia: uh-huh, did it taste good?

Linda M: yeah I had a salad.

Tia: uh-huh, I also have a good sense of smell. You put some of that dressing on there correct?

Linda M: uh-huh.

Tia: uh-huh, I think that adding a little bit of orange juice to that dressing would give it a little bit more ommph.

Linda M: yeah that would be good.

Tia: uh-huh, give it a little bit of zest. No, forget the orange, but that yellow thingy.

Russ: lemon juice?

Tia: yeah.

Russ: yeah.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: okayÖ

Tia: yeah that would give it a niceÖ..

Russ: want me to pause and start some tea?

Tia: does his voice sound that bad?

Russ: itís getting there.

Tia: okay, pause.

Russ: okay.

(the tape resumes after being turned back on)

Tia: up here on the base, we have of course the choice up here is alcohol or a herbal recreation which comes in three different strains which is basically kind of a flower, itís probably about yea big.

Linda M: uh-huh?

Tia: they come in three colors and have three very distinctÖ..Iíll let the expert talk about them.

Russ: good call.

Tia: uh-huh.

Russ: Kiri loves talking about those and in fact itís her favorite subject.

Linda M: flowers?

Russ: Kiri's yeah.

Tia: Kiriís flowers.

Russ: we've already done one section about her and the flowers so we canít really get too much of that one on there.

Tia: she might give you more history on them.

Russ: oh by the way, hereís a picture of Karra.

(I had bought a graphic poster of a woman's face and unicorns I had come across not quite by accident)

Linda M: oh is that really her?

Russ: that's about as close as I can get, down here anyway.

(Tia says goodbye in Durondedunn)

Russ: bye Tia.

Linda M: bye.

(Kiri is on to talk flowers)

Russ: hi Kiri.

Kiri: yo, flowers.

Russ: Kiri this is Linda, Linda this is KiriÖ...

Kiri: yo.

Russ: the Kiri monsterÖÖ

Linda M: hi.

Russ: better know her as.

Kiri: hey okay, Kiri monster, bite me.....whip me.

Russ: maybe a little description of yourself my dear.

Kiri: okay Iím about yea tall which is how tall?

Russ: 6 foot six.

Kiri: Iím not quite that tall.

Russ: all right, 6 foot five.

Kiri: Iím not quite tall.

Russ: alright.

Kiri: Iím about.....I'm about 6 one and a half.

Russ: oh.

Linda M: oh.

Kiri: uh-huh. I am kind of......

Russ: seems taller.

Kiri: at the moment I take tablets that changes the color of my hair. At the moment I am a redhead, my natural color though is a brunette.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Kiri: okay, I have blue eyes just like yours, I am fairly slim and I think the description would be what, willowy?

Russ: yeah.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: some people use willowy.

Kiri: thatís the word I heard used the other day.

Russ: okay.

Linda M: very graceful you mean?

Kiri: yes. I am the daughter to the president on our home planet of Sirius, I am the little sister to Mme. ambassador. Iím an engineerÖ..

Linda M: hmm.

Kiri: I also have the ability to manipulate other peopleís minds with my thought processes which is very useful however, it is covered by some very serious rules. The rules are briefly, and these are just very, very brief, these are the main ones. Never for personal gain, never for personal pleasure, never, never for doing harm. Those are the three main rules, there are lots of other little ones. Never to interfere in a karmic situation unless and thereís a lot of them that have clauses, unless. Unless the person is doing harm or unless you can see the Akashic records in history and see that by interfering and interrupting etc. etc. etc. etc. Okay, flowers, oh first of all any questions?

Linda M: no, I want to hear more about your flowers.

Kiri: oh flowers, the joy of my life, especially the pink ones. Iíll cover the pink ones last of all. Okay we have three varieties. Pink as Iíve already stated, blue. Now the blue ones are a depressant, a sedative and what they doÖÖ..well first of all you ingest them by just munching them and theyíre filled of a fluid inside and the fluid is part of the narcotic effect.

Linda M: uh-hmm.

Kiri: what you do is you bite off the head, drink the fluid. Now if you drink just the fluid, you just get very, very sleepy. If you eat the whole entire flower as well as drinking the fluid, you get nice and mellow, you can continue functioning but it takes the edges off the world.

Linda M: hmm.

Kiri: the more that you eat, the more mellower you get until you reach the point where you fall asleep. When you wake up, you donít have the feeling that you need more, you donít have the terrible headaches, you donít have the depression, you donít have the cravings, you just wake up refreshed and get on with your life. They are sometimes prescribed for people that have sleeping disorders, for people that are overactive, people that have anxiety, students use them especially when they get overactive. The red ones, these are fun.

Linda M: ahh.

Kiri: I donít do them very often but I do enjoy them occasionally. They are aÖ..whatís the word Russ?

Russ: they haveÖ..

Kiri: opposite of a sedative.

Russ: oh it would be a amphetamine, no, not amphetamineÖ..

Kiri: theyíre a pick-me-up.

Russ: yeah, close enough.

Kiri: uh-huh, thatís the best way to describe them.

Linda M: narcotic.

Kiri: itís the same process. I am trying to think ofÖÖ..whatís the opposite of a depressant is aÖ..

Russ: stimulant.

Kiri: stimulant, okay stimulant, stimulant, stimulantÖopposite of a depressantÖstimulantÖÖ..okay itís stored. Okay, the stimulant effect is that when you eat the red ones, you get hyperactive, you get energized, you have incredible energy, you can stay awake for long periods of time. The more that you eat the more hyperactive you become until you reach a point where your body says I canít take anymore.

Linda M: doesnít make you sexuallyÖ..like you get sleep deprivation and it makes you very, very sensitive?

Kiri: no uh-huh, not theseÖ..

Linda M: it doesnít do that for you?

Kiri: not theseÖ..

Linda M: oh okay.

Kiri: not these. Weíll get to that in a minute.

Linda M: sleep deprivation does that.

Kiri: uh-huh but it doesnít increase the sensitivity of the body.

LindaM: uh-huh.

Kiri: it gets to the point when youíve eaten so many of them your body canít take anymore, it just shuts down boomph that's it, you go out like a light. It decides your body says, "okay Iíve had enough, I canít take anymore, I need to rest, Iím shutting down", boomph thatís it. You can eat one and your body can say, "uh-uh, Iíve had enough, I need to rest" boomph thatís it, you donít get the carry-on effect of the one you just ingested.

Linda M: okay.

Kiri: okay my favorite ones, the pink ones.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Kiri: the pink ones are a lot of fun however they have a very short growing season of just under four weeks.

Linda M: do you have to freeze them?

Kiri: you canít freeze them.

Linda M: oh.

Kiri: normally itís in the spring of the area that I grew up in. The pink ones, theyíre very fun. They are a sexual stimulant.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Kiri: very, very wonderful. It increases the bodyís sensitivity, it increases the frequency that you can indulge in sexual activityÖ.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Kiri: it increases the stamina, it increases the fluids, the lubricants and everything so that prolonged sexual activity doesnít become uncomfortable like it can sometimes.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Kiri: itís very sensual, it makes everything very fluid. It makes the feelings of warmth on the skin just right, it increases the stamina, it increases the frequency that you canÖ..

Russ: sensitivity.

Kiri: and sensitivityís very important, both physical sensitivity of the skin, internal sensitivity of the erogenous areas, sensitivity in behavior. Youíre more passionate, youíre more tender, makes you more willing to try new things.

Linda M: hmm.

Kiri: itís a lot of fun, theyíre great, I really, really do enjoy them. I just wish that they had a longer season. Now the reason we canít freeze them is because theyíve already been partly frozen. For them to be at their peak, they need to have a frost on top of them.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Kiri: so if there is a freezing process, basically what youíre doing is youíre breaking down the structure because the pink ones are so delicate. The red and the blue ones are fairly robust and you can freeze them however they grow year-round so thereís no point in freezing them. The pink ones are very, very delicate. Iím going to need your help explaining this Russ. One pink flower will go for the equivalent of three good bottles of wine which would be the equivalent toÖ?

Russ: 60 toÖÖwell actually good bottles of wine is about a $180.00.

Kiri: thatís for one flower.

Linda M: oh.

Kiri: I have the rights to about a quarter of an acre and I can can get close to if itís a good yearÖ..actually itís a bad year but itís a good year in the quantityÖÖ..I can get close to 12 dozen out of that quarter acre.

Linda M: hmmm.

Kiri: however, if there is a lot of them produced, theyíre not as intense and the activity is not as intense. If there are a few produced, theyíre much more intense. This being the fact that if itís cold, they produce less plants. If there's a lot of water, thereís more flowers produced and of course a lot of water means that itís warmer so that there's more flowers.

Linda M: hmm.

Kiri: this year was a bad year in the flowers due to the fact that it was a bumper harvest. We had more flowers this year than I can recall in my 61 years.

Linda M: hmm, do you mean yourself?

Kiri: uh-huh, we live close to a 1,000 years.

Linda M: oh.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: sheís in essence younger than you and I.

Linda M: oh.

Kiri: bite me.

(chuckles all around)

Kiri: itís been pointed out thatís why we appear to be more youthful, more fluid in our movements. Tia is not of our species and her life expectancy is about 200 to 300 years, thatís if she takes care of herself.

Linda M: hmm.

Kiri: but do you have questions on the flowers?

Linda M: I was wondering, are they legal?

Kiri: yes.

Linda M: are they very beautiful, does it look very pretty where you.....?

Kiri: yes it does, I come from the high mountain areas which is probably a little bit higher than your area. Your area isÖ..

Russ: 6,500 feet is about where we're at right now.

Kiri: yeah Iím used to growing up at about a quarter as high again which would beÖ.

Russ: about 8,500.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Linda M: oh.

Kiri: yeah, so down there where you guys are is lowland for me. The best way to describe me is I'm a high-altitude chick.

Linda M: (laughs) thatís cool.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Russ: yeah they comeÖ..their home on Sirius is very beautiful, it's a very lovely area in the mountains.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Linda M: I would like that.

Kiri: itís a lot of fun.

Linda M: why canít we have a pretty place like that?

Kiri: you do, itís out there. Itís notÖ..I wouldnít call it home but it is beautiful. Beautiful is what you think it is.

Linda M: yeah you got that right.

Kiri: uh-huh, somebody can look out over a area full of different colored lights and go thatís beautiful. And they can come up to somewhere like you have down there and say, "ughh, look at all that yellow stuff in the air." (The pollen from the pines.) "God, itís cold." "Oh, I donít like that smell" or, "I donít like this, thatís not beautiful" but yet they look on something that they see all these lightsÖÖ

Linda M: that's it, yeah.

Kiri: and itís all perception.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Kiri: I personally would say that the lights is beautiful to look at but not to live in.

Linda M: I agree.

Kiri: so itís all a matter of perception.

Linda M: yeah I donít like living in all those lights.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Linda M: it only attracts bugs.

Kiri: yeah, well bugs can be beautiful.

Linda M: and itís a drag to have to pay rent.

Kiri: well we pay rent up here in trade.

Linda M: uh-huh?

Kiri: yeah the fact that I do engineer work is my trade.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Kiri: uh-huh, Tia does her political analyst work for Hades Base, thatís her trade.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Kiri: Mark does his ground control, Karra does her or used to do her healing. She's now being supported by the government of Sirius.

Linda M: oh.

Kiri: uh-huh.

Linda M: that sounds really interesting.

Russ: uh-huh, let me check our tape space darling, not that I want to rush you.

Kiri: trying to get rid of me huh?

Russ: not really butÖ.

Kiri: I'll set Lyka on you.

Russ: looks like we got about seven minutes, maybe eight, maybe 10 at the very most.

Kiri: (sighs)

Russ: I know darling but Linda will be back next week.

Linda M: bye.

 Kiri: bye, Iím not talking to you anymore.

Russ: oh thanks.

(Kiri apparently makes a gesture unique to the earth)

(It's Tia's last speaker switch to finish out the session)

(Tia says hi in Durondedunn)

Tia: okay, Iíll put on the next speaker very quickly. Quick question, why does she do that and what does it mean?

Russ: itís an Italian gesture meaning blank off.

Tia: oh, Iíll ask later.

(Tia says bye in Durondedunn)

(Karra gets to fall back on her healing knowledge)

Karra: hello.

Russ: good evening Karra.

Karra: greetings.

Russ: and Karra Iíd like you to meet LindaÖ..

Karra: it is a pleasure to meet you Linda.

Russ: this is Karra or lady ambassador as we know her.

Linda M: hello.

Karra: greetings, I was just checking the voice level, it sounds very raspy tonight.

Russ: yeah Iíve got some tea over there but I donít know if it helped any.

Karra: I think it was over exercised.

Russ: well Korton does do that to him.

Karra: yes, Korton and his communication and lack of thought onÖ..yes I know it is rip into Korton tonight. He should know better and have requested a fluid break.

Russ: I know.

Karra: well, I will address that, rank does have its privileges. Okay, Iím here to answer questions. Let me first of all explain about myself and add a few things. Apart from being appointed to the job of ambassador, my main interest is healing, healing not only of a physical nature or a spiritual nature but of a psychological nature as well. Russ has explained what I look like. I am a little bit taller than my little sister but not much, I am definitely a little bit more filled out. I am 87 of your years which puts me at about your age group in my life expectancy. Okay, let me answer questions, preferably on a healing nature.

Russ: well she was talking about how she thinks sheís got hepatitis C?

Linda M: yeah.

Karra: ohhh.

Russ: right and recommended procedures for working with that one.

Karra: okayÖ..

Russ: I knew youíd want a good challenge tonight and well, hereís a good challenge.

Karra: hmm yes, hepatitis C. First of all you need to have that confirmed.

Linda M: I did have it confirmed.

Karra: okay, okay you definitely cannot drink.

Linda M: I stopped drinking five years ago.

Karra: okay, you need to keep up on the latest data on your planet, they are currently working on a vaccine.

Linda M: good.

Karra: it takes....my estimate probably within the next 2 to 5 years it should be ready however, there are different strains of hepatitis, A,B,C, D and E.

Linda M: Iíve got C.

Karra: yes, Iím just covering those to say that there are other strains. Hepatitis A and B, there is treatment for it. Okay hepatitis C, they are working on it. D, they are still researching and learning and E is the real scary one.

Linda M: that's....okay.

Karra: you know that there are many different ways of transmitting hepatitis?

Linda M: yeah, the one I have is only transmitted through blood.

Karra: uh-huh which is good.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Karra: what you need to do is first of all, probably start prescribing yourself vitamin CÖ.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Karra: okay, eat healthy, eat frequently but not large quantities. At the moment I suggest that you say forget eating largeÖ..not eating large quantities, eat as you feel that you need to.

Linda M: okay.

Karra: exercise, exercise is very important. By keeping healthy and keeping in shape is very important. Now, I know that you havenít been told about my pet peeve.

Linda M: no.

Karra: my pet peeve is nicotine.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Karra: due to the fact that with the setup that we now have, I feel the host body around me and my pet peeve is heightened because of what I feel in my chest that Iím experiencing which isnít my chest, itís the hostís chest but it feels as if Iím wearing it within my body and I feel its heartbeat, I feel its intestinal bubblings, I feel its fluidity in the mouth, the hoarseness in the throat and the damage done by the nicotine.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Karra: at the moment I would not concern yourself with quitting that addiction as it is a replacement at the moment. However, once that is addressed and dealt with, to help in the process of fighting hepatitis C, it is important to quit that habit because the immune system needs to fight and the fact that the immune system is carrying nicotine which it is fighting is not good but, as I said we can address at a later time. Exercise, I would suggest organizing yourself a five-minute exercise routine for a month period, just five minutes a day. Whether it is walking from point A to point B very fast, jogging, doing sit ups, peddling a bicycle, running on the spot, lifting weights but not too heavy weights and aerobic exercises.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Karra: okay at the end of a month take a day off, kick back, relax, stick out your tongue, stick your thumbs in your ears and make silly noises. Starting the new month, increase it to 10 minutes a day, just a 10 minute basic workout. At that point you donít need to increase it anymore. On your planet they talk about a 30 minute workout a day, that depends on the individual. In your case, exercise would beÖ..well youíre in fairly good shape anyway but it will help strengthen the immune system. Fresh fruit is very, very important in fighting this, very important. Clean, fresh fruit. I would strongly suggest that you check to make sure the fruit is not from the following places, Mexico, thatís a no-no. Chile, Argentina, any of the countries south of your border.

Linda M: okay.

Kiri: okay, drinking water from those places if you go and visit them, donít. Take your own because your immune system, even though you can fight off things like colds easy and cuts and scratches and so on, it takes a little longer. You have a nick that you did the other day correct?

Linda M: a nick?

Karra: or a little bruise.

Linda M: no.

Russ: you mean the splinter she got?

Linda M: I got splinters.

Karra: yes, from the carpentry, a nick or a damage of the skin.

Russ: oh.

Karra: uh-huh okay, now you might have noticed over the years that those cuts and scratches take a little longer to heal.

Linda M: only because I wasnít being nourished, I noticed when Iím not feeding myself good foodÖ

Karra: thatís part of it but it is importantÖÖyou might want to carry a little medical kit with yourself to clean the wounds. That helps to clean up them and speed up the process.

Linda M: yeah I have some witch hazel I could carry with me.

Karra: sorry?

Linda M: I have some witch hazel I could carry with me.

Karra: well I was thinking things like....you canít use that can you? Okay, certain antibiotic creams.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Karra: little packages of them I believe you can pick up, a thing of Band-Aids, just simple, basic things like that. Witch hazel isÖ..

Linda M: antiseptic.

Karra: uh-huh, you want another useful thing that you can carry?

Linda M: whatís that?

Karra: willow bark.

Linda M: willow bark okay.

Karra: uh-huh. Whatís willow bark Russ?

Russ: aspirin.

Karra: uh-huh, boil it up, drink the juices. It taste revolting but itís perfectly natural. There are otherÖÖoh a nice little one that you might enjoy, St. Johnís wort.

Linda M: uh-huh.

Karra: nice little sedative if you need to relax and unwind. Umm, no thatís not legal but it does help to....and itís not harmful. Hmm, it's a pity that is illegal. Youíre not a member of any indigenous tribes are you?

Linda M: no.

Karra: pity, canít use that one either. Iím trying to think of things to help you relax a little.

Linda M: actually I'm a little bit too relaxed lately.

Karra: being a little too relaxed is useful at this time.


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